Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews


The 4452 Singer sewing machine is one of the best machines you may find in the market. The mechanical sewing device is sewing quickly, and the setup process is also easy. With this fit, the advanced and beginner sewist enjoy the sewing process. Since this machine allows for easy threading, it has the capacity of sewing through various thick materials, for instance, canvas, leather, and denim.

singer sewing machine 4452

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews

The singer heavy-duty 4452 is a sewing machine coming with remarkable features. These features will play a major role in helping you complete the different kinds of sewing projects without any challenges. In the case of important accessories coming with these machines, this machine may be considered as being one of the best machines that one may find. Besides, the machine is powerful and is thus offering a variety of great features. These various features are including:


  • Presser foot pressure is adjustable
  • Comes with free arms which is built-in
  • Attachment of many presser foot
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • A 1,100 stitches remarkable sewing speed in one minute
  • Machine is long-lasting
  • Built-in stitches are enough
  • Affordable and heavy-duty machine


  • Speed controlled using foot pedal since the machine is lacking the speed slider
  • The device is not used in professional-level high-level sewing


Built-In 32 Stitches.

While looking for a sewing machine, the major thing worth considering is the built-in stitches of singer sewing machine 4452 reviews. The machine contains built-in 32 stitches, including seven elastic stitches, a 1-step automatic buttonhole stitch, six basic stitches, and 18 decorative stitches. You are free to select the stitch that pleases you most with the use of tuning dial.

With a machine bearing many built-in stitches, you will have a variety of options for use in the decoration of sewing projects. Compared to some machines, this machine is containing less built-in stitches. While thinking on a logical basis, these 32-built-in stitches are more than what you will require.

singer sewing machine 4452 reviews

Sewing Speed is Fast to 1,100 Stitches in a Minute.

In the case of the number of stitches in a minute, this machine surpasses the different machines present in the market. It is fast in sewing and thus has the capacity of sewing to 1,100 stitches in a minute.

The high-end machines in the world have less sewing speed than this machine. It is for this reason that this machine is compared to the sewing industrial-grade machines. In case you wish to slow on the sewing speed, you will succeed as the sewing speed is easily adjustable.

The engine is Powerful.

The sewing machine containing metal and the heavy-duty frame is deserving of an engine that is powerful enough to help in the punching of thick and resistant fabrics without any kind of difficulty. The machine also has high sewing speed, and therefore you will complete the project quickly and easily. The 4452 sewing machine comes with a powerful engine. While compared to different standard machines, the 4452 singer engine is much stronger compared to other engines.

Needle Threader is Automatic.

Needle threading is one of the bothersome tasks. The process requires great concentration on eyes. The automatic needle thread of singer 4452 is reliable. With it, you will end up paying attention to sewing things without any form of bother.

Positions of 3-Needle.

For one to complete the various sewing projects such as normal sewing projects such as the addition of zipper or pipe or upper stitch, the Singer 4452 is providing line with 3-needle positions. Regarding the task that is in progress, you will be putting the needle in the center-right or left.

singer 4452 heavy duty sewing machine reviews

Presser Foot is Unique.

This machine can carry a variety of sewing projects. It is constructed using a unique presser foot with a pressure that may be decreased or increased regarding the heaviness of lightness of fabrics. Therefore, you will end up carrying various projects with ease.

As a result of the adjustment, the grip present in the fabric with the feeding of dogs is ideal. For one to facilitate the beneath fabrics, you will lift the presser foot to a greater position. The presser feet will end up fitting in a position or else get removed while sewing will be taking place through the different techniques.

Threading of Robbins is Easy.

In case you are a beginner, you will realize that the machine bobbins will be loaded conveniently using the thread. When the bobbin is surrounded, there will be the loading of the upper bobbin since the machine has the mechanism of doing that. Therefore, the configuration of the lower thread before engaging in initial use is easy. The machine is coming with 15J transparent class bobbins combined with transparent bobbin cover, making thread supply monitoring easy.

Besides, the mechanism is great as you will know the necessity of filling the thread in the course of sewing projects.

Metal Heavy-Duty Frame.

The inside of a sewing machine is constructed using a metal frame to make sure the various machine mechanisms are kept together perfectly. The holding mechanisms aspect is handy for use by jump-free-seam. As a result of the heavy-duty metal frame, you will manage the heavy workloads without any form of problems. While on usage, the machine will not end up facing any sort of cramps. While using the metal frame, you will realize that the device will serve you for long periods.

Handy Accessories.

For you to further assist in sewing projects, the singer 4452 is bringing very handy accessories that are placed using a built-in storage compartment. The compartment with built-in storage will be in use in storing of the various machine’s apparatus.

The different handy accessories include a uniform feed-in use in various layers of lint brush, dust cover, quilt-making guide, separation plates, screwdriver, auxiliary reel pin, and seam ripper, 16 sewing needles: leather and vinyl.

Specifications of Singer 4452

singer sewing machine heavy duty 4452

  • Clearance plate
  • Reverse lever
  • Positions of three needle
  • The drop-in top bobbin system
  • Threading-cut razor
  • Working area LED light
  • The free arm is removable
  • Foot controller detachable


Why Buy a Singer Sewing Machine?

Repurposing of Items

When one buys a sewing machine, they can transform the old times and make the memories new. It is usually fun redesigning old clothes and making them unique. In case you are not limited to redesigning clothes, you make old use blanket in making a pet bed. Whatever the purpose, you will have adequate satisfaction since you will know that you have created something new.

Decoration of Houses

While owning a sewing machine, you will be using it in the decoration of your house. It is easy for one to make the throw pillows as they take minimal time. In case you are after a bigger project, you may consider making a shower curtain or own bedspread. Besides, you may also consider making window coverings.

singer 4452 heavy duty sewing machine reviews

Decorating the House

One of the major things of a sewing machine that assists one in decorating a house. Throw pillows are easy to make, and they normally take little time. In case you are after a big project, you may consider making a shower curtain or bedspread. Besides, you may as well consider making window coverings.

Craft Projects

With a Singer sewing machine with the capacity of doing a different craft project, you may make heat packs that you will fill with rice. Besides, you may also make bags or dolls clothes. In case you have a fancy Singer sewing machine, you may consider embroidering things. You will only get limited with imagination in engaging in a craft project with the use of sewing machines.

Making of Stuffed Animals

It is special for one to get a stuffed animal that someone made for them. Making stuffed animals is easy while using a sewing machine. The different patterns are easy for one to follow, and thus you will take minimal time in making the products. Though these items will take a short time for one to make, children of different ages will love getting a stuffed animal made for them.

Making of Halloween Costumes

Many people love Halloween clothes. When you wear these clothes, you will end up looking much better compared to your friends. With a singer sewing machine, you will end up making a variety of Halloween costumes, which your children will highly cherish.

Be your Tailor

In case you are not making your clothes, you may tailor the dresses which you buy. When you make your clothes, you will end up saving a lot of money. Besides, you get to make what fits you well since you are the only person who knows yourself well.

Making your Clothes

A sewing machine allows one to make their clothes. Though the making of clothes is a daunting process. There are patterns that you may choose. These patterns are easy for one to follow. You will appreciate picking the accessories, color, and fabric of your clothes. While designing your clothes, you will determine what will fit you best.

Singer 4432 vs. 4452 Comparison

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine with 110 Stitches

singer sewing machine heavy duty 4452

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Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

4432 sewing machines

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These two models have few similarities. The similarities include:

  • Both are very popular
  • They are among the expensive main options in the market
  • Both belong to top three sewing machines that are the best selling
  • They are popular alternatives
  • Both belong to the same price range
  • They are offering a similar number for stitch options
  • They bear identical stitch speed
  • Have equal weight and size
  • Comes with similar features
  • The models are highly durable


These two machines have only a few differences. Their main differences are:

  • The difference in color. Though color is a subtle change, it is also a difference. With Singer 4432, it is a slightly darker shade of grey compared to Singer 4452.
  • There is a difference in some of the accessories present in these products. The accessory pack is different. In addition to the different usual presser feet, you will get a non-stick foot and walking foot in 4452. More also, it is coming with sewing heavy-duty needles and clearance plate.



Singer 4452 vs. 4423 Comparison

Singer 4452 Sewing Machine

singer sewing machine heavy duty 4452

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Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

4423 sewing machine

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Similarities Singer 4452 vs. 4423

Both are friendly while using.

The machine’s friendliness is as a result of the automatic needle threader. After thorough follow of the threading groove, which is printed on the device, the tools assist in inserting an eye in the needle without any form of frustration or eye strain. Furthermore, the system on the top-down bobbin is highly convenient. While using the one-step hole, you will realize it is more comfortable compared to the four-step traditional setup

Both gives professional results.

With one of these products, you will have easier access to pant overalls, collars, and cufflinks. There will be more permits to the large cloth layers present under the presser’s feet. While adjusting on the foot presser pressure, the sew cloth will end up weighing lightly.

They have outstanding performance.

The 4452 and 4423 models are among the majorly known devices. Besides these models being reliable, they are coming with high-quality stitch and great features. More also, they are affordable, and thus there is no need to spend a fortune for one to end up owning one of these machines.

They have the same accessories.

Both machines have heavy-duty motor, drip-in bobbin, free arm, high-pressure extra foot filer, drop feed, and automatic needle threader to provide the devices with consistent stitches.

Basic stitches are the same.

Both have automatic needle threaders, heavy-duty motor, a drop-in bobbin, and free arm.

Differences between Singer 4452 vs. 4423

  • Singer 4452 is bearing built-in 32 stitches while Singer 4423only has 23 stitches.
  • 4452 model comes with six decorative stitches and three extra stitches making it a superior model
  • Singer 4452 has a walking foot which is absent in Singer 4423
  • THE 4452 singer is darker compared to 4423 singer

Can Singer 4452 Sew Leather?

For one to sew leather, you need to have a heavy-duty model. Singer 4452 is a heavy-duty machine with the capacity of sewing through varying layers of fabrics such as leather, denim, and corduroy. Since it weighs 17 pounds, you can continue with the stitching of leather materials without any shaking.

What Bobbin Does Singer 4452 Use?

The machine is coming with a top bobbin, which is easy to use for beginners. Beginners. Singer 4452 is coming with bedplate stainless steel to facilitate fabric feeding. When the built-in storage accessory is removed, it will end up giving access to free space. The foot extra-high presser plays a major role in sewing different fabric layers.

Is Singer 4452 Low Shank?

The 4452 Singer is a low shank product. It is compatible with 4452 presser feet. In most cases, you will have the capacity to use this product with similar presser feet.


Singer 4452 is a sewing machine in use in producing of undergarment clothing. For the different bet items such as clothing and seat belt, you may use a sewing machine. Besides, sewing machines are in use in producing different spandex items. These items are usually made using synthetic fiber and are proving to be comfortable regarding sportswear.


After analyzing the various Singer 4452 aspects, you will realize that Singer 4452 is a great machine with the capacity to perform different sewing projects. Since the device is easy to use and understand, it is great stuff for people who are joining the sewing field. The sewing standard will be maintained. Besides, all the complications and difficulties associated with high-end machines will be removed.