Featherweight Sewing Machine

Every tailor knows how important it is to work with the best sewing machine that makes your work much more comfortable than you could imagine. There are many sewing machines in the market; sometimes, it can be overwhelming to choose the best sewing machine that suits their tailoring activities. The featherweight sewing machine has grown popular today; everyone is looking for it, but why? Here is everything you all need to know about a featherweight sewing machine;

What is a featherweight sewing machine?

It is a model that uses connected a series of lockstitch comfortable sewing machines made by the singer manufacturing company. It an essential type of sewing machine among all the others because they have been in use for a long and they are still being used; they have active quilter’s, and their collector’s value is relatively higher.

Benefits of singer featherweight sewing machine

The singer featherweight is the most sought machine every tailor admires and wants to own; this is because of several unique features compared to other sewing machines. It is evident that no one has ever regretted having bought a singer featherweight sewing machine; it is a machine that gives you the desired value for your money. The following are some of the benefits that a tailor is likely to get when they purchase the singer featherweight sewing machine:

• It is durable

The singer featherweight is magnificently designed and constructed, unique from all other sewing machines; half of the device is made using aluminum, a metal known for its superpower and ability to resist rust. Its weight is lighter and less than eleven pounds, making it more durable as it does not suffer any injuries in cases of falls. Just like any other full-size sewing machine, singer featherweight uses accessories and low shank feet. Moreover, the device comes with its own carrying back for easy transportation and storage; this improves its lifespan since it gets full protection from the carrying case.

• It is a powerful singer sewing machine.

It is among the most powerful singer sewing machines one could have; despite having a 0.4-amp motor, it can easily do all the things a full-size vintage straight stitch sewing machine is capable of doing. The most admired feature about it is its silence and smooth working experience; it is possible for a tailor who has never used it before to be surprised by its magical potentials to work smoothly and maintain silence. The piercing power is excellent and perfect; it is powerful to work on hard materials like jeans and the most sensitive fabrics like silk and chiffon but with different needles.

• High-quality singer sewing machine

The singer featherweight sewing machine was manufactured in the early years of the 20th century; there are no major redesign s or changes that have been made on the device, considering that people still use it. However, some minimal variations and refinements were on the machine over the decades. In Scotland, they manufactured a free arm, singer 222, but it is not available in any American markets, the devices are relatively rare, and they are sold more than the flatbed 221 models.

• Easy maintenance

The singer sewing machine has been made from high-quality materials. It is easy to use in any situation; therefore, it becomes easy to maintain it in businesses and homes. It only needs to regularly oil it using sewing machine oil and frequent delinting; this helps prevent many joint problems. It is unnecessary to tune it up periodically, but you can do it if you find it necessary, but not many times.

Why is the singer featherweight so popular?

The singer featherweight is the most popular thing for so many decades now, it is a prove that old is gold, and many tailors prefer using the more advanced 222 models. Several reasons have made it retain its reputation among everyone who opts to use it. Here are the primary reasons why the singer sewing machine is growing popular even in the 21st century:

• The feed dogs do not drop.

The best thing about the singer featherweight is that the feed dogs, once attached, remain intact, and in case you are using a singer button holder, it will then be necessary to connect the feed dogs to the cover plate.

• It is a straight sewing machine.

It is another reason why the featherweight is becoming more popular, especially to quilters. This enables them to have perfect turning sharp corners, and also, it is light enough for transporting quilting class.

What is the difference between a singer featherweight 221 and 222?

Almost a hundred thousand 222k singer featherweights were manufactured worldwide, and shocking enough, they happen to be among the best sewing machines ever been invented. They are also known as a free-arm featherweight; the devices are almost similar to the original 221 models; however, they have several highly desirable additional features:

1. It is easy to convert flatbed into a free arm; the tiny free component helps one easily apply sleeves and cuffs or any seaming that is hard to reach.
2. Sew or Darn lever; this is a feature that enables one to quickly lower the feed dogs, thus bringing about free-motion embroidery work and darning.
3. The area around the presser bar lever in 222 singer featherweight is wider than the 221 one; the 22 model is about a sixth wider, which is easily noticeable, especially when you are doing the single thread embroidery attachment on the 222 free arm model featherweight.
4. No featherweight 221 cases can work with a 222 sewing machine. The singer featherweight 222 sewing machine is much taller than the 221 models; therefore, they are likely to prevent the lid from closing when used in 221 cases. On the other hand, a 222 case cannot hold or store the 221 featherweight sewing machine because it will leave large spaces that can make it easily swing inside.

What do you need for a featherweight sewing machine?

It is almost impossible to work with only the featherweight sewing machine; it needs other complements to make your work more comfortable. It is significant to understand some of the critical things you need for your singer sewing machine’s proper functioning. The following are the essential might require to perform your work effectively:

• An extension table

You will probably need this for your featherweight sewing machine; extension tables are made in different models and sizes to extend your sewing surface area of the tabletop sewing machine. Additionally, it works as a support tool for fabrics to bring about consistent stitch quality; each extension table is made to fit a different model of a sewing machine. A good extension table should be easily adjustable to allow easy storage or travel. It should provide you with a flat sewing surface, which improves and will enable you to control the whole sewing process easily.

• A wooden carrying case

Nothing matters more than the protection you can offer your singer featherweight than proper safety and storage. Therefore you need to find the best wooden carrying case to secure your sewing machine. Consider choosing the highest quality and long-lasting wooden carrying cases; it should have well inside paddings that should ensure no damages can occur to your sewing machine.

A quality wooden carrying case should be easily maintained and can be replaced in case a part is missing, or it gets damaged. In some cases, the case might stain or get old; here, you will need to restore it to its normal; this calls to finding a wooden carrying case with simple restoration steps and requirements. It will help you save on extra costs that might not be necessary in some cases. The main reason why you will need a wooden carrying case is to offer total protection to your singer featherweight sewing machine.

• Sew-like featherweight foot control

A sew-like singer foot control is an essential tool used with featherweight sewing machines; like all other singer sewing machines, the featherweight has a wide pedal that one can press using their foot. However, it became uncomfortable to use the foot control over time because it was hard to put their feet on the controller and generate energy simultaneously; this forced more invention as technology became widespread. New and safer foot controls were invented through the use of technology.

A sew-like featherweight foot control is a desirable tool to own because it is among the easiest to use; additionally, it is the most efficient model one can have when it comes to power consumption. They are considered to be safer than the other traditional models.

• Sew-link foot

It is currently quite challenging to find accessories for a sewing machine that was manufactured a long time ago, but this does not still limit you from getting it.

• Metal bobbins

Metal bobbins were manufactured to be used in older sewing machines equipped with top or front-loading capabilities. The singer featherweight is not an exception. While using this singer sewing machine, you will be required to have a metal bobbin that will hold the thread for your sewing machine and feed the thread through the sewing machine to secure the stitch correctly.
You need a metal bobbin for your featherweight sewing machine because they are believed to be more lasting than plastic bobbins, which were made to suit the latest sewing machines. Plus, the sewing machine has a metallic bobbin case meaning it can only use the metal bobbin, which does not easily distort, blur, or lose shape.

• Lubricating non-staining oil

Everyone would want the best, smooth, and uninterrupted performance from their singer featherweight sewing machines. Therefore it is of great significance if you clean it and use the lubricating non-staining oil to oil it once in a while; this is important. It also prevents the machine from breaking down as the machine goes through more frictional works than any other thing. Additionally, to improve the sewing machine’s performance, ensure that you use the non-staining oil lubricate all the sewing machine parts.

• Sewing tables

It is necessary for any professional tailor using the singer featherweight sewing machine, however not only in this but also in all the other sewing machines. A sewing table is essential as it increases the working space and ensures that you have a breathable working surface. It also enhances proper storage as one can quickly fill the table with the sewing requirements.

• Rubber bed cushion feet

If your bed cushions have started brittling or looking hard, then you need to replace them with new and correctly sized cushions. The 221 and 22 singer featherweight bed cushion feet are smooth and supple; therefore, they enable your sewing bed to prevent vibrations and absorb noises.

• LED Bulb

This is another final thing that you will need for the singer featherweight sewing machine; it is highly recommendable to use an LED bulb rather than any other bulb because they do not get hot enough to burn. They enhance the performance of your sewing machine and ensures easy braking control.

How to choose the best featherweight sewing machine

Here are the significant factors that will enable you to choose the best featherweight sewing machine:

1. Price

Prices always vary depending on several things such as models and designs, suppliers, and other factors. Therefore it is vital to have a budget of what you want, don’t rush to buy costly featherweight sewing machines; it is essential to ensure price satisfaction between you and the seller.

2. Cosmetic condition.

The machine’s general condition displays its value to the users; good sewing machines have fewer scratches and paint nicks, the chrome parts should be shiny and should have a reflective painted surface. When the condition is better, the demand for the machines goes to another level, and when the demand is high, it directly indicates that the quality is desirable.
Are 221 featherweight sewing machines better than others?

This is a question almost everyone asks once they get to the sewing machine shops; the model of the 221 featherweights explains more about how better and different they are from the other singer sewing machines. The following features make them better up to some level:

• They have a hinged bed that easily folds up for the bobbin case access
• Equipped with unique motors that sit low, back in the corner of the machine
• You can access the bobbin case from the machine’s left side only where the bed extension stays in an upright position.

Featherweight sewing machine maintenance

Maintaining the featherweight sewing machine is one of the most straightforward tasks; the only critical thing needed is regular oiling using the proper lubricating oil. Almost every sewing machine part needs to be oiled consistently to ensure the smooth running of operations using the machine. Another thing that will keep your featherweight sewing machine up to standards is using them regularly; considering they among the oldest sewing machines, keep using them to avoid spoilage of some of its parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are older singer sewing machines worth money?

It depends on the singer sewing machine’s model and the condition you find it; singer sewing machines cost from about $50 to $500 and above. Therefore before buying any older singer sewing machine, examine its shape and its unique features before determining its worth.

How much is a singer featherweight worth?

Currently, the singer featherweight 221 costs about $350, and the rare and most desirable singer 222k is quite expensive as it costs $800 to $2000 and above.

How do I identify my featherweight sewing machine?

To quickly identify your featherweight sewing machine, you will need to locate its serial number correctly, which has two letters, followed by the other six numbers.

Can a singer featherweight sew leather?

A featherweight sewing machine is not frail; therefore, it can comfortably sew leather but only with leather needles.

Where is the serial number on a singer featherweight sewing machine?

The serial number is located at the bottom of the machine, with two letters and a series of other six numbers.

How do you thread a singer featherweight?

• First, turn the handwheel in your direction until the thread take-up lever attains the highest position.
• If you are using the stacked thread spool, you will be required to place the spool on the spool pin; the thread will directly go to the upper thread guide.
• Place your right hand on the thread and hold taut the thread
• With the left hand, grab the thread and bring it down, slipping it between the tension disks, ensure it lands between the disks.
• Round the thread under the take-up spring severally
• Direct the thread at the back of the wire thread guide
• Bring the thread down to the eyelet and the faceplate and continue threading.

How do you clean a featherweight sewing machine?

You will need a cotton rag of about 3 inches square and a sewing machine oil.
• Dust off your machine using a dry piece of cloth
• In the case of stickers and tapes, use kerosene or sewing machine oil to remove them before you start waxing
• Apply the HD cleanse directly to your machine using a soft dry pure cotton towel
• Rub the areas gently using the back-front and up-down techniques and then wipe it off clean using a different 100% cotton cloth.
• Use your fingers to the Zymol carbon wax on the cleaned areas.


The singer featherweight sewing machine is the most significant old-time investment. Every tailor would love to feel this machine’s perfect experience, the prices are fair, and the quality is impressive. It can sew the most rigid fabrics and also work on the most sensitive materials like silk.