Best Quilting Embroidery Sewing Machine Reviews

Quilting embroidery machines are sewing machines that come with inbuilt embroidery patterns to use on different decorative designs. These machines supplement the use of using hands to embroidery as they come with multiple embroidery patterns that one can customize to meet their stitching needs. They feature touch screen mechanisms for easy setup and customizing the embroidery patterns and stitches preference. Some models are compatible with WIFI so that you can transfer your preferred designs from a computer. Note that some of the quilting embroidery sewing machines also have an automatic needle threading mechanism to ensure reliability and convenience when threading.

Top 8 Best Quilting Embroidery Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Budget Choice – Brother Machine, SE600

best quilting embroidery sewing machine

  • 80 Built-in Designs

This is a perfect embroidery sewing machine for more significant and professional sewers. It consists of a total of 80 inbuilt embroidery designs to make your designing easy when adding patterns and stitches in the garments.

  • Automatic Needle Threader

It has an automatic needle threader to ensure it is neatly done and saves time as well. You are guaranteed to have an easy time when sewing because this machine has an anti-jamming mechanism that prevents the needle from jamming even when stitching heavy garments.

  • Computerized Device

There are 130 different styles of stitches on the device plus ten buttonhole styles to choose from. It is computerized for convenience when selecting stitches and patterns.

  • This machine is quite easy to use
  • It features an automatic needle threading setting
  • There are 130 inbuilt stitches to use
  • You can acquire ten different button styles which are adjustable as well
  • It is customizable to meet your embroidering needs
  • The stitching pace of this machine is not as fast as for the industrial models

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2. For Small Business – Brother PE800 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

best sewing machine for quilting and embroidery

  • Reliable Machine

This is a reliable embroidery sewing machine for people learning how to stitch or to create different patterns on garments. It features 138 inbuilt embroidery designs to choose from, depending on the models you want to create.

  • Customizing Feature

The machine has 11 fonts in two different languages. It also has monogramming and lettering to allow you to customize different patterns on the garment.

  • Large Screen

It features a large screen for easy viewing when customizing the embroidery and stitching patterns. And also, there are many other reliable parts such as the embroidery foot and an embroidery hook.

  • It has a variety of inbuilt embroidery designs
  • There are 11 inbuilt fonts in different languages
  • The LCD is large for comfortable viewing when customizing
  • The machine comes with other embroidery parts like the foot and the hoop
  • This machine only supports English and Japanese languages

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3. For Home Use – Brother LB5000S Star Wars Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

best quilting embroidery sewing machine for home use

  • Three Interchangeable Star War Faceplates

This sewing machine comes with three interchangeable star war faceplates to choose from when sewing and making embroidery. It has a total of 10 Star wars designs to choose from. The 80 inbuilt embroidery designs are suitable for making different patterns and styles to the garments.

  • Adjustable Stitches

Other than embroidery patterns, this machine also has 103 stitches and buttonhole styles that you can adjust to fit your sewing needs. They are adjustable for easy fitting on different garments and styles.

  • LCD Screen

The LCD screen is quite large for easy viewing when setting up the embroidery pattern stitches to use. It also features touch screen mechanisms for comfortable and easy settings.

  • This is easy to set and customize embroidery machine
  • It features 4 x4 inch embroidery field
  • The machine has a large LCD screen for comfortable viewing
  • There are 80 inbuilt embroidery patterns to choose from.
  • It only consists of star wars design which limits some people

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4. Advanced Combo Machine – Brother Machine, SE1900

best sewing machine for quilting and embroidery

  • Monogramming Feature

If you are looking for an embroidery machine that provides monogramming designs, consider this model. It consists of around 138 embroidery designs to allow you to make various styles and designs on your garments.

  • Advanced Needle Threader

It has high quality and advanced needle threader, which makes it easy to push the thread in the needle. The machine has ten varying buttonhole styles that are adjustable to fit different sizes of buttons and styles.

  • 240 Inbuilt Stitches

With the 240 inbuilt stitches, you can be able to work on a variety of clothes. It is equipped with a touch screen that measures about 3.2 inches for a comfortable view when setting up. It comes with an embroidery hoop and stitching feet.

  • This machine features an advanced needle threader
  • It has multiple stitches
  • It features a large LCD screen
  • The machine comes with other parts for effective sewing
  • There are 138 embroidery patterns to allow you to make various patterns on the garments
  • The machine is not compatible with heavy materials like leather

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5. For Portable – SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

best quilting and embroidery sewing machines reviews

  • Easy to Bring

If you need an embroidery machine that you can use in different locations, then consider this model. The machine features a compact and lightweight form for easy carrying around when setting up.

  • Auto Needle Threader

It features an automatic needle threader for comfort when threading and ensures it is done properly, especially for beginner users. The machine features a variety of stitches, including the basic stitches, decorative stitches, among others.

  • Comfortable Operations

It has 13 buttonhole stitches and an underplate mirror that magnifies your work for a comfortable view when stitching. Besides,It has a quite fast stitching speed as it can make up to 850 stitches in a minute.

  • It has a high sewing speed
  • The embroidery machine has multiple stitches ideal for all including beginners
  • There is an inbuilt automatic needle threader
  • It is light in weight for portability
  • Some customers have complained about this machine having a dim LCD screen

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6. For Professionals – Janome MB-4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine

best sewing quilting embroidery machine

  • Large Working Surface

One of the most outstanding features on this embroidery machine is the large working surface that allows one to work even on large projects comfortably.

  • Digital Design

It has a digital design where you can customize embroidery patterns and stitches to use when swing. It features monogramming software with different embroidery patterns to choose from.

  • Four-Needle Thread

This machine features a four-needle thread machine so you can achieve great ad multiple embroidery patterns at ones. It is easy to use and comes with a large 5.7 inch LCD for a comfortable view when customizing the stitches and embroidery patterns.

  • LED Lamps

This machine features 4 LED lamps for comfortable viewing when stitching different colored material, and this also makes it easy to work in poorly lit areas.

  • This machine features a large 5.7 inch LD screen
  • It has four needle threads for efficient working
  • Perfect for both beginner and professional users since it provides great stitching results
  • It comes with an adjustable hoop
  • The machine has four overhead LED lamps
  • Threading needles may take more time

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7. For Sale – Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine

best brother sewing quilting and embroidery machine

  • Innovative Designs

This is another reliable working embroidery machine from Janome that guarantees excellent embroidery results. It features an innovative and high-quality design that ensures you make great and easy embroidery patterns on different garments.

  • Inbuilt Stitches

This machine also has inbuilt stitches essential for making basic stitches and patterns. It features various embroidery patterns, including jef+ and DST. It has 50 inbuilt embroidery patterns and ten fonts essential for monogramming.

  • Portable Device

This machine is portable so you can efficiently work from different areas. It also comes with a USB so you can import the various design to your machine. The machine has a large LCD screen that has a touch screen mechanism for easy control.

  • This machine features high embroidery speed
  • There are multiple stitches and embroidery patterns to choose from
  • You can transfer patterns to the machine with a USB cable
  • Perfect, and no cons

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8. Editor’s Choice – SWF MAS 12-Needle Embroidery Machine

best quilting embroidery sewing machine reviews

  • Great Inbuilt Features

This machine features a sleek design and compact size to fit in various places that you may want to work from. It has great inbuilt features essential for embroidery and stitching.

  • Five Different Embroidery Smart Systems

There are five different embroidery smart systems essential for converting images to embroidery designs. This makes it convenient and easy for all people, including beginners, to make great embroidery designs.

  • WIFI Compatible

It has a large screen where you get to preview your designs and patterns before stitching on the garment to minimize errors. The machine has a touch screen control for easy changing and customizing as well. It is WIFI compatible so that you can transfer your patterns from the computer to the machine directly.

  • This machine comes with a warranty
  • It features a sleek and compact design
  • It has a large LCD for clear preview
  • The machine is easy to sew with
  • This machine is quite expensive

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What Can A Quilting Embroidery Sewing Machine Do For You?

why you need a quilting embroidery and sewing machine

Provide a large space

One of the benefits of having a quilting machine over the standard sewing machine is the large space it provides. The space of a machine is crucial since it determines the surface you get to work on various garments. So, the larger the working space is, the more space you have to work on large projects of garments. The space of the machine is measured by the throat, which is the distance of the machine. The quilting machines are designed in a larger size as opposed to other machines.

Provides even stitching on both sides

By both sides, it means getting even stitches on both the upper and lower sides. It is quite common with some people to achieve uneven stitching where they get even sewing results on the upper side, but upon flipping it, the under area appears uneven. Quilting machines, such as Joname, have Acu^tm systems that enable the layers of the fabrics on both sides to move together. This type of system is suitable when hemming a garment, and any other stitching style that requires precise stitching.

Provides fast sewing speed

If you need a sewing machine for Industrial or professional use, then a sewing machine for quilting and embroidery as the perfect option as it offers fast sewing results. They are fitted with powerful motors and sturdy designs that enable them to provide fast and effective quilting results.

How to Choose Best Quilting Embroidery Sewing Machine?

best quilting embroidery sewing machine buying guides

Throat space

The throat part the distance of the machine, which is measured in length. The throat determines the size of the garment; you can comfortably sew or embroidery with the machine. The quilting machines have different throats sizes, which range from 12 inches to 18 or more. So, if you need the quilting machine for heavy-duty stitching and sewing, consider a machine that has great threads. This is because the lager the throat is, the more garments you will be able to feed and work on comfortably.

The stitch regulator

The stitch regulator is the setup that allows you to regulate the sewing speed of the needle. This is an essential feature to consider if you are a beginner or if you are prone to work on delicate material since it allows you to achieve smooth and even stitches at a moderate speed. The speed regulator can be achieved through the use of a stitch regulator. If the machine does not have the regulator, make sure it has manual control, which is done with the hands.

The needle speed

This is calculated depending on stitches that the machine makes per minute, also referred to as SPM. For safety purposes, make sure the machine you choose has a speed control mechanism to enable you to achieve the great speed that is also controllable.

The material

The material used to craft the machine should be a priority when choosing the quilting machine to ensure durability and reliability. Make sure the machine consists of heavy-duty steel material that is coated to prevent them from rusting or even corrosion. The machine should also be stable to allow you to focus on your quilting without vibrating or wobbling.


The quilting machines feature different threading modes where some have automatic threading settings, while others have to be threaded manually. If you need a machine that is convenient and does not take up much time when threading, choose an automatic threader machine. Such quilting sewing machines are quite convenient and ensure the threading and bobbin winding is done well.

The cost

The quilting embroidery machines retail at different prices depending on the available features, quality and also the brand. The costs range from 200 to 1000 dollars and more. So, set up a budget to guide you in choosing the right machine for your use. Also, check out the available features and parts to see if the machine fits your stitching needs.


These are the top best quilting embroidery sewing machines. They feature great parts and feature that makes embroidering easy for all people, including beginners. Check out the above review to choose the machine that suits your needs.