Top 10 Best Personal Sewing Machines Reviews 2021

Everyone needs a personal sewing machine, whether you are a professional or not. A personal sewing machine comes in handy all the time. You may be at home and one of the dresses you are planning to wear gets torn and you need to fix it. You can use your own personal machine to fix it. A professional tailor can use it to perfect their skills at home. They can use it to master their skills when working with linen and other soft materials. You can also quickly make your child’s Halloween costumes from your home.

A good sewing machine will fix all your clothes related issues. You do not need to go to the tailor to get your clothes made. You can do it all by yourself. After all, you are the only person who knows your preferences and dimensions. This article will tackle everything to do with the best personal sewing machines and will even give a review of the 10 best personal sewing machines.


Top 10 Best Personal Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Best Lightweight Personal Sewing Machine – Brother XM2701

best lightweight personal sewing machine

  • Versatile

This is a very versatile sewing machine. It has 27 stitches that include blind hem and other stitches which make it ideal for many endeavors you may want to work on. It is very light and compact.

  • Suitable for Beginners and Professionals

The machine accommodated both beginners and professionals. It has all the simple features for a beginner to understand and still has the complexity a professional is comfortable with. This machine has an automatic thread cutter meaning you will not have to waste time while cutting the thread.

  • Free Arm

Apart from that, it is also a free arm. The free arm makes it easy to accomplish the tasks. It also comes fitted with LED lights that make it easy for you to see when using it even in the dark.

  • You can make different designs
  • You can see in the dark
  • Perfect for beginners
  • It is light and portable
  • The lights are a bit dim


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2. Best Singer Sewing Machine – Singer| start 1304

best singer personal sewing machine

  • Perfect for Beginners

This is the perfect machine for any beginner because it has already set needle and thread intervals which make it easy for them to make a stitch. It also has 6 stitches which is not too advanced for the beginner. It has the option of making a straight stitch as well as a zigzag one and a blind hem. So, it belongs to the mid-range sewing machines.

  • Buttonholes

The machine also has the option of buttonholes where you can make holes where buttons are to be fitted in four easy steps. The frame is made from heavy-duty material which makes it compact and strong. The machine is also very light and can be easily carried to a place you need it.

  • It is light
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • Has six stitches
  • Has preset dimensions
  • The threading is a bit difficult to do


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3. Best Personal Computerized Sewing Machine – Brother CS6000i

best personal computerized sewing machine

  • LCD Lights

This machine has seven built-in stitches. It also comes with LCD lights to help you see what you are doing in detail. The machine also comes with an inbuilt automatic thread cutter. This makes adding and removing the thread easy and you no longer have to waste time figuring out how to insert the thread.

  • Adjustable Speed Operator

It comes with an adjustable speed operator. This feature allows you to choose the speed you want the machine to work. The 7 stitches make it easy for beginners to use, together with the adjustable speed.

The work table is wide enough for you to place a blanket. The wide table is big enough hence making it comfortable. The free arm allows you to make sleeves and cuffs on your shirts and blouses.

  • Good for beginners
  • Able to make sleeves and cuffs
  • Saves on time
  • Very affordable
  • Not recommended on heavy fabrics



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4. Best Personal Heavy Duty Sewing Machine – Singer | heavy-duty 4432

best personal heavy duty sewing machine

  • Powerful

This is a very powerful machine with about 30 stitch options. It is a versatile machine. You can carry out any type of project with it. It has a stitching speed of over 1000 stitches per minute. It can sew through any fabric.

  • Automatic Threader

The machine has an automatic threader that makes it easy to pass the string through the needle without much strain. The machine is made from a heavy metal frame and plate that makes sewing flow easily. You can make buttonholes with one easy step and make sleeves and cuffs because of the free arm.

  • A versatile machine
  • Durable material
  • Has a free arm for making sleeves
  • Very fast making 1100 stitches per minute
  • Has an automatic thread that reduces eye strain
  • The automatic threader is not very efficient



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5. Best Personal Advanced Sewing Machine – Brother RLX3817A

best personal advanced sewing machine

  • Perfect for Both Beginners and Experts

This appliance is perfect for both experts and beginners. It has 17 stitches which include zigzag and bottom hem. You are able to create many projects with this item. You are able to make the buttonholes very easily as well.

  • Self-adjustable Knob

It has a self-adjustable knob where you are able to regulate the speed of the bobbin. The bobbin is also a jam-free object making the sewing very easy and comfortable. The machine is easy to store and comes with a cover that prevents dust.

  • Easy to use
  • It prevents the entry of dust with the cover
  • Jam is avoided because of the bobbin
  • You can make buttons
  • Has a self-adjustable knob
  • It spoils easily



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6. Best Personal Electric Sewing Machine – Brother CS5055PRW

best personal electric sewing machine

  • High-end Sewing Machine

This is a quality high-end machine that has 50 stitches. It has very many features that include an automatic thread. You no longer have to strain when placing the thread in the needle.

  • LCD Light

You are also given an LCD light that helps you see well and pay attention to detail. It has a jam-free bobbin as well. You no longer struggle with difficulties in sewing. It has a lot of features that enable you to make zippers.

The machine can also make buttonholes. The machine can sew through any fabric. It is a strong machine that can make it through even the toughest material like leather.

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  • Very versatile
  • Can pass-through leather
  • Has a jam-free bobbin
  • Comes with an LCD light
  • Trouble placing the needle.


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7. Best Personal Portable Sewing Machine – Singer | simple 3232

best portable personal sewing machine

  • Perfect for Beginners

This is a perfect machine for beginners. It had 32 stitch styles and 19 of them being for decorative purposes. You can create many different styles using this machine. You do not have to struggle with keeping your thread in the needle. This can cause a lot of eye strain.

  • Automatic Thread

The automatic thread ensures that the thread is always in the hole with a simple press of a button. The free arm allows you to make many different styles to your piece of cloth including making-of sleeves and cuffs as well as zippers. You can also make buttonholes very easily. This machine can pass through heavy materials.

  • Can make different cloth accessories
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Reduced eye strain because of the automatic thread
  • Easy to use
  • The needle is not that sharp



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8. Best Brand Computerized Machine – Brother XR9550PRW

brother computerized sewing machine

  • Powerful Household Machine

This is a powerhouse sewing machine. It has 110 stitches to it and can be connected to the Internet or computers to make patterns. It is a limited edition because of the number of stitches it has. You can make practically anything with this machine. You can recycle waste and form clothes.

  • Free Arm

It has a free arm to help you create sleeves for your shirts as well as cuffs for official shirts and blouses. The bobbin protects against jamming which destroys fabric.

You can see what you are doing even at night because of the LED light. These lights are protective. They do not harm your eyes at the same time they save energy. The many stitches help you create zippers.

  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Saves on energy
  • Saves time
  • The LED lights are dim


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9. Best Personal Sewing Machine for Quilting – Brother XR3774

brother sewing machine for quilting

  • Wide Table

This is a wide table machine that is big enough for you to sew a quilt. It has 37 stitches giving you a lot of designs to work on. The machine also comes with LED lights that help you to see in the dark. It reduced eye strain a lot.

  • Perfect for Heavy Fabrics

The machine is perfect for heavy fabrics because it can pass through these types of fabrics easily. You no longer have to struggle with jamming which destroys fabrics badly. Jamming can cause water if time and money. The self-regulated speed knob helps you choose the speed you want the bobbin to go at.

  • Reduced jamming
  • There is no waste of time and money
  • It has a self-regulating feature
  • The lights are dim


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10. Editor’s Choice – SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960

best personal sewing machine

  • High-end Machine

This is the mother of all the sewing machines on this list. It has an impressive 960 stitches and includes lettering. You can make your own branded symbols with this tool. It has an LED light to help you see well at night or whenever you want to pay attention to detail.

  • Creative Machine

This sewing machine helps you create a lot of designs with a massive combination of stitches. Jamming is history with this machine. The bobbin prevents jamming that destroys fabric. It has an automatic thread that inserts your thread reducing eye strain.

  • Has branded letters
  • Impressive 960 stitches
  • Reduced eye strain
  • The LED lights can be dim


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Why You Need A Personal Sewing Machine?

personal sewing machine

Whether you are a professional or just reading a torn shirt, there is a reason why people use a sewing machine. These reasons are;

1. For quick sewing

Using a machine is a lot faster than the use of a needle and string especially if you are a professional. You know that time is a constraint and you need to finish the work faster so that you can get more orders and meet deadlines. A machine has already placed the needle and string in for you to start using it. Therefore, you save on a lot of time.

Your children can also be in a hurry to get to school and the shirt they have to get to school. The sewing machine will be in handy at this time. A sewing machine is important for the lifeline of the business.

2. Clean stitches

When working with a machine, you get very neat stitches. They are all aligned and precise. Once you set the needle and thread in the right spot, the rest is up to the machine. When you use the manual method, the stitches will be inaccurate.

Some of the stitches will be long, others are short while others are completely crooked. Sewing with the hand will have many errors. You will have to redo the piece which will affect your time and schedule of the day. You will not be able to receive any other orders. Invest in a sewing machine for perfect stitches.

3. Ability to work with technical materials

With a machine, you are able to sew tough materials with ease. Some of these materials include leather, denim or wool. These types of materials require a person to double stitch. Double stitching strengthens a stitch and prevents it from loosening. Double stitching is nearly impossible by hand.

You will get really tired and you get strained if you attempt it. If you manage to double stitch by hand, chances are that they will not be accurate. Once you master the art of double stitching with a sewing machine, you will be able to make denim jeans and woolen sweaters.

4. Unique stitches

Using these machines makes it possible to make fancy stitches and embroidery which are practically impossible with the manual method. You can accomplish lace finishing as well. You can make your own ribbons and attach them on to clothes and curtains giving it something extra.

Embroidery can be very difficult but with a sewing machine, you are able to make different designs each of them unique and different. Nothing will look the same. You will also complete the tasks faster than someone going at it manually. These fancy stitches can also be your trademark. People will know your work because of how you stitch and sow.

5. Versatility

A sewing machine is a versatile tool in that you can make more than just clothes. You can sew toys that are really soft. Instead of throwing it away. They are also commonly used to make costumes. For example, you can use the machine to make your children’s costumes. They can show the design and have you make it for them.

Other than those uses, the sewing machine can help you put together parts of recycled materials to create something amazing. All these creations can be put together in a matter of hours as compared to the manual method which is unlikely to complete the tasks and if you do, you will have taken a lot of time.

The Types of Personal Sewing Machine

sewing machine types
Sewing machines are grouped on what function they perform.

1. Regular Personal Sewing Machine

They are the most basic of the sewing machines. They are ideal for beginners. These machines also have a regular design and are cheaper than the other types. The regular machine has a foot presser and other basic parts like the adjustable length of stitch and also tension.

They can be mounted on a table and also free from the table mount. These basic machines are not recommended when it comes to sewing heavy material like denim because it is hard to accomplish this with a double stitch. You will also have to keep adding thread manually which can be very tiresome.

2. Electric Personal Sewing Machine

An electronic sewing machine is a combination of the regular and computerized machines. They are used by professional tailors because they have a lot more features than the regular machine. It is used for fancy stitching and other DIY projects. The numerous features allow you to play around with different designs as well.

Some of these machines use electricity while others use rechargeable batteries. They are portable sewing machines which are the opposite of the regular machines that are mostly mounted in tables. You can move these machines around. You can carry them on a trip or anywhere else and it will be of great service.

3. Computerized Personal Sewing Machine

These are machines that are used in industries. They are used for large scale cloth production and can be connected to the internet and to computers to complete these tasks. They have a stitch count that ranges from 50 to 200 and have multiple needles attached to it. It has an autopilot mode that enables it to perform an action without human supervision.

They are very costly and need a very experienced person to operate it. These machines work very fast and can stitch any fabric including the heavy ones. Many technical issues can be fixed easily because the machines are computer operated.

How To Choose A Personal Sewing Machin?

best personal sewing machine reviews

1. Budget

Your budget will determine the type of machine you will pick. No matter your budget, you will have to go for the quality of the machine. Obviously, if the money is not a lot, there are some features you will have to forfeit. You can consider getting a second-hand machine if you have a really tight budget.

Get someone who knows a thing or two about the quality of tools and let them show you what to choose. If you are willing to spend a lot on these machines also, get yourself a quality new product. Do not settle for a mediocre tool just because you can buy another one.

2. Stitches

The budget you set for yourself already has affected the stitching property. An expensive machine usually has more stitches than an inexpensive one. However, that should not stress you out. In terms of stitching, the types should concern you more than the number.

Most appliances are able to do a straight and zigzag stitch. Those are the most important. If your tool does this, then it has passed the most basic test. However, people especially those who love detail will go the extra mile to have their machines have more stitch options like the buttonhole or a blind hem. These kinds of stitches are for a more detailed machine.

3. Accessories

Many machines come with add on features other than the general ones. These accessories are what makes your designs unique from the rest of the others. Some of these special features are:

  • Lights

Some machines come with bulbs. These bulbs and lights help you pay more attention to detail. You will be able to see well even when you are working at night.

  • Needle adjuster

A needle adjuster helps you to move the needle in different directions.

  • A thread cutter

It is tiresome having to add and cut thread. Some devices have an automatic thread cutter that only requires you to press a button and does the rest for you.

4. The type of machine

Before you purchase a sewing machine, you first have to consider what machine you are buying. That is, whether it is mechanical or computerized or electronic. Your budget will have you choose the type you want and also the king of work you will be doing.

If you are a beginner, then a regular machine will be ideal. If you are an expert, consider the other two. If you are more into detail an electronic device is the way to go. A computerized device is used for large scale production and thus will not be logical to use it to fix a button on a torn blouse.

5. Ease of function

No matter the type of machine you choose, make sure that it does its job well. If it is a regular one, the leg press should operate without any hinges, the computerized one should be able to connect with the laptops and computers well. The autopilot mode should operate without fail.

An electronic appliance should charge well and do its job well. The leg press part of the manual one should thrust easily. If it is hard to push then apply some grease. Do not settle for less. You have purchased it. So it is only fair that you get paid the worth.

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To end this, a personal sewing machine is an important asset to have in your home. It will save a lot of money and time. You do not have to throw a piece away simply because it is torn. So when you want to purchase one, have all the necessary information on them. Choose the kind of machine you will use well and in what setting. Train yourself to be a better tailor.

You can even start your business right in your home. You should have to spend a lot to get a good machine. A lot of people even consider a second-hand device. It does the same work as a new one only that it needs more maintenance than a new machine.

Choose one that has added accessories to make tailoring a lot easier. Lastly, the number of stitches is not that important unless your sewing is a large scale. Other than that reason, a machine is complete if it has a straight and zigzag stitch pattern.