Singer 44s Classic Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

The quality of Singer sewing machines is known all over the world. The 44S is a machine that is dedicated to meeting the various needs of its users. In this review, you will learn more about the features, pros, and cons of Singer 44s classic heavy duty sewing machine. This research will assist you in having the capacity to figure out if this item is reliable for you. After trying this singer machine, there are chances that you may end up sticking with it forever. Therefore, read through this review and make your own decision.

Overview of Singer 44s Classic Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

  • Presser foot with pressure
  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • Drop feed
  • Drop-In top bobbin
  • The needle threader is automatic
  • Stitches are built-in

Detailed Features of Mechanical Classic Heavy Duty Sewing 44s Machine

The device is coming with in-built 23 stitches. These different stitches are including the stretch, decorative and basic stitches. The various stitches will assist you in the performance of different tasks. Besides, it is coming with a one-step automatic buttonhole. Firstly, make sure you have selected the pattern and stitch settings. Afterward, there is a need to put the button in its buttonhole hole, and then the machine will end up performing the other various tasks. After that, the different functions are consistent and professional.

Needle Automatic Threader

It is one of the handy functions you may meet. It will help you eliminate eye strain, and therefore you will end up saving on time.

Drop-In Top BobbinThe bobbin case may be a nuisance at times when it jams. Besides, there are times when it may end up finishing all the threads in the course of seaming. In this case, you may get confused and run crazy. Drop-in top bobbin plays a fatal role in threading and allows for easy seeing through the machine. Furthermore, the drop-in top bobbin is jam-proof. The bobbin cover and the bobbin are transparent. As a result, there will be easy monitoring for the supply of thread.

singer sewing machine classic 44s

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Drop Feed

One of the main features of 44s is the drop feed. It is a necessary feature as it helps in fashion and quilting sewing. There is a necessity of disengaging the feed dogs to allow for free-motion sewing. For you to achieve your desire, it calls for sliding on dropping feed lever. After finishing motion free work, it calls for sliding of the lever back. When you turn the handwheel fully, you will end up raising back the feed dogs.

The Adjustability of Stitch Width and Length

It is upon you to choose to have either narrower or wider stitches. The highest width you may get is 6mm. In the case of length, you are free to consider getting creative to customize in the length appearance. With this feature, you will end up trying a variety of stitch techniques. In the case of in-built stitches, it calls for setting up the present dial selector. Additionally, reverse stitching is also present.

singer heavy duty sewing machine

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Foot Pressure Presser

An adjustable foot pressure presser is an important feature applying in the majority of projects. There is a necessity of adjusting the pressure while working with heavy materials. In this case, the pressure presser will assist you in tackling of heavy fabric and light fabric with ease.

Strong Motor

The motor is the main part of the sewing machine. In the case of 44s, its engine is mighty for it to suit its class. The engine needs to be 60% more strong compared to the other various motors in this machine. It will help you in sewing to even 1100 stitches in one minute. It is thus highly impressive for use in sewing, low-end machines.

singer classic 44s sewing machine

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Three Needle Positions

The Singer 44s is coming with three present needle positions for use in various sewing techniques. In the case of LED light, it will help you illuminate the area in use in working. Though the product will not be producing heat, it will always remain cool. You will be using the free arm in the sleeves and cuffs. There is a necessity of removing the storing compartment to assist you in open access to the free arm.

Variety of Accessories

The singer machine is coming with four different presser feet. One of the feet is the general purpose foot. It will play a fatal role in catering to many of your necessities. Together with it, you will also get a button sewing foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot. Since the different presser feet come in of snapping-in, they will end up allowing an easier replacement. Together with presser feet, you will also acquire a pack of spool felt pin, spool auxiliary pin, spool caps, bobbins, and needles. In addition to these products, you will also get a seam ripper and screwdriver.

singer sewing machine 44s

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High-Quality Performance

The best sewing machine in the market is the Singer 44S. In case you prefer using fancy push-button operations, this is not the best machine for you to use. In the performance case, 44S Singer rules. Since it is powerful, it shall be going easily in the many layers present in thick fabric. Stitches are impressive while the machine works fast. The workhouse is stable. Stainless bedplate steel is providing a smooth and durable surface to allow high-quality fabric feeding. It is easy for one to end up using the sewing machine.


Singer 44S is a heavy-duty and on budget sewing home machine. It is a reliable choice for use by beginners. Besides, it also can perform at high levels. It is one of the versatile tools you may find in the market. The bed stainless steel plate and interior metal frame will help you end up using it for many coming years. Its plastic parts are utilizing plastic, durable composites. Though the item is quite small for use with a heavy-duty and sewing machines, it works similarly to the workhouse as it is durable and strong.

singer sewing machine classic 44s

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Powerful Motor

The powerful machine motor will assist you in achieving the best swing speed. The main importance of this machine is its versatility. You are free to end up making all forms of clothes and taking care of alterations, patches, and repairs with the use of this machine. More also, it will be going through the canvas and denim with ease.

In-built Stitches

Here is a machine with inbuilt 23 stitches. These include the stretch, decorative and basic stitches. With these stitches, you will have the capacity to perform a variety of tasks. Besides, it is coming with a one-step automatic buttonhole. You need to select the pattern and stitch patterns. Afterward, it calls for putting the button in the buttonhole foot for the machine to perform the other various tasks. You will end up getting great consistent and professional results.

singer 44s classic heavy duty sewing machine

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Singer 44s is one of the best sewing mechanical machines. In case you prefer fancy push-button operations, it is not the best machine for your use. Regarding performance, the engine which rules is Singer 44s. It is known for its powerful nature. Besides, it is going through a variety of layers of given thick fabric. Stitches are highly impressive while the machine is fast. It is thus normally referred to as stable workhorse. The best stainless steel plate is providing a smooth and durable surface for purposes of great fabric feeding. More also, it is a machine which is simple and easy to use.

Singer 44s Classic Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews

singer classic heavy duty mechanical sewing machine 44s


What We Like:

  • 60% durable motto
  • Bedplate using stainless steel
  • The metal frame which is a heavy-duty
  • 1-step full automatic buttonhole
  • 1,100 stitches in one minute
  • The needle threader is automatic
  • 6mm of width stitch
  • Easy for one to use
  • Feels strong and sturdy
  • Accurate factory settings

What Could Be Better:

  • Fast speed causing less precision
  • Limited needle adjustment

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The Many Uses of Singer 44s Classic Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The best heavy-duty and friendly product in the market is the Singer 44S. It is the best choice for use by beginners. Besides, this machine can perform greatly while at a high level. The bed stainless steel plate and interior metal frame will be allowing the usage of it for many years.

Singer 44S is living up to the tag of the heavy-duty well. The machine is highly sturdy. It comes with different decorative and utility stitches. Besides, the device is performing adequately on heavy-duty fabrics and multiple layers. It is the best machine as it is the best beginner of the different friendly features present on board. The major features are a 1-step buttonhole, drop-in bobbin, and an automatic needle threader. These different machines are bearing the best feed mechanism. You will not find any issues such as bobbin jamming or skipped stitches. Tension is perfect at any time. The durability of the machine allows the singer machine to end up serving one for long periods.

Sewing machines allow people to sew on their own and thus save money. While sewing, you will get a sense of fulfillment that comes hand in hand with the capacity of making something alone. Since sewing is one of the best hobbies, you will never regret having gotten to this area. It is one of the best hobbies which will end up giving as long as one is sewing. Sewing clothes is one of the best ways of dressing up using the style that pleases you most.

Singer sewing machine frame

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Singer 44s vs. 4423 Comparison


  • Speed

The 44s have the capacity of sewing 1000 stitches in one minute. On the other hand, the Singer 4423 has the ability of sewing 1100 stitches in one minute. As a result, of this speed difference, 4423 is known for working more compared to 44s.

  • Measurements

Measurements present in Singer 44s are much better compared to the measurements in 4423. If measurements are your main considerations, opt to buy the Singer 44s.

  • Color

The two machines, 44s and 4423, are different in color. As a result, you will easily determine which is the 44s and which is 4423

  • Markings

The markings in 44s are differing from those in 4423. However, this is a small difference as it does not affect how the machines are working.


  • Similar built-in stitches

The two models have 23 stitches. You will be surprised by how the two models look similar. Rather than the measurements present in 44s, the two products are also identical. Therefore, it will not be a worry when the two models are bearing built-in 23 stitches. The casual and new users will not require the use of numerous stitches. The 23 stitches are too much for most of the few sewers. There is always a need for one to ensure there is a good selection present.

  • Stitching speed

In the case of stitching speed, the winner is 4423. It has the capacity of sewing 1100 stitches in one minute. Its maximum 44s sewing speed is 1000 stitches in one minute. However, the speed difference may not faze beginners. Many experts may require to have more reiterate. Their SPM 100 difference makes 4423 qualified sellers while in comparison to the mediocre performance of 44S.

  • Stability

Since these two machines have identical frames, they are similar regarding stability. These machines are containing heavy-duty internal frames. As a result, they will not end up wobbling, even while one is using heavy fabrics. You will thus be sewing a variety of layers of cotton and flannel. Also, while all this is taking place, there is no time when the machine will end up rattling.


The two machines are known for being less or more similar high performers and heavy-duty. The difference in markings and color is not giving many challenges. Since the two items are not deal and adequate breakers, they will not at any time compromise on the workability of machines. The difference in speed is among the major differences which are worth considering. While looking towards saving some money, you need to go for 4423.

Most people are enjoying using the Singer sewing 44S machine since it is pretty clear. With this machine, you guarantee that your various activities will be carried out at the right time. Therefore, purchase this device today to get quality and reliable services.

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