Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs

best embroidery machine for custom designs

The embroidery machine for custom designs is becoming increasingly popular every passing day due to their immense benefits. They have incorporated modern technology that makes them quite easy to use for anybody. All you need is a passion for embroidering, and this intelligent machine will do the work for you, thereby making you look like a pro.

You will find that some of these embroidery machines are user-friendly, while others can make intricate embroidery designs without a hassle. There are various factors that one should consider before purchasing their embroidery machine. They should establish their skill level, their budget, available sewing space, and their personal preference, among other things.

Among the available embroidery machines in the market, some are made solely for embroidering, while others will accomplish both embroidery and utility sewing. The specialized machines tend to have better quality work than their combined counterparts though the combined embroidery machines are much cheaper and great for people with tighter sewing spaces.

It is incredible how a good embroidery machine will give a person the power to create amazing custom designs for their fabrics. This is notwithstanding their skill level, and anyone can use these machines to achieve marvelous results.

Best Embroidery Machines for Custom Designs Reviews

1. Best Selling Embroidery Machine – Brother PE800

best seller-brother pe800

Basic Parameters:

  • Brand: Brother
  • Dimension: 21.8 x 19 x 19.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 30.1 pounds
  • Work Field: 5 by 7 inches
  • The Quantity of Built-in Designs: 138
  • The Quantity of Built-in Stitches: 0
  • Fonts: 11
  • Warranty:25 years

Once you are lucky enough to own this fantastic embroidery machine for custom designs, you are presented with unlimited design options. On the one hand, PE800 features a built-in USB port that gives you the ability to store as many custom designs as you wish. It also has a built-in memory that further adds the space needed to save more custom or purchased designs for your future usage.

On the other hand, with Brother PE800, you have a larger field for your stitching abilities. And You can note that this expansive space will ensure less rehooping, allowing you to work on larger lettering and designs. And also, it will enable you to work on diverse embroidery projects, and you will look like a pro while at it.

It is easier to preview all your favorite designs through the machine’s color LCD touchscreen. PE800 also features a host of embroidery designs for your disposal and allows you to edit such designs as you work on projects.

  • Easy setup and use
  • Many preloaded designs in this machine
  • Extensive editing available
  • Embroidery only machine



2. Best Disney Embroidery Machine – Brother PE550D

brother PE550D embroidery machine for custom designs

Basic Parameters:

  • Brand: Brother
  • Dimension: 16.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Work Field: 4 by 4 inches
  • The Quantity of Built-in Designs: 125
  • The Quantity of Built-in Stitches: 0
  • Fonts: 9
  • Warranty:25 years

You will love the dependability of this machine, which is also amazingly affordable. It has an excellent stitching area that is sufficient for most projects. And also, PE550D will execute your embroidery projects without any hassle whatsoever. So, it is a well-designed machine that is meant to be easy to use.

Once you purchase PE550D, you get to enjoy a host of built-in designs, even the creative characters from Disney. You will have a host of amazing designs that you can use on fabric to make them look incredible. Whether you are looking for borders, floral, holiday, freestanding lace, as well as kid’s designs, this machine will do it all.

Additionally, you will be happy to note that you can easily load designs into PE550D’s inbuilt memory through the use of a USB memory stick whereas a large LCD screen gives you the power to view colored designs before you proceed to stitch.

  • Built-in memory
  • The large and color LCD display
  • Editing feature
  • Affordable
  • The embroidery field is limited




3. Best Logo Embroidery Machine – Brother SE600

best custom design embroidery machine for logos

Basic Parameters:

  • Brand: Brother
  • Dimension: 21.2 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 26.1 pounds
  • Work Field: 4 by 4 inches
  • The Quantity of Built-in Designs: 103
  • The Quantity of Built-in Stitches:80
  • Fonts: 6
  • Warranty:25 years

This machine features a vast color touchscreen for flawless display. It allows one the best preview of all the available designs, whereby one can always make their preferred choice. And also, you can use it to flip through several designs up to the specific one to be used for an embroidery project easily.

The embroidery features of SE600 are quite enhanced for a greater experience. They feature amazing ways by which one can make their embroidery project a walk in the park. One can easily view thread colors in advance and also be able to change them easily.

It features a built-in USB port that allows one to import custom embroidery designs easily. This gives one great power, as they can have limitless abilities to create marvelous embroidery designs. Once you buy this machine, be sure of getting a host of sewing stitches, which gives one immense power to achieve anything regarding embroidery.

  • The huge color touchscreen
  • Has many advanced embroidery features
  • Ability to import custom designs
  • Preloaded sewing stitches
  • Small stitching field



4. Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs – Janome MB-4S

best hat embroidery machine for custom designs - janome mb4s

Basic Parameters:

  • Brand: Janome
  • Dimension: 26 x 25.5 x 18 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 64 pounds
  • The Number of Needles: 4
  • Fonts: 3
  • Warranty:25 years

This machine features a remote computer screen, which makes it easy to use. You will also note that you can use its remote computer screen on several machines, thereby saving your bucks on additional controllers you would have purchased.

Janome MB4S has immense internal memory that has the capability of storing a lot of designs as well as stitches. This gives you the power to create numerous custom embroidery designs. You will be able to save images and designs that are reflective of your creative genius, and this machine will help you execute your plans.

It has an incredible thread cutter that works automatically. You will note that this is wonderful as it will save you a lot of stress and time. This machine has a sophistication and is designed to be an ultimate embroidery machine for everyone. It will be great for experts as well as those people who are just getting started.

  • The automatic thread cutter
  • With a remote computer screen
  • Bobbin winding motor that is specialized
  • Features necessary accessories
  • Is quite expensive for beginners



5. Best Cheap Embroidery Sewing Machine – SINGER Legacy SE300

best cheap embroidery machine for custom designs for the budget

Basic Parameters:

  • Brand: SINGER
  • Dimension: 20.2 x 8 x 12.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 18.6 pounds
  • Work Field: 10 1/4 inch X 6 inch
  • The Quantity of Built-in Designs: 200
  • The Quantity of Built-in Stitches: 250
  • Fonts: 5
  • Warranty:25 years

SINGER Legacy SE300 features many built-in stitches that include decorative, basic, stretch as well as buttonhole stitches. With this SINGER embroidery machine, you will be able to accomplish various projects that required varied stitches. You will look like you have all it figured out when it comes to embroidery.

And also, with SE300, you do not have to strain your eyes as you try to put your thread into the needle’s eye. It has a built-in feature that automatically threads the needle’s eye without any frustrations. This is a useful feature only a modern machine like this one could manage.

When you buy SINGER SE300, you get to have a huge embroidery area that allows you to complete a variety of projects flawlessly. You will also be able to import various designs into this machine as it features a USB port. You can then become creative as you embroider unique and lovely designs.

  • Accurate stitching
  • LCD touchscreen
  • High speeds
  • Durable and sturdy body
  • Tricky out of the box setup
  • Might be hard on some users



6. Janome 12000 Quilting Machine

best quilting embroidery machine for custom designs

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Janome
  • Dimension: 30 x 28 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight: 71.6 pounds
  • Work Field: W 11″ x H 4.7″
  • The Number of Built-in Designs:338
  • The Number of Built-in Stitches: 425
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 600spm
  • Fonts: 10
  • Warranty: 10 years

Janome 12000 features a very advanced PC connection, thereby presenting an opportunity for executing quality embroidery projects. This ability to connect to a PC gives a person limitless ability, whereby you can design custom embroidery designs and have them completed by this machine.

This machine features a large stitching area, and this flexibility allows for one to work on a wide range of projects. This makes it easy for one to work on various fabrics, whereby one can comfortably work on larger designs.

Janome 12000 has an in-built software that helps in editing custom designs in readiness for dazzling embroidery projects. This software ensures that one has at their disposal very many designs that can be used in any of their embroidery projects. Once you use this machine, be assured of looking like a genius with your flawless designs.

  • Large stitching area
  • Easy to use system
  • Preloaded Creative designs
  • Its cost is high for beginners



Buying Guider

1. How to Embroider Letters on A Fabric?

Embroidering letters on fabric is an ingenious way to ensure that you personalize your clothing items. They will feel personal if you embroider them with initials that mean something to you. You will also notice that embroidering letters on fabric will help to ensure that they do not get lost, and in the event they do, you can find them easily.

It is quite easy to embroider letters on a piece of fabric if you are using an embroidery machine, which has preloaded lettering designs that you can select. It will then stitch your specific letters in the font of your choice. However, you may not be having such a technologically advanced embroidery machine, and you may be forced to use the spiral machine or even your own hands.

When embroidering letters on fabric using your hands or the zigzag machine, you, first of all, need an image of the letters you intend to embroider. You could draw these letters by your hands, or you could use computer software such as PowerPoint to design your bold letters. Once you have these letters drawn or printed on a piece of paper, you are set to begin embroidering.

Place the paper with the images of the letters you want to embroider on your fabric and start embroidering over these printed/drawn letters. This way, you can easily embroider your letters accurately from the paper onto the fabric. You will find that roman letters are easier to work with as compared to other letters with swirls.

You can also use a carbon paper, specifically the one used by dressmakers. This is the most popular way in which people transfer letters into your fabric before effortlessly embroidering them. When a paper is used to embroider, you can tear it off once you have finished embroidering your letters. Then you have your finished lettering embroidery just as you had designed it.

2. What Kind Embroidery Machine Do You Need?

1. Embroidery Only Machine

When you decide to get into embroidery business, whether at work or your home, you need to get an embroidery only machine. This is a machine that is only dedicated to embroidery work, and it is great at it. You will note that this machine allows you to be doing other things as it automatically runs. This will give you the liberty to attend to other ends of your business as the embroidery runs.

When you use this embroidery only machine, you will be able to deliver your work much faster. This will earn you admiration from your clients, who will then refer you to more business. Since this machine is dedicated to embroidery, you will be able to finish more work than when you could have used a combined machine.

These embroideries only machines are able to incorporate many features that are instrumental in creating wonderful designs. You can be assured that your clients will always come back if you become this effective on their fabric. Your clients will also be able to specify their preferences, which you will then execute flawlessly.

Having this kind of machine allows you to efficiently multitask, whereas you can easily leave your embroidery only machine working and move to the other sewing machine for more projects. You are then able to accomplish a lot within a short period. It is an excellent choice for your business, as you will look professional to all your clients and potential ones.

2. Embroidery and Sewing Machine Combo

If you are not into embroidery business but wants to engage in these activities for your personal use, then this machine is excellent for you. The embroidery and sewing machine combo is great for completing home projects that do not require fast delivery times. Which would be a vital necessity for someone running a business.

Combo embroidery sewing machine is great for someone who does not have an ample sewing space, mainly because this combo will significantly save on space. You will notice that with this machine, you get to do your normal stitching in the same space where you do your custom embroidery. This is great because you are able to accomplish a lot in a very constrained space.

This combo embroidery and sewing machines are usually affordable. This is a great choice for someone who is getting started in embroidery and sewing. This is because they get to learn a lot as they complete various assignments in this combo machine. You do not have the motivation to spend a lot of money if you are just getting started with sewing and embroidery.

Though you will not be able to execute both sewing and embroidery at the same time, you have the luxury of an all in one package. You have great power in your hands, and you can accomplish a lot as far as embroidery and sewing are concerned. This is the perfect combo machine for someone who is getting started.

Final Words

Embroidery is an essential aspect of fashionable trends in our current day and age. Everyone is looking for personalized embroidery that showcases their personality. It is with the use of great custom embroidery machines that anyone can achieve marvelous works of art. Being able to select the right machine is key to successful embroidery projects.

Selecting the right embroidery machine depends on the personal tastes and preferences of individuals. However, you must know whether you need the machine for business or for private use. You can then proceed to get an embroidery only machine when you are into business and get the combo if you intend to use it privately.

The above listing is a carefully researched highlight of the best custom embroidery machines, which could be of positive impact to your embroidery. You should select one among those listed above in accordance with your needs. The listed advantages and disadvantages will also give you the right information for you to make the most informed decision.