Top 6 Best Sewing Machine for Children’s Clothes Reviews

Are you looking for a sewing machine to create children’s clothing? While just about any machine with a straight stitch and zig-zag stitch will allow you to make a wide range of clothes. Some devices in the market outperform others due to their versatility, ability to create embroidery designs, and can handle different fabrics with ease. In this article, we have gathered the top picks of sewing machines that will allow you to make your first clothing designs, do alterations, or quick repairs when your child pops a seam. You can now easily design clothes that are a better fit for your child, in a style that they like.

How to Pick the Best Sewing Machine for Children’s Clothes

There is a wide selection of sewing machines for making children’s clothes available in the market. Naturally, you always look for a device that matches your abilities and experience. Other factors that you need to consider are listed below.

sewing machine for childrens clothes

Sewing speed

If the machine is mainly for commercial purposes, then this factor is very crucial. If you intend to use the sewing machine for various projects regularly, you need a device that comes with a sewing speed of at least 750 stitches per minute. High-end models offer speeds up to 1100 stitches per minute.

Variety of built-in stitches

The number of inbuilt stitches that you will need on a sewing machine mainly depends on your skills and the kinds of projects you have. For those comfortable with basic stitching options do not necessarily need hundreds of them. Those who are ready to move on to more complicated tasks and are very experienced will need a computerized model with no less than 100 stitches.

Stitch length and width

The length and width are essential based on the type of clothing you wish to create. Typically, they range between 0 to 5 mm but can be more expansive with the model. The stitch width determines how far it goes side to side and is particularly crucial for zig-zag stitches.

Manual vs. computerized

Most of the sewing machines designed for clothes are computerized. However, you can choose a mechanical one for more straightforward functionality. The high-end devices are computerized and feature LCDs in place for knobs. These automated models have more functionality than the mechanical ones.

Free arm

Many sewing machines feature a free arm. This function is convenient for making pant legs, sewing cuffs, children’s clothes, and so on. It may not be a necessity if you are experienced with flatbed sewing machines. For beginners, it may be necessary to give them an easy time.

Size of the working area

To create large pieces such as quilts, you will need sewing machines with larger working areas. Some come with extension tables to give you adequate room for the completion of your project.

Durable construction

Ideally, sewing machines for clothes have a metal frame or an all-metal construction. This construction not only assures you of no vibration during sewing but also enhances durability.


Best Sewing Machine for Children’s Clothes Reviews

1. Best Computerized – SINGER 7258 Sewing Machine with Automatic Needle

best sewing machine for children's clothes


  • Top Drop-in Bobbin
  • StayBright LED light
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Built-in buttonholes
  • 100 stitches

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SINGER 7258 Computerized sewing machine will meet all your sewing needs. This machine comes with 10o stitches, which you can use to expand your creativity by creating and embellishing home décor, fashion, and much more. Moreover, there are six buttonholes styles to choose from, including keyhole, round end, and basic bartack style. This machine also features a top drop-in bobbin that makes threading easy and ensures that you do not run out of thread in the middle of a seam. This machine is fitted with a programmable needle up/down, which comes in handy during sewing appliques, quilting, and topstitching.

This sewing machine helps save time as it selects the optimum stitch width and length once you select a stitch. Also, the LCD screen is easy to view and displays the selected stitch, length, and width. The speed control lever helps you to set a maximum sewing speed depending on the project at hand. This machine is ideal for children’s clothes thanks to the Free arm accessible by removing the removable storage compartment. With a built-in needle threader, your sewing will be a breeze and time-saving. This machine is equipped with a StayBright LED light that serves to illuminate your workspace. It comes with accessories, including a zipper foot, an all-purpose foot, and a buttonhole foot.


  • This machine comes with 100 stitches for a wide range of applications.
  • It is designed with features such as a threader to save on time.
  • It comes with numerous accessories to get you started.
  • It features an LED light to illuminate the workspace.
  • It is versatile in its functions.


  • Relatively heavyweight


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2. Best Compact – Best Choice Products 6V Multifunctional Sewing Machine

small sewing machine for children's clothes


  • Space-saving and portable design
  • Hand switch and foot pedal
  • Convenient carry handle
  • 12 preset stitch patterns
  • Storage compartment
  • Sewing light

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Best Choice Products sewing machine is indeed the best choice when it comes to sewing machines. This compact sewing machine conveniently has a space-saving design, so it does not take up much space in your workspace. Also, it features a carry handle that makes it portable so you can transport it anywhere you wish. This machine comes with 12 inbuilt preset stitch patterns that make it ideal for beginners and professionals. These patterns simplify the beginners’ learning curve and allow them to complete more complex projects. There are two speeds to choose from; high or low, so you can comfortably carry out your sewing.

On top of that, this sewing machine comes with a foot pedal and a hand switch to allow you to choose which works best and is comfortable for you. This machine is incredibly easy to use thanks to features such as an automatic thread rewind, tension dial, and thread cutter. It is also equipped with a sewing light to thread easily, even in low light conditions. This machine features a convenient storage compartment so you can store your threads and other supplies.


  • Does not take up much space
  • Features a storage compartment for storage of threads and supplies
  • Features a carry handle for easy transportation
  • There are two speeds to choose from
  • It is easy to use


  • Needs better instructions


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3. Best Heavy Duty – SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine For Children’s Clothes

children's clothes sewing machine


  • Presser foot lift
  • Full metal frame
  • Top drop-in bobbin system
  • Built-in needle threader
  • 97 stitch applications
  • Bonus accessories

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SINGER 4423 sewing machine will exceed your expectations. This heavy-duty sewing machine is truly a powerhouse as it can tackle long seams and thicker fabrics. What’s more, it works at an extra-high sewing speed so you can save on time. This machine is well suited for all your heavy-duty sewing projects. You can choose from the 97 stitches that this machine comes with for decorative stitching, basic stitching, and more. Moreover, it features automatic one-step buttonholes so you can easily create consistent buttonholes in style. Also, this machine has a top drop-in bobbin that is easy to load with a transparent cover so you can easily monitor the bobbin thread supply.

Additionally, this sewing machine features a built-in needle threader that saves on time and makes sewing a breeze. The presser foot is extra-high so that it can comfortably accommodate thick fabrics. The interior of this machine is of a full metal frame for enhanced durability. This machine is easy to use thanks to the clear threading guides located on the machine’s top. The best part is, this machine comes inclusive of numerous accessories such as general-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, bobbins, pack of needles, soft dust cover, and more to get you started.


  • Easy-to-follow thread guides for quick and easy threading
  • Full metal frame for durability
  • The presser foot lift is extra-high to accommodate thicker fabrics.
  • It comes with bonus accessories, so you have all you need
  • It offers a wide range of stitch applications to choose from
  • The top drop-in bobbin system is easy to insert


  • Light is not included.


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4. Best Portable – Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

small mini sewing machine


  • Large extension table
  • Mini-size and compact
  • Double thread stitching
  • Special cuff slot
  • Inbuilt lamp

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Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Varmax Mini sewing machine. This machine has a unique mini-size design that makes it portable. It comes with a large extension table that is handy for regular and smooth sewing. Also, this machine is fitted with a built-in lamp to illuminate your workspace for enhanced visibility. It comes with a unique classic straight-line stitch type that can be applied in primary sewing. Moreover, this machine is easy to use thanks to features like a cuff slot, thread cutter, and so on. Furthermore, you can use this machine with a regular hardness of fabric like soft jeans, denim, thin canvas, and silk.

What’s more is, this deluxe machine offers you multiple choices of power supply. Also, to turn on the device, you can choose the button or foot pedal. Furthermore, it features a thread spindle and a winding pole for easy rewinding of the bobbins. This machine enables double thread stitching so you can finish your projects fast without knotting. You can select between the high or low-speed controls to keep safe and potent.


  • The built-in lamp illuminates your workspace.
  • It is ideal for beginners to make a craft, home sewing, etc.
  • The large extension table enables stable and smooth sewing.
  • It is easy to rewind the bobbins with the winding pole and thread spindle.
  • The double thread stitching makes it easy to finish sewing without knotting.


  • Does not come with many accessories


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5. Best Professional – Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

easy to use sewing machine


  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Super bright work area
  • Convenient stitch chart
  • Intuitive stitch selector
  • Easy-view LCD screen

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Brother CS5055PRW Sewing machine is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. This machine comes with 50 inbuilt stitches and five auto-size buttonholes that help you expand your creative possibilities. Also, it features an automatic needle threader that gives you a comfortable time while sewing. This machine is designed with a convenient and jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin that is easy to insert. Moreover, the LCD allows an easy view of the selected stitches. You can select the stitches at the push of a button.

Besides that, this sewing machine includes accessories such as a 3-piece needle set, instruction manual, twin needle, seven sewing feet, and much more. It is conveniently lightweight for enhanced portability. This machine enables free arm sewing that is accessible by removing the accessory tray. The free arm makes it easy to sew sleeves, skinny jeans, cuffs, and other cylindrical items. The bobbin cover is clear, so you can easily monitor the bobbin supply. Also, the automatic bobbin winding system produces an evenly wound bobbin. It features an LED light to illuminate your work area.


  • Your work area with being brightly lit
  • Comes with built-in stitches for enhanced versatility
  • The automatic needle threader makes threading easy.
  • Comes with accessories to get you started
  • The top drop-in bobbin is easy to insert


  • It is a relatively heavyweight


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6. Best Easy to Use – SINGER Heavy-Duty 4432 Sewing Machine


  • 110 stitch applications
  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • Automatic 1-step buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin system
  • Heavy-duty metal frame

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SINGER Heavy-duty 4432 Sewing machine is a versatile addition to your sewing room. This workhorse is perfect for tacking long seams and thicker fabrics. Also, the bedplate is made of stainless steel to enable smooth fabric flow. The interior metal frame is heavy-duty for skip-free sewing. There are 110 stitch applications to choose from for your decorative sewing, basic sewing, and more. It is inclusive of four presser feet for enhanced capability. This machine has an impressive speed of 1100 stitches per minute, so you can get your projects done in no time. The automatic one-step buttonhole makes it easy to sew in buttons that suit your style.

Furthermore, this sewing machine features an automatic needle threader that gives you an easy time with no eye strain or frustration. The drop-in bobbin system is easy to load and has a clear cover so you can monitor the bobbin supply. Moreover, the heavy-duty metal frame enhances the durability of this machine. There is an onboard storage compartment for your threads and other supplies. It is equipped with a stronger motor for greater piercing power and speed.


  • The heavy-duty metal frame enhances durability and skip-free sewing.
  • It has a fast speed to get you done with your projects in no time.
  • It has enhanced capability with the four presser feet.
  • The top drop-in bobbin system is easy to load
  • Robust motor for great piercing power


  • Does not include a light


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Types of Sewing Machines for Making Children’s Clothes

best sewing machine for childrens clothes

Manual sewing machine

Manual or mechanical machines are the most basic type of sewing machines. They could be hand or treadle-operated. These types of sewing machines were designed for use before electrical power was made accessible. To drive the needle and make the stitches, you need to operate the handle and turn the wheel. Movement of the treadle and rubber belt would run the machine and stitching needle. These models only performed a straight stitch.

Automatic sewing machine

Automatic sewing machines offer more options and the advantage of being electronically operated. There is a wide variety of brands that produce automatic machines that offer various stitches and stitch lengths. These machines can help you perform straight stitches, zig-zag, as well as decorative stitches. They may also have a buttonhole option. You can access the functions by a knob.

Computerized sewing machine

When you move up the scale, there are the computerized sewing machines. These machines are fully automated and offer more features and functions. Often, these machines feature an LCD screen, automatic needle threader, and embroidery stitches. They also provide different stitch lengths and tension controls. These machines have built-in stitch programs and make buttonholes. They may be more expensive, but they last longer and are sturdy.

Embroidery sewing machine

For those planning on doing a lot of embroideries, embroidery sewing machines are a significant investment. They come with built-in designs complete with a memory function to store the designs. These machines’ USB ports allow you to import more systems to the machine’s memory facility. These are on the higher end of the price range.


The overlocking machine is a new addition to the collection. This machine is well suited for sewing stretch knits and fleece for active sportswear. Also, these may come with three or four threads. They can sew, trim, and oversew edges of seams. You can use it for neatening edges as it creates a professional look. Also, they can be used to create gentle gathers.


Reasons for Getting a High-quality Sewing Machine for Children’s Clothes

best sewing machine for childrens clothes

It may be entirely possible to attain good results with the best inexpensive sewing machine in the market. But you are always advised to go for the high-quality model because they offer you much more versatility. Also, sewing machines that can perform all the necessary functions are an excellent choice for beginners.

However, if you are serious about making clothes, you will outgrow it in no time as your confidence and skills grow. Moreover, a sewing machine for making children’s clothes is not something that you replace annually. It would therefore make an excellent investment to go for the best and highest quality design.

Another thing is, many a time, the high-quality sewing machines offer more features and greater convenience. The features include an automatic needle threader, different feet, a drop-in bobbin, and so on. These may not be available in the cheaper models. Particularly for children’s clothes, you need a free arm design and assured feature in high-quality sewing machines.


How to Use a Sewing Machine to Make Children’s Clothes?

best sewing machine for clothes

Using a sewing machine is beneficial to many. It allows you to make the right fit, with styles that your child prefers rather than buying a different ready-made version in the store.

It would be best to make clothes with less bulky seams for kids’ clothes- the flat felled seam or the French seam are most preferred. Another thing is not to design restrictive garments for your kids. Kids need to move freely in their clothes, such as skirts designed to be tight near the knees, such as the mermaid skirt, maybe a walking disaster for them. Ensure to make a free neck opening; otherwise, they may feel a little claustrophobic in tight collars and necklines.

Besides that, go for the patterns that have simple fasteners. You can choose to use the snaps or non-irritating Velcro, which are accessible for the children to operate independently. Ensure that you interface areas that will undergo more strain, such as the knees, pocket areas, crotch seams, sleeve caps, buttonholes and buttons, and elbows.



Do I need a special thread when making clothes?

Yes, knowing the thread to choose for a sewing project is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome. If the thread is too weak or small, the project may fall apart. And if it is too coarse or broad, it can tear or split the fabric. Here’s how you can choose the correct sewing thread for your projects.

Firstly, you need to identify the type of sewing that you will undertake. Some sewing types may be more involved in their thread requirements because they require practical and decorative sewing techniques. Some are straightforward, like simple sewing, which need simple rayon or cotton threads.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the different sewing threads available. They include cotton threads, silk threads, nylon/rayon threads, metallic threads, bobbin threads, designer, and wool threads. With that in mind, you need to consider the quality of the sewing thread. You need to be mindful of each thread’s properties to determine the desirability and usefulness of using them for a project.

Another thing to consider is selecting the right sewing thread according to color. Matching the color is vital in any project. Always ensure to use the same batch color quality throughout a project. Moreover, you must read the sewing instructions. The instructions will recommend the ideal thread type. Furthermore, always go for quality thread. It may cost more, but lasts longer and is therefore worth it in the long run.



Sewing is made easy with the above machines. They are feature-rich and come with bonus accessories to get you started immediately. They are well suited for your children’s clothes with the right features and functions. Expand your creative possibilities with these machines. They are creatively innovated with great convenience to give you a relaxing time sewing.