Best Janome Sewing Machine for Beginners Reviews

In the world of sewing today, people have gone wild for the Janome brand as their sewing machines are flying off the shelf rapidly. Many individuals say it’s because of their portability that’s why this is so. I’ve made my research and found out why you need to get yourself a Janome model today.

janome basic sewing machine

Why Should Beginners Choose Janome Sewing Machine?

Smooth Sewing

Most Janome sewing machines are easy to use and are best for beginners. They are designed to be easier to understand although they do not have the same number of features as their competition.

Stitch Quality

Janome offers one of the best stitch qualities ever on their sewing machines. This is because most Janome sewing machines are mechanical types and provide more control to the users.


This is what some individuals would consider a superpower for the Janome brand. For both the computerized and mechanical sewing machines made, this brand has decided to incorporate metal parts into them. This enables the machines to work on different kinds of material and remain strong for a long while without the need to change parts.


Our Top Pick

Best rated Juki Industrial Sewing Machines
  1. Budget Choice: 2212 Sewing Machine with Bonus Bundle
  2. Best Overall with Functional Design: Magnolia 7318 Sewing and Quilting Machine
  3. Most Portable For Outdoor: Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine with Interior Metal Frame
  4. Designed For New Quilters: HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine


What Feature Does a Beginner Sewing Machine Have?

Whether computerized or not, there are features that are necessary on a beginner sewing machine for any beginner or professional. Such features include:

● The built-in stitches
● Automatic/manual needle threader
● One-step buttonhole
● Top Drop-in/ Front loading bobbins
● LCD screen for computerized sewing machines
● Sewing with and without the foot pedal: this feature is significantly on mostly computerized sewing machines. A sewing machine that features a start/stop button with a speed control slider has the capability of doing this.
● Sewing light: All sewing machines whether computerized or not should have at least one bulb to light up the workspace and is essential for sewing efficiency.
● Drop Feed and Free Arm: the Drop feed provides the user to perform some free-motion designs with ease without dropping the feeding dogs. It is the same for the Free arm that allows the user to sew cylindrical areas of the design intended with ease. Not all modern sewing machines are made with the drop feed dog lever. However, they have a darning plate that covers the feed dogs enabling you to work as if the sewing machine features a drop feed dog lever.

Another essential feature is a powerful motor that can sew through thick fabrics. This feature is regarded as the heart of every sewing machine. A beginner sewing machine has a motor speed range of 700-900 stitches per min. While that of the big boys can range from 1,100 stitches per min and above.


What to Consider When Looking For a Beginner Sewing Machine?

Types of Sewing Machines

In the world of sewing machines, there are two types. They are mechanical and computerized sewing machines. Let’s break it down from here.

● Mechanical sewing machine

This type of sewing machine does not have any computerized parts on them. These machines are best for beginners who want to embark on a simple sewing project or make amendments. They are simple to use and more affordable than the computerized version.

● Computerized Sewing Machine

This type of sewing machine offers a variety of computerized features that makes the sewing experience easier and saves time. Some of the automated features include the automatic needle-threader, bobbin winder, locking straight stitch to reinforce the seams, auto tying to secure the seam ends, thread cutter, and tension adjustments.

What do You want to sew?

When looking for a sewing machine that will deliver the best performance depends on the sewing project you want to do. When sewing a fabric, there is one thing to have in mind. Is it a heavy, medium, or light fabric? The weight of a fabric is measured by double rubs.

The lightweight fabrics have a maximum double rub of 9000 and medium weight at 15,000. While the heavyweight fabrics go higher than that of the medium weight.

To sew any of these types of fabric, select the sewing machine designed for the task or the one that can handle all kinds of fabric. The heavy-weight fabric sewing machine is capable of sewing a variety of fabrics.

Number of Stitches

As a beginner in the world of sewing, your machine should have the basic stitch settings which allow over 20 different stitches depending on the machine.

Some of the basic stitches for a beginner include straight stitch, zigzag, satin, stretch, triple straight, buttonhole, scallop, overcasting, and basting/gathering stitches.

Automatic Features

This applies to a computerized beginner sewing machine. The automated features on the sewing machine such as the needle threader and thread cutter are two features that make the job easier for you.

Also included in today’s sewing machines is the Top Drop-in Bobbin. Which if compared to its predecessor, the Front loading Bobbin, is an innovation that saves the time of the sewist by reducing the number of times you need to change the bobbin.

Simple (Easy to Use)

One of the most dreadful tasks on a sewing machine is threading. As a beginner, check the threading method of the machine; either automated or manual. Also, how easy it is to thread the needle. It is important to get an instruction manual that you can understand and please avoid getting one in an unfamiliar language to avoid misunderstandings.

Whether automated or mechanical, all new generation sewing machines are equipped with a lot of functions. Some of which you might get to use. While other functions might not get to serve a purpose for a long time. Get yourself a sewing machine that you can use at least 70 percent of its functions.


You must probably be thinking, “how much should I budget for a sewing machine now that I want to learn how to sew?” I would just say this, just have from $150 -$250 available. It all depends on the type of sewing machine you want to get yourself.


As a beginner, a portable sewing machine is the best for you. You would need a machine with the perfect weight and size that you can take to your sewing classes with you.

A sewing machine that won’t take up space in the room is what is needed. The weight of any portable sewing machine ranges from 2 lbs to 15lbs. At this ideal weight level, your shoulders do not feel heavy when you carry them around.


Top 4 Best Janome Sewing Machines for Beginners Reviews

Budget pick: Janome 2212 Sewing Machine with Bonus Bundle

janome starter sewing machine

What you may like

● Weight and Solid feel

The weight of the 2212 sewing machine is 13.2 lbs. Making this sewing machine a lightweight one. It is designed to be portable so any sewing starter can easily carry it to classes. 2212 although light and portable has a solid feel and structure, and can last a long while without the need to change any part.

● Warranty

Janome offers an amazing warranty on all its products that amazes its customers. This sewing machine offers a 25-years warranty on mechanical parts, 2-years on electrical parts, and a year on labor.

● Easy to use

On different levels, the Janome 2212 is easy to use and features a user manual that is easy to understand. It does not have a lot of controls and features therefore you will automatically know which dial operates which function at any given time.

● Price Tag

For a sewing machine of its capabilities, a price tag of $150 is affordable and worth every penny. This 2212 sewing machine stands as the cheapest Janome sewing machine in their catalog.

● Good fabric handling

Noted by several customers, this sewing machine is capable of handling thick fabrics and would not feel like it’s been overused in any way.

What can be improved

● The Bobbin

On Janome 2212 sewing machine is the Front loading bobbin which a lot of individuals have made clear to be difficult for novice users. A change to the Top loading bobbin would save a lot of time and reduce difficulty in that area.

● Presser foot pressure adjustment

This feature enables the user to adjust the pressure that the presser foot exerts on the fabric. This also aids in sewing lightweight and heavyweight fabric. Unfortunately, the Janome 2212 does not have the presser foot pressure adjustment settings. This is improved on 2212 will improve performance on the sewing machine.

● Automatic Needle Threader
The automatic needle threader makes the job easier for beginners but does not exist on the Janome 2212 sewing machine. Although this sewing machine does not have this feature, it is easy to thread the needle.

What Customers Say about it

Most customers of Janome 2212 think that the sewing machine is easy to understand and best for a novice in sewing who wants to understand the basics. They also made mention of 2212 being solid, portable, and lightweight. In other words, it can be placed at any section of the room and can be carried to sewing classes.

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Best Overall: Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing and Quilting Machine

best janome beginner sewing machine

What you may like

● Transportable

Just like the Janome 2212, the Magnolia 7318 is also lightweight and portable. Weighing just 8 kg and provided with a retractable carrying handle, you can easily transport this sewing machine anywhere you like. You can also place it at any convenient spot in your house and it would not take up space.

● Bobbin system

Unlike 2212 which features the front loading bobbin system, the 7318 features the top loading bobbin system. This saves time for the sewist who does not have to regularly change the bobbin. The bobbin system is also regarded as jam-proof.

● Stitches

This Janome sewing machine features 18 built-in stitches for both utility and decorative purposes. The stitches on this sewing machine allow creative thinkers to take advantage of them. They include

  1. Satin
  2. Satin Stretch
  3. Straight
  4. Straight (left of center)
  5. Straight Stretch
  6. Straight Stretch (left of center)
  7. Overcasting
  8. Stretch Overcasting
  9. Stretch Zigzag
  10. Double Overedge
  11. Thorn
  12. Zigzag Multi-stitch Zigzag(aka Tricot Stitch)
  13. Arrowhead
  14. Smocking
  15. Knit Stitch
  16. Bridging
  17. Blind Hem
  18. Blind Hem Stretch
  19. Fagoting
  20. Shell
  21. 4 Step buttonhole

● Presser Feet

The Janome Magnolia 7318 features 4 snap-on style presser feet to accommodate thick layers of fabric. The presser foot provides the sewist with three height settings that are, normal, up, and extra up. This feature aids perfectly on the zipper, sliding buttonhole, blind hemming, and of course for general purposes.

● Ease of Use

The Janome brand designed the Magnolia 7318 to be simple and easy to operate. This sewing machine features an instruction manual to get to know your machine as the user. The company also released a tutorial video for those who love and understand better visual learning.

What can be improved

● Cover / Case

This is one of the few flaws of the Magnolia 7318. It has no case to cover it if you decide to carry it around, possibly to sewing classes. And unfortunately, does not have an integral carry handle to aid in moving it around. This would help most novice sewists a lot if this is improved upon the next upgrade.

What Customers Say about it

Most of its customers say that the Janome Magnolia 7318 is a sturdy and durable sewing machine. They also love the fact that the machine can sew both light and heavyweight fabrics without breaking. And the price tag of $200 on this Janome sewing machine is worth it with all the features given.

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Most Portable: Only 12 lbs Janome Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine with Interior Metal Frame

best janome sewing machine for intermediate sewers

What you may like

● Durability

Underneath that body is a heavy-duty metal frame which makes this sewing machine not just portable, but durable as well. Janome designed this sewing machine to have the capability of going through much stress and remain functional.

● Versatile

With the intent of crafting the most amazing designs, the Blue Couture can be used on all kinds of projects ranging from fashion to home decor to quilting.

● Free arm

The Blue Couture features a removable storage compartment that turns into a free arm. This feature is best for sewing little openings on fabric like hemming a pair of shorts or sleeves.

What can be improved

● Accessories

With only a hand full of accessories, this sewing machine might not be the one for you on some bad days. The variety and number of accessories on this sewing machine should be increased to satisfy the needs of its users more.

● Bobbin

Quite a problem with most Janome Sewing machines, the bobbin on this sewing machine is the front loading bobbin. This has been recorded to slow down work speed for several novices who have used it. The preferred bobbin by most is the top loading bobbin which is better and faster.

What Customers Say about it

Most customers have this to say about the Janome Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine with Interior Metal Frame. “The instruction manual on this Janome sewing machine is easy to understand and has great illustrations to drive their point. The stitches are great and even with a stable and effective thread length. It is a nice and flexible machine for beginners and professionals alike.”

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For New Quilters: Industrial Style Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

best janome for beginners

What you may like

● Accessories

The HD1000 comes with a plethora of accessories in the box. The accessories with this sewing machine include the following.

  1. Hemmer foot
  2. Zipper foot
  3. Hem guide
  4. Needles
  5. Bobbins
  6. Two screwdrivers
  7. Several feet Buttonhole foot

● Solid at all Ends

This Janome company built this sewing machine to withstand all kinds of fabric and conditions thrown at it. Well constructed with metal as a bonus, the HD1000 sewing machine is capable of taking on the hardest jobs without skipping a beat.

● Fast

Famous for its incredible stitch speed, this sewing machine can enable the right user to finish a project ahead of time. The Janome HD1000 heavy-duty sewing machine’s max sewing speed is 840 stitches per minute. Making it one of the fastest sewing machines there is.

● Needle Threader and Thread Cutter

The Janome HD1000 features a built-in needle threader and thread cutter to ease its usage. And although this sewing machine is not computerized, it is doing a pretty good job in this aspect.

What can be improved

● Bobbin

For an industrial-style sewing machine, this aspect should be looked upon real quick. The bobbin on the Janome HD1000 is not top-loading but the front loading bobbin. This makes the job harder for novice sewists who would not want to be stressed by the constant changing of the bobbins.

● Foot Pedal Cord

This has been noted by several customers that the cord of the foot pedal on this Janome sewing machine is a little short. There have also been complaints about it bringing some discomfort to some of its customers due to its length.

What Customers Say about it

Most customers have a high level of satisfaction with the Janome HD1000 Heavy duty sewing machine. The ease of usage comes in as first in line with the praises for this machine. It features an exclusive instructional manual that is simple and easy to understand. There are other mentions of how fast it sews stitches and how it has enabled the user to finish projects earlier than expected.

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What Feature Will You Lose if You Pick a Beginner Machine over a Regular Full-featured One?

A regular full-featured sewing machine will constantly remain more advanced than a beginner version. This is due to their unique capabilities and features, some of which you will not get on a beginner sewing machine.

● Complete Accessories Package:

most beginner sewing machines do not come packed with all the necessary accessories. Although I would say it depends on the brand making them. But the Janome MC15000 for example comes with its own multi-layered accessories case which includes a straight stitch needle plate, magnifier attachment, blind hemmer foot, concealed zipper foot, embroidery foot, a bobbin case, and many more.

● Better Lighting:

Some may say that this is not an advanced feature and indeed it’s not. But it is important to say that increased lighting will improve your sewing experience significantly, especially for the elderly or those with eye issues.

Advanced sewing machines feature a bright light across the sewing bed for better visuals. For example, the Janome MC15000 features the HighLight that pulls out from the top of the machine. This light can be aimed at the needle area also.

● End of stitch:

this feature works well on automated sewing machines. Some advanced sewing machines provide the option of setting them to raise the needle and presser foot while cutting and tying off the thread at the end of the seam. Then as you press the start button, it lowers the already raised parts and starts a new stitch.


Is Janome Better Than Brother?

There are several ways each brand is better than the other but today we shall be looking at three aspects.

Stitch Quality

Both brands provide excellent adjustable thread tensions and feed systems for fabrics thick as a blanket and thin as silk. Talking about which brand provides the better stitch quality, Janome takes the crown. Because most Janome sewing machines are mechanical, they provide more control and stitch quality than most Brother machines.


The Janome brand went all out in this aspect with their products. The company has put a lot of effort to ensure that most of its machines are incorporated with metal parts. This makes the machines last for a longer time without changing any part whether it has been used for heavy sewings like leather and denim.


To get an affordable price on a quality sewing machine for both beginners and professionals is the endgame here. Both brands offer affordable prices for their sewing machine but the Brother brand has a selection of great sewing machines under $100. This is not said for Janome which has only 2212 at $150. The best Brother sewing machine in this range is the XM2701.



1. What is Janome’s warranty? How is the after-sale service?

As amazing as it sounds, the Jamone warranty for purchases applies within 25 years of original purchase against workmanship and material defects. This warranty is valid for non-electronic equipment. Electrical equipment has a warranty period of 2 years from the original purchase date.

The Janome brand offers wonderful after-sale service at various locations around the globe. They offer a comprehensive service to keep your equipment in the best condition to provide you with the desired performance.

2. Can I sew other stitches than the given ones of the machine? And how?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the stitch on the Janome sewing machine other than the given settings on the particular sewing machine. Although some sewing machines have the capability of utilizing other stitches, read the instruction manual for more info on the Janome sewing machine of your choice.

3. Can a sewing machine for beginners deal with heavy fabrics, such as leather, denim?

Yes, it can. The way this can be done is by changing the needle on the sewing machine to the one that can sew leather. The needle for this job has a size of 100/16 and is considered to be spear-shaped. It is advisable to change your needle regularly to aid pierce the material cleanly and avoid working with a blunt needle.