SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 Review

singer heavy duty sewing machine 4432SINGER 4432 heavy duty sewing machine is one of the most quality sewing machines that can handle a lot of projects. SINGER is one of the well-known brands because of its brand name and the many other features it has. This sewing machine is made up of long-lasting plastic and a very strong metal frame.

The speed of SINGER 4432 heavy duty sewing machine is awesome you can choose to sow at both high and low speeds, it is very flexible. Its speed depends on the kind of material you are seeing, seeing speed is one of the important factors to consider when purchasing sewing machines because the speed helps you complete all the projects in time.

SINGER model can be used by both learners and experienced users simply because using it is very simple but that doesn’t mean that new learners should not learn some of the essential basics before using the machine.

best singer sewing machine 4432

The machine comes with a manual that guides you on how to use it, the manual is very clear and no one can fail to read and understand the steps provided.

In addition to that SINGER 4432 machine comes with a 25-year warranty. This sewing machine is simply the best and can handle a lot of projects in a little time.

If you are looking for a manual machine that is easy to use, fair price, and fast here is one for you SINGER 4432. The SINGER sewing machine has been designed to deal with heavy and strong fabrics, unlike other machines that can only handle light fabrics.

The fact that this machine is smaller in size does not mean that it cannot handle heavy-duty projects in fact, small size is the best because it can be moved from place to place without much struggle.

The specification of SINGER 4432 heavy duty sewing machine gives it a reason to be considered as one of the best-recommended sewing machines.

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Why Choose SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 4432 (Pros and Cons)

The reason as to why you should choose SINGER is because of its features, it has a lot of great structural design that can impress the user. The several stitches provided is one of the main factors since it has multiple stitching options. Below are some pros and cons of this machine.

Why Choosing It?

  • Fair price

The biggest advantage of this machine is that its price is fair and can be afforded by almost everyone. Most modern sewing machines are costly but SINGER 4432 is a bit cheap.

  • Its portability and durability

Due to its small size the machine can be moved from one room to another easily, it doesn’t consume a lot of space and that is what makes it unique. To add to that, it is long-lasting because of the quality materials used to build it.

  • Has a warranty

The company offers a 25-year warranty which is such a long time. The five years are for electronic components such as light, speed control, wiring, light assembly, and many others. In case your machine fails, the company is willing to repair or replace it.

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  • Easy to learn

singer sewing 4432 heavy duty

Since the machine comes with a manual that guides the user, it makes learning quite easier and interesting. Apart from using the manual, this machine is designed in a way that can be operated by anyone.

  • Number of stitches and quality

singer sewing 4432

SINGER comes with a lot of stitches, the stitches are 32 in number and are divided as follows; one-step buttonhole, 18 decorative stitches, six basic stitches, and seven stretch stitches. All this comes at a very fair price.

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  • Automatic thread needle

The SINGER sewing machine has an automatic thread needle that does a perfect job, it saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to do the job manually.

Something You Need to Pay Attention to:

  • It has a dull color that cannot please some customers
  • Might not be the best one for beginners

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SINGER 4432 Features

SINGER 4432 stands out to be the best sewing machine because it has the best features. This is the machine Al sewers need to try using here are some of its features.

Winding system

This sewing machine has a printed diagram whereby the person using it doesn’t strain a lot, simply follow the numbered diagram and your job becomes faster and safer.

Drop-in bobbin system

singer sewing machine 4432 reviews

It has a drop-in bobbin system which makes the job of inserting the bobbin easy and also the clear cover helps the user to monitor how bobbin supplies thread.

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Threading is faster

singer 4432 heavy duty sewing machine reviews

Since it has threading instructions, threading becomes so simple because the instructions will guide you all through the process.

Included accessories

singer sewing machine 4432 price

The machine comes with several items meaning that you won’t spend extra cash buying them separately, some of these items are; needle pack, button foot, foot control, thread spool caps, and many others.

Proper lighting

Workspace has a light that helps the user see whatever he or she is sewing, lack of light can lead to poor sewing, even injuries.

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Arms are removable

The removable arm makes it easier to reach into some parts that are difficult to reach.

Tension system

SINGER has a tension system that works automatically, this means that when using it, the stable stitch quality and the tension can be adjusted by a dial known as tension adjustment.

Extra high sewing speed

singer 4432 high sewing speed

SINGER 4432 is one of the sewing machines known to have the highest sewing speed, when a machine has a high sewing speed it means a lot to the user because it means that he or she can complete the projects in a little time.

Adjustable presser foot

Presser’s foot is used to adjust pressure when sewing, this makes work easier because anytime you want to adjust pressure, you don’t have to use a screwdriver but the Snap-on presser feet. Adjusting pressure using screwdrivers is a long process and wastes time.

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32 Built-in stitches

Unlike other machines SINGER 4432 has 32 stitches, the stitches are divided into the following categories with their uses. 18 decorative stitches used to create details in projects, 6 essential stitches used for mending and construction, 7 stretch stitches that are only meant to move with fabrics. All these stitches are useful because projects are completed on time.

Automatic buttonhole

This helps you make any type and design of buttonhole easily. A machine with this feature is definitely the best because someone can create perfect buttonholes in a very short time.

Heavy-duty metal frame

singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine

SINGER is made of a very strong metal frame, this heavy metal ensures that the machine is stable when in use, it is also a good one because of its durability.

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Stainless steel bedplate

This is to ensure that the user doesn’t have problems when sewing, it ensures even stitching and smooth feeding. In addition to that, it limits skips and bumps, thus saving time that would have used to correct mistakes.

SINGER sewing app

It has provided any information needed about SINGER 4432. It has all tutorials and FAQs that might be of use to a learner or even professionals.

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Difference between Singer 4423 and 4432

singer heavy duty 4432 review

Both SINGER 4423 and 4432 are good SINGER heavy duty machines when on a tight budget you can go for SINGER 4423 because it is a bit cheaper. SINGER machines are the best sewing machines in the market right now.

The reason why 4432 is expensive is because of the extra stitches but that doesn’t mean that 4423 is not a good one, it is since they share everything in common.

Any beginner should purchase any of these machines, they are both meant for beginners. Setting them doesn’t require any process, these two sewing machines are great.

If you have enough money buy SINGER 4432 because it has several decorative stitches than in 4423. In general, both machines are fantastic. Most of the people who have used the machines find them good and have no problems so far.

If you are looking for a perfect machine for home use, a long-lasting one that will take you for years? SINGER 4432 has got you covered, worry no more.

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Here are some differences between SINGER 4432 and SINGER 4423:

  • SINGER 4432 has 32-built-in stitches while SINGER 4423 has 23 built-in stitches.
  • SINGER 4432 has a total of 18 decorative stitches while SINGER 4423 has 12 decorative stitches and other 6 added stitches.
  • Another difference is that SINGER 4432 has 7 stretch stitches while Singer 4423 has 4 of them.
  • SINGER 4432 is dark grey while 4423 is light grey
  • SINGER 4432 has no LED light while 4423 has a bright LED light.
  • SINGER 4432 has the ability to sew several decorative stitches that 4423.
  • SINGER 4432 is much heavier than SINGER 4423
  • SINGER 4432 has a manual pressure foot control while 4423 has an automatic one.
  • SINGER 4432 is expensive compared to 4423 because of the additional stitches
  • SINGER 4432 has 9 more stitches than in 4423

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Does SINGER 4432 have a light?

singer 4432 leather

Yes, it has a LED light that helps the sewer see his or her sewing space and whatever he is sewing. A machine without light limits the user from working at night or at a dark place but with SINGER 4432 anyone can see at any time of the day.

Light is essential when it comes to sewing if you can’t see what you are seeing, you might end up doing the wrong thing or even hurting yourself. It is important to purchase a machine with lights. Even though the lights of 4432 are not too bright, it is still useful.

2. Can SINGER 4432 sew leather?

singer heavy duty 4432 price

Of course, it can sew leather and any other kind of thick fabric. It is a sturdy machine made of metal that can sew any kind of thick material. It is considered the best machine in sewing leather.

Leather cannot be seen by other machines but 4432 does the job because of its great features the electric motor makes sewing light leather fast and easy. If you are a beginner in need of a sewing machine specifically for leather, go for SINGER 4432 it is the best. Its price favors someone who is on the budget but would like to see leather.

Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for Leather

3. Is SINGER 4432 a low shank machine?

It is a low shank machine because it measures ¾, a high shank measures 1 ¼. Shank matters a lot because the higher the shank the more items you can store under the machine.

Since 4432 is a low shank, it means that little junk can be kept under it. To determine whether your machine is the low or high shank, you need to measure it. Any machine measuring below ¾ is a low shank.

When measuring ensure that you begin from the center of the screw hole to the machine bed. Doing this will enable you to know the kind of machine you have.

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Bottom Line

Finally, when buying a sewing machine, consider taking 4432 because of its added advantage. This machine can fulfill all needs of beginners and home use significantly.