Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 5532 Reviews

The Singer is basically the best brands in the market that produces reliable and efficient sewing machines. Nothing beats the heavy-duty sewing machines that they produce that are widely used for industrial activities.

The singer heavy duty sewing machines are equipped with a plethora of high-quality stitches and heavy-duty materials that are excellent in sewing through a variety of fabrics that include heavy materials.

Therefore, what makes the singer heavy duty sewing machines to rank highly is the fact that they are durable and are capable of sewing through heavy materials easily. There’re Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 5532 Reviews that you can choose depending on your needs.

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 5532 Reviews

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Why We Love It:

• They usually come with a foot presser
• They’re very easy to use, especially for beginners
• Features a free arm sewing alternative that increases convenience
• Made of a stainless steel body that increases durability
• An automatic needle threader for comfortable sewing
• Comes with several inbuilt stitches

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General Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Features

These types of sewing machines are a preference, especially for those tailors that work on a plethora of fabrics and garments. Best features of the machine include:

• Automatic Needle Threader

One of the most reliable features about the machine is the automatic needle threader that comes in handy, especially for those individuals that have problems threading or even have poor eyesight. It comes with a print and lever that directs the thread through the eye of the needle.

It’s a no brainer as to why most tailors prefer them as the donkey work is done by the machine, and the entire process only takes a few seconds, unlike if you were to do it.

singer 5532cl

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• Build Quality

The Singer is not called “heavy-duty” for nothing. The materials making the machine are heavy-duty, which helps to increase durability. In fact, the materials are stainless-metal and are resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Besides, the parts are sturdy enough that the machine is capable of easily sewing heavy materials like leather and denim without breaking.

• Inbuilt Stitches

The ultimate objective is to achieve your work with less effort, and the Singer’s heavy-duty machine has ensured that it happens even without you realizing it. The machine is equipped with inbuilt stitches that can perform several operations such as adding patterns to a garment, basic stitching as well as other decorations to fabrics that otherwise a normal machine would unable to do.

Furthermore, with several inbuilt stitches, the Singer sewing machines have high stitching speed. Have you ever asked yourself about the number of stitches a sewing machine can make per minute? Singer heavy duty sewing machine is capable of making over 700 stitches in a minute, meaning the sewing job is made faster and efficient.

singer 5532 review

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• Free Arm Capacity

It’s a common feature that all sewing machines will have a section to cater for the bobbin shuttle as well as a feed dog. However, not all that has the free arm capacity. This is an area that’s extended so as to make it easier for the tailor to manipulate their material around as well as under the needle.

Moreover, it makes work easier to perform various sewing techniques like adding sleeves and zippers to the garment. Therefore, the singer heavy duty sewing machine has tipped the boxes in that area to make a tailor’s experience a dream.

• Adjustable Foot Presser

This is one the most known part of a sewing machine as it’s the one responsible for holding fabric once it has been feed for easy sewing. It’s a very significant part as it makes stitching easy, whereby the tailor is allowed to make straight as well as smooth stitches.

With the Singer’s adjustable foot presser, it makes the entire process easy, especially when feeding heavy fabrics like denim, leather, or even multi-layered fabric.

singer hd 5532 heavy duty sewing machine

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• Long-term Warranty

Investing in any equipment requires that you get something that will serve you for an extended period. Apart from the singer heavy duty sewing machine being constructed from heavy-duty materials, it comes with a long-term warranty of up to about 25 years, meaning it’s indeed a machine built to last ages.

Singer 5532 vs. 4423

They are among the best singer heavy duty sewing machines that you can think about, and in terms of their performance, it could make absolutely no sense to compare as both are identical. They both have an excellent stitch quality, and both work well on heavy materials.

The design, as well as the construction of the two, is similar to the extent that you may fail to differentiate them by just looking at them from the outside.

So, where are they different?

The only major area that they differ is when it comes to the inbuilt stitches.


The Singer 5532 is ahead of the Singer 4423 with the inbuilt stitches. In fact, the extra amount of money that Singer is charging between the two is for the extra inbuilt stitches – imagine!

For instance, singer 5532 features about 32 inbuilt stitches while the 4423 model has only 23 stitches. The difference is only 9 stitches that include 3 stretch stitches and 6 decorative stitches. Apart from the 9 stitch difference, the two are literally identical, and if you decide to purchase the 5532 at a high price, remember you’re only paying for the extra stitches and nothing more.

Otherwise, they both have top drop-in bobbin, adjustable stitch, automatic needle threader, a drop feed, free arm, adjustable foot pressure, and on-board accessory storage. Similarly, they both weigh about 14 pounds, 25year warranty, similar motor speed, and three-needle positions.

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Singer 4432 vs. 5532

Maybe you may consider the Singer 4432 than the Singer 5532 just because of its popularity, but in terms of performance, they’re exactly similar.


Their design is both gray, with the 5532 having somewhat a greenish tinge and is being lighter gray when compared to the darker gray tone of the Singer 4432.


The number of stitches is similar at 32 stitches with 1 buttonhole, 7 stretches, 18 decorative, and 6 basics. They both utilize a similar mechanism for stitches and the maximum stitch width equally similar. The quality is also the same, but their performance will depend more on the fabric type being worked on. Therefore, since there’re several stitches that you can choose from, you need to be creative or practical on exactly what you like.


Both of them come with 4 presser feet that include a button sewing foot, zipper foot, buttonhole as well as a multi-purpose foot. Also, you can adjust presser foot pressure on both to help work better with different fabrics.


In terms of price, the singer 4432 is the most affordable in below the $200 price segment. The model built its name popularity due to the low price for such quality. Singer 5532 is somehow expensive, making it not the best option for many, given that their performances are similar.
The noise comparison is also similar, with both being relatively quiet even though the motors do make little noise, especially when stitching at high speeds.


Durability is equally similar thanks to the fact that both feature internal metal frames that are very durable.

The speed comparison is also the same, with both having a speed of 1100 stitches per minute.

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Singer 4452 vs. 5532

The Singer 4452 and Singer 5532 are both heavy-duty sewing machines with identical features. In fact, there’s very little between them that sets them apart.


Most people think that only the Singer 5532 has a clear cover its drop-in bobbin, but the Singer 4452, too, comes with the clear cover for the drop-in bobbin. The purpose of the cover is to monitor the bobbin thread.


They both feature a similar color, and they have an equal number of stitches (32 inbuilt stitches) that include 18 decorative stitches, 1 step buttonhole, 6 basic stitches, and 7 stretch stitches.

Speed comparison

The speed comparison for both singer machines is equal, and thanks to the extra powerful motor that comes with the machines, they’re capable of providing up to 1.100 stitches per minute. At that speed, they’re arguably the fastest sewing machines in their entry-level category.


Furthermore, they feature other common aspects such as stainless steel plate, an automatic needle threader, heavy-duty material metal frame, Snap-On presser feet, on-board storage, adjustable presser foot, free arm, automatic reverse, 3 needle positions, and 6mm stitch width.

Another difference between the two also comes with the bonus accessories that come with the Singer 4452 that include walking foot/even feed, clearance plate, non-stick foot as well as size 16 heavy-duty needles.

As much as both machines have included accessories like zipper foot, button sewing foot, quilting guide, screwdriver, user manual, needles, Bobbins (class 15), spool pin felt, and foot pedal, the 4452 sewing machine has more bonus package than the Singer 5532.

There’s no denying that both the singer 5532 and 4452 are efficient machines as both have super-fast speeds and great stitch quality.

Besides, they’re capable of sewing even the heavy materials such as denim; therefore, it’s upon you to decide whether to choose your best depending on the number of extra accessories.

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How to Use Singer 5532 Sewing Machine?

Sometimes Singer’s heavy-duty sewing machine can look completely complex, and if you’re a beginner, things may get even worse. However, the fear of the unknown should not put you off that easily.

  • The right usage of the singer heavy duty sewing machine is what makes the difference.
  • First, you need to get your machine on a sturdy surface in front of you, and then install a needle securely.
  • Wind and then insert the bobbin.
  • Thread your machine, and get both the threads out. You can then plug your machine in and then turn it on.

singer 5532 review

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Singer is arguably the best brand in the current market when it comes to manufacturing heavy-duty sewing machines. They have the best features that make them the best, especially when dealing with heavy-duty fabrics such as leather and denim.

singer 5532 sewing machine

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