Top 4 Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Upholstery Reviews

If you are in the commercial tailoring business, the best sewing machine to invest in is the upholstery model. These sewing machines are suitable for heavy-duty and commercial jobs since they can handle most jobs and fabrics that the standard sewing machines cannot. The upholstery sewing machines are made with different needle settings. You can equip different sizes of needles to stitch even the thick fabrics.

This means that the upholstery sewing machines are fit to use when sewing denim, canvas, and even leathers. These machines are made in varying sizes where some are portable for people who may need a machine they can travel with. Also, some machines are meant for permanent installation on a working table. Here is a review of the top five best upholstery industrial sewing machines worth checking out.


What Does An Industrial Sewing Machine For Upholstery Does?

The industrial sewing machines for upholstery are used to handle the standard sewing machines’ jobs. These sewing machines are quite mighty than other models, making them fit to use different fabrics. The upholstery sewing machines are ideal for sewing both thick and thin materials. Whether you are stitching vinyl or canvas, all you need is to change the thread and the needle size.

industrial sewing machine


Why Do You Need A Special Industrial Machine For Upholstery?

For large projects

These machines are equipped with a powerful motor that works at high speed. Some models of these sewing machines work fast such that it can make up to 5000 stitches per minute. So, you can comfortably work on multiple projects within a short period. One of the reasons it is recommendable for commercial use.

For convenient sewing

This machine is all around ideal for sewing since it is compatible with multiple fabric materials. Whether you want to use the machine to sew curtains, canvas, and other materials, you will achieve it with this machine.

Permanent use

The upholstery sewing machines are meant to be permanently equipped on a working table. So, if you need to set up a place for your sewing jobs at home or business, the machine is a good choice. Note the installation and assembling process of this sewing machine is easy and fast.


Best Industrial Sewing Machine For Upholstery Reviews

1. Best For Heavy Fabric – Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

upholstery sewing machine in industrial use


  • This upholstery machine is quite fast in stitching
  • A powerful motor powers the machine
  • This sewing machine is compatible with multiple needles
  • The sewing machine has quality and heavy-duty materials construction
  • This sewing machine requires assembling

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Have you set up a sewing section at your house, and you need a quality upholstery sewing machine for the job? Get this model from Juki as it fits both beginner and professional tailors. This sewing machine is good for professional and simple sewing jobs due to its fast function. The sewing machine makes up to 5500 stitches within a minute.

Special features

11-inch arm space

This upholstery sewing machine does not limit much when it comes to the clothes that you can feed on the arm to sew. The 11-inch space allows one to feed large garments, especially when quilting.

Easy to maintain

This sewing machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system that ensures it is still running and functioning well even after constant use or extreme weather climates. So, you don’t spend a lot of money or effort to maintain this sewing machine.

Multiple needle compatibility

The sewing machine is compatible with multiple sizes of needles ranging from 9 to 24 inches. This also makes it possible to sew various fabrics, including denim and leather, with the machine.


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2. Best For Various Upholstery Sewing – Consew upholstery Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Oil Pump System

best heavy duty sewing machine for industrial


  • This sewing machine is durable
  • The package comes with a working table
  • Suits both thick and thin fabrics when sewing
  • The machine is easy to maintain since it has an oil regulator
  • Take some time on assembling

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This is a full kit upholstery sewing machine since it also comes with a table. So, no need to spend extra money to buy a working table to mount the machine. Also, this means that there is no much assembling will be needed from your end.

Special features

Heavy-duty sewing machine

This upholstery sewing machine is recommendable for heavy-duty jobs like leather, canvas, and even jeans. So, this sewing machine can sew both light and heavy materials if you are in the commercial business.

Has an adjustable oil pump

The machine is equipped with an adjustable oil pump that automatically adjusts and regulates the oil flowing to maintain the machine’s function.

Stitch regulator

The inbuilt stitch regulator mechanisms ensure a consistent flow of the stitch without skipping for accuracy when working. This, in return, ensures even and seamless stitching on materials.

Easy to assemble

Although this sewing machine comes unassembled, putting the parts together is super easy and fast. The buyer is also provided with a manual for guidance when assembling the parts.


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3. Best Durable – Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

industrial sewing machine for upholstery


  • The machine is easy to use
  • You can use it for both thick and thin materials
  • The sewing machine comes with a warranty
  • The sewing machine is durable
  • This sewing machine is quite expensive

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I would root for this sewing machine as one of the best industrial upholstery sewing machines for commercial works. It has excellent and powerful parts that deliver quick and fast functions. The sewing machine is also easy to master, which is a plus for beginners.

Special features

Heavy-duty sewing machine

This sewing machine is suitable for upholstery and other heavy-duty sewing jobs. It can easily feed both thick and thin materials for stitching. Some of the fabrics compatible with this machine are leather, canvas, and even marine fabrics.

Comes with multiple sewing parts

You don’t have to spend extra money buying other crucial sewing accessories to use with this machine. It comes with other accessories like the foot, and even a table for working on.

Adjustable parts

Some parts, like walking, bobbing, and long-length stitch guarantees easy working and feeding of large materials.


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4. Best Portable – Feiyue USA FS288 Semi-industrial Sewing Machine For Beginners

heavy duty sewing machine for uphosltery


  • This is a durable sewing machine
  • Moving the machine around is easy and comfortable
  • This sewing machine comes with other accessories like bobbins, needles, and even an oiler
  • The machine is suitable for various textures of fabrics
  • Take some time on assembling

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This is a flexible sewing machine for people who need a machine they can use from different areas. The sewing machine has heavy-duty metal material construction that guarantees its durability and efficiency.

Special features

Has a powerful motor

This sewing machine is equipped with a 1.5 motor that works at 150 watts to deliver twice as effective job as other standard sewing machines.

High materials compatibility

This sewing machine is safe to use with a wide range of fabrics like vinyl, leather, denim, canvas, etc. You can fit both thin and thick materials for convenience, especially when used in commercial areas.


Apart from its lightweight design, this sewing machine features a handle at the top for comfortable gripping to carry it around.


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How to Pick the Best Industrial Sewing Machine For Upholstery?

how to choose industrial sewing machine for heavy upholstery

The size

The sewing machine’s size will highly influence the space it will occupy in your house or working area. If your workshop is small, a compact industrial upholstery sewing machine is the best choice to make sure it does not occupy a lot of space in your room. The bottom line is, ensure the machine you choose fits well and leaves enough space for moving around.

The speed

The stitching speed is another critical factor worth checking when choosing the upholstery sewing machine. The speed determines how fast you can make the garments. If you are in the commercial business, a machine that makes many stitches in a minute will suit you since they save time.

The motor

These industrial machines are powered by a motor to facilitate their function. So, the more powerful the motor is, the more powerful it will be and vice versa. Ensure the machine you choose has an insulted motor and operates in moderate vibration and sounds, so you can efficiently focus on your job without any distractions.

Fabric compatibility

Although these machines are meant to sew both thin and thick materials, it is crucial to make sure that you choose a machine that does not limit your work. This is mainly determined by the size of the bobbin and the needles the machine can fit. For example, if you need a machine that can sew canvas, the bobbin should be large to feed thick threads, and the needle feed should accommodate long and thick needles as well.

The budget

These machines sell at different prices, whereby some models cost around 100 dollars while others may cost up to 1000 dollars. The prices are determined by the materials construction, the brand, features, and even the accessories available. Just make sure the machine you choose has quality materials construction and all the necessary accessories you need for sewing and quilting.

Ease to use

An easy to use an upholstery sewing machine is always a win as it saves time and makes the sewing process easy. From the threading to the assembling process, choose a machine that is easy to use. If the manual guide you choose does not have clear instructions, ensure it has other information sources like YouTube.


How to Use the Industrial Sewing Machine For Upholstering?

Use foot

Even if your machine does not have a sewing foot, it is crucial to buy at least one for easy feeding of the fabric, mainly the thick ones to the needle hustle free if your machine allows for two-foot, the better since they will allow feeding of the needle on the upper and lower area of the fabric.


Ensure both the needle and the bobbin have good and accurate threading, affecting how the stitching occurs on the fabric.

It is also good to choose the right size of thread and needle depending on the materials you are working on. Thick fabrics require thick threads and long needles for easy penetration and vice versa.


What Is the Difference Between An Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine and A Normal One?

The motor function

Just as the name states, the industrial upholstery sewing machines are crafted for heavy-duty or industrial sewing jobs. The upholstery machines are built with a large working place and a powerful motor to handle heavy workloads and heavy material that the standard machines cannot sew. Hence, they are faster than standard models.

The materials compatibility

The fact that upholstery sewing machines are made with quality and more powerful motors than the normal ones makes it possible to use the machines to sew a wide variety of materials. The upholstery sewing machines are compatible with thick and thin materials ranging from canvas, leather, denim, cotton, and silk.

Varying needles use

Another factor that makes the industrial sewing machines sew multiple thick fabrics is because you can equip the machine with varying sizes of needles. The upholstery sewing machines can accept needles with sizes ranging from 3 to 24 inches.

The cost

The industrial upholstery sewing machines are more expensive than standard sewing machines. This is because these machines are designed with multiple sewing features to handle even the heavy-duty jobs that the standard sewing machines cannot do.



These are the most recommendable industrial sewing machines for upholstery jobs since they have a quilt design and advanced features that can handle multiple materials textures. Check out the type of the motor, the size of the needles you can use with the machine before buying it to make sure it will serve the purposes.


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