Best Embroidery Machine Under $1500

Embroidery is the most crucial part of any clothing design. It is part of the art we see on fabrics every day. Embroidery machines are very resourceful in creating clothing masterpiece. Getting the best embroidery machine under $1500 would make your designs unique and spectacular.

We took out a great deal of our time to compile a list of under $1500 embroidery machines that are worth the money.


Top 6 Best Embroidery Machine Under $1500

Top 6 Best Embroidery Machine Under $1500

1. Best Computerized Embroidery Machine Under $1500 – Brother SE1900

best computerized embroidery machine under $1500

This embroidery machine from Brother is one to consider if you ever want to get an embroidery machine.

  • A Lot of Built-in Designs and Stitches

It is very easy to use as it comes with 240 in-built sewing stitches and 138 in-built embroidery designs. And there is a 3.2-inch Sew Smart color LCD touch screen, which lets you preview your embroidery designs in full color. It also has a big embroidery area which lets you embroider larger designs.

  • USB Port for Unique Embroidery Designs

You can import your embroidery design files by utilizing the USB port; this means that your embroidery design options are practically infinite. It has a free-motion sewing feature that allows you to get creative and draw your designs with the thread.

  • LED Light

Besides, the in-built LED light is a very useful feature that gives you a bright workspace, which is helpful when sewing on dark fabrics. It also comes with an automatic needle threader.

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2. Best Brother Embroidery Machine Under $1500 – Brother Simplicity SB7900E

best brother embroidery machine under $1500

The Brother Simplicity SB7900 is another superb embroidery machine that will well serve its purpose.

  • Easy To Use

If you are so enthusiastic about embroidery, then this is an incredible machine for you. It is also easy to use and comes with a large sewing area.

  • BES Lettering 2 Software for Free

You also get the BES Lettering 2 software for free. This software comes with over 170 fonts, 109 frames, and 11 lettering templates. It also comes with 136 in-built embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations, and 6 embroidery lettering fonts.

  • Back-lit LCD Touch Screen

The Brother Simplicity SB7900 comes with a back-lit LCD touch screen display and allows you to edit your designs with multiple features like mirror images, rotate, increase or decrease the size of your design.

  • Advanced Thread Sensors

It also comes with an advanced needle threading system and thread sensors that alert you the thread in the machine is about to get exhausted.

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3. EverSewn Sparrow X – Next-Generation Sewing and Embroidery Machine

best embroidery and sewing machine under 1500

This embroidery machine is amazing when it comes to delivering top-quality embroidery designs.

  • EverSewn Pro App

You can control all the embroidery processes with your smart device by utilizing the free EverSewn Pro app. With this, you can make spectacular embroidery and leave the unclear screen of your old sewing machine behind.

  • Built-in WiFi

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, you can now monitor your progress without having to sit in front of your machine. This gives you important notifications like current status, time remaining, and also the next thread color.

  • Multi-purpose

The EverSewn Sparrow X is a multi-purpose machine as it can serve as both your regular sewing machine and an embroidery machine. It comes with over 100 embroidery designs and 120 stitches, which can be customized, so you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect pattern. It has a big embroidery area and a stitching speed of 850 stitches per minute.

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4. Best Embroidery Machine for Small Business Under $1500 – Brother PE800

best embroidery machine under $1500 for small business

The Brother PE800 is an innovative embroidery machine that gives you the freedom to make stunning embroidery designs.

  • User-friendly Device

It is a user-friendly machine that comes with a 5 × 7” embroidery area, which lets you take on those large embroidery projects with ease. You can choose to pick a design from the in-built embroidery designs or opt to import a design from a compatible source. This machine comes with 138 in-built designs, which includes 10 frame designs and 11 in-built fonts.

  • Has A Sew Smart Color LCD Touchscreen

The Brother PE800 comes with a 3.2-inch Sew Smart color LCD touchscreen that allows you to preview your design after you have used design editing features like mirror images, rotate, and increase or decrease the size of your design.

  • Free Tutorials

You also get some free tutorials that would be shown on the screen. The tutorials include how to attach the embroidery arm, how to thread the machine and some others. It also comes with an automatic needle threader.

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5. Best Portable Embroidery Machine Under $1500 – Singer | Legacy SE300 Combo Machine

best embroidery and sewing machine under $1500

  • Multi-purpose Machine

This is a multi-purpose machine manufactured by SINGER. You can use the Legacy SE300 as a sewing machine and also as an embroidery machine.

  • LCD Touch Screen

It comes with an LCD touchscreen which allows you to adjust and modify your embroidery settings without any hassle. Threading a machine has never been easier as you can now thread the whole machine from spool to the needle’s eye in mere seconds, thanks to the automatic needle threader.

  • 200 Embroidery Designs

The Singer Legacy SE300 comes with 200 embroidery designs plus 6 alphabet options and 250 in-built stitches. It comes with an extra-large embroidery area, which means you don’t have to worry about accommodating large embroidery designs.

You can also import custom designs by utilizing the USB port on the machine. This machine packs a lot of features that are useful to any embroidery enthusiast.

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6. Best Advanced Embroidery Machine Under $1500 – Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

best advanced embroidery machine under $1500

The Janome Memory Craft 400E is an amazing embroidery machine that is well designed to make sure that your embroidery projects come out astonishingly.

  • Touchscreen Panel

This machine comes with a 7.9 by 7.9”, which is a huge rival to other embroidery machines at the top of the line. It is an embroidery only machine but it packs a lot of features that make it stand out. Some of the design editing features you can find on the machine’s touchscreen panel include to increase or reduce design size, copy and paste, add corner layouts, rotate, and many more.

  • An Automatic Needle

The Janome Memory Craft 400E has an automatic thread cutter and also a bobbin thread sensor, which lets you know when it is time for a refill. You can import your design by utilizing the USB feature. It comes with 160 in-built embroidery designs and has a stitching speed of about 860 stitches per minute.

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The Types of Embroidery Machine Under $1500

best embroidery machine under 1500

Computerized Embroidery Machine

Computerized embroidery machines can be sometimes termed the fanciest and most creative by some designers.

It is a specialized machine that can easily create embroidery from any computerized design. Although it is on the expensive side, it offers tons of options and the ability to design whatever you want.

With computerized embroidery machines, you can store your favorite designs for later use, also, some of these machines can use cards with designs already loaded into it. While others, allow you to make use of your computer to link the embroidery designs to the machine directly. It is very convenient to use, but depending on its capabilities, sometimes it would require various kinds of input from the user to read and sew the embroidery designs.

For some computerized devices, all you need do is place the garment and the machine would sew the selected design. Like in the case of a multi-needle embroidery machine, the threading needs to be done, before proceeding with the embroidery, and after that, you don’t necessarily need to thread again.

To make the most out of your fashion projects, you should consider using a computerized embroidery machine.

Electronic embroidery machine

They are very basic embroidery machine and it mostly found in homes because of how simple it is o operate. Electronic embroidery machine produces very accurate designs, they create the designs fed into their memory without needing much help from the user. You only have to choose the design you want, load up the machine with thread, and you are good to go. It automatically starts working its magic on the workpiece, but you are in charge of creating the design.

However, it is ideal for beginners who are just starting and want to explore more versatility. Due to how common it is, there are varieties, ranging from simple to industrial. If you are thinking of going for an electronic embroidery machine, you can be certain to find the right one for yourself.

Automatic embroidery machine

These are the first in the embroidery machine history, more like the granddaddy of them all. Due to recent developments in technology, making the use of embroidery machines simpler, the automatic embroidery machines have become cheaper. They are harder to operate and their stitching options are limited in comparison to electronic or computerized embroidery machines.

How To Choose The Best Embroidery Machine Under $1500?

best uner 1500 embroidery machine

Which is the best brand?

In the market today, there are a lot of popular name brands of embroidery machines, which you can choose from and make a purchase. How to pick the right one is a question almost everybody asks when picking out their first embroidery machine. That’s very understandable because everyone wants great value for their money.

You can check the forums or even the manufacturer’s blogs to get an idea of other customers’ satisfaction. The biggest advantage is getting a dealer who is keen on satisfying customers and you would most likely be happy with whatever purchase you make.

Why are you buying an embroidery machine?

How do you plan on using it? Are you purchasing an embroidery machine for personal or for business use? If it’s for business use, you would need a commercial embroidery machine that can withstand long hours of continuous operation.

What hoops sizes are available?

A hoop size varies and depending on what size you get, it can limit the size of the embroidery design to be stitched. The sizes range from 100 × 100 to 360 × 360, the choice is yours, but pay close attention to this detail when getting an embroidery machine.

What extras are available?

Before getting an embroidery machine find out optional accessories you can add on later—different presser feet or a quilting table. The goal is to buy a machine you can easily grow into, and if you wish, you can add attachments for special techniques and then explore.

What is the throat width?

Throat width is the distance between the machine body and needle. The most recent models of embroidery machines come with throat width that competes with long-arm machines. The essence of this is to give you more space to move around; also it allows the use of larger hoops. Plus, it is ideal for whatever machine quilting you may want to do.

Are the embroidery designs in-built or separate?

Some of these embroidery machines only come with designs that are already installed into the memory. To access a variety of design files, the machine should be connected to a computer directly, or you can easily load it from a thumb drive.

Can you find the right digitizing software for your machine?

Most times, you may want to digitize and customize your designs to showcase the designer in you. There are tons of digitizing programs out there, with many more to come; depending on how detailed you want to be. Some of these programs are only suitable for specific brands, while some are compatible with any embroidery format. So, you need to be sure of what you want when making a purchase.

Final Words

It is a well-known fact that embroidery helps a designer upgrade his design from being ordinary to being outstanding. If you need to get an embroidery machine for home, then you should choose carefully as it is a long-term investment. The reviews above should give you an insight into the necessary features a good embroidery machine should have, and also helps you narrow down your options to the best.

So, deciding on what embroidery machine to opt for should no longer be a challenging task. Embroidery machines are not usually cheap, so you need to thoroughly research and make the best choice when looking to buy one.