Top5 Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine Reviews

For an embroidery business, having a single head embroidery machine cannot fulfill all your needs. At this time, having a multi-needle embroidery machine will be a wise choice. But what is the best multi-needle embroidery machine? Read this ultimate guide, and you will find your satisfying answer.

Top-Rated Multi Needle Embroidery Machine Reviews

1. Janome MB-4S – Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

best janome multi needle embroidery machine


Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Janome
  • Item Model: MB-4S
  • Size: 26 x 25.5 x 18 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 64 pounds
  • Work Field:
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 850spm
  • Maximum Hoop Size: 9.46x 7.88 inches
  • 3MB of memory


We know that the price of a multi-head embroidery machine is not low, and most of them need above $5000. However, compared to the cost of most multi-needle embroidery machines, the price of this machine is quite reasonable, under $5000.

This is a trendy computerized embroidery machine of Janome brand. It performs well in many aspects, for example, hats. Then I will review its features from various angles in detail.

First, the most eye-catching feature of this device is its remoter computer screen, allowing you to control the machine. With this function, you can control not only its set-up but also its editing feature. Additionally, on that, you can control up to 65536 threader colors, which means that you can adjust every threader color in detail. What’s more, its remote computer screen can also connect with other embroidery machines. So you don’t need to afford the cost of additional controllers.

Besides, it has 3MB of memory, equivalent to 1500000 stitches or 100 embroidery designs. You can always import patterns you like in it. Plus, it has installed LED light, providing the possibility for you to embroider or sew the perfect works. Additionally, there are multiple hoop sizes offered to you, 9.46” x 7.88” (240mm x 200mm), 5” x 4.3” (126mm x 110mm) and 50mm x 50mm. You can choose hoop from them according to your requirements. By the way, it is equipped with a hat specializing in hoop. This tool also has a lot of other features that can make your works more smoothly, like automatic thread cutter, and so on.

Thus, it is the best-computerized embroidery machine with the multi-needle. And also, due to its compact body, it is suitable for home use.

  • 3MB of memory
  • Multi-hoop options
  • Remote computer screen
  • Automatic threader cutter
  • Dedicated bobbin winding motor
  • USB connectivity
  • Not suitable for beginners




2. Janome MB-7 Monogram Machine

best multi needle embroidery machine for home business

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Janome
  • Item Model: MB-7
  • Size: 28 x 27 x 27 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 75 pounds
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 800spm
  • Maximum Hoop Size: 9.4″ x 7.9″ / 238mm x 200mm
  • Built-in Designs: 50
  • Built-in Stitches: 0
  • Letters: 10


This is the advanced version of Janome MB-4S. Thus, it has more powerful functions than that of MB-4S. This is a perfect device for innovation, suitable for professionals and business use. Then, I will review its features from various angles in detail.

First, it has seven needles and 800spm sewing speed so that you can achieve embroidery tasks more smoothly and quickly, suitable for commercial use.

Besides, it has a USB port so that you can import more patterns easily. Meanwhile, as an embroidery machine designed for commercial, it can suit various file formats, including .jef+, .jef and .dst. Besides, in addition to the ability to enter the design yourself, the Janome MB-7 has its own built-in designs, 50 installed embroidery designs, and ten fonts. You can monogram 2 or 3 letters causally. There is enough embroidery space for you to show your talents.

Additionally, this machine has a 5.7” remote computer screen. You can achieve total control of your embroidery works. You can not only edit or reorganize your patterns but also adjust 65536 thread color. So you can make every minute unbelievable adjustment to your embroidery works. Besides, plus with its installed LED lights, you can view your embroidery works in every slight detail. And also, it is equipped with various easy-to-use features, like stitch-out time indicator, and so on.

  • Built-in designs
  • Suitable for monogramming
  • USB port
  • LED lights
  • Remote computer screen
  • A 25-year warranty
  • Expensive




3. New Doublelin DLCF-1501 – Best for Hats

best hat multi embroidery machine

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: New Doublelin
  • Item Model: DLCF-1501
  • Shipping Weight: 220 pounds
  • Size: 22 x 22 x 22 inches
  • Work Field:
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 1000spm
  • Maximum Hoop Size: 20” × 14”


This is a heavy-duty embroidery machine with a compact body, so there is no problem for it to embroider on ready-made fabrics, like golf bags, and so on. Due to its powerful functions and various options, I think it is the best multiple needle embroidery machine for business and hats.

First, it has a USB port, supporting various file formats, including DST, DSB, and DSZ. The memory space of it can be up to 100 million stitches. It is enough for you to import your favorite designs. And also, it has many computerized features. On the one hand, it has a touch screen, on which you can achieve the editing and adjustment of your patterns.

Additionally, with this feature, you can preview your designs before embroidering. On the other hand, this device has its own software, one build-in lettering software, one digitizing software, one networking software. Besides, it also has 22K+ designs, so if you are an alphabet lover, it can meet your requirements.

Besides, as an embroidery machine with multiple needles, it has 15 needles, which means you can use 15 colors at one time. And also, it can automatically achieve the color change. It can complete large embroidery works as it has an extensive embroidery area up to 20” × 14”.

Further, it has various hooping options. Especially, it also has several cap hoops so that you can use it for hat embroidery. Plus with its built-in letters, you can embroidery different alphabets on your hats.

  • Large embroidery area
  • A lot of designs
  • Memory space
  • USB port
  • Multiple hoop options
  • A 5-year warranty
  • Expensive




4. CAMFive EMB HT1501 Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

best multi needle embroidery machine for business

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: CAMFive
  • Item Model: EMB HT1501
  • Shipping Weight: 350 pounds
  • Work Field: 22” x 14”
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 1200spm


This is a trendy CAMFive embroidery machine. As it has the highest sewing speed of all the machines that I reviewed today.

First, it has a high sewing speed up to 1200spm, accelerating your embroidering or sewing speed greatly. So you can complete your orders as soon as possible, and you can obtain more money. Besides, this machine has 15 needles, which means you can use 15 colors at one time without changing your threads. Plus with its durable working time, 24 hours, it can save you a lot of time. Besides, EMB HT1501 has a large embroidery area, 22” x 14”, so you can show your talents on a more extensive embroidery area.

Additionally, it has a touch HD LCD screen. With that, you can achieve the total control of your embroidery procedure. Also, you can edit or reorganize your patterns. EMB HT1501 offers endless possibilities for you, and you can always customize your unique designs.

  • High sewing speed
  • Durable
  • Long-time working
  • Large embroidery area
  • LCD touch screen
  • 15 needles
  • Very expensive




5. Melco Amaya Bravo Professional Embroidery Machine

best professional multi needle embroidery machine

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Melco
  • Item Model: Amaya Bravo
  • Shipping Weight: 165 pounds
  • Size: 28.5” × 35.7” × 29”
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 1000spm
  • Maximum hoop size: 14.25” x 11.75”


This is the most expensive machine I reviewed today. It is a multiple head embroidery machine created for advanced beginners and starter embroidery business.

At first, it has 16 needles so that you can use 16 colors at a time. Plus with 1000spm high sewing speed, you can accelerate your work efficiency significantly. Additionally, this machine has a large sewing field, 14.25” x 11.75”. So you can show your talents in a more extensive area. Besides, this device also has its own software, DesignShop. With this feature, you can transform a pattern from a simple image into a series of commands. So the machine can create a lot of embroidery works. And also, this machine is suitable for home and commercial file formats which include Sizer viewer software and 1800 embroidery designs. All these features can help your embroidery business more smoothly.

Thus, it is the best multi-needle embroidery machine for professionals and advanced hobbyists. And also, due to its easy-to-use feature, it is suitable for the people who just want to start their own embroidery business. But if you’re going to buy this embroidery machine, you need to pay your attention to your budget, as the price of it is really high, above $10000.

  • Large sewing area
  • Large sewing speed
  • Sizer viewer software
  • East to use
  • 16 needles
  • Really expensive




Buying Guider

The Differences Between Single Needle Embroidery Machines and Multi Needle Embroidery Machines

Embroidery machines can always be divided into the single needle embroidery machine and multiple needle embroidery machine. Before, we could only see these multiple needle embroidery machines in large embroidery industries. But now as the development of technology, we can use machines with multi needles in our daily embroidery commercials. Today, let us see the differences between the single needle embroidery machines and multiple needle embroidery machines together.

1. Needle Embroidery Machine

The appearance of a single needle embroidery machine is just like a traditional sewing machine. Generally, they are small and compact, suitable for home use or portable. And also, compared to multiple needle embroidery machines, the price of a single needle embroidery machine is much lower.

Just as its name indicates, a single needle embroidery machine has one needle, composed of the bobbin, thread, and other metal parts. And the hoop sizes of them are mostly 4” x 4”, 5” x 7”, 6” x 10”, and 8” x 12”. The sewing speed of them is mostly 300 – 1000 stitches/minute. Additionally, it is easy for them to embroider on regular fabrics. But on ready-made garments, their performance is not satisfying. You should choose a suitable machine according to your requirements.

Nowadays, they are the embroidery machines that are used most frequently at home and small businesses.

2. Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

If you want to set up your own embroidery business, a single needle embroidery machine cannot fulfill your needs. Thus, you may need to upgrade your device to a multiple needle embroidery machine. These machines can help you achieve your orders as soon as you can.

Generally speaking, the muti-needle embroidery machine has 4 – 10 needles, controlling various thread colors, respectively. So you can achieve up to 10 colors at one time without changing the thread. And besides, machines with multiple needles always have more hoop options. Their hoop sizes are mostly 4” x 4”, 5” x 7”, 6” x 10”, 8” x 12”, 8” x 14”, and 14” x 14”. Additionally, their sewing speeds are mostly 400 – 1000 stitches/minute.

So multi-needle machines always have higher work efficiency. And also, the price of a multiple needle embroidery machine is higher than the single needle embroidery machine. Thus, multi-head embroidery machines are more suitable for business.


Today, I reviewed the top 5 best multi-needle embroidery machine. And I really hope this article can help you make a reasonable choice when you are buying or upgrading your embroidery machine.