Top 14 Best Brand of Embroidery Machine Reviews

When you are purchasing the best embroidery machine for yourself, the brand is a crucial element that you need to consider. However, most of the people, especially beginners, don’t realize the information about these brands. Thus, today, I list the best-rated brands of embroidery machines, offering you reference when you are buying the best embroidery machine.

Famous Brands Reviews

1. SWF Embroidery Brand

SWF embroidery machine SWF is a brand famous for producing sizeable commercial embroidery machines. Most of its devices are versatile and powerful.

The roots of SWF can be back to 1988. And until now, it has manufactured embroidery machines for over 100 years. Their devices are well-known for durable and excellent quality. Thus, their products are shipping to worldwide destinations every year.

Additionally, in 2015, the SWF manufacturer built a partnership with Stitch It International. And they have become their distributor for the entire United States. Besides that, their parent company Stitch It International also buy and sell used embroidery machine. So SWF has a wide range of businesses.

Thus, if you are looking for excellent embroidery machines suitable for large businesses, SWF will be the right choice. But you cannot find it on amazon, and you can purchase on its official website.

2. TAJIMA Embroidery Brand

tajima industrial embroidery machine brand

Just as SWF, TAJIMA is also a manufacturer, producing commercial embroidery machines. Moreover, it is a company from Japan which is famous for creating multi-needle embroidery machines.

We can track the history of TAJIMA in 1944. And at that time, they began to produce and repair industrial embroidery machines. Until now, it has made high-quality embroidery machines for over 150 years. And they are committed to offering excellent embroidery devices for people all over the world, adding beauty to their life.

Additionally, their technology of “multi-head making” has improved the value of the products significantly. So the devices of TAJIMA can always satisfy the needs of customers.

Thus, if you are looking for the best multi-needle embroidery machine for commercial use, TAJIMA will be the right choice. However, you cannot buy it on Amazon. Instead, you can purchase its devices on its official website.

3. Singer Embroidery Brand

Singer embroidery machine

From 1851, Singer has been synonymous with sewing or embroidery machine. And they are always committed to producing the best embroidery machines for home use.

Since its inception, Singer has been adhering to the spirit of innovation. And until now, it has created many firsts, such as the first zig-zag machine. Besides, Singer devices are versatile and smart. Thus, they are not only suitable for home use but also home business use.

Furthermore, except for its embroidery machines, Singer’s sewing devices are also eye-catching. The sewing machines of Singer are durable and versatile, meeting your various requirements of stitching. So Singer is also the right choice for combo machines.

Thus, as a brand with over 150 years of history, Singer is reliable. And their machines will help you a lot in embroidery and sewing work.

singer xl580

Best Seller – Singer XL-580

4. Melco embroidery Brand

melco brand machineMelco company is committed to the development of commercial embroidery machines. Its basis is in the United States. And also, it is one of the first embroidery companies that developed computerized embroidery technology.

Melco, an embroidery technology and direct sales organization, was built in 1972. They always provide people who want to start their own embroidery business with excellent help. They can offer you not only high-quality devices but also excellent guidance. With their help, you can master the secret of success quickly. Every customer of Melco will have a sales representative. Whenever you meet problems in your embroidery business, you can get help as soon as possible.

In all, Melco is a large embroidery company. It has its embroidery machines, software and so on. Besides, it will teach you to start an embroidery business step by step. So it is the best choice for beginners who want to start their embroidery commercials.

5. Janome Embroidery Brand

Janome embroidery machine brand

Janome is one of the most famous embroidery machine manufacturers. The devices produced by them are always durable and versatile. And also, both their embroidery machines and sewing machines perform well.

Janome brand began in Japan. This company got this name in the 1920s. At that time, Yosaku Ose, a pioneer in Japanese sewing manufacturing, started to use a round metal bobbin system instead of the traditional long shuttle. Japanese though that the new round bobbin as just like the eyes of snakes, so Janome born.

For more than 100 years, Janome has been adhering to the spirit of innovation. And also, because of this spirit, Janome has always been in the leading position in the embroidery industry. The best devices of Janome are its heavy-duty embroidery and quilting machines. As the mechanisms of Janome also have a metal frame body, the prices of them are not low. But they are very durable, and you can use it for a long time. And also, Its computerized embroidery machines are very eye-catching.

Consequently, Janome is a trusty embroidery and sewing manufacturers. Due to the features it has, if you are looking for a durable device, don’t ignore the machines of Janome.

best embroidery only machine for home use overall

Janome Memory Craft 400E

6. Husqvarna Embroidery Brand

Husqvarna brand embroidery machine

Husqvarna is a historical embroidery machine brand. And it has a lot of experience in producing devices area.

The track of Husqvarna can be back to 1689. It is constructed as an arms factory. It produced arms for a really long time. However, in 1872, the needs of arms had declined significantly. So Husqvarna began to change, developing embroidery machines. In the history of Husqvarna, the most crucial element of it is innovation.

And also, it created the first embroidery machine for monogramming. Besides, the embroidery machines produced by Husqvarna are wide. The top-rated devices of Husqvarna are its home use embroidery machine and industrial embroidery machine.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use embroidery machine for home use or a durable industrial embroidery machine, Husqvarna will meet all of your requirements.

7. HAPPY Embroidery Machine

happy embroidery machine

HAPPY is a brand of Japan, committing to offer embroidery enthusiasts the best easy-to-use embroidery machines. And the devices produced by them include single-head embroidery machines, multi-needle embroidery machines, and so on.

In the North American market, the HAPPY embroidery machine is always provided by TEXMAC Direct. As many years ago, TEXMAC Direct has realized the importance of the complete ownership experience. So they provide their customers with the best support, service, and guidance. Besides, HAPPY also has its own complete parts and accessories department ( The people who bought a HAPPY machine can acquire accessories from the factory directly to upgrade their device.

Thus, HAPPY brand embroidery machines are the best embroidery machines for beginners. They have not only high-quality devices but also excellent tutorials. As the owners of HAPPY embroidery machines, you can get useful guidance, containing classroom training throughout various locations in the US, live, online training, and so on. With their help, you can master the way of using the embroidery machine as soon as possible.

8. Brother Embroidery Machine

Brother embroidery machine brand

People established the Brother brand in 1908. At that time, its name was Yasui Sewing Machine Co in Nagoya, Japan. Moreover, in 1955, it built its first overseas sales affiliate. Until now, Brother has been the world-famous embroidery machine manufacturer.

Brother is always committed to making the best embroidery and sewing machines in the world. And the range of their tools is extensive, including computerized embroidery machines, home use embroidery machines, and so on. Besides, although the quality of Brother devices is high, the prices of them are reasonable.

Generally speaking, Brother embroidery machines include two types, for home use embroidery machines, and businesses use embroidery machines. Their embroidery machines for home use are mostly portable and easy to use, suitable for beginners. They always install easy tutorial in the device to help customers to master the way of using a machine.

Additionally, their business embroidery machines are also excellent. And the sizes of them are not large, so they are ideal for home business use.

Thus, Brother brand embroidery machines are best for home use and home business use. And also, as the price of some Brother embroidery machines is not high, they are suitable for the people without too much budget.

brother pe535 review

Brother PE535

9. Bernina Embroidery Machine

Bernina Embroidery Machine

BERNINA Thailand was built in 1990. Although the history of Bernina is not very long, the quilty of their machine is always high. In the production process, they have always been strict with Swiss machine standards. Their machines always have a high degree of durability.

The Bernina brand produces a wide range of machines, from the low end to the high end. No matter what kind of device you are looking for, Bernina can satisfy you. Bernina has its own production bases all over the world. And they also have their own independent R&D labs dedicated to creating more ergonomic devices. Besides, they also have their own set of machine inspection standards with a Swiss administration department where assistants perform the rigorous quality checks on all machines.

Therefore, if you are looking for high quality, high safety machine, Bernina is the right choice. Whether you want a home embroidery machine or a commercial embroidery machine, you can find it under the Bernina brand.

bernina embroidery machine

Bernina 530

10. Barudan Embroidery Machine

Barudan Embroidery Machine

Barudan America was founded in 1985 in Cleveland, Ohio. As a long-established embroidery machine brand, the embroidery machine produced by Barudan has excellent value and customer experience.

In 1959, the founder of Barudan developed the first embroidery machine in Japan, which was the beginning of the modern embroidery industry. Until now, Barudan still maintains the same innovative spirit as before. The Barudan brand has a wide range of businesses.

In addition to a wide range of embroidery machines and sewing machines, Barudan also offers easy-to-use design software to help you customize your design. Besides, as one of the well-known brands in the industry, Barudan has a lot of highly skilled personnel. They always provide guidance and support for your embroidery career.

Therefore, Barudan is a trustworthy brand. Whether you want to find a single-head embroidery machine or a multi-head embroidery machine, you can find it from the Barudan brand.

11. Babylock Embroidery Machine

Babylock embroidery machine brand

Babylock is a brand from Japan and has a good reputation all over the world.

The Babylock brand was born in 1864. At that time, a group of engineers from Japan believed that creating a sewing machine or embroidery machine for home use will significantly facilitate people’s lives. However, when they handed the plan to the company, they were rejected. As a result, they created the company themselves and began to develop sewing machines suitable for personal use. Soon after, they created the first home overlocker.

It is a leap forward. And in the days to come, Babylock has always been innovative and has achieved many outstanding results. The Babylock engineer created the unique jet-air system to help the tailor quickly complete the needle threading. Now, this technology has become the standard configuration for the Babylock brand of machines.

Therefore, Babylock’s machines are easy to use and small, making them ideal for home use. Besides, Babylock has its own tutorial website, It can help you learn embroidery and sewing skills, assisting the newcomers to adapt to the use of the machine quickly.

12. AVANCÉ Embroidery Machine

AVANCÉ Embroidery Machine Brand

Unlike the two brands above, AVANCÉ is a brand dedicated to the development of industrial embroidery machines.

If you want to start your own embroidered business empire, the embroidery machine of AVANCÉ brand is undoubtedly an exciting choice. AVANCÉ embroidery machines are mostly multi-head embroidery machines, and the sizes of them are enormous. So if you only want to open a small embroidery company, like home business, then they are not suitable for you. They are ideal for large and medium embroidery companies.

Besides, unlike traditional companies that only sell devices, AVANCÉ will provide you with comprehensive help for your business development. At AVANCÉ, you can not only pick the right embroidery machine, but they also find sensible advice for your company. If you like, you can take a business course held by their company to help your company grow faster. Also, AVANCÉ has a good warranty. Whenever your machine fails during use, you can contact AVANCÉ for perfect troubleshooting.

Therefore, AVANCÉ embroidery machines are the best industrial embroidery machines. They will help your embroidery company grow as soon as possible.

13. Redline Embroidery Machine

Redline embroidery machine brand

Just like AVANCÉ embroidery machines, the devices of Redlineare designed for commercial. However, the sizes of Redline embroidery machines are not as large as AVANCÉ machines. So compared to AVANCÉ, the mechanisms of Redline are ideal for small embroidery businesses, like home business, as you don’t need a large studio.

Redline Company is a comprehensive business. It sells not only embroidery and sewing machines but also almost all the accessories relevant to embroidery. And also, if you want to purchase the software suitable for your embroidery machines, you can find the best ones in Redline company.

Additionally, the machines of Redline often come with abundant accessories, meeting almost all of your embroidery requirements. Many people think that the mechanisms of Redline are significant, and the operations of them will be complicated, so it is hard to master them. Don’t worry, every device of Redline is equipped with its tutorial video, helping you adapt the way of using it quickly. And also, if you still have problems with the using process, you can all the after-sale assistants to acquire help.

Thus, the machines of Redline are best for small or home business. However, you cannot purchase them on Amazon.

14. Ricoma Embroidery Machine

Ricoma Embroidery Machine Brand

Just like the brands that I introduced above, Ricoma is also an embroidery company dedicated to offering excellent embroidery machines for professionals or commercial use.

Since its inception, Ricoma has taken significant strides in our industry. The machines they produce are well-rated in the industry. Generally, the devices produced by Ricoma contain two types, single-head embroidery machine, and multi-head embroidery machine. All of them are versatile and powerful. And also, they have a high sewing and embroidery speed so that they can accelerate your working speed as soon as possible.

Moreover, most of the machines of Ricoma have excellent editing functions, supporting you to customize your designs. Besides, many mechanisms of Ricoma have a cap station and cap driver. So, if you are a cap embroidery enthusiast, the devices of Ricoma will be your ideal choices.

However, when you are purchasing the machines of Ricoma, you need to pay attention to the size of your studio. The Ricoma devices are only suitable for medium or large embroidery studios instead of small ones.

Thus, Ricoma embroidery machines are suitable for a commercial embroidery machine, especially for cap embroidery use. And also, you cannot find them on Amazon, but you can search on the official website of Ricoma.

Is Brand Important When Purchasing The Best Embroidery Machine?

famous embroidery machine

In my opinion, the brand is a crucial element that we need to consider when selecting the best embroidery machine. Because brands always mean a lot in the purchasing procedure.

Most of the famous embroidery brands have a long history. And most of them have a complete department and service system. Whenever you meet problems during the use, you can get excellent help. Besides, these companies are substantial. Thus, there is no need for you to worry that when you are still using their machines, their company will break down.

Additionally, famous brands always offer excellent tutorials. This guide will help you master the way of using embroidery machines quickly. And also, they will help you start your embroidery business as soon as possible.

Thus, for embroidery machines buying, the brand is a crucial element that you need to think.

Final Words

In today’s article, I have reviewed 14 of the best embroidery machine brands. All of them have their own characterisms. Some of them are ideal for home embroidery, and some of them are suitable for commercial embroidery use. You should make a wise decision according to your requirements.