Top 6 Best First Sewing Machine for Child Reviews

Sewing is among the most creative and also an essential life skill. Why not teach your child this incredible skill? Children can easily learn new skills including sewing. You will be amazed to find out how quickly your child will adapt and earn to sew. If you have started teaching your child some basic hand stitches, introducing a sewing machine is an ideal progression that will enable your children to learn this incredible skill. Sewing is a valuable skill to teach your child to better express themselves as well as becoming self-reliant.

Coming up with the best sewing machine for your child can be quite challenging. It is quite easy to choose the cutest and cheapest models, but most of these models break down within a short duration. If you have challenges choosing the best first sewing machine for your child, this is the perfect place to be. The article will help you come up with the best sewing machine for a child.

How to Choose the First Sewing Machine for a Child

Some children show interest and confidence in sewing when they are as young as four years. However, the coordination skills and requisite patience only manifest themselves when the child attains the age of six or seven years. Therefore, you must supervise your child during the early stages, Below are the factors to consider when buying the first sewing machine for your child.

best first sewing machine for kids

– Weight

If you are in the search for the best first sewing machine for your child, do not consider the heavy units that are targeted for adults. When buying a kid’s sewing machine, you ought to consider the lightweight models since they are easy to carry. The sewing machines that are made of cheap plastics are lightweight, but they will not last long. Therefore, avoid the cheap, poor quality sewing machines since you will find yourself buying a sewing machine for your child twice.

– Design

A sewing machine that is meant for a child should have an attractive design. An attractive design is best for your child to make his/her sewing experience more fun. Numerous machines come with fun prints that will make your kids happy and attracted to sewing. The perfect sewing machines for your children boast girly colors as well as barbie prints. The best advice is to choose something unique for your kid instead of a sewing machine that has a plain and boring body. Moreover, buy sturdy designs that come with strong machine parts and avoid fragile designs even if they have nice looks.

– Stitches

A sewing machine that boasts many stitches might not be the best for your kid. This is because your kids will not utilize them all, instead, they will get more confused. Furthermore, a complex machine with advanced and complicated stitches will become a liability or a handicap for your kid. Your child must learn and understand the basic stitches that are effective in most of the sewing projects. Make it easy for your children by choosing a suitable sewing machine for them.

– Features

Just like cars, sewing machines come with basic mechanisms, but they might not be identical. Understand your kid and know what he/she is interested in creating, to buy the perfect sewing machine for him/her. The machine should be designed to sew exactly what your kid wants to boost morale and interest in sewing. There are sewing machines that feature simple quilting features including wonderful buttonholing. Some are best for stretch stitching among others. You might be overwhelmed by the numerous options available in the market. It is better if you ask your kid about the projects and skills they are interested in.

– Presser Feet

This is the area where the needle moves up and down to make a stitch after another. Your thread is guided here. There is a likelihood that your kid might get their fingers stuck in this area. Your child’s safety is very important. Therefore, ensure that they wear kid’s finger protection before starting their sewing projects. There are sewing machines that come with kids’ finger protection while for other models, you have to buy them separately.


Best First Sewing Machine for Child Reviews

1. Best Compact – Varmax Mini Sewing Machine With Extension Table For Child

first sewing machine for kids


  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for large design

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Varmax is an amazing mini sewing machine with a space-saving design and elaborate features. It features a large extension table that makes it ideal for working on larger projects and improving stability during sewing.

On top of that, it has a special cuff slot designed for trouser legs and sleeves sewing. Also, the sewing machine is equipped with a built-in light that offers enough light source when sewing. The double thread stitching makes it easier to complete sewing without knotting. Varmax boasts a two-speed setting; the high and low-speed button is featured for selection to keep powerful and safe. The sewing machine favors beginners and best for home sewing and crafting. It comes with a one year warranty, user-friendly, and ETL certified.

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2. Best For Beginners – Sew Mighty Portable Sewing Machine with Battery

best mini sewing machine for beginner


  • User-friendly sewing machine
  • Durable frame
  • Comes with additional accessories


  • Not suitable for professionals

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The Sew Mighty mini machine is perfect for children and any other person learning to sew. The machine is certainly not a toy, but it is small, safe, and easy to use making it a perfect machine to introduce your kid to sewing, quilting, crafting, and tailoring.

The machine is also good for individuals who are not interested in sewing. but would like to save money. It can be used to make minor repairs to your damaged clothes instead of disposing of them.

The Sew Mighty sewing machine provides double thread sewing including a drop-in lower bobbin, straight and neat stitching as well as a two-speed motor controlled by a foot pedal or by hand.

Additionally, the machines include a needle threader, 4 bobbins, 2 needles, an easy stitch selection system, automatic bobbin winding, and a durable frame. It makes sewing repairs, alterations, and creative projects fun.

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3. Best with Protective Needles – NKOK A2213 Singer Sewing Machine For Child

mini portable sewing machine


  • The machine is lightweight.
  • It is designed for children.
  • It has a stylish design that is attractive to kids.
  • Quality construction.


  • Portable and compact

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NKOK is a top sewing machine by the SINGER brand and is designed for children or any person interested in learning sewing skills. It is a battery-operated sewing machine that is lightweight and easy to carry due to its compact design.

Furthermore, the NKOK singer sewing machine comes inclusive of 3 spools of thread, a plastic needle, measuring tape, and a needle threader. To make it better, the machine is equipped with lights for your working, a foot pedal, and a spool compartment. It also features a protective needle cover that takes care of your kid’s little fingers. The machine is officially licensed by the singer brand.

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4. Best With N’ Style – Cool Maker Sewing Machine with Pom-Pom Maker Attachment

portable sewing machines for beginners


  • Kid-friendly sewing machine.
  • It makes amazing projects.
  • Great value for money.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Durable.


  • It is pricey.

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The Cool Maker sewing machine allows you to create your unique stylish fashions easily. The machine comes with stylish and sparkly fabric patterns as well as several accessories to assist you in creating amazing projects including glitter pouch and plush unicorn.

Cool Maker provides aspiring designers, mostly your kids with all the necessary tools that are required to design amazing projects that will boost their confidence. It is cool for kids aged 6 and above.

On top of that, the machine is safe and easy to use. It features a protective needle guard that surrounds the needle area, to your loved ones’ hands safe during the sewing process. Just like the adult machines, it features a string guide for looping your thread, seam guide, and storage drawers. Altogether, these features allow your kid to work on different unique projects for independent and also creative play.

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5. Best with 12-Built-in Stitches – NEX Portable Sewing Machine For Beginner Kids

first sewing machine for child


  • The machine is beginner-friendly.
  • High and low speeds for sewing.
  • Free technical support.
  • Affordable.


  • The instruction manual is not clear.

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NEX sewing machine is designed for kids who are six years and above and also for beginners. It has different speeds to ensure the safety of your kid. The machine is space-saving, lightweight, and portable with a light bulb ideal for workspace illumination.

Moreover, the sewing machine boasts 12 built-in stitch patterns that are best for most home sewing projects including quilting, crafting, creating clothing, home decor, and many others.

The machine can work in reverse, thus no need to change the direction of your cloth. This makes it easy to use. Improve your kids’ sewing skills by purchasing the NEX sewing machine.

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6. Best with Lump Cutter – Enjoylf Sewing Machine Mini Design As First Machine For Kids

best portable sewing machine for kids


  • Attractive design for your kids.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Durable.


  • Narrow table

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Enjoylf sewing machine is one of the best machines that you can buy for your kid. It is a lightweight and portable machine that you can put into your backpack for carrying for any outdoor activities.

This machine is great for sewing your daily little projects including home decor, mending, and pet clothes. Moreover, the machine is easy to operate with a high and low speed for kids, beginners, and practitioners. The machine comes with a built-in lamp that allows you to see clearly and prevent damage to your eyes.

With the built-in thread cutter, you can easily cut special designs of the cuff slot thus easy to sew trouser legs and sleeves. This is the best machine that you can buy your kid to help him/her gradually master the sewing skills.

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Why It is Important to Pick the Best First Sewing Machine for a Child

You will know when your child is interested in sewing from the early stages. This can be as young as 4 years. However, what matters is the progress that your child makes in developing this incredible skill from a young age. The first sewing machine for your child is the determinant of whether your child will acquire more interest and confidence in sewing or he/she will get frustrated from the beginning.

The best first sewing machine for your kid will ensure a natural progression in sewing by giving the best sewing experience to your child. The machine should be designed to equip your child with the basic sewing skills that are used in the majority of the sewing projects. These skills are quick and easy to understand considering the learning ability of children.

Having only the basic stitches your child will not be confused easily. Moreover, your child might even not use the additional integrated stitches that you think are ideal. Altogether, the best first sewing machine for your child will directly affect the view and perception of your child about sewing. Therefore, choose one that favors your child to develop their sewing skills and make him/her self-reliant.


Different Types of Sewing Machines for Kids

The kids’ sewing machines are very similar to the average sewing machines in functionality but different in the number of stitches. The number of stitches that your kid can use is the determinant of the type of machine he/she needs. On top of that, your child’s sewing skills will also determine the type of sewing machine that is best for him or her.

swing machine for child

– Beginner.

If your kid is a beginner, a sewing machine that boasts few stitches is the best choice. The machine allows your kid to follow the simple instructions. These include knowing how to read your patterns. A sewing machine for beginner kids enables them to sew straight lines and also place a gathering stitch.

– Intermediate level.

At this level, you are already sure that your child knows the basic sewing and needs to try different techniques for sewing. If this is the case, explore the embroidery only machine. This type of machine will help your kids improve their creativity, new and unique ideas as well as designing and improving their artistic skills. The types of machines that are meant for intermediate kids allow them to try different seam finishes including rolled hems and French seams. They can also add bindings instead of simple facings. Moreover, they can add piping to the edge of a pocket instead of a flat trim at the edge of a skirt.

– Advanced level.

If your child has progressed well with good control over the thread tension, it is the best time to introduce him/her to an entry-level serger machine. This type of machine makes use of multiple threads and it is also kid-friendly. You can let your child try some complex garments under this level. An advanced level kid likely has the desire to try some challenging projects due to the growing curiosity and the added fun.


How Much Should I Spend on the First Sewing Machine for a Child?

You must keep in mind that the best sewing machine for children does not come cheaply. However, with the best sewing machine, your value for money is guaranteed. Even if you do not have the intention of digging deep into your pocket to buy a sewing machine for your kid, you do not intend to waste your money by buying a cheap model that will let you down.

The best approach is to strike the best balance between the cost of the machine, the quality of construction, and the value for money. Moreover, the money you throw on a sewing machine depends on the type of machine you intend to buy for your kids. The price you pay for a machine meant for a child in the advanced level of sewing skills cannot compare with that of beginner kids. Altogether, with under $100 you can buy a sewing machine for your kid in any of the three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced sewing skills.


What Are the Benefits and Why Should Your Child Learn to Sew?

Introducing sewing to your child is the perfect way of ensuring that they have a hobby that will impact their mental growth and character development in a positive way. Apart from allowing your kids to fix their toys, sew a button or make a nice gift for their loved ones, sewing gives them physical, mental, and educational benefits in a fun and interesting way. Moreover, it is a valuable skill that allows them to be self-reliant in their adult lives. Below are some of the benefits of teaches your kid sewing skills:

– Building self-confidence as well as confidence in their skills.

Learning a new skill and mastering it step by step is a perfect way of improving your child’s or rather every person’s confidence. This is best demonstrated in kids since they seek praise and acknowledgment, which can be achieved from sewing. Once your kids realize that they have developed something original on their own, this idea of accomplishment boosts or builds up their self-confidence. With time, they will notice that their sewing skills have improved and they will end up trusting their capabilities. This will also be observed in their other skills in school and at home and elevating their confidence level.

– Develop good motor skills.

If you are a parent, you might have observed that children have difficulties when doing some precise work by themselves or with their hands. This is completely understandable when they are young, but if not corrected it might affect their hand coordination later. This can be a problem when they are playing, writing, or using other different tools.

If you introduce them to sewing the problem can be rectified. This is because, through sewing, your child will practice gentle and accurate hand movements thus developing better motor skills.

– Your kid learns how to be patient.

Most kids lack patience when they need a favor or something, they want it right away. This is unacceptable, but it is difficult for them to understand. If your kids learn this from their own experience, they will understand it and will learn to wait. Sewing is one of the best ways to teach your kid how to be patient in a nice but very effective method. Once your children learn that they cannot sew without threading the needle or they cannot cut fabric before making a mark on it, they will gradually learn to be more patient.

– Improve creativity and use imagination.

Imagination and creativity work hand in hand, which is a well-known fact. Ideally, kids have a powerful imagination and can be best utilized in sewing. Through sewing, they come up with fascinating and unique designs that are even much better than those designed by adults. The best part is that at no point will they neglect their imagination and creativity and allow them to deteriorate since sewing needs regular use that translates to improvement on both.


At What Age Can a Child First Use a Sewing Machine?

If your child is interested in sewing and is of the right age, that is, mature enough you can introduce them to sewing. This can be as early as four years. However, a kid at this age will need complete supervision. This is because kids have a short attention span and there can be a likelihood of injuries that are common with sewing machines.

To avoid getting impatient due to full supervision, the best idea is to allow your child to use a sewing machine from the age of 6 years. At this age, your child will still need supervision to prevent potential injuries from occurring. When your child attains the age of 8 years, he/she can have unsupervised sewing. However, make sure that the sewing machine your kid uses has all the safety features to protect them from needle injuries.


What Are the Easiest Things to Sew for Kids?

Below are the best sewing projects for kids. These are based on easy building projects that will equip them with the skills to tackle advanced projects later.

how to choose first sewing machine for child

– Boo-boo bags.

These are the normal beans bags and have been there for a longer time. The unique bean bag is still available but known by other names. When filled with rice and put in a freezer, it is called a boo-boo bag. This is a good way to teach your kids how to sew the correct sides together, then leave an opening, and finally, turn the project the right side out.

– A doll skirt.

Your child can sew a doll skirt with just a little bit of elastic and fabric and thereafter make a skirt for herself with the same technique.

– Buttons on socks.

If your kid is just starting, teach them to sew buttons on an old sock, a skill they will use later on.


Tips to Guide Kids First Learning to Use a Sewing Machine

You can teach your kids how to thread a needle and also to control the foot pedal. However, it is ideal to understand the cognitive skills that they possess. There is no need for rushing things out. Below are some of the tips to follow.

– Ask your kids to draw some perfect curves or rather trace the outline of cloth on a paper sheet. These are the abilities that form the backbone of sewing. This task allows your kids to coordinate their hand movements on a cloth or fabric.

– When you are satisfied with the drawings, you can ask them to do it on fabric. Their sharp reading skills will be effective here.

– When showing your kids how to sew, ask them to do everything perfectly. You can show them the right method, but if they choose another approach that is creative and safe, it is the better way.

– With time, teach them the skills that they are interested in and if they do it wrong, correct them.



In conclusion, introducing your kids to sewing is one of the best ways to improve their imagination and creativity. This article has provided you with a good review of the best sewing machine for your child and answered most of the questions that might click into your mind.