How to Buy a Sewing Machine for Beginners?

No two sewing machines are alike. They all have different features. Some are bulkier than others in design. Then there are more professional models that feature numerous different stitching patterns. If you’re a new sewer, you might be wondering how to choose a basic model that will allow you to both learn how to sew as well as last a long time. No one wants a sewing machine that’s going to break down and have problems a year into the investment. That’s just a waste of money. Below is a guide that will help you buy the best sewing machine for beginners.

How to Buy a Sewing Machine for Beginners?

how to buy a sewing machine for beginners

Selecting the Right Type

Decide first what you’d like to sew. Are you interested in making quilts? Maybe you’d like to explore making your own clothing or costumes? Depending on the project, you will need a different machine. Some are not to be used for large projects such as surging rugs or upholstery. So which type is best sewing machine for a beginner? That really depends on you and what types of projects you are interested in making.

  • Mechanical – These mechanical sewing machines need people to operate them but they are pretty easy to use. They don’t have fancy computerized settings and most are not made of plastic. The older models have a long lifespan if well cared for.
  • Embroidery – Use these machines for monogramming and dynamic embroidery for heavy-duty projects.
  • Electrical – Most modern machines are electrical but older models are still impressive and offer a wide variety of options
  • Combos – These types of sewing machines combine embroidery with mechanical usually and can be used by a beginner

Known Brand Vs. “The Little Guy”

There are only a few name brands that have stood the test of time. SINGER is notably the best whereas Brother and Kenmore are also very reliable alternatives with many different models to select from. If the price is an issue, Brother offers the best inexpensive model for learning to sew but it won’t come with all of the computerized bells and whistles. These can be purchased in a variety of different places both online and locally at most major retail stores.

Kenmore’s line ended in 2019 when Sears stopped having them made, but the parts for them can still be obtained through various online retailers. Below are some pros and cons of each brand. Though they stand the test of time (even discontinued) there are some notable newer brands that are rivaling the big three. Janome, HeavyDuty, and Michley Mini are just a few notable ones rising in popularity.

Choose the Right Needle

choose the right needle

Choosing the right needle is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to buy your first sewing machine. No matter the brand, the wrong needle can bend and damage the fabric. They can also damage the sewing machine itself. Be sure that once you’ve completed a project that you change your needle or change it when you switch fabric types. Change your needle every two years if you plan on using it a lot or when you take your machine in for a tune-up.

The Number of In-built Stitches

Before you choose the first sewing machine for yourself, you need to consider how many stitches you really need. Usually, you just need a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch, and you can sew successfully. But more stitch types mean that you can custom your clothing with more sophisticated designs. However, machines with more inbuilt stitches always have higher prices. Thus, you should select the machines with appropriate stitches according to your needs.

The Accessories the Machine Has

choose the right needle

Generally, sewing machines always come with many useful accessories. So, if you want to buy a sewing machine for various usage, you should pay attention to the attachments it has.

Usually, a good machine will be equipped with many different presser feet, and you should know what are they used for and how to use them. For example, if you want a sewing machine for making clothes, you should have a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, and a blind hem foot; and if you want to use your machine for quilting, you will need a walking foot and a ¼” foot.

The Quietness of Your Machine

sewing machine noisy

This is an essential question that few people pay attention to. In the beginning, you may think it’s a little problem, but it will influence your sewing experience in a long time.

On the one hand, if you are a sewing lover who only has time to focus on the sewing projects at night, you will find how annoying to have a noisy machine. It can not only keep your family and neighbors awake but also break down your train of thoughts; Besides, for people who just start learning sewing, having a noisy machine will cut down your possibility to use this machine once more. So, we should prevent it from happening when we are selecting the sewing machine.

The Cost

When you are selecting an ideal beginner sewing machine, deciding a reasonable budget is also crucial, which will determine the device type you will choose.

Generally, if you have a budget within $50, you can look around and see the quality second-handed machines or mini handheld machines; And if you have a budget about $100-$200, you can have a home-use sewing machine with great features. Also, if you expect to spend over $500 on a sewing machine, you will get a high-quality and durable sewing machine, suitable for small business or commercial use.


Choosing the first sewing machine for beginners isn’t easy work. But this article will help you solve most of the problems you will meet during the selections. If you have more questions related to beginner sewing machines, contact us, and we will help you as soon as possible. Hope you can find an ideal machine for your sewing experience!