5 Best Lightweight Sewing Machines

Often need to commute between sewing class and home? Travel a lot and love to sew in the spare time? Well, it is high time you consider getting yourself a versatile yet portable sewing machine.

Either for simple emergency sewing during home or travel or sewing skill experiment in sewing class, we have the product that suits you. They also come with exclusive features such as a free arm, jam-resistant drop-in-top bobbin, and an automatic needle threader for all your applications.

Use the buying guide and product review below to make an informed choice if you are about to purchase one.


Our Top Picks

Have a glance at the lightweight portable sewing machines we cherry-picked!

1. Full-Size Portable Sewing Machine For Advanced Sewers: Brother CS6000i 

2. Best Combo of Features & Portability: Brother CS5055PRW

3. Most Reliable Lightweight Sewing Machine: Janome 2212 

4. Tiny Contraption with Extension Table: Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

5. Small Workhorse with Various Functions: Luby Sewing Machine

6. Mini Handheld Cordless Sewing Machine: Buyfitcase Black8113


Who Needs a Lightweight Sewing Machine?

Lightweight sewing machines are great for all beginners who would want to learn how to sew especially in classes. These machines are light and therefore portable meaning you can use them on the small table in your classroom, in your homes in the living room, in your patio, garden, or even work in your bedroom if you do not want to be disturbed.

Also, for those who are frequently traveling but would want to continue with their learning, these machines can be taken anywhere in the world you would love to go because besides being lightweight, they are small enough to fit in small spaces.


How to Pick the Best Lightweight Sewing Machine?

There are many lightweight sewing machines in the market, and you may find it challenging to select the most suitable for all your applications. Well, depending on your sewing habits, budget, and lifestyle, below are some of the features you need to consider when selecting sewing machines:

Weight & Size

The sewing machine you consider purchasing should either be lightweight with a plastic exterior to help reduce weight for convenience and reliability. Heavy and large sewing machines are quite challenging to carry around to various locations, and also, the too-light devices may get damages while sewing.

One should always consider a sewing machine with the right stability, weight, and portability for effectiveness.

Carrying Handle

Check the back or top to make sure there’s a handle, which enables you to move it without difficulty even though you don’t have a case or tote. Brother CS6000i sewing machine has a molded handle on the back, whereas some other models like Pfaff have a folding handle on the top.

Free Arm

It would also help if you considered a lightweight sewing machine with a free arm that is mostly found in the accessory compartment. The free-arm enables you to sew the hard-to-reach-areas, including the hem, cuffs, and sleeves. This is done by slipping the garments and increasing the bobbin’s length, shuttle space, and feed dog.

Built-in Stitches

Different sewing machines feature different built-in stitches, and the number of stitches depends on the machine’s functionality. The stitches come in various styles and colors, and the multiple stitches help you sew different fabric types, from quilts to silk.

LED Lights

Lighting above the work area helps work in dimly-lit areas or view the details of your project, and is perfect for sewing on darker fabrics. Especially during travel, you’ll be able to save room in your case for other things by leaving clamp light at home. Such products, as Brother CS6000i and CS5055PRW, make sewing at night suddenly twice as easy.


Lightweight Portable Sewing Machine vs. Regular Sewing Machine

If you are looking to start up a small retail sewing business or just to improve your sewing skills without investing too much money, it is high time you consider getting a lightweight sewing machine. This and a regular sewing machine have unique differences, but they are all helpful in completing your projects. The significant differences include:

Applicable to Fewer Materials

Compared to most regular sewing machines, lightweight and portable sewing machines have difficulties in sewing thick fabrics. The machine requires installing the ideal needle to allow you to sew the thickest fabrics, such as denim. The regular allows automation and is applicable for all types of materials.

Lower Speed

Also, unlike the regular sewing machine, the lightweight portable sewing machine has a lower speed, normally under 800 spm (stitches per minute), giving room for mistakes to be corrected. The regular is quite fast, efficient, and time-saving.


Top 5 Lightweight Sewing Machine Reviews

Here are reviews on top 5 portable sewing machines. Come and pick a versatile yet portable sewing machine from computerized or mechanical, full-size or mini handheld types! It will be the sweetest helper during your class and traveling.


Computerized Sewing Machine


1. Feature-packed: Brother CS6000i Lightweight Full-size Computerized Quilting Machine


portable computerized sewing machine


60 built-in stitches

7 one-step buttonholes

LCD screen

Automatic needle threader

Free motion

Size & Weight

Size: 13 lbs

Weight: 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches



  • Most stitches
  • Highly automated
  • simple-to-view backlit LCD display


  • A little costly

If you are a sewing enthusiast or an advanced user, then it is high time you consider using this one, a Brother computerized sewing machine to develop your sewing skillset.

It features 60 unique built-in stitches and 7 auto-size buttonhole styles that make your clothes and other designs look stylish and fashionable.

Likewise, it comes with an automatic needle threader to quickly push your thread through needles, and it has a jam-resistant drop-in-top bobbin for convenience.

Moreover, it comes with a wide table, 3 bobbins, and a twin needle. Furthermore, its hard protective case is a must-have when carrying around, protecting your sewing machine from scratches and other damages.

Besides that, it has an LCD screen that allows you to easily select any type of stitches with just a touch of a button and check on your selections.

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2. Most Versatile: Brother CS5055PRW Portable Full-size Computerized Sewing Machine



50 built-in stitches

5 one-step buttonholes

LCD screen

Automatic needle threader

Free motion

Size & Weight:

Size: 19.48 x 10.75 x 15.96 inches

Weight: 10.55 lbs



  • Highly automated
  • Versatile yet lightweight
  • simple-to-view backlit LCD display
  • Best combo of features and portability


  • A little costly

Compared to the first one, Brother CS5055PRW is much more lighter with no more than 11 lbs. And this benefit only sacrifices a little stitch options. It features 50 built-in stitches, 10 less than Brother CS6000i. Likewise, it comes with merely 5 one-step auto-size buttonholes.

Overall, these two models are way more versatile than the rest products in this list, with its high price guarantee.

Moreover, the sewing machine features an automatic needle thread to push the line through the needle quickly. Besides that, it features a  quick-set top loading bobbin, to ensure the bobbin stays in place while sewing.


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Mechanical Sewing Machine


3. Best Quality: Janome 2212 Lightweight Mechanical Sewing Machine



6 built-in stitches

1 four-step buttonhole

A maximum speed of 860 spm

Dial pattern selection

Size & Weight

Size: 14.92 lbs

Weight: 18 x 13.5 x 8.9 inches



  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Good quality


  • Less automated
  • Needle threader not included

Janome introduces a versatile and convenient sewing machine for both beginners and advanced sewers who want to grow their skills daily. It is affordable and comes with 6 built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole for ease of use and reliability.

Similarly, the sewing machine has a maximum speed of 860 spm, and its package comes with various accessories such as a universal needle and ten bobbins. Moreover, the sewing machine features a drop feed and free arm, making it more versatile for different sewing types.

Besides that, it comes with a stitch length adjustment and zig-zag stitch width adjustment to ensure ease of use. Furthermore, it has a dial pattern selection that allows you to check on the sewing pattern quickly.


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4. Most Convenient: Varmax Mini Portable Sewing Machine



Large extension table

High/low-speed for selection

Built-in lamp and thread cutter

Adapter & battery power supply

Size & Weight:

Size: 6.9 x 3.5 x 8.6 inches

Weight: 3.21 lbs



  • Easy to learn
  • Built-in lamp
  • Value for money
  • Cordless


  • Only support the simplest sewing: straight line
  • Slightly unsteady
  • No reverse function

Are you looking for a small machine for your simple sewing needs? Well, if that is the case, consider using a Varmax sewing machine. It features a compact and mini-size design to save on your space and perfectly fit in small rooms. Similarly, the machine features a built-in lamp and thread cutter to offers perfect lighting for all your projects.

Additionally, it comes with a large extension table to ensure stable and smooth sewing. Besides that, the sewing machine features a cuff slot perfect for sewing trousers and sleeves.

Also, it features built-in light for adequate sources of lighting while sewing. Moreover, it has a classic-straight-line stitch type to allow primary sewing. Lastly, the sewing machine features double thread stitching to ensure you can finish sewing without knotting.


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5. Best for Beginners: Luby Sewing Machine

best lightweight sewing machine for classes


12 built-In stitches

Low/high speed control

Small and lightweight

Free arm

Size & Weight

Size: 11.4 x 5.1 x 9.6 inches

Weight: 5.99 lbs



  • It comes with tutorials.
  • It is great for kid sewers.
  • It is easy to use and control.


  • It has a limited number of stitch styles.

Are you tired or find it boring reading the user manual before beginning your classes? Well, Luby sewing machine will be the best machine to start your learning with as it comes with 4 tutorial videos that will help you master the art of sewing. In comparison to other machines, the Luby sewing machine is small and lightweight, which makes it fit into small spaces and portable to be carried easily to your classes and workplaces at any time and anywhere.

Furthermore, this machine comes with 12 inbuilt stitches which are just what you need as a beginner to sharpen your skills. You simply have to adjust the knob to choose the stitch pattern you want including a 4 step auto-size buttonhole for nice buttonhole sewing. Adding to sewing buttonholes perfectly, sleeves, trousers, and other types of projects can be sewn to perfection using the Luby sewing machine.

Lastly, it is equipped with inbuilt speed control that allows you to access the high and low speeds by pressing a button. It is a perfect machine to increase power when working while minding safety. Besides, it is the best choice to use when teaching kids how to sew.


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6. The Smallest: Buyfitcase Mini Handheld Cordless Sewing Machine, Black8113



4-thread set points

Adjustable mounting plate

Sewing thickness of up to 1.8mm

Adapter & battery power supply

Lightweight and compact

Size & Weight

Size: 8.74 x 5.91 x 2.13 inches

Weight: 10.8 oz



  • Cheap
  • Easy to maintain
  • Applicalbe to mutiple fabrics
  • Easy carry


  • slow, only manually to operate
  • limited functionality

Buyfitcase delivers a portable and easy-to-use sewing machine for all your sewing applications. It is compact and lightweight for carrying and versatile for emergency sewing and on-site maintenance when traveling or at home.

Similarly, the sewing machine is easy to use, cheap, and easy to maintain and allows faster transportation. Besides that, it works with 4 AA batteries for convenience and reliability. Additionally, the sewing machine is suitable for multiple fabrics, including clothing, curtains, wool, silk, and perforations.

Likewise, it allows a sewing thickness of up to 1.8mm and features a user-friendly design for high performance and functionality. Besides this, the sewing machine comes with 4-thread set points and an adjustable mounting plate for easy use.


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Mechanical and Computerized Sewing Machine, Which to Choose?

portable sewing machine, computerized or mechanicalIt’s up to your current skill level and purpose for the future, whether you need a computerized sewing machine. To decide, you should know the detail about the utility, function, and features of both types and which suits what kind of users.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

If you are new to sewing and want to just sit down and get started with it, a mechanical sewing machine is good enough for your purpose. It’s also for a user that only does the basic sewing because no one would want to buy a machine with loads of features that he/she only uses once a year.

Computerized Sewing Machines

A computerized sewing machine, which improves or adds in some way to the computerization, might be the one for those who plan to expand their skillset and always keen on something new.


What Features of a Lightweight Sewing Machine Do You Need for Quilting?

Quilting involves joining more than three fabrics either by hand or using a sewing machine to create a thick padded design or material. It can be a craft or a leisure activity. Quilting sewing machines help you to quickly and efficiently quilt fabrics of 4-6 inches. The features of different quilting machines make the whole performance difference. The major components you should check include:

Decorative Stitches and Extension Table

When taking a quilting class, you should consider a sewing machine that features decorative stitches to allow you to add a better and more quality design to your pattern. Similarly, look for a sewing machine with an extendable table to work on your quilt projects with optimum freedom and efficiency.

Thread Cutter and Large Throat Space

Similarly, always consider a sewing machine with a built-in thread cutter to ensure your machine’s versatility and allow you to explore more quilting options. If you are taking a quilting class, you will consider a sewing machine with a large throat space to provide you with more room to work on your large projects.

High Needle Speed

Quilting generally requires a high speed. Lightweight machines for a quilting class should allow you to access the high-speed control for a quick project tackling.

Moveable Needle Position and Durable Frame

Lastly, you should always consider a sewing machine that you can easily set a down or up position to give you more freedom when quilting. Likewise, one needs to consider a sewing machine with quality and a strong frame to allow long-lasting use and durability.



1. Are all types of fabrics suitable for a portable, lightweight sewing machine?


A portable, lightweight sewing machine is perfect for making crafts with the softest fabrics, such as lunch bags, dresses, silk blouses, and other clothing types. Most thick materials require powerful machines with metal frame. Thus, a portable sewing machine, which is mostly made of lightweight plastics, isn’t suitable for heavy-duty work with denim, leather, etc.

2. What types of stitches are most needed in a lightweight sewing machine?

Depending on the use of the lightweight sewing machine, it comes with different kinds of built-in stitches.

Each stitch has different styles and colors to make your designs more attractive and stylish. Decorative, heirloom, and utility stitches are most functional lightweight sewing machine stitches as it helps bring out the craft in you.



Enhance your sewing skills with a versatile, easy-to-use, and durable sewing machine. The sewing machines are ideal for on-site maintenance and emergency sewing while traveling or at home.

Besides that, some of them feature an automatic needle threader, LCD, user-friendly design, and high performance. With a  lightweight computerized sewing machine like Brother CS6000i or CS5055PRW which has great functionality and portability, you are able to create any projects anywhere just as in your sewing studio. Choose the most suitable for all your sewing applications and make an order today while stock lasts.