Top 5 Best Portable Electric Sewing Machine Reviews

Sewing is an amazing skill that helps you or your kids improve on imagination and creativity thus the need for a sewing machine. A portable electric sewing machine comes with numerous benefits not forgetting that you can take it anywhere you want to go. These machines also come with several accessories that make your project much simpler and fast and easy to complete.

If you are in the search for the best portable electric sewing machine, this is the place to be. This article will have compiled some of the best portable electric sewing machines and answered some of the questions that may close your mind about these machines.


How to Pick the Best Portable Electric Sewing Machine?

There are different portable electric sewing machines in the market today and coming up with the best one can be overwhelming. However, this article has compiled some factors that will help you choose the best portable electric sewing machine.

handheld electric sewing machine

– Powering system.

This is a crucial factor to consider. Three options are available for you to choose from. First, you can buy a portable sewing machine that is powered solely by electricity. The second option is to go for a sewing machine that is powered by batteries. The last option is to buy one that is powered by both electricity and batteries. The last option is the best since you can use your machine any time you want.

-The type of machine.

There are two types of portable electric sewing machines in the market. They include the handheld and the standard small size machine. These machines work in similar ways but the handheld sewing machine is quite small. You have to consider your needs to determine the machine that will work best for you.

– Features.

– This is something that you should not neglect when choosing your portable electric sewing machine. The features onboard determine the functionality of your machine. You should bear in mind the intended purposes of the machine to help you in choosing the features that will give you limitless functions.

– Functionality.

Before buying your portable electric sewing machine, consider the functionality factor. You can use your machine on different fabrics with different thicknesses. The machine should be easy to use and can stitch perfectly.


Best Portable Electric Sewing Machine Reviews:

1. Best For Beginners – CHARMINER Mini Sewing Machine.

mini electric sewing machine


  • Compact and space-saving design.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Rich sewing accessories.
  • Perfect for daily sewing.
  • Portable.
  • Limited features.

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CHARMINER mini is a portable electric sewing machine that is equipped with a large extension table making it more convenient when working on your large projects. The extension table also keeps the sewing machine more stable when sewing.

On top of that, the sewing machine features a working lamp that protects your eyes as well as reducing fatigue when sewing. It has a built-in thread cutter for quick and easy cutting.

CHARMINER mini sewing machine comes with some accessories including a needle threader, 10 bobbins, a needle, an adapter, 6 rolls thread, and a foot pedal. The two adjustable speeds are best for beginners as well as professionals. The double thread design and the cross sewing of its bottom thread and the upper thread guarantee solid seams. Moreover, you can adjust the tension of your sewing thread with a tension adjusting screw.

The high and low speeds selections are meant to keep safe and powerful. The sewing machine is perfect for beginners to make home sewing, craft, aprons, and lunch bags. It is also easy to operate since it does not have many complicated operation requirements.


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2. Best For Household – Portable Electrical Sewing Machine.

portable handheld cordless electric sewing machine


  • Portable sewing machine.
  • 12 stitch patterns.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Many accessories
  • Large extension table.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty fabrics

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The Portable electrical sewing machine is powered in 2 ways: 4AA batteries or a power adapter. This is a small size sewing machine that is easy to transport and store. Furthermore, the machine is convenient for sewing at home or traveling. Typically it is great for daily sewing and do-it-yourself.

The sewing machine comes with a large extension table making it ideal to work on your large projects as well as keeping your mini machine stable during operation.

It is easy for beginners to use. This is made possible by the high and low-speed settings featured. You can select the speed setting to keep safe and also powerful. The sewing is made simple such that you can sew with both hands and then control the speed with the foot pedal.

The sewing machine boasts 12 stitching modes that satisfy your wide range of demands. It is possible to adjust the length of your stitch and the zigzag design enables you to customize your stitches. With the cuff slot on the bottom, you can sew pant hems and sleeves.

Additionally, the portable sewing machine comes with a small LED light suitable for protecting your eyes and also minimizing fatigue. It also has a built-in thread cutter that allows easy cutting. Some of the included accessories are 20 random color threads, 4 bobbins, a lock buttonhole, a needle, and many more.


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3. Best Lightweight – Jeteven Electric Sewing Machine.

mini electric handheld sewing machine


  • Sews almost if not all kinds of fabrics.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • LED light for better vision.
  • Adjustable speed control.
  • Suitable for small fabric sewing

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Jeteven is an ideal sewing machine for travel, home, or emergency. It is perfect for beginners, kids, or craftspeople. This mini sewing machine weighs 2.89 lbs and with dimensions of 10.62 by 7.32 by 9.76 inches. This makes it easy to carry and store due to this space-saving design.

The electrical sewing machine boasts 2 adjustable speeds: high/low-speed control. This helps you create straight, neat, and firmer stitches. The machine also keeps quiet and does not heat during operation. Moreover, it is equipped with a night LED light, foot pedal, and a thread cutter as well as a self-winding bobbin for easier sewing.

The large extension table ensures maximum stability hence making your sewing smooth enough. With the cuff slot, you can sew trouser legs and sleeves. The machine is perfect for synthetics, cotton, rayon, cashmere, linen, and almost everything. It also comes with numerous accessories.


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4. Best with Extension Table – Suteck Mini Sewing Machine.

mini portable electric sewing machine


  • Good for beginners.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable construction.
  • Adjustable speeds.
  • Sewing only

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Suteck Mini sewing machine has been upgraded with a large operation space including a metal hook tip making it easier to sew on thick fabric. The metal hook tip reduces the machine failure that is caused by wear thus extending its life. The machine is perfect for wool, silks, pant hems, holes rips, drapes, and many more.

To make it better, the machine has been designed with a double switching mechanism. It boasts a push-button switch and a foot pedal. It is upon you to choose which one to use.

The machine is also equipped with a built-in LED light to give adequate light during sewing. The built-in winding pole, automatic bobbin rewinding, and a spool help to rewind the bobbin when you switch on your sewing machine for easy bobbins replacement..

It has two adjustable speeds: high/low-speed control. This ensures perfect stitch control that matches your sewing skills. The combination of the surface line and bottom line helped by the automatic winding setting give high-quality sewing.


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5. Best For Kids – Portable and Lightweight Mini Sewing Machine.

mini sewing machine portable


  • Automatic bobbin rewinding.
  • Built-in lighting.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Compact design.
  • Two-speed setting.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Durable construction.
  • Take some time for instruction

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The portable sewing machine has been made with high-quality materials. It adopts ABS construction materials that have an extended service life. The machine has been designed with a mini and a single stitching type for your basic home sewing needs.

The portable mini machine has perfect functions including a special cuff slot for trouser legs and sleeves sewing. It is also equipped with LED lighting allowing you to see better thus reducing eye damage.

The double thread design and the cross sewing of the bottom and upper thread ensures solid seams. It also has a built-in thread cutter that ensures easy cutting. This simple sewing machine is capable of sewing multiple layers and thick fabric.

The two adjustable speeds are a perfect match for beginners and allow them to sew with confidence. Buying this machine, you are guaranteed satisfactory customer service and the best sewing machine that you can get.


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What Is a Portable Electric Sewing Machine?

This is a machine that is compact, small in size, portable, and lightweight. Typically it has a space-saving design. The machine can operate solely on electricity or batteries or both. It is also mostly meant for beginners since it lacks complicated features that can be confusing. It is mostly used to work on small projects that are important to a learner. It can be used to perform simple tasks such as repairs and home decor.


Who Needs the Portable Electric Sewing Machine the Most?

As its name suggests, the sewing machine is best for individuals who are travelling constantly. The machine is best if you are taking sewing classes. It is portable and lightweight making it easy to carry to your classes. Moreover, the machine does not have complicated fancies that will confuse you if you are a learner. It is therefore beginner-friendly and best suited for learners or individuals who take sewing as a hobby.


Benefits of Getting a Portable Electric Sewing Machine

mini electric sewing machine

Below are the benefits of acquiring a portable electric sewing machine:

– Best sewing machine quality.

If you are in a situation that requires better stitching, a portable electric sewing machine is your option. The machine can add decorative lace to your heavy wear or curtain together with some fancy frills.

– New wonder machines.

These machines are compact and also easy to handle. True to their names, they are portable and are also straightforward to use. They do not have complicated mechanisms.

– The stitching is neat and accurate.

With a portable electric sewing machine, you will make neat and accurate stitches. Your only task is to adjust your thread perfectly. Once you are done with this, your machine perfectly does the rest.


How Much Does a Portable Electric Sewing Machine Cost?

A basic portable electric sewing machine with the basic stitches cost between $100 – $1000. The machine will be suitable for home decorating repairs and simple dressmaking. You can also dig deeper into your pocket and with under $3000, you can buy a mid-range portable sewing machine with some embroidery patterns as well as various attachments.


How to Use a Portable Electric Sewing Machine?

Below is a step-by-step guide to using your portable electric sewing machine.

– Get your portable electric sewing machine ready.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that your machine operates on either batteries or electricity. Therefore, the first step is to connect to your power outlet or load your batteries into the machine. The batteries used are AA type and the number varies from one machine to another. Once you have connected your power source, the next step is to set the bobbin.

– Set up the bobbin.

The bobbin is a real design or a small wheel that is made from wood, metal, or plastic and holds the thread. The portable electric sewing machine uses a thread only to sew, unlike the ancient sewing machine. Therefore, locate the bobbin holder on the side to position the thread appropriately. Slide on the bobbin once you have pulled off your bobbin holder with the spring under it. Position your spring carefully on top of the hole for the bobbin holder. Next, slide the bobbin holder, and thereafter, position your bobbin into place.

– Thread the needle.

Position your thread in the bobbin sewing machine’s side to enable the thread to exit your bobbin clockwise. Pull the thread’s end from the bobbin towards your sewing machine front and position it into the separate header of your sewing machine.

Fix the threaded end through your machine needle’s eye and then remove the threader after you have pulled your thread through the hole. After you are done threading your needle, turn your rotary once to allow the thread to go beneath, in turn, fastening the plate of your sewing machine. Finally, pick up your fastening plate and use its seam to remove the thread from underneath the fastening plate.

– Sew the fabric.

When the arm of your needle is up, turn the wheel on your sewing machine in either direction. Pick up your presser foot with one hand and use the other to position your fabric underneath. Place your fabric in its preferred position to ensure that the needle is straight over the position you want to start the seam.

Using one hand, grip your machine firmly and press the power button. Your machine will begin to sew. On the other hand, guide the fabric, through your sewing machine. Switch off the power when done.

– Secure the stitches.

The final step is to secure your stitches. Upon completion on your row of stitches, ensure that your stitches cannot untangle. To do this, raise the arm of your needle by moving the rotary wheel. Thereafter, pick up the fastening plate and pull out the thread and cut it with a seam ripper. After this, turn your rotary wheel again to allow the needle to go up and down and create a loop in your thread on the back of the fabric.

Next, pick the fastening plate and then pull out your fabric. Locate the loop on the backside of the fabric and pull it to allow the trailing end of the thread to move from the front of the fabric to the back. By this, you will have secured your stitches.



Is Singer Portable Electric Sewing Machine Worth Buying?

This depends on several factors including the condition of the machines, desirability of the model as well as the features onboard. There are cool models with incredible features and at affordable prices that will meet your demands. Before determining whether the Singer portable sewing machine is worth, you have to consider the intended purposes that you want it to perform. Matching those purposes with the features that the machine comes with and then determine whether the machine can meet your needs, and by this, you will know whether it is worth buying.


Should I Get a Portable Electric Cordless Sewing Machine?

Yes, a portable electric cordless sewing machine can be your option. Most of these machines will run by AA batteries and are very good if you are traveling to a place that lacks electricity supply. The machines are, therefore, not limited to electricity alone, and from their name, which means you are travelling frequently, they are worth considering.



In conclusion, a portable sewing machine is best if you are travelling constantly. It is also the best machine for a learner since it will be easy to take to your class not forgetting that it is beginner-friendly. After reading through the article, you are in a good position to choose your best portable electric sewing machine.