Top 6 Best Pink Sewing Machine Reviews

Are pinks sewing machines reputable? If you are a beginner and need a simple sewing machine to train at home or use basic sewing activities in-house, pink sewing machines are the real deal. These sewing machines are mainly designed with beginners in mind as they are light and easy to master. This guarantees that even kids can comfortably use pink sewing machines for sewing and training at home.

However, note that the pink sewing machines are made in varying styles and with varying features to fit each sewing needs, especially beginners. What else do you need to know about the pink sewing machines? This article has all the complete information you need to know about the pink sewing machines and a review of the top six best models.

How to Pick the Best Pink Sewing Machine?

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Ease to use

Even if you are a beginner or a professional tailor, a sewing machine that is easy to use and operate is always a win. You need a sewing machine that will make the right patterns and stitches, which is easy to thread to save your time. So, check out the steps you need to follow when setting up and using the pink sewing machine to see if it will suit you or not.

Easy to thread machine

This is one of the most delicate steps of setting up any sewing machine since how you thread the needle and bobbin will determine the stitching done on the garment. If possible, always opt for a machine that has an automated threading mode.

The weight

Do you need a sewing machine that you can easily move around or a machine that is stationed? Make sure to check out the weight of the sewing machine to make sure it will suit you. For example, if you need a sewing machine to use from multiple areas or for your child, ensure to choose a model that light in weight.

Other accessories

Do you need a pink sewing machine for your child? If so, you need to make sure it has other accessories such as a pedal for easy controlling the machine and a foot lever.


Best Pink Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Best Portable – NEX Crafting Mending Machine

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  • This machine has a handle for easy carrying
  • The sewing machine is extremely portable
  • The sewing machine has inbuilt stitches
  • This machine is affordable
  • The bobbin of this machine keeps on getting tangled when threading.

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This is a sewing machine I would recommend for kids learning how to sew or make various clothes at home. The machine is easy to master and is lightweight for easy portability. On top of that, the machine is equipped with a handle on top so your child can have an easy time moving it and setting up on areas of their choice.

Easy to use

This sewing machine is designed with a beginner in mind. The machine is quite easy to use from the available inbuilt stitches and the modes of controlling it. It has varying working speeds so everyone, especially kids, can choose the sewing speed they are comfortable with.


This sewing machine is also ideal for homes that require a simple machine for basic sewing jobs n the house. The sewing machine has 12 inbuilt stitches that you can incorporate when sewing and equipping patterns in your garments.

Inbuilt bulb

This machine comes with an inbuilt bulb such that you don’t need to strain when sewing in dark lit areas


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2. Best For Kids – Beletops Portable Sewing Machine For All Types of Fabric

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  • The sewing machine is quite portable
  • It is easy to operate by all
  • You can use it to sew hard materials like denim
  • Has dual speed adjustment
  • Setting up this machine is not easy since the instructions are not clear

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If you are looking for a durable gift for your daughter learning how to sew, this pink sewing machine from Beletops will for sure suit her. The sewing machine is crafted in a lightweight design, so your daughter does not have a hard time moving it to a different area to use.

Durable and heavy-duty material construction

This sewing machine features quality and heavy-duty materials for durability. Most parts are made with durable and quality stainless steel.

Automatic dual motor

This sewing machine is made with an automatic motor that adjusts in two different levels

High materials compatibility

This sewing machine is safe for most materials such as cotton, rayon, synthetic, silk, and even hard materials like denim.


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3. Best Easy to Use – Janome Pink Sorbet Sewing Machine

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  • This sewing machine comes with a long term warranty
  • The machine is quite easy to use
  • Comes with a tutorial for guiding beginners
  • The machine is adjustable in settings to meet one’s sewing needs.
  • The sewing machines’ needles are not suitable for hard materials as they easily break, mainly when forced to move.

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This beautiful pink sewing machine has a metal interior frame that is quite strong and sturdy as well. Thus, if you are a beginner, you can comfortably train with it from different house areas.


This sewing machine has inbuilt stitches, buttonhole settings, and a bobbin loading system that you can adjust to suit your sewing needs.


Although this sewing machine may be classified among the top best sewing machines for beginners, it has quality features and design, plus comes with a 25 years warranty for quality assurance.

Multiple accessories

This sewing machine comes with four presser feet, a video for guide, and high presser feet lift as a bonus.


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4. Best Cordless – Jeteven Handheld Sewing Machine 

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  • This sewing machine is handheld for easy operation
  • The sewing machine is good for small sewing jobs
  • The sewing machine is quite light in weight
  • The machine is good to use with thick materials
  • Considering this sewing machine is manually controlled, it only works for small projects such as installing buttons or repairing garments.

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The fact that this sewing machine is cordless makes it comfortable to use from different areas, whether at home or outdoors. The sewing machine is hand-operated, and the lightweight structure ensures you can use it by holding with just one hand.

High fabric compatibility

This sewing machine has the highest materials compatibility since you can use it to use materials with a thickness of up to 1.8 mm.

Extremely portable

This sewing machine is super light in weight as it only weighs 0.49 pounds for easy portability


This sewing machine is powered by triple-A batteries, which means that you can use it from any area, including those without a power connection for convenience.


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5. Best For Beginners – FNEX Portable Adjustable Sewing Machine

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  • This sewing machine comes with 24 hours of customer care services
  • The machine is quite easy to use
  • This sewing machine is favorable for beginners
  • Carrying the machine to different locations is easy for all, including kids
  • This machine could function even better if it has more sewing speed adjustments to choose from

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The NEX Mini sewing machines may feature a compact design, but it comes with all the necessary parts you need for your sewing jobs. Thus, the machine is perfect for multiple training modes for beginners. The sewing machine has two adjustable speeds to choose from depending on your experience and sewing speeds.

Built-in LED light

It is comfortable to sew with this sewing machine even in dark lit areas since it comes with an inbuilt light for illumination when working in dark places.


This sewing machine weighs less than 5 pounds, a comfortable weight to carry by all, including beginners.

Adjustable speed

This pink sewing machine is fit for both beginners and professional tailors since it has two sewing speeds to choose from. You can select between high or low speed to use when sewing your clothes.


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6. Best Lightweight – PDJW Household Electric Mini Sewing Machine 

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  • The sewing machine is suitable for thick fabrics
  • It has varying speed intervals to choose from
  • The sewing machine has a lightweight design
  • The machine is quite affordable
  • This sewing machine may only work for kids since it lacks many basic settings, such as reverse stitching, plus it is quite small in size.

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This freehand mini sewing machine is good for household use or a beginner learning how to use a sewing machine. It is an electrically powered sewing machine that guarantees fast sewing jobs. The machine comes with a foot pedal for convenient control of the sewing process, especially when used by kids.

Quality materials construction

This sewing machine is made of the quality and durable ABS materials that guarantee its durability.

Unique sewing deigns

This sewing machine is crafted with special cuff slops essential for sewing in the trouser, shirt, and short sleeves.

AC adaptor

The sewing machines come with an AC adaptor to ensure you get continued power supply when working with it.


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What Brands of Pink Sewing Machine Should I Choose?

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Pink Singer sewing machine

The Singer pink sewing machines are designed with beginner sewers in mind. The majority of the singer pink sewing models are made with automatic sewing mode to make it much easier for kids or beginners to master the sewing tactic, such as threading and choosing stitches.

Bernina Tula pink sewing machine

These types of sewing machines come in varying sizes and styles. You can get a good and durable pink sewing machine from Bernina for kids and professional sewing needs. These sewing machines are crafted with huge spaces essential for quilting and stitching. Some models have inbuilt stitches that you can customize to meet your sewing needs.

Janome pink sewing machine

Janome sewing machines are all about fun! These sewing machines are made with fun pink colors that will make your tailoring area look elegant, and the features available on the machines are quite comfortable to select. The Janome pink sewing machines are made with a lightweight design and are easy to use for all people, even beginners. Other than these, these machines come with tutorial guides such as manual and videos to guide new users.

John lewis pink sewing machine

One thing that I love about John lewis pink sewing machines is the portability form. These sewing machines are made with ergonomic styles, such as handles for easy holding the machine to carry when moving it to different areas. Other features that these pink sewing machines have are inbuilt light for illumination, automatic bobbin threading, and threading the needles. These sewing machines brands have heavy-duty material construction backed up with long term warranty.

Pink Brother sewing machine

Brother sewing machines have been in the industry for quite some time due to the quality construction and reliable features. These machines have inbuilt stitches that you can use to make various patterns on garments and embroidery. I would also recommend these sewing machines for people who want to be creative in sewing since they feature great settings that you can apply when sewing.


What Types of Pink Sewing Machine Should I Choose?


These are the most advanced sewing machines you will find in the market. The computerized sewing machines are made with inbuilt settings that you select to apply on garments. The computerized pink sewing machines have a touch screen mode design for easy choosing the features and are compatible with smart devices if you want to download more features and patterns to add to the garments.


Handheld sewing machines are the most flexible sewing machines for basic jobs or training purposes. The handheld sewing machines have a lightweight design to ensure your hands are comfortable when working. They are easy to use from different angles as well, depending on the garment you work on.


Electric sewing machines are good for people who want to have consistency when sewing their clothes. These sewing machines come with adaptors so you can connect to electric power to use. They are recommendable for heavy-duty sewing jobs since they provide consistency in functioning and power supply. The pink sewing machine with electric connection designs has multiple features like inbuilt stitches to choose from when sewing your clothes.



These pink sewing machines are the best choices for beginners or basic home sewing needs. They are made in compact sizes, which may not suit bulk or large projects, but they are reliable for home training. They have quality materials, so you don’t have to questions their durability, and they are easy to use, one of the reasons they are recommendable for kids.