Best Industrial Embroidery Machine

Having the best industrial embroidery machine can help take your business venture to the next level. Industrial embroidery machines are robust and larger than the conventional home machines. Therefore, there are several features that you should consider before you settle for one. Check for features like USB connectivity, embroidery speed, needle type, embroidery size, among others. Consider your budget and what you intend to do with the machine you make a choice. Below is a list of the best embroidery machines to help you narrow down your options.

Top 6 Best Industrial Embroidery Machine Reviews

1. Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine

best industrial embroidery machine

Janome is known for manufacturing fantastic embroidery machines. Just like the manufacturer, this machine doesn’t disappoint.

  • RCS

The MB-4S comes with a Remote Computer Screen (RCS) that provides total editing and set-up control. The RCS offers up to 65500 colors for convenience. The good thing is that one RCS can power multiple machines. This saves you the need to purchase additional controllers.

The machine also comes with LED Light for perfect lighting. The precise lighting helps you get outstanding results. The device is equipped with an on-board sub-control that allows you to use the machine without the controller.

3MB Memory

The MB-4S also comes with 3MB memory and can store over one million stitches and over 100 designs. Using this machine saves a lot of time since it automatically cuts threads even between letters.  The machine also features Dedicated Bobbin Winding Machine, something that you won’t find on other professional machines. The feature enables the machine to wind new bobbins even when it’s stitching new designs.

Apart from the machine, there is a bonus package that the machine comes with. They include a hat hoop, lettering hoop, and a lettering hoop holder.

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2. CAMFive EMB HT1501 Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

best industrial embroidery machine for sale

  • Ideal for Embroidery Small Business

This machine is ideal for home embroidery businesses that venture into the personalization of different promotional materials. The machine works for a wide range of mediums such as fabrics, blankets, towels, and unassembled pieces of clothing. The machine is also ideal for embroidering on hats.

  • 8-inch LCD Touchscreen

The machine is easy to operate and comes with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen. It helps you check the designs and adjust the settings with a few touches. The embroidery has a memory capacity that can accommodate up to 100 million stitches.

  • Preview Function

Another unique feature is the design preview function that allows you to do a motion test before you start a new design. Note that this is just a verification process, and no stitch is made at this time. It’s a fantastic feature since it prevents ruining garments when doing tests.
The machine comes with a USB port that enables you to import all your designs for customization.

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3. Double-Lin Compact Embroidery Machine

best industrial embroidery sewing machine

  • Multipurpose Machine

This commercial embroidery machine is designed for hats, bags, caps, leather embroidery, among other hard fabrics. The machine has 15 needles and is suitable for any material, from hard to soft ones.

  • Large Embroidery Bed

Double-Lin has a large embroidery bed that gives you space to work on large fabrics. The machine also comes with a large color touch screen. The screen enables you to view your designs, customize, edit, and rotate them to fit your needs. The embroidery machine comes with a USB port to help you import your designs. The machine supports DSZ, DSB, and DST files.

  • Expansive Memory Space

Also, the machine is equipped with an expansive memory space that can store up to 100 million stitching patterns. Lastly, the machine comes with a 5-year warranty. The manufacturer offers free parts replacement for five years, making it a risk-free investment.

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4. YQ-1501 Automatic Single 15 Needle Embroidery Machine

best brother industrial embroidery machine

  • Multipurpose

This multi needle embroidery machine is designed for caps, flat fabrics, and completed garments. It’s a fully computerized machine that allows you to design on-screen, customize, and edit your embroidery. The machine gives you access to 15 different colors.

  • 15 Different Needles

The YQ-1501 has a standard embroidery area that allows you to work on small and medium fabrics. The 15 different needles allow you to work on different fabrics. You can work on hard fabrics such as leather to flat fabric.

  • Has the Largest Memory

The embroidery machine has the largest memory that you can find in the category. It can store up to 200 million stitches and 200 designs at once. The machine comes with a built-in power supply. Another significant feature is that it supports different languages. You can choose from German, Portuguese, Dutch, English, Thai, and many more languages. This feature is hard to find on other embroidery machines.

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5. SWF MAS 12-Needle Embroidery Machine

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  • Smart Embroidery System

The SWF MAS12 machine comes with a sleek design and new features. The machine is equipped with a Smart Embroidery System that enables you to convert photos to ready designs without the need for editing. Note that the machine is also suitable for embroidery beginners.

  • Free-hand Stitch Function

The machine also comes with a free-hand stitch function that enables you to draw, convert, and stitch directly on the screen. It comes with a quick change cap system. Note that the system is tool-less, and you can easily transition from hoops to caps. It saves you energy and time during the productions.

  • 10.5 Inch LCD Touchscreen

The machine has a 10.5 inch LCD touchscreen that’s user friendly. You can do almost anything with the LCD screen. Also, it has WiFi that enables you to transfer designs from your computer to the machine with ease. Lastly, the SWF MAS 12 comes with a 5-year warranty for part replacement.

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6. Melco Amaya Bravo 16 Needle Professional Embroidery Machine

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  • 16 Needles for Stitching

The Melco Amaya Bravo machine comes with 16 needles for stitching. The needles allow you to stitch any type of fabric, including the hard ones. The machine is ideal for starters and experienced individuals as well.

  • Affordable Device

The Melco Amaya Bravo is one of the most affordable embroidery machines that you can find. It’s the best machine to kick start your embroidery business. It’s ideal for caps, shirts, bags, and other fabrics.

  • LCD Touchscreen

The machine also comes with an LCD touchscreen that helps you control it. It’s user friendly and comes with a step-by-step guide software to help you through your designs. The embroidery machine has an Ethernet crossover cable to help you pass designs from your computer to the machine.

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How Much Does An Industrial Embroidery Machine Cost?

best industrial embroidery machine price

That depends on the type of machine you are going to purchase, a highly durable machine will, of course, be much more expensive than any other machine, you’ll find several machines with different prices, the features of a machine is what will determine it’s the price. Buy an expensive machine with good features so that it can last for long and can save you the cost of buying new ones every other time.

The costs of these machines vary depending on the device, the size of the embroidery a device can handle and the software to choose to work with significantly affect the cost.

Relatively speaking, the cost of industrial embroidery machines is a bit high, but since we have several types, those with higher prices and those with lower prices, therefore, they are affordable. The main differences among embroidery machines at different price points are the number of built-in designs.

No one should worry about the prices as there are several types that one can afford at any given price. The list price of an industrial embroidery machine is around $4000. This is the machine of the right kind that can get your business to the next level.

How To Choose The Best Industrial Embroidery Machine?

best industrial embroidery machine

When looking to buy an industrial embroidery machine either to start up a business or to improve the logistics of a business that is already running, it is important to consider the type of work you intend to do with them as well as your understanding of the process before parting with your money. Here are the features you should consider while choosing the industrial embroidery machine.

Price range

Consider choosing an embroidery machine that is not too expensive; a high price may act as a deterrent to a new business. However, you should keep in mind that you are investing in a quality product that is determined to increase your productivity and take your business to the next level.

Sewing speed

The speed of an industrial machine is higher than that of home designed machines. Choose a machine with higher sewing speed since slow seeing speed affects your bottom line. Speed is determined by more than stitch per minute.

Having a machine that has a high sewing speed is good because it leads to high production levels. Speed is determined by more than stitch per minute; bobbin changes also increase production time. On a conventional system, the entire system is shut down in order to change a bobbin on a single head.

But as for a machine on a Melco embroidery network, when a bobbin is changed it can hinder anything like the rest of the line continues to work, this technology increases the productivity by up to 50%.


Choose a machine that is of high quality and can last longer, when purchasing machines to handle such high demands, ensure that the machine is highly durable and can withstand the test of time. This is not only beneficial for businesses but also creates a great advantage, allowing the production of a vast amount of products in a shorter amount of time reducing the amount of time wasted.

Choose a machine that is incredibly safe to the users, a great benefit of industrial upholstery sewing machines for business is the safe nature of the device. Ensure that the machine you are yet to buy is designed with safety features, minimizing the risk faced by all users. Their design ensures the user is safe all the time. Safety should be the number one priority.

The brand

Before purchasing a machine, make sure you know it’s the price and the brand that makes good products. The prices vary according to the number and types of features each one of them offers. Evaluation of individual needs helps one choose an embroidery machine with a specific price range.

The choice of a brand matters a lot; there are several manufacturers who regularly launch improved machines for embroidery in the market. For a good quality machine, buyers prefer a brand name over a price.

Number of needles

Always choose an embroidery machine that comes with several needles, ranging from universal point ones to topstitch needles and universal ones. When choosing the right needle for your project, consider both the needlepoint, and determine whether it is suitable for your type of fabric and it’s size.

Embroidery field area

The size of the embroidery field area determines the size of the projects you want to tackle. Don’t choose a big machine that will consume the entire space, so before purchasing one, you should know that the amount of space available in your area. Industrial machines might cover up a big space; therefore ensure that you don’t buy very big machine embroidery for your place of work needs to be organized too.

We have learned that embroidery machine is a special type of performed by automatic machines functioning according to the man’s adjusted programs.

An embroidery machine is used to create patterns /decorate textiles. It is also used to brand products, cooperate advertising and uniform adornment. In fashion industries, it is used to decorate garments.

Industrial embroidery machines are heavy-duty stitching devices designed to meet large scale sewing demands. They have stood the test of time, being used for a variety of incredibly specific needs.

Final Words

With the diverse range of industrial embroidery machines available, you may find it difficult to choose the best one for your business. Industrial machines are fit for factories and companies with larger production lines, but you may not be aware of all their advantages.

Embroidery work is simply a beauty, and you can add so much beauty in whatever you see using embroidery. In the past, all embroidery was done by hand; there was no mechanism for it. But with the advancement of technology, we have the embroidery machines that have made work easier and time-efficient.