Learn How to Use a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine Combined

In modern days, there is an increasing need to use a sewing and embroidery machine. Unlike the old days where many people only engaged in sewing garments, recent times have made people advance in their crafty ventures. With the use of sewing and embroidery combination machines, they can take their creativity to the next level. It has enabled the pursuance of fashion and personalization in the clothes and accessories industry. Below we look more at what features you need and how to use your combo machine, let’s dive in.

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Important Features of Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines.

A Brother sewing and embroidery combined machines are among the best-relied products as they come with different sizes, affordable prices that cover the scope of your future projects with different skills. It is worth noting that the machine comes with special features that enable you to perform both operations smoothly or even perform different tasks individually. Below are the important features you need to consider.

Built-in stitches.

Since the sewing and embroidery machine costs more than any individual machine, it comes with a lot of sewing stitches options. Built-in stitches simply refer to the number of specialties in stitches that the machine can sew, for example, straight and zigzag. Most Brothers combo machines have more than 50 stitches installed, thus the ability to decorate and functions like hemming and buttonholes.

Built-in embroidery designs.

When considering acquiring a combo machine you want it to come with as many designs and patterns. Also, in case they do not suit your needs there should be a feature where you can import your desired patterns in the accessories like the Brothers machine which are made to make your sewing and embroidery customized and personalized.

LCD screen.

The new technology made of the Brothers combo has included this prominent feature that brings more enjoyable experiences due to more possibilities that come along when embroidering. The screen could be of high-resolution color, thus enabling you to edit and add better colors in your designs, according to your unit.

Hoop capability.

Hoop is the determinant depending on how small or large your designs will be during embroidery. Despite the large hoop ability to hold on to small and large designs, a small hoop cannot hold large designs. Your machine can have a hoop of 5 x 7 for a large design and a regular 4×4 for a small design.

Computer connectivity/Built-in memory.

The combo machine should enable you to access a variety of your designs from your computer and help you download some more while importing them into your machine. Besides, most of the machines from brands like Brothers have built-in memory where you can keep track of designs already used while adding more designs and templates before deleting them.

Stitches per minute.

This feature is of great importance for sewing functions where you’re assured to use the machine for sewing at a higher speed than usual. Total stitches per minute should be high in number especially in your sewing and embroidery machine.


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Learn How to Use a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine Combined

Whether you are a beginner or just bought a combo machine, the first step of beginning to work with it is always deemed challenging. You have already bought your Brothers sewing and embroidery machine and are willing to customize the designs and patterns of the products to your desire while achieving its full potential. Usage of the sewing and embroidery machine may seem difficult but it’s a relatively easy task. Below is a step to step on how to use the Brothers sewing and embroidery combination machine.

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Adjusting and fixing its parts.

Ensure that the Brother’s machine is off and powered off. To start switching function for embroidery purposes, switch standard presser foot to darning foot or hand-painted embroidery foot. By connecting your foot to the presser, it is easy to embroider using your free hand. However, when using the computerized Brothers combo machine be sure that the hoop is of the right size to fit your embroidery needs, e.g. designs. The larger the hoop the better in designing all sizes, unlike small hoops that can’t embroider a large design.

Needle installation.

Embroidery and sewing processes both require the usage of the needle. Installing the needle during the embroidery process makes it effective while avoiding interruption. When sewing your garment, the needle required is a regular one which is generally used, nonetheless, embroidery requires different kinds of needles determined by the designs on how thin and large they are. Thick and large designs required thicker thread thus installation of the bigger needle while thin design uses thin needles.

Setting fabric and thread.

Place the fabric into the frame first before inserting the embroidery hoop in the sewing and embroidery machine. Place the fabric into the bottom frame then place the top frame in the material and lock it first. If the material is too thin, use a stabilizer. Turn the knob which tightens therefore securing the frame in place.

Flip the latch and insert the embroidery hoop into the embroidery arm and lock firmly into place. Be sure there is no other fabric under the frame and that your bobbin is fully loaded. Match the bobbin thread in your Brother combo machine to the main thread or embroidery thread according to the color or the fabric in use.

Begin embroidering or sewing.

When the set-up is done perfectly, start sewing the garment or embroidering. As embroidery requires the use of different colors, choose the color to start with and pass it through the needle and press the start button. The embroidery will show on your screen. When the color is completed, raise the presser foot, change the color of thread and start again until all the colors of the designs are complete. Finally, lift the latch and slide it out of the embroidery frame. Cut the loose lines to make it look perfect.


Deciding to start sewing and embroidery at home or as a way to start earning a living does not have to be complicated because you don’t know how to use it. You can enjoy using your Brother combined machine with no worry and the benefits that come with it. Just read the information written above and develop a skill in using the sewing and embroidery machine.