Top 6 Best Home Embroidery Machine for Hats 2021

Recently, as the popularity of the retro trend, embroidery has become a particular element in people’s clothes and hats. An increasing number of cool guys choose to embroider unique patterns on their caps to show their personality. And at the same time, more and more people would like to have an embroidery machine at home to stitch fancy patterns on their fabrics. And the hat is one of the most prevalent materials that people want to embroider. Thus, many people are looking for the best home embroidery machine for hats.

To help you save time on this complicated procedure, I have reviewed the top 6 best home embroidery machines for hats. And I hope these reviews can offer you some help when you are finding the best home embroidery machine for hats.


How to Choose the Best Home Embroidery Machine for Hats?

When you are choosing the best home embroidery machine for hats, there are some crucial elements that you need to consider.

1. Brand

As we know, when we are looking for an embroidery machine suitable for us best, we should always consider brand influence. For embroidery machines, the famous brand means a high-quality device and better guidance. And well-known brands have more embroidery machine types, so you can have more options when you are selecting the best beginner embroidery machine for hats.

2. Editing Feature

For hat embroidery, editing is a crucial feature. As a cool guy, I think you will not be willing to embroider immutable patterns on your hats, so you need an embroidery device with an editing feature. You can adjust and combine all the designs you have to create more unique patterns. With this feature, your embroidered hats are always special.

3. Display Option

The display is a crucial function, especially for beginners. With a presentation, you can always preview your designs on that. It will cut down your possibility of making a mistake. Additionally, if your embroidery machine is equipped with an LCD touch screen, you can not only preview your designs but also edit your designs. You just need to move your finger on the screen, and you can create various novel patterns. With these designs, your hats will be more eye-catching.

4. Font Options

For hat embroidery, the font is a vital embroidery element. You may often need too monogram different fonts to create patterns with different dictations. And more font options mean that you have more possibilities to create unique patterns. So when you are selecting the best home embroidery machine for hats, you need to pay attention to whether it has the monogramming features and monogramming feet or not.

5. Hat Embroidery Hoop

When you are looking for the best home embroidery machine for hats, hat embroidery hoop connectivity is a basic function that these devices should have. If it has a hat embroidery hoop, you can use it for hat stitching directly. However, if it doesn’t come with an embroidery hoop specializing in hats, you need to see whether it can be used with a hat embroidery hoop. Thus, when you are purchasing an embroidery machine for hats, you need to pay attention to this point.

6. After-sale Service

Whether you are going to buy an embroidery machine for hats or others, after-sale service is a crucial considering element. A machine with an excellent after-sale service will offer you good guidance. Whenever you need support, you can call the after-sale department, and they will help you solve all the problems patiently. This will help you save a lot of time.

Best Embroidery Machines for Hats Reviews

1. Best For Large Design – Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine for the Budget

best home embroidery machine for hats for sale


Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Brother
  • Dimension: 20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 24.1 pounds
  • Work Field: 4”x 4”
  • Sewing Speed: 710spm
  • Installed Designs: 70
  • Installed Stitches: 67
  • Fonts: 5
  • Warranty: 25 years


This is a computerized embroidery and sewing machine at a low price. So, you can afford it when you don’t have too much budget.

For home use:

On the one hand, it has a compact and lightweight body. So you can store it anywhere, and it will not occupy too much space. Additionally, it has all the features that a household embroidery machine needs. It has 67 built-in stitches and 70 embroidery designs, fulfilling basic home embroidery needs. Also, as a computerized embroidery machine, it can be connected with a computer so that you can download more unique designs. So you can always create unique excellent embroidery designs.

For hats:

This machine has a lot of features suitable for hat embroidery. First, it has five built-in embroidery fonts, and as we know, the font is an essential element for hat embroidery. So you can select alphabets from these fonts directly and stitch on your hats.

And also, due to the editing function it has, you can combine these fonts with other excellent embroidery designs to customize more unique embroidery designs. You just need to move your finger on the LCD touch screen, and you can create more special designs on your hats. But you need to buy an extra hat embroidery hoop to achieve hat embroidery.

  • Easy to use
  • LCD touch screen
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent accessories
  • Reliable performance
  • Black and white display
  • Limited embroidery area



2. Best For Professional – SINGER XL-400 – Best SINGER Home Embroidery Machine

best Singer home embroidery machine for hats

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: SINGER
  • Dimension: 22 x 9.5 x 13 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 49.1 pounds
  • Work Field: 6”x 10”
  • Installed Designs: 125
  • Installed Stitches: 30
  • Fonts: 5
  • Warranty: 25 years


This is a trendy SINGER embroidery and sewing machine. It has more powerful functions than Brother SE400.

For home use:

The dimension of it is small, so when you put it at home, you will not feel any uncomfortable. And also, it has a lot of functional features suitable for home use. On the one hand, it has enough built-in embroidery designs and stitches, satisfying every household sewer’s requirement.

And on the other hand, it has an extensive embroidery area so that you can use it for more works, like quilts. Additionally, as a computerized embroidery machine, it has a digital embroidery system, helping you customize your embroidery designs.

For hats:

It has 5 cool fonts, and you can combine them with 125 different embroidery designs to customize more creative patterns via computer connectivity. Additionally, it has a larger embroidery area, which is 6” x 10”, suitable for hat embroidery. Also, you can preview your designs on the screen of the computer, so you will not make a mistake easily.

However, just like most embroidery machines which can be used for hat embroidery, you need to buy an additional hat embroidery hoop for SINGER XL-400.

  • Cost-effective
  • Large embroidery area
  • Swift smart threading system
  • Editing feature
  • Combo machine
  • Super bright work area
  • Requires additional software purchases



3. Best Wide – Brother PE770 Hat Embroidery Machine

Brother pe770 embroidery machine

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Brother
  • Dimension: 21.2 x 16.9 x 17.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 27.1 pounds
  • Maximum Sewing Machine: 650spm
  • Work Field: 5”x 7”
  • Installed Designs: 136
  • Installed Stitches: 0
  • Fonts: 6
  • Warranty: 25 years


This is a trendy embroidery only machine. And its weight is light, so you can carry it anywhere easily without worrying about its weight.

For home use:

Looking at all the features of this machine, we can understand that it is an embroidery machine suitable for home use. First, it has a larger embroidery area, which is 5” x 7”, so you can use this machine for more extensive projects, like quilts. And also, it has an LCD touch screen. It is an excellent feature, especially for beginners. You can not only preview and adjust your designs on that but also it has a built-in tutorial. You just need to follow the instructions step by step, and you can embroider refined patterns.

For hats:

This machine has 136 installed embroidery designs and six fonts, which are enough for hat embroidery. If you feel limited and not satisfied, it has a built-in memory, and you can also download more excellent embroidery designs. Brother offers you a download way to you, You can have more outstanding designs.

Additionally, the fabrics PE770 can pierce are thick. Whatever fabrics your hats are, it can help you embellish your hats. But it needs an additional hat embroidery hoop for hat embroidery, too.

  • Suitable for home use
  • Built-in memory
  • Large work area
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Embroidery only machine
  • Black and white display



4. Best For Beginner – Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine for Hats

best brother home embroidery machine for hats

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Brother
  • Dimension: 21.8 x 19 x 19.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 30.2 pounds
  • Maximum Sewing Machine: 650spm
  • Work Field: 5”x 7”
  • Installed Designs: 138
  • Installed Stitches: 0
  • Fonts: 11
  • Warranty: 25 years


Similar to PE770, this is also an embroidery only machine. It has a lot of easy-to-use features, suitable for beginners and home use.

For home use:

This machine has 138 built-in embroidery designs, enough for home embroidery needs. Besides that, it also has 11 cool fonts, and you can use them directly or their combination to embellish your fabrics. Also, its 5” x 7” large embroidery area is really eye-catching. On that, you can embroider large projects, like quilts.

Additionally, it has a super bright area. When you are burning the midnight oil, PE800 can company you all the time. What’s more, its other features, like automatic needle threader, and so on. They will help you simplify your embroidery procedure, saving your time. By the way, it is equipped with a built-in tutorial, convenient for beginner use.

For hats:

On the one hand, this machine has 11 high-quality fonts, and 138 designs, which offers you abundant options when you are doing hat embroidery. And with its editing feature, you can adjust these designs freely. You can embroider designs on your hats according to your likeness. With an LCD touch screen, these tasks can be achieved easily. So it is a versatile and dedicated embroidery machine. However, just like PE770, it also needs an extra hat embroidery hoop for cap embroidery.

  • A lot of built-in designs
  • Full-color touch screen
  • Monogramming function
  • Editing feature
  • Built-in tutorial
  • USB connectivity
  • Hoops are non-interchangeably



5. Best Easy to Use – Brother SE1900 Computerized Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1900 Reviews

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Brother
  • Dimension: 17.6 x 9.5 x 11.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 38.5 pounds
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 850spm
  • Work Field: 5”x 7”
  • Installed Designs: 138
  • Installed Stitches: 240
  • Fonts: 7
  • Warranty: 25 years


This is a prevalent embroidery and sewing machine of Brother brand. For beginners, it is a one-step combo machine; and for professionals, it is an easy-to-use device.

For home use:

The features of this machine satisfy the requirements of household embroidery greatly. It has a significant number of built-in designs and stitches. And there is a large embroidery field. So, whatever you want to embroider designs on, it can give you help. Besides, it features free-motion. With this function, your sewing is just like a “drawing” procedure, and you can show your talents totally. Additionally, SE1900 comes with a lot of useful accessories, including various feet. They will perform essential roles in your embroidery and sewing.

For hats:

For hat embroidery, one important feature is monogramming, as fonts play crucial roles in hat embroidery. It has 7 unique letters and monogramming feet, helping you embroider pretty monogramming patterns on your hats. And this machine has a large 3.2” full-color touch screen, on which you can edit your designs so that it is not easy for you to make a mistake. But this embroidery machine also needs to buy an additional hat embroidery hoop.

  • Speed control
  • Built-in LED light
  • Various sewing feet (including monogramming feet)
  • LCD touch screen
  • USB port
  • Costly



6. Best For Commercial – Janome MB-4S – What Is the Best Home Embroidery Machine for Hats?

janome mb4s

Basic Parameters:

  • Manufacturer: Janome
  • Dimension: 26 x 25.5 x 18 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 64 pounds
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 800spm
  • Built-in designs: 50
  • Remote Computer Screen (RCS)
  • 3 MB of memory
  • Standard M1 hoop: 9.46”x 7.88”
  • Warranty: 5 years


This is a versatile multi-needle embroidery machine. It performs well in several embroidery areas, including hat embroidery. So I think it is the best home embroidery machine for hats overall.

For home use:

For general home use, this machine is a bit too powerful. Therefore, it is more suitable for use in the home embroidery business.

Unlike most common embroidery machines, it doesn’t have too many built-in designs and stitches. But it has 3 MB of memory, which can store up to 1,500,000 stitches or up to 100 designs. So you can always install the designs you like in it. Additionally, the most eye-catching feature of this machine is its remote computer screen. With it, you can control up to 65,536 thread colors, and you can edit and adjust your embroidery designs on that.

Besides, this RCS can also be used for other embroidery machines. So if you have another embroidery device, you can also connect RCS with it. In addition to these functions, it has 3 hoop options, M1: 9.46″ x 7.88″ (240mm x 200mm) M2: 5″ x 4.3″ (126mm x 110mm) M3: 50mm x 50mm, and you can select hoop size according your projects.

For hats:

Janome is the perfect choice of hat embroidery. On the one hand, it has ten monogram function, and you can create more alphabet embroidery patterns. And on the other hand, with its remote computer screen, you can achieve the total control to your hat embroidery. The most crucial feature of this machine is that it has an embroidery hoop specializing in hats. So, there is no need for you to purchase another hat embroidery hoop, and you can embroider excellent designs on your lids.

  • 3MB of memory
  • Remote computer screen
  • Automatic threader cutter
  • Dedicated bobbin winding motor
  • LED light
  • USB connectivity
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Expensive
  • A little large


Buying Tips

#1. Benefits of Getting Home Embroidery Machine for Hats

A number of benefits accrue from the incorporation and subsequent use of the best home embroidery machine for hats. These include but are not limited to:

hat embroidery machines


These machines cut down on space needs and use. That is due to their similarly smaller and more compact statures. Thanks to this smallness, the machines are also able to fit the least amount of storage and mounting spaces that may be available at your disposal.

Lower Costs of Acquisition

Considering their simplicity, these machines are similarly cheaper to come by. They cost less than the business machines. Thus, by you channeling your mind and effort on them, you get to obtain so much more than what you bargained for but at a cost that is very affordable.

Cheaper Supplies

Other than the machines themselves, the costs of the supplies you will use to carry out your embroidery are also cheaper. These include the needles, toppings, patch materials, embroidery backings, and the fabrics themselves. You won’t have to dig too deep in your pocket to have your way hence.

Truly Reliable

For all practical purposes, the machines are truly reliable. Not only are they easier to make do with but also do they leave behind almost no mess. That stems from their ability to really economize on the fabrics, threads, and the other paraphernalia of your use.

Deeper Reach

Considering that the machines give you the room to work just about anywhere, it grants you the benefit of deeper reach. You won’t have to spend too much of your money to advertise your products and reach out to a wider market base with this item at your fingertips.

Seamless Movability

These items are smaller and compact enough to move around as need be. That makes them similarly great for on-the-go use and applications. In the course of moving around, you won’t have to endure the excessively high levels of strains as is the case with the commercial machines.

#2. How to Use a Home Embroidery Machine to Make Hats?

To use your home embroidery machine to make the hats, you only need to follow these simple steps:

Step I: Prep the things you will need

As always, you will have to start it out by preparing the things you will need. These include the threads, needles, the bobbin, and the fabric you intend to work on. Also of importance is the design of the embroidery you want to translate to the fabric.

Step II: Settle on the right needle

Next, settle on the right needle. Chances are that you will need two or more needles to accomplish the task. You have to really determine the number of the needles as well as the exact areas where the same might be applicable. The same goes for the times where the needles may be employed.

Step III: Set the machine up

Now set the machine up and running. This simply entails plugging the same on the mains electricity socket and powering the unit. Fox the bobbin and every other vital parameter of the machine firmly. Conclude the exercise by fixing the thread to the bobbin to set the stage for the subsequent task of sewing.

Step IV: Select the desired design

This forms the core of the stitching. It is at this stage that you set the design you want to translate to the fabric. It requires a fairly deep degree of expertise to handle as it is quite complicated. To be on the safe side, you might engage the services of a trained expert.

Step V: Patch the embroidery

Proceed now to patch the embroidery. This basically entails translating the design on the fabric you have in mind. The exercise is generally slow and meticulous. This stems mainly from the too complicated nature of these designs ordinarily. You are advised to make extensive use of the relevant design software.

Step VI: Make the final touches

After you are through with the exercise, you are now supposed to make the final touches. This means cutting the loose-hanging threads and sprucing the looks of the designs. You may also have to redo some portions of the design you may have carried out before.

#3. Home Embroidery Machine for Hats Vs. Commercial Embroidery Machine

The home embroidery machine for hats differs significantly from the commercial embroidery machine. Below are some of the common points of divergence of the two:

Available Needles

Generally, a home embroidery machine for hats accommodates a few numbers of needles than the commercial embroidery machine. This comes to about 1-4 needles as opposed to the latter than can handle a whopping 16 needles. Thus, it manages a limited number of applications. In most cases, it can only handle the hats and allied items.


Both of these items have frames that basically offer some support to the constituent parts and components. On the whole, the frame of the home embroidery machine for hats is feebler than that of the commercial embroidery machine. That is due to its similarly smaller handling capacity.

Machine Speed

In the course of translating the embroidery designs into the fabrics, these two machines operate at varying speeds. The home embroidery machine for hats manages a paltry 800 stitches per minute whereas the commercial embroidery machine manages a whopping 1,250 to 1,500 stitches per minute.

Parts and Components

All their parts also differ significantly. Those of the home embroidery machines for hats are weaker and less stable than that of the commercial embroidery machine. This difference is mainly accounted for by the fact that the latter is meant to operate for too long and also handle huge workloads.

Degree of Sophistication

As you may have already guessed, the commercial embroidery machine is more complicated than the home embroidery machine for hats. Its sophistication is largely accounted for by the fact that it has to handle diverse and often sophisticated tasks. You similarly have to possess a fairly high degree of expertise to be able to handle and engage it.

Costs of Acquisition

You need not dig too deep in your pocket to afford the home embroidery machine for hats. It is cheaper mainly because it is also less sophisticated and possesses only the bare minimum parts and components you need. For the commercial embroidery machine, you may need more money to purchase it.

Power Consumption

When all factors are considered, the home embroidery machine for hats consumes less power than the commercial embroidery machine. The volumes of workloads they handle are less. Also, the amount of time they take to give off the final outcomes is also shorter on the whole.

Fabric Handling Capacity

Lastly, they differ insofar as their fabric handling capacity is concerned. The home embroidery machine for hats handles a limited amount of fabric at a time. Its commercial embroidery machine counterpart on the other hand handles a huge volume of the same. You thus use it for the larger workloads.

#4. Hat Embroidery Machine Price

Many of these machines exist for your consideration and use. Their prices differ considerably, manly depending on these factors:

embroidery machine for hats

Material Composition

The kinds of materials that make them up to determine their eventual costs. Those machines that are made of tougher and more durable parts are more expensive than those that are made of simpler materials. These include hard plastics and polyurethane materials.

Fabric Handling Capacity

This refers to the amount of fabric that the machines can handle at any given time. Those that handle more fabric are definitely costlier than those that can only manage a limited amount of fabric. Hence you want to make your purchasing decision a bit more careful.

Degree of Sophistication

In closing, the machines also differ with regard to their degrees of sophistication. Definitely, the more sophisticated ones are similarly more expensive to come by. This metric is largely vouched for by the number of needles it can handle and the complicatedness of the stitches it may manage to give off.

GENERALLY, you should expect to spend no less than $12,000 and no more than $20,000 to lay your hands on a machine of your liking. To arrive at the best price, time your purchase appropriately to coincide with the peak sales seasons. That will give you the best price possible.

#5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How about we conclude the session with a look at the common questions that are asked surrounding this topic?

Q1. Is a hat hoop necessary for embroidering hats?

A. YES, it is! The hat hoop gets to hold the bill of the cap firmly in a clamp. That allows you the stability you badly need to embroider the garments without the fear of the same getting messed up in the process. You will specifically need it for your sophisticated designs like the names, initials, and logos.

Q2. What Should You Avoid Doing While Embroidering Hats?

A. While embroidering your hats, you should avoid the following mistakes:

Running the machine too fast

Never run the machine too fast. That way, you will not only jeopardize your hands and body but also compromise the final outcomes. Instead, you have to move slowly and steadily from scratch through to the end. Remember, you need the attentiveness to patch out more accurate designs.

Improper Hooping

How you hoop the machine makes the difference. Remember, the hoop is the one that holds the bill of the cap firmly to let you handle your stitching with a fairer degree of efficacy. You want to have all the stability you need to do a great job overall.

Not caring for the thread tension

The tension of the thread is the one that determines the kind of outcomes that the embroidery may subsequently manage. It is imperative hence to choose a level of tension that is not only strong but also truly reliable for you. Take your time to watch the tension accordingly.

Overlooking the bobbin

Never ever attempt to overlook the bobbin. That may only predispose you to the risks and other dangers that come along with the accidents. You instead want to maintain a watchful eye on the health and position of the bobbin at all times of use. Do so especially when threading the needle and the bobbin.

Not altering the needles regularly

With use, the needles become blunt and ineffective insofar as tucking the threads in place is concerned. You have to watch these needles regularly to maintain the proper functioning and desired outcomes. Use only the needles that are really relevant to the task at hand.

Improper placements

The manner in which you place the hats on the machine also counts. Positon the hats carelessly and have it rough along the way. Do a great job instead and enjoy your embroidery. To be on the safe side, you have to learn the kinds of speeds your hat requires before set out.

Ignoring Digitization

Most of these machines demand some setting and digitization right before use. You have to care for this as well. That may demand that you learn the software that runs the machine. Also, follow the instructions that are laid down in the manufacturer’s manual carefully for the best way forward.


My Verdict

Today, I have reviewed the top 6 best home embroidery machines for hats. All of them perform well in both the home and hat embroidery area. So if you are looking for the best home embroidery machine for hats, they will be your good choices.