Brother SE400 vs PE770

The question that you are probably asking is what is the best model that is a combination of sewing and embroidery machine? In my own opinion, I would say it is Brother SE400. Compared to the Brother SE350, the SE400 is an upgraded and improved version and differs from the former in terms of the USB port. The SE400 features an automatic needle threader, backlit touchscreen LCD, and can be used quilting, sewing, and embroidering. Just like its cousin Brother PE700, the SE400 is a more advanced sewing machine. That is why are going to compare Brother SE400 vs PE770 in this article. If you are looking to buy one of these two embroidery machines, the information provided below will help.

Brother SE400 vs PE770

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Port

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While Brother PE770 is an embroidery only machine, Brother SE400 is a combination sewing machine as well as a sewing machine. This means that you can perform both regular embroidery and sewing on the SE400.

Whereas Brother SE400 is known for versatility, the PE770 is renowned for its professional quality stitches. However, there is one area where these two machines are similar and it is the stitches quality.


On the side of design, Brother PE770 machine comes with designs such as 136 built-in Embroidery Designs, 12 Border Styles, 10 Frame Shapes, and 6 Lettering Fonts. Also, the PE770 has built-in memory which is used for storing designs. You can import designs with memory card slot and USB port.

Brother SE400, on the other hand, has 120 frame pattern combinations, 98 stitch functions, 70 built-in embroidery designs, and 67 unique sewing stitches. It also features computer connectivity which is great for importing designs.

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Storage compartments and accessories

The PE400 comes with a built-in accessory storage compartment but SE400 does not have a storage compartment. As far as accessories are concerned, SE400 comes with embroidery arm, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdrivers, spool caps, touch pen, accessory bag, scissors, power cord, and operational manual.

The Brother PE770 has a selection of accessories that makes the most of its features and functions. Some of the common accessories you will get when you purchase this embroidery machine include dust cover, embroidery hoop, embroidery arm, and an accessory bag that come, seam ripper, needle set, a cleaning brush, two screwdrivers, three bobbins, a pair of scissors, and three spool caps.

Embroidery area

When it comes to the embroidery area, there is a difference between brother SE400 vs PE770.

The SE 400 has a small embroidery area of 4” x 4” while PE770 comes with a large area of 5” x 7”. This is a great factor to consider before you decide which between the two machines you should buy.

Because of the large embroidery area, the PE770 has an advantage compared to the SE400. This makes a huge difference while tackling large projects. Although the SE400 indeed has a wonderful 4” x 4”, we prefer the PE770.


Both Brother PE770 and Brother SE400 have a 25-year limited warranty. This means that you can use these machines knowing that you have the peace of mind that the company will assist you in case things go badly. It is worth noting that SE400 has only covered certain parts such as the machine, light bulbs, needles as well as other accessories. However, this does not refer to parts that should be replaced such as needle plates, bobbin cases, or other parts.


There is a difference between Brother SE400 vs PE770 when it comes to features.

Brother PE770 features a computerized embroidery machine, dust cover, power cord, 5” x 7” embroidery hoop, embroidery arm, power cord, dust cover, and operational manual. The accessories of PE770 include an accessory bag with a seam ripper, spool caps, cleaning brush, screwdrivers, scissors, needle set, and bobbins.

Brother SE400 comes with features such as 4” x 4” Embroidery Loop, softcover, embroidery arm, accessory feet, USB cable, embroidery bobbin thread, accessory compartment, and free arm. This combination of embroidery machine and sewing machine comes with accessories such as scissors, needle set, touch pen, spool caps, seam ripper, and cleaning brush.

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brother se400 embroidery machine

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Overall performance

So, how does brother SE400 vs PE770 compare in terms of overall performance?

The SE 400 comes with innovative functions like automated features that give you customization options as you can import embroidery images. We like the fact that the brand puts detail into sections like the feed dog area. The SE400 has a seven-point feed dog layout that ensures the fabric is fed smoothly thus preventing mishaps. But with the many features that the SE400 offers, you cannot expect it to operate quietly all the time. It requires a lot of work if you want to create great embroidered pieces. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for noise while working in a room with this machine.

The PE770 is an embroidery machine which means that you cannot use it for sewing. This machine can do a great embroidery job compared to a combo machine such as SE 400. Brother PE770 has many features that get stitches that look professional. Satisfied users have reported that this machine performs well with a wide range of fabrics, which range from silk and cotton to thicker fabrics like denim. Besides, the PE770 has a USB port that you can use to import the designs or insert a Brother embroidery card that allows you to access a wide array of design options.

Embroidery and sewing speed

On the side of embroidery and sewing speed, the Brother PE770 has a speed of 650 stitches per minute, which makes it better than a conventional machine. It is possible to change the speed of this embroidery machine on the settings available on the LCD screen, which allows you to use the number of stitches required by the thread or fabric type for your project.

The SE400 embroidery sewing machine can deliver speeds of up to 710 stitches per minute. This makes it faster than its rival Brother PE770. The impressive thing about SE400 is that you can adjust the speed which makes it easier for beginners to start slowly rather than ruin a project when you lose control.

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Ease of use

Between Brother SE400 vs PE770 which one is easy to use? The answer is Brother PE770.

Compared to its rival model, the PE770 is very user friendly and it does not require a lot of time to learn its features. This embroidery has multiple features as well as functions that are helpful for beginners, thus the learning curve is not as steep as its rivals. Besides, Brother PE770 has a complete and comprehensive manual that guides users through all the functions so that they can embark on all their embroidery projects right away. Besides, functions like the automatic needle threader make it easy for you to sew your favorite design.

The SE400 might be an advanced type of machine but it is not very difficult to handle. Just like the PE770, the SE400 embroidery and sewing machine has an automatic threading feature meaning that newbies can use it to work within a couple of minutes. With this machine, you can wind your bobbins within record time as a result of the wonderful bobbin winding system. What makes the SE400 stand out from its rivals is the LCD screen which allows users to view as well as pick embroidery designs. The screen has a backlight which allows you to options in low light conditions.

LCD display

The PE770 has a backlit LCD touch screen display which allows you to quickly navigate via different settings and features of the machine, which enhances the precision when embroidering. It has a large LCD which is a touch screen, meaning that you do not have to fiddle with buttons or knobs to navigate via the settings. The backlit LCD screen of the Brother PE770 can rotate, decrease/ increase the size of the designs, as well as a mirror image on the screen before you start stitching.

The SE400, on the other hand, has an LCD which makes it easier for sewers to choose a design then get it done. Other than accessing myriads of design options through the LCD screen, it is possible to view tutorials as well as other information. Brother SE400 however, features a backlit LCD screen that has control design editing features, access to built-in designs, and allows users to view tutorials.

Stitch functions

When you compare the stitch functions of Brother SE400 vs PE770, you will see a difference.

The Brother PE770 has 184 sewing stitches, including stitches like shell tuck, smocking, drawnwork, scallop, and more. Additionally, the machine has 10 professional buttonholes and 136 built-in designs that you can choose from. This enables users to embroider intricate quilt designs, scrollwork, or florals onto the workpiece. The Brother PE770 has 10 frame shapes as well as 12 border styles that you can choose from. However, having more stitch functions and designs does not mean that it is better than others in the market.

Brother SE400, on the other hand, has 67 built-in stitches which include zigzag, appliqué, overcasting, decorative, smocking, argyle, satin scallop, faggoting, shell tuck, feather, ricrac, and heirloom stitches. Also, this sewing and embroidery machine has 5 font styles, and 70 pre-programmed designs, which means that it has a wide array of stitch styles and designs to choose from. Moreover, it has side cutters that allow users to trim off fabric right at the seam to give it a professionally finished edge.

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brother se400 computerized sewing and embroidery machine

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When it comes to lighting, the PE770 embroidery machine comes with two LEDs which help you get enhanced illumination no matter if it is day or night that you want to work on your projects. Users of this machine say that the 2 LEDs are great for operating the embroidery machine at night when the light is very low.

On the other hand, Brother SE400 has a light which is located close to the needle and working area. This enables you to have a well-lit workspace where it matters the most.

Weight and dimensions

Brother PE770 has a measurement of 16” Length X 21.6” Width X 17.28” Height. What this means is that the embroidery machine has a footprint which makes it suitable for any desk or table. The weight of PE770 is 27 pounds which makes it lightweight enough to carry around relatively easily when you want to take it to class or store it.

Meanwhile, Brother SE400 has a dimension of 15.55” Length X 6.89” Width X 10.94” Height which makes it compact as it will not consume too much space at your workplace. Therefore, it can fit most storage places and you can store it in the cupboard if you want. The SE400 weighs just 13.669 pounds. This makes the machine easy to move around to your work table where you should use it.


When you compare the price of brother SE400 vs PE770, you will find that the PE770 is more expensive than its rival. Therefore, if you are just a beginner, you may find it expensive to get this embroidery machine.  The good thing is that PE770 offers great value for money for enthusiasts and hobbyists who want a good machine for embroidery. Many customers have said that this embroidery machine comes equipped with features that can be found on high-end models.

The SE400 is not a cheap sewing machine by any means but it has a reasonable price tag. Unlike its rival, when you purchase the SE400, you will get a two in one machine.


When you look at the above comparison of Brother SE400 vs PE770, you can be torn between the two machines. Both of these machines offer high performance but when it comes to embroidery performance, I feel like Brother PE770 does better than its competitor. But that does not mean that SE400 is an inferior machine, especially if you want to buy entry-level sewing and embroidery machines. The smaller embroidery area of Brother SE400 makes it suitable for beginners as well as intermediate sewers while the larger embroidery area of PE770 is suitable for professionals.

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