Janome Memory Craft 6600p Review

Sewing and quilting are part and parcel when it comes to fabric processing. The Janome Memory craft 6600p sewing machine ensures sewing cannot be much easier and enjoyable. Besides, with Janome Memory craft, you can now handle any sewing chore comfortably. Also, the great quilting foot makes it incredibly efficient. Moreover, Janome memory craft 6600p employs computerized sewing, which is incredible. As you go through the Janome Memory Craft 6600p review, you will understand this product better.

Therefore, at long last, you will make a sound decision and order for the reliable sewing machine with world-class features. To sum up, look forward to speed and precision in advanced sewing.

Specifications of Janome Memory Craft 6600p Sewing Machine

      • The needle threader is built-in
      • The thread cutter is auto
      • Thread faceplate cutter
      • Presser snap-on foot
      • Foot pressure adjustment: adjusting screw using an indicator
      • Horizontal hook model full rotary
      • Maximum speed

Features of Janome Memory Craft 6600p Sewing Machine

  • It has a layered feeding fabric system.

The AcuFeed will perfectly guide the fabric from both the bottom and the top. Besides, Janome will end up integrating its innovative Acufeed foot employing an extraordinary seven diamond dog system. Therefore, fabrics are smooth, besides having thick layers of batting and quilting fabric. Besides, this innovative and exceptional feature lender the machine one of its kind. The Janome 6600 is perfect for every sewist or quilter because of a very key feature that makes it the ultimate workhorse machine.


Janome memory 6600p for sale

  • Janome memory craft 6600p has 163 Stitches, which are manipulated on-screen.

So, you can now select from a variety of quilting and appearing stitches. Additionally, Janome memory craft 6600p screen has enhancing extra and clarity. Besides, all of the stitches are professional and easy to select. The 163 Stitch Janome 6600 is a “dream of a sewing machine,” a real workhorse. To sum up, you can also easily customize the stitches and save them into memory.

  • The stop and the start button is extremely amazing.

Therefore, you will relax your pedal foot while working on the free motion or long seams present in a wide area. The stop and start Button becomes the game-changer. For instance, it makes a notable difference while you are spending much time with your devices. Therefore, enjoy working for long hour projects with the Janome memory craft 6600p.

  • The knee lift does a perfect job.

Mostly, you cannot lift the pressing foot without taking off your hands while working with ordinary sewing machines. Besides, with Janome memory craft 6600p, it is possible it feels like having an assistant. Importantly, when it comes to projects having repetitive and long seams raising the pressing foot without interfering with your work is crucial.

The auto threading cutter makes the chore less tedious by making the sewing machine much more efficient. Besides, with a touch of the key, you will be snipping the thread manually. Also, you can comfortably program the snipping while ending a stitch.

  • The wide-open Spaces gives you much-needed working space.

You can spread using the bed space and the largest arm of the household sewing devices. Besides, being wide enough, it is also intuitive and ergonomic.

  • The convenient, powerful motor.

This assures quality stitching at the stitching speed of up to 1000 stitches for every 60 seconds. Besides, you are sure of using any fabric comfortably and sewing out of it.

  • The easy to use a needle threader.

This feature allows you to save on time and ensures you are sewing faster. Besides, you are only required to push the lever downward, loop your thread in. After release, you can now start sewing.

Janome memory sewing machines

  • Save time by using an easy reverse button.

It is designed for professional style, especially as you begin and end your seam. Also, you can now use various fabrics and make something out.

  • It has an inbuilt automatic needle thread.

The Janome memory craft 6600p built-in automatic needle thread saves you a ton of effort and time; it does away with the generally tedious task of threading the needle in a matter of seconds! Whether you lack perfect eyesight or simply cannot thread a needle. This threader’s got you covered; bid farewell to any strain on your eyes!

  • The full rotary horizontal bobbin system is just wow!

The Janome memory craft 6600p top-loading, rotary hooking system is convenient and easy to change; it’s also magnetic and jam-proof. Thus, it does away with any worries of running off your project’s edge.

  • Perfectly adjustable pressure on the presser foot is amazing.

Adjusting pressure on the presser foot is also as simple as selecting stitches; you can simply reset the tension by simply turning the designated dial, letting you easily navigate through a range of fabric widths.

  • The Janome memory craft 6600p is a multi-purpose machine.

Thus, it can be used for sewing and embroidery purposes, so you won’t need to invest in additional equipment. Despite its professional-grade functions, Janome memory craft 6600p remains really easy to use, this confirms why the device is mostly used by beginners who can afford to splurge.

  • Easy to use.

Exclusivelyeasy to use, this Memory Craft device comes with everything you need to enhance your sewing experience and benefit from a wide range of features. Since it’s fully computerized, it is quite easy to navigate through. Sewers will enjoy the built-in needle threader
that will allow them to thread the machine without straining their eyes. With the digital screen, you can also adjust the thread tension, so it’s not complicated.

  • With the Janome Memory Craft, you will save on time.

Besides, it uses a convenient sewing speed of 700spm and 1000spm for curved and straight sewing, respectively. If you consider using the device for quilting, it is good to know that this model includes a variable Zig Zag feature to enhance free motion quilting. Besides, it employs five memory banking system.

  • Janome memory craft 6600p has perfect stitch editing features.

As much as editing is concerned, you can start to resize your individual stitching design. Importantly, unlike other devices, this device allows you to benefit from an adjustable stitch total extent of up to 5mm. Also, the Janome craft 6600p employs editing of combination stitch.

  • It is a heavy-duty machine.

The Janome memory craft 6600p, besides being a truly heavy-duty device that can tackle various tasks than what one may throw to it, also comes with loads of features that make a sewer’s life much easier. Also, the Janome memory craft 6600p professional features seven auto buttonholes, a one-step system. Also, Janome memory craft 6600p professional is an incredibly hard-to-beat sewing beast. To sum up, the Janome memory craft 6600p machine easily handles most everyday projects for the advanced user.

  • The product has good warranty terms.

Janome memory craft 6600p has a 12-month mechanical, 5-year electrical warranty. It also offers a 2-year back-to-base warranty that covers return shipping fee for customers who have ordered online if they need to return their machine for warranty purposes. To sum up, order this product and experience great peace of mind.


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Are Janome Good Sewing Machines?

The Janome memory craft 6600p is a computerized sewing machine that gets top-notch reviews and ratings from owners. Additionally, the Janome memory craft 6600p has a wide working space. Besides, they have the much-required precision and speed needed for advanced sewing. Also, the Janome sergers such as Janome 1000CP are advanced and good for professional workers. Likewise, these machines have a vertical needle drop for professional quality stitches every time you sew. Janome sewing machines are known for their workmanship and precision.

reviews of Janome memory sewing machine

Warranty and service.

There is a need to get the machine serviced locally. There is a need to email somewhere. While talking to other sewers and finding the experience, consider the company from where you are buying from. There are a variety of Facebook forums and groups for online sewers. You will be asking the questions regarding the favorite machines and what they are recommending. Always prepare as you will be getting a host of varying answers, and they will end up believing you have the best choice.

Size and weight of the machine.

This product has an ideal outcome. There is no need for overwhelming yourself while getting a complicated machine. The portable and small devices will end up varying weight. Ensure you are lifting it while purchasing and checking.

The basics of this item are great.

Experienced sewers are offering recommendations while purchasing for a machine. There is a need to have a full and metal rotary hook. You will end up avoiding most of the jams. It is needful for a hook that is going around the circle while spinning forth and back.

Ensure you are getting a machine using an open arm.

This machine has a free arm, and therefore the process should not be an issue. You will be sewing these different pant legs and sew sleeves, sliding in the machine arm.

Who Is the Janome Memory Craft 6600p For?

The Janome Memory Craft 6600 is a quilting, patchwork, and appliqué machine that puts the state of the art ability at your fingertips at an incredibly affordable cost. Besides, The Memory Craft 6600 Professional Sewing device is designed for professional dressmakers and quilters.

How to Use Janome Memory Craft 6600p Sewing Machine?

    1. Connect the machine to the power source.
    2. Raise the presser foot and then place the fabric under the foot.
    3. Lower the needle into the fabric.
    4. Lower the presser foot and then smooth the threads towards the back.
    5. Depress the foot control.
    6. Draw the threads towards the left when sewing with the buttonhole foot.
    7. To fasten the beginning of the seam, first, sew several stitches in reverse then sew forward.
    8. To change your sewing direction, stop the machine and turn the handwheel toward you to bring the needle down into the fabric.
    9. Pivot your fabric around the needle to change the sewing direction as desired.
    10. Lower the presser foot and continue sewing in the new direction.
    11. To finishing sewing, press the reverse stitch lever and sew several stitches at the end of the seam.
    12. Lift the presser foot and then remove your fabric, drawing the threads to the back.
    13. Draw the threads up and into the thread cutter.
    14. The threads are cut the proper length for starting the next seam.

Janome Memory Craft 6600p Review

janome craft sewing machine


  • The machine contains a dual feed.
  • There is a quick reference included which you can also mount to the back of the machine head.
  • The device can produce the French knots
  • It is easily affordable.
  • The Janome 6600p feels sturdy.
  • It has a low maintenance cost.
  • The range of user-friendly features such as a built-in threader, a built-in thread cutter, and a flip-up panel to view the available stitches.
  • The warranty indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product, but the life expectancy of the product.
  • It can easily stitch with light and heavy fabrics thanks to features such as the feed dog, the drop feed dog, the adjustable presser foot
  • pressure, and adjustable stitches.



  • The professional lacks a free arm.
  • It is a heavy-duty; thus, you cannot move around with it.
  • The machine cannot stitch heavy set fabrics such as leather.



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To sum it all up, Janome Memory Craft 6600 professional is functional, dependable, and economical. Besides, it is one of the best deals available today with its low price. Therefore, if you are a quilter looking for a new addition to your sewing room, make a final decision.