Singer 7258 Sewing Machine Reviews

This is a detailed review of the Singer 7258 sewing machine. In here, you are going to see why you need this beautiful award-winning sewing machine, its pros and cons, features, and accessories that come with Singer 7258 and finally try to answer some of the most asked questions.

Why choose the Singer 7258 sewing machine?

Singer brand has been in the sewing industry for decades now producing superior sewing machines for everyone from beginners to professionals. Their machines are close to perfect and are loved because of their efficiency and reliability.

Some of the reasons why you need the Singer 7258 sewing machine include:
– It comes with a ton of free accessories such as a spool pin and a free instructional DVD among others. It is therefore a good value for your money.
– It includes all the essential features that you need for all types of sewing works including dressmaking, quilting, embroidery, and home decorations.
– It helps bring out the creativity and innovativeness in you since it has many stitch pattern options you can choose from.
– It is a small, lightweight, and robust machine that will serve you for a long time.
– This machine will serve you perfectly whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a professional.
– The needle is programmable such that it automatically withdraws the needle when you take your foot off the pedal.

Singer 7258 sewing machine review summary

Singer 7258 sewing machine is widely recognized for its durable heavy metal frame, powerful motor, and the quality of work it does. Sewers all over the world have largely accepted it. It has won the Consumers’ Digest Award twice, so this proves that it is one of the best in the market.

This beautiful machine features 100 inbuilt stitches that give you varied options to choose from when working on your projects. Some of the stitches that are at your disposal include quilting, decorative stitches, heirloom stitches, sewing crafts, buttonhole stitches, and clothing sewing among others.

Additionally, it comes with an LCD through which you can easily select your stitches. All the stitches are programmed into diagrams on the screen that have numbers beneath them. This sewing machine has made sewing a breeze since all you need to do is select a number indicating the stitch that you desire. This is a more improved version, unlike the other models where you have to scroll through all the stitches to find one that you want to use.

Furthermore, the screen allows you to adjust stitch length and width before beginning to work on your projects. You have total control over your stitches whether you desire long stitches for decorations or tighter stitches for your heavy-duty materials. This machine will help give a professional look to all your tasks. You will surely enjoy sewing with this modern sewing machine from the Singer brand.

Another superb thing about this sewing machine is that the needle is programmable. On the left side of this sewing machine is a switch that allows you to automatically control the position of the needle. The needle is automatically withdrawn when your foot is off the pedal. Many times, we forget that the needle is in place when turning the fabric and the needle ends up breaking. This is not the case when using the

Singer 7258 sewing machine. Simply switch the button and release the foot pedal when you need to turn your material and your needle will fall into position. Your stitches will always be well aligned when you rotate your patterns. This feature is vital especially for your quilting and decorative works.

This sewing machine comes with a bright LED light that makes it easy for you to see what you are sewing. Therefore, you do not need to worry about an additional light source if your work continues into the night. To add to this, it can sew up to 750 stitches per minute and it includes an automatic bobbin winder, all these save you time and increase your productivity.

Additional time-saving and user-friendly features include an automatic threader, automatic thread cutter, drop-in bobbin, and auto-tie off tacking stitch. The drop-in bobbin is easy to load and it is transparent enough to allow you to monitor the level of the thread. Threading is easy and very fast and it includes an automatic reverse and pressure foot.

Besides all these great features, the Singer 7258 sewing machine features an autopilot function. This simply means that you can sew without using the foot pedal. The sewing machine has speed options that you can select to sew automatically minus the foot pedal. You can easily adjust the speed and still, you guide the needle through the pattern. This machine includes 13 needle positions, 2 heights for presser foot, and 10 presser feet.

As if this was not all, this sewing machine from Singer has an audio software that confirms your stitch selections with audio tones. It also has an inbuilt storage section for all your additional accessories to keep them organized and easily accessible. What more will you be looking for?


– It is fully computerized.
– You can adjust the length, width, and speed.
– You have complete control over the sewing process.
– It is easy to learn and use with good guidance.
– It comes with lots of additional accessories.
– It has over enough inbuilt stitches.


– The stitch width is limited to 5mm.
– It does not come with a carrying case.
– It is a bit noisy at times.

Singer 7258 full reviews


Features that are included with this sewing machine are:

– 100 stitches
– 10 presser feet
– LCD screen
– Computerized functionality
– Adjustable sewing speed
– Drop-in bobbin
– Automatic needle threader
– Electronic autopilot
– Programmable needle speed
– 7 automatic one-step buttonholes
– Start/ stop switch
– 13 needle positions
– 25 years warranty


Singer brand is a household name when it comes to sewing machines. This Singer 7258 sewing machine comes with a vast range of features that are ideal for all sewers whether beginners, intermediates, or even professionals. With these unique features, you will enjoy sewing, quilting, or creating decorative designs.

Singer 7258 sewing machine has received the Consumer Digest Award twice and therefore considered the best in terms of ease of use and performance. When you purchase this sewing machine, you are not only guaranteed of best performance but also quality projects. The automated features such as stitch patterns and automatic length, width adjustment, and tensioning ensure that your works are of superior quality.


Singer 7258 is a good value for money since it includes many features found in high-end sewing machines that cost much more. It is easy to use because it has all the basic tools needed for learning by a beginner. Additionally, it also has excellent features for advanced sewers as well.

It is the best sewing machine to serve all your sewing needs and at a cheap price.


Who is the Singer 7258 best suited for?

For the stylists and beginners looking to develop their sewing careers, this machine is the best fit for your needs. It can do more than just give you the basic tools you need for learning. It is easy to understand and use as it comes with an instructional DVD. It has excellent features that will help you hone your skills and bring out the innovativeness and creativity in you. Above all, it is reasonably priced compared to machines with the same features as these. If you are a beginner or intermediate, we would recommend this sewing machine.

What kinds of projects and fabrics can I sew with it?

You can sew many projects with this sewing machine. Decorative sewing, small to medium quilting, trouser hems, fashion designs, and children’s clothes among others can be sewed using this machine.

Tough fabrics such as denim, leather, and fleece can also be sewed along with light and medium-weight materials. A strong thread and needle will handle these heavy-duty fabrics without much difficulty, but we would suggest you go for a heavy-duty machine if you are constantly working on such projects.

Zippers can also be completed using the Singer 7258 sewing machine.

Can I control the needle position?

Yes, you can adjust your needle position to accommodate the various sewing styles. The needle can be adjusted in an up/down direction when you are sewing. For instance, when quilting your needle should be in a downward position to mark the area you are sewing so that you do not lose your place when you turn the material around and begin sewing in a different direction.

How many buttonholes?

Singer 7258 sewing machine has 7 one-step buttonholes. One endless buttonhole, two round end stitches, two keyholes, and two bartack. All these will come in handy when you have work that needs buttons especially menswear and outwears.

Can I control the sewing speed?

You can control the sewing speed of this machine as it has a foot pedal that provides you with the freedom to adjust the sewing speed from low, medium, and high. The maximum sewing speed attainable using this sewing machine is 750 stitches per minute.

The low-speed setting is important especially for beginners who are learning how to sew. It is also useful when working with sensitive materials and working on complicated pattern designs. When one has advanced, you can opt to use the speed switch button to adjust the speed in place of a foot pedal.

Is it a portable machine?

The machine is very much portable. It is small in size and lightweight though it is made from a strong metal frame. The only negative thing about this is that a carrying case is not included with the purchase but you can buy one separately.

Which presser feet do I get with it?

Singer 7258 sewing machine includes 10 presser feet.

Satin stitch, rolled hem, overcasting, blind hem, buttonhole, all-purpose, quarter-inch, darning & embroidery, zipper, and gathering presser feet.

With these, you can sew any type of fabric that the machine can handle without having to make presser foot adjustments as it automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure. Moreover, it is easy to change from one presser foot to another since they are snap-on feet.

Does it offer extra high clearance for bulky fabrics?

It has two heights for presser feet that offer you extra height for more clearance for your heavy materials. This makes your sewing life easy and smooth flowing.

What type of stitches can I do?

This sewing machine is equipped with 100 stitch patterns including 7 buttonholes, 9 basic stitches, 8 straight stitches, and 76 decorative stitches among others. These stitch styles are easily accessible through the LCD screen where you just have to press the provided buttons to choose a stitch pattern.

Can I change the length and width of the stitches?

Yes, you can adjust the length and width of the stitches. Though they are operated automatically, you can customize the length and width to your preference by overriding the settings.

Is there a reverse button?

This sewing machine has an automatic reverse switch. You can stitch in reverse to reinforce and perfectly finish the end of your stitches to give them a good look. This will prevent your stitches from unraveling.

Can I set the position of the needle?

Yes, you can adjust the position of your needle. Singer 7258 has 13 needle positions that you can make use of when sewing. For instance, when sewing zippers you might need to move the needle either right or left. Also, when doing decorative designs, you will need to change the position of your needle.

What should I know about the design of the machine itself?

Singer 7258 sewing machine is a blend of tough plastic and aluminum materials. The interior is aluminum while the exterior is a robust plastic frame. These two superior materials ensure that the sewing machine has a long shelf life.

Is there free arm and onboard storage?

It has a free arm that will allow you to sew cuffs and legs easily. Also, it has onboard storage beneath the base of the machine where you can store all your accessories for easy retrieval.

Can I lower the feed dogs?

It is not possible to lower the feed dog when sewing with Singer 7258. To compensate for this it has a darning plate that is placed on top of the feed dogs every time you need to rotate the material while sewing.


I believe that this article has enlightened you about this machine. It has very many features that are important to help beginners sharpen their skills and help advanced sewers develop their skills even more. The price is cheap compared to other top-notch machines with similar features. You can now comfortably go into the stores and purchase the Singer 7258 sewing machine to experience its greatness.