Top 5 Best Sewing Machine for Auto Upholstery Reviews

Sewing is a great art to acquire, either as a hobby or a profession. Sewing is a skill that enhances creativity, self-confidence, and innovation, therefore, an ideal skill to learn. However, for high-quality results, it is important to have the best sewing machines. Ideally, there are multiple sewing machines in the market today, designed for different types of sewing. For those interested in sewing auto upholstery and other furniture upholsteries, both lightweight and heavy-duty, then it is crucial to have the best sewing machine for auto upholstery. This article will provide you with various information about the best sewing machine for auto upholstery.

Why Do You Need the Best Sewing Machine for Auto Upholstery?

Auto upholstery sewing machines are very versatile machines designed with high-end sewing features. These machines are widely used for sewing car seat upholstery among other furniture upholstery. There are many reasons why you need to acquire the best sewing machine for auto upholstery. They include:

heavy duty sewing machine for upholstery

1. Multiple usages.

This is one of the reasons why you need these versatile machines. Generally, the best sewing machine for auto upholstery boasts various high-grade features including multiple built-in stitches that consist of basic stitches and decorative stitches. These features allow you to use these machines to handle different tasks besides sewing auto upholsteries. These machines can be used for sewing home decors, decorations and fashions, crafting, and more, while others can even be used for quilting and sewing heavy fabrics.

2. Versatile and excellent performance.

The best sewing machine for auto upholstery features high-end features that make it very versatile while ensuring optimum performance. These machines are very strong, sturdy, and powerful, hence, excellent performance. These auto upholstery machines are capable of handling powerful piercing while ensuring straight and flawless stitches, thereby providing high-quality stitches and results in general. Unlike other sewing machines, the auto upholstery sewing machines ensure high-quality and even sews, without fearing needle breakage, hence, rest assured of versatility and excellent performance.

3. Increased productivity.

The best sewing machines for auto upholstery are designed with productivity in mind. The machines feature high sewing speeds of up to 5000 stitches per minute, which is a very high speed for sewing, thereby allowing you to tackle huge projects within no time. These machines also feature a very sturdy construction that ensures great stability even when sewing at the highest possible speed. These features ensure increased productivity compared to other regular sewing machines.

4. Taking your career to the next level.

Generally, most individuals begin their sewing careers with a regular sewing machine and continue to advance their profession as time goes. Acquiring the best sewing machine for auto upholstery is a great step to advancing and taking your sewing career to the next level.

5. Heavy-duty sewing machines.

The best sewing machines for auto upholstery are heavy-duty machines, hence, rest assured that you will get a great sewing machine that will comfortably handle your projects and other heavy-duty tasks. This is another reason why these machines are worth buying.


Reviews of the Best Sewing Machine for Auto Upholstery

1. Best Industrial – Consew 206RB-5 Sewing Machine For Auto Upholstery


  • It has an elegant and appealing color.
  • The machine functionality is great.
  • Its great value, smooth and quiet.
  • It is very heavy.

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When you are looking for a stable and long-lasting industrial sewing machine that is reputable for excellent work, Consew 206RB-5 is the best option for you. The industrial sewing machine which is from the Consew brand comes with ivory white color which makes it have an elegant and appealing look. It comes with a walking foot compound feed which makes it reliable in sewing the heaviest and thickest fabric without a hitch. The sewing machine has a dimension of 50 x 45 x 20 inches.

The Consew 206RB-5 is proved by professionals to be the most reliable machine choice in the market and can be used to make furniture upholstery, leathers, auto, marine, and canvas work. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it performing monopoly work. The sewing machine boasts a 14mm high foot lift, a long stitch length of up to 10mm, a large bobbin capable of handling heavy threads, and a walking motion with an adjustable height. This makes it usable by people of different heights conveniently. Besides, it also comes with a table and servo motor, therefore, you can start working on your fabric immediately after shipping.


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2. Best with Adjustable Needle – Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

sewing machine for auto upholstery


  • It does so much sew for a short duration.
  • It can sew both heavy and lightweight.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Challenges with needle position.

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The Singer brand is a top leading sewing machine manufacturer with a great reputation for many years now. The Singer 4411 Heavy Duty is a powerful sewing machine with enhanced speed and the ability to tackle heavy and thick fabrics without breaking a bank. The sewing machine is made with a heavy-duty metal frame and strong motor, which ensures stability and durability for a longer service duration.

With a Singer sewing machine, you are assured of sewing faster and efficiently as it has a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches in a minute. The machine has an adjustable needle position that can be changed in distinct three positions for adding a zipper and decorative touches with topstitching and cording.

The sewing machine features 11 built-in stitches, 6 basic stitches, 4 decorative stitches, and 1 built-in buttonhole. These features are perfect for working at home decorations like curtains and sweaters, fashion sewing for those having a career in the fashion industry, crafts and so much more.

With this machine, you are not limited. The presser foot control is adjustable such that when sewing a lightweight fabric, less pressure is applied while heavy pressure is applied for heavy fabrics. The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 has a metal interior frame, stainless steel bedplate, sewing speed, and powerful motor makes it a true workhorse.


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3. Best Portable – REX Auto Upholstery Sewing Machine with Walking Foot

sewing machine for auto upholstery


  • The design is full of cast metal iron.
  • The machine is pre-tested and ready to use.
  • It’s a heavy-duty workhorse.

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Are you looking for an industrial sewing machine that is easy to set up and works great with your leather fabrics? A REX walking-foot machine is your best option. The sewing machine is manufactured by the REX brand and made of full cast iron metal which assures you that it’s stable and can take the heavy fabrics; it’s a reliable true workhorse.

The recommended thread is bonded with nylon with an adjustable bobbin tension. To those who worry about how it’s possible to conveniently travel with an industrial sewing machine, worry not about this machine as it has a weight of 37.3 pounds which is lightweight and portable.

The sewing machine is ideal for sewing leather, jeans, and canvas material thus you are assured that all the thick fabrics in your households are sewn without a hustle. The needle size is 137 x 22, size 22, thus, able to handle heavy thread for efficient sewing. Unlike other machines that come with defects and inability to work, a REX portable sewing machine arrives when it’s pre-tested and ready to use along with the sewn leather sample.


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4. Best For Professional DIY – Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Sewing Machine

best sewing machine for upholstery


  • It’s a great and powerful machine.
  • It works excellently without noise.
  • Durable and reliable
  • It is heavy.

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Get yourself a Juki DDL-8700-H sewing machine and it will never disappoint you for your heavy-duty and industrial projects. The industrial machine comes with straight stitching which makes you have fast and easy stitching on your fabrics. It also comes with a K.D table and Servo motor which makes your sewing convenient without looking for extra furniture.

The maximum sewing speed is 5500 stitches per minute, ideal for a professional who hates lagging with time. The needle sizes can be adjusted from 9 to 24 thus ideal for any size of thread you decide to use.

Besides, it has a maximum stitch length of 5mm that gives you a lot of freedom while doing your work. The sewing machine arrives with a large 11-inch arm which enables you to work on large quilts. It also uses a fully automated lubricated system that keeps it well-maintained without applying much effort.


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5. Best with High Speed Needle – Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine with Automatic 

best sewing machine for auto upholstery


  • It has a variety of stitches.
  • It has a reverse lever thus reverse sewing.
  • Has ranges of accessories.
  • It is quite expensive.

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Are you looking for an industrial machine from one of the leading brands which produce the top not-notch sewing machines? Then you are in the right place. The Singer 4423 sewing machine is made from the renowned Singer brand and designed for durability and produces stitches of high quality. The machine is made with a heavy-duty metal frame that assures long-lasting stability. With this machine, you can complete your projects faster as it has a sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute and a 60% stronger motor which guarantees greater piercing power on the thick fabrics.

With the Singer 4423 sewing machine, you can perform a variety of sewing, for instance, home decor, fashion, industry, crafts, quilting, and more. This is because it has 23 built-in stitches which include the decorative, basic, stretch, and buttonhole stitches. The accessories accompanying this sewing machine include a spring assist all-purpose foot, heavy-duty needles, bobbins, spool pin, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot which are located and stored in the accessory tray.


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How to Pick the Best Sewing Machine for Auto Upholstery?

Regardless of the intended purpose of the sewing machine and the level of your skills, having the best sewing machine for auto upholstery is the desire of every sewer. Before buying your machine, it is crucial to ensure that you pick the best machine within your budget. To pick the best sewing machine for auto upholstery, it is important to consider the following factors.

best sewing machine for auto upholstery

1. Construction materials.

Typically, sewing machines for auto upholstery are made of various materials. However, the best material should be long-lasting, stable, and sturdy. Generally, metallic construction is the best material for a heavy-duty machine frame, unlike other materials. However, there are different metals, hence, consider strong, rust-resistant, and corrosion-resistant material.

2. Sewing speed.

Ideally, the best sewing machine for auto upholstery should feature high sewing speed, measured in stitches per minute. Generally, different machines feature different speeds, depending on your intended purpose, the size of your projects, and your budget, ensure that you choose the most ideal speed that will meet your needs perfectly. When looking for the best sewing machine you can go for a sewing speed between 1100 to 5500 stitches per minute.

3. Budget.

Budget is a very crucial factor to consider when buying almost all items, it is important to ensure that you work within your budget limits to avoid over-straining your pocket, or buying what you can’t afford. Typically, there are a variety of sewing machines for auto upholstery in the market today, from different brands, with different price tags. Ensure that you pick the best machine that is affordable to your pocket.

4. Walking foot.

This is an important feature that you pay great attention to. Some of the heavy-duty sewing machines can tackle both light fabrics and heavy fabrics. What determines how effective the process will be is a walking foot. You can control the walking foot in a way that you can use the machine as a regular machine due to light pressure inserted while an increase in pressure allows you to handle heavy fabrics.

5. Sewing power.

The sewing power is highly determined by the motor in the machine. Therefore, the powerful the motor, the powerful the sewing power to pierce through the thick fabrics. The motor is mostly attached to the body with pulley thus needs to put much attention to it. Its viewed in a wheel form that supports the material movement and directions. The smaller the wheel the more powerful it is. Powerful sewing power helps you to be more precise and avoid chances of making mistakes.


What Kind of Sewing Machine for Auto Upholstery?

There are different kinds of sewing machines that can do auto upholstery. These machines can be divided into two: personal sewing machines and industrial/commercial sewing machines.

– Personal Sewing Machine.

Generally, personal sewing machines are designed for lightweight home sewing and mid-heavy-duty projects. However, a heavy-duty personal sewing machine can work on your auto upholstery depending on the motor power. A sewing machine that is designed for casual sewing as well as lightweight transportation, will not be in a position to handle heavy-duty auto upholstery. Most of the auto restorer hobbyists opt to use the older sewing machines that were manufactured in the 1940s since the machines from that era are bulkier and also more durable. This makes them the best for auto upholstery fabrics.

– Industrial/commercial sewing machines.

The industrial and commercial sewing machines are the favorite option when it comes to sewing your auto upholstery grade fabric including leather and vinyl. This is because these machines are designed to handle thicker fabrics. The industrial sewing machines are meant for heavier upholstery thread and boast sturdier needles that are capable of penetrating the material perfectly. The only drawback with industrial sewing machines is that they are quite expensive and a casual sewer might not afford these sewing machines.


Best Sewing Machine for Auto Upholstery Price

Generally, like any other machine, there is no exact price for the best sewing machine for auto upholstery. Typically, these machines come with a range of price tags, which is attributed to the difference in features, manufacturers, among others. Therefore, the price for the best sewing machine for auto upholstery depends all on your choice and budget.

Generally, the best sewing machine for auto upholstery with high-end features and an affordable price tag ranges from $200 to $500. However, there are other expensive sewing machines for auto upholstery costing up to $1000, while others are very cheap and affordable, as low as $150, yet quality and worth buying.


What Size Sewing Machine Needle to Use for Auto Upholstery?

Generally, there are a variety of needles used in sewing, with each needle size designed for sewing different types of fabrics and projects. This is because most of these machines are capable of sewing both lightweight fabrics and heavy-duty fabrics, hence, the need for different Ideally, several needle sizes can be used with these sewing machines for auto upholstery.

For lightweight fabrics, for instance, georgette, the 60/8 needle size is the most ideal, while for medium-weight or intermediate fabrics like linen or calf leather, the 80/12 needle size is the most ideal. On the other hand, for thick fabrics like vinyl, jeans, or a canvas, 90/14 to 100/16 needle sizes are the ideal sizes, while for extra-thick fabrics like leather, the best needle sizes are 110/18 or 120/19 needle sizes.



The above article has provided you with a detailed review and buyer’s guide as well, for the best sewing machines for auto upholstery. With the above information in mind, then making your decision is very easy.