Best Beginner Sewing Machine for Child Reviews

Is your kid developing interest in sewing? Well, if so, you need to get her a child sewing machine. The kids’ sewing machines are designed almost like other professional sewing machines only that they feature lesser parts and features. These machines are super comfortable to learn because the features are not as complicated. The beginner sewing machine for kids is mainly powered by disposable batteries for convenience when the kid is carrying it to practice from different areas.

Most of them have automatic bobbin and needle threading modes for comfort and accuracy in threading. Well, if you are not sure of the right kids sewing machine to purchase, this article is the right to read. We are going to review the top six best beginner sewing machines for child, and the features to check out when choosing the tool.

What Features a Beginner Sewing Machine for a Child Should Have?

best beginner sewing machine for child review

Automatic needle threader

Automatic needle threading is the process whereby the machine automatically threads the needle for the tailor to use it. The process involves the device guiding the thread through the needle, which results in even stitching. A proper needle threading determines good stitching, especially the thick fabrics.

Threading a needle manually requires technical skills, and a child may not be able to do it. However, the majority of kids’ sewing machine brands are made with automatic threading options. So, check out for this before buying a brand for your child.

Stop and start button.

The start and stop button ensure to control the functioning of the machine primarily for kids who are unable to control the speed of the device. It also acts as a safety feature because the machine cannot start to function when the button is off.

Minimal speed control modes

The lesser the control speeds the machine has, the more it will be easier for the kid to control to sew. The majority of the kids’ sewing machines are made with two-speed control, which is high and low, for convenience when alternating and using. The low speed is suitable for kids starting and learning the basics about sewing, while the high speed fits kids who have advanced in sewing and knows how to sew at different intervals

Sliding speed control

The slide speed control is the part equipped on the machine for manually adjusting the speed of the device. This is also the part used for alternating both the high and low rate of the machine when the kid is sewing. Check the location of the sliding speed control knob for the convenience of the child when making any speed changes.

Automatic needle and bobbin threader

One of the most challenging parts of a sewing machine is threading the needle and bobbin since you have to do it evenly for effective stitching. Kids may have a hard time threading these two parts of the machine, considering they don’t have much skills and knowledge on how to handle the device. In this case, make sure the sewing machine that you opt to buy for your kid has automatic bobbin and needle threader.

Top 6 Best Beginner Sewing Machine for Child Reviews

1. SINGER | M3300 Beginner Sewing Machine for Child

best beginner sewing machine for child


  • Threading this machine is easy and fast
  • It has durable material construction
  • There are inbuilt stitches to choose from
  • The thread tension is adjustable


  • This sewing machine can only be used for simple, practical sewing lessons

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This is one of the top best primary sewing machines for all, including kids. The devices feature 97 inbuilt stitches that can quickly stitch on any type of fabric. The machine is easy to operate, as most steps are straightforward.

It features a one-step buttonhole step to ensure precision and excellent results when installing buttons on the fabrics. The threading process as smooth as the machine features the automatic threading mechanism.

You can customize the appearance of the stitches to meet your needs since the thread tension is adjustable to either increase or decrease the distance between the threading. The metal material crafting of this sewing machine guarantees durability, and you can efficiently use it from anywhere.

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2. Brother Children’s Sewing Machine for Beginners, GX37

childrens sewing machine for beginners


  • This machine ships with a DVD for instructions
  • It comes with other sewing accessories
  • It features the freehand operation for convenience
  • The machine has an automatic threader


  • Some customers have complained about the LED light is too dim

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Most parts and features of this sewing machine are easy to use, making it to our top six sewing machines for kids. The device has 37 inbuilt stitches that can thread most fabric materials.

Another great feature on the sewing machine is the adjustable buttonhole, which allows one to put any size or style of a button on different fabrics.

You don’t need to hustle threading the needle with this machine as it has the automatic threading to ensure it is correctly done. The sewing machine comes with other accessories that your little one would use when sewings, such as six sewing feet, needles, bobbins, and many more. This sewing machine has an LED light to offer illumination in dark areas.

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3. Sew N’ Style Toy Beginner Sewing Machine for Child

toy sewing machine for kid beginners


  • This machine is super light in weight
  • You can add sparkling and other fancy details on garments using the machine
  • It is easy to operate by kids from the age of 6 years


  • This sewing machine is not recommendable for full gown sewing as the batteries cannot last for long

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If your daughter has developed interests in sewing, then you need to get her this sewing machine for practicing at home. It is easy to operate a machine that she can use for practical lessons and simple sewing needs, such as adding details on garments.

The device is also recommendable for adding sparkling features on the garments because one can add any bright and fancy patterns using the available stitches. The machine is convenient to use from anywhere at home, and four double-A batteries power it.

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4. Enjoylf Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner Kid

best sewing machines for beginners children


  • This is easy to operate a sewing machine
  • It is light in weight for portability
  • The sewing machine has an inbuilt lamp for illumination
  • You can use it from anywhere because batteries power it


  • This sewing machine can only be used for straight stitching.

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This is another classic mini sewing machine ideal for kids. It is also suitable for starters because it only features the straight sewing modes. This sewing machine is portable for convenience transportation in case the kids want to use it from different areas. The high material compatibility of the device makes it an excellent choice for simple sewing competitions in schools.

The machine can sew cotton and even thick materials like denim. The machine has two-speed control, which is high and low to choose from, depending on the kid’s sewing experience. It is an electrically powered sewing machine, and four double-A batteries power it.

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5. Magicfly Mini Beginner Sewing Machine for Child

home sewing machine for kids


  • This sewing machine is suitable for beginner users and kids
  • It is light in weight for portability
  • The device has an extension table for conveying functionality
  • It comes with multiple sewing accessories


  • Threading the needle is done manually

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Magicfly sewing machine is ideal for beginners or simple sewing needs at home. The portable machine is convenient to use from anywhere because the compact size fits in most areas at home. The machine has two speeds (high and low) for easy control when used by kids.

Other great features on this sewing machine are the large table, which provides an additional and comfortable working area when sewing. Switching between the stitching speeds is easy because the machine has a control button.

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6. Suteck Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners

mini sewing machine for beginner child


  • This machine is ideal for kids and beginners
  • It has low and high-speed modes to choose from
  • It features an automatic bobbin rewinding
  • The machine comes with a table extension


  • This sewing machine is not ideal for long projects

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This mini sewing machine comes with an extension working table with a metal hook so one can sew different fabrics, including the thick materials. The machine has dual switch modes whereby you can opt to use a foot pedal or push button hand to stitch the fabrics.

The automatic bobbin and needle threading make it smooth for all, including kids, to use the machine when sewing. The machine has only two sewing speeds, which are quite easy to alternate. The machine is light in weight for portability.

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How to Choose a Beginner Kid Sewing Machine?

Ensure it is easy to sue

Kids love doing things that challenge them and, at the same time, are easy to crack. So, when choosing a kids’ sewing machine, ensure it is easy to learn and operate. The kid should be able to use the machine without supervision all the time. Therefore, from the start to the sewing process, choose a machine that your child can easily crack when working with.

Sewing speeds

When it comes to sewing speeds, check out the number of speeds the machine has and how to control the sewing speeds. The majority of kids’ sewing machines have two speeds, which are the high hand low. The alternating speed button should be easy to access when changing and setting up.

Control types

Is the machine pedal-controlled or freehand control? A pedal machine may be a bit complicated for kids since they can’t easily coordinate between the hand and the pedal to sew. Instead, choose the hand-controlled machine.

Safety features

It is quite challenging to maintain the safety of your kids with a sewing machine at hand since they may want to use it even when you are not around the house. In this case, to prevent any accidents from occurring, consider getting them a machine that has safety parts and features. Some of the safety features to consider include; a needle guard.

Make sure the needle section is sealed such that your child cannot come to direct contact with the needle. You can also opt for an automatic needle threading machine, which is much more comfortable and safe to use as opposed to using the manual needle threader machine.

Check out the number of stitches

Although having multiple stitches on the machine is quite reliable since one can learn how to use them on different fabrics, too much of them in kids’ sewing machine may confuse the child in the learning process. A good children sewing machine should possess at least 12 to 30 stitches. They should also be easy to choose an alternate when stitching

The weight

Do you need a machine that your child can carry to use from any area in the house? Well, make sure to choose a lightweight sewing machine. Make sure the machine that you select is light in weight, and your child can easily carry it to move when using.

The cost

The cost of the sewing machine determines the quality, the brand, and available parts and features on the device. The sewing machines come in different prices determined by the mentioned factors, although you can still get a reliable and quality sewing machine with a budget. Just make sure the brand you choose is durable and ha the necessary learning, sewing features, and parts your girl will need when using it.


If your kid loves to sew, you can get her a sewing machine for practicing or training at home. The above six brands are the top bests sewing machines recommended for kids. The sewing machines are convenient since they are easy to use and have all the necessary features and parts. These machines are suitable to use from anywhere as they are portable and disposable batteries power most. For new buyers, make sure to use the above buying guide to help you select the right sewing machine for your child. Choose a machine that is stable so your child can comfortably use it from different surfaces.