Janome 3160QDC Review

Everyone involved in the embroidery industry knows that there are three well-known manufacturers of embroidery and sewing machines, namely Brother, Janome, and Singer. The machines they produce are of high quality and provide excellent after-sales service. Many of my friends around have bought these three brands of machines; they all said that using the machines from these three brands makes them feel at ease. Today I will focus on reviewing one of the brands, Janome, and one of its popular sewing machines, Janome 3160QDC.

3160qdc reviews


Basic Parameters:

  • Product Dimensions: 18.6 x 14.7 x 11.5 inches
  • Item weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 20.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Janome
  • Item model number: 3160QDC
  • The number of built-in designs: 0
  • The number of built-in stitches: 60
  • The speed of embroidering: 820spm

Why Choose This Machine?

It is one of the excellent Janome computerized sewing machines. It features various powerful and smart functions. Even though you are an experienced tailor, this sewing machine can satisfy your requirements.

From the parameter list of this machine, we can know it is a sewing machine suitable for home use or home business use. And also, due to its lightweight, even if you want to take it to join in sewing lessons, it is very convenient. Besides, it has enough built-in stitches, meeting your daily sewing needs. Although it is not an embroidery machine, with its installed lettering stitches, you can also use 3160qdc to sew names.

Then, the accessories that come up with this machine are also really amazing. One of them is an extensive table so that you can sew on large projects, like quilts.

What’s the most important, as it is a computerized sewing machine, its smart features are very eye-catching. It has an easy-to-use control panel and an LCD screen, allowing for viewing every detail of your stitches. Additionally, this machine is also equipped with many other convenient smart features, like automatic needle threader, and so on. I will review them in detail below.

Special Features of Janome 3160QDC

1. Built-in Stitches

It has 60 stitches, meeting most of the families’ sewing needs. These earn-in stitches include 6 buttonholes, frames, letters, and so on. Although it is a sewing only machine, if you want to embroider the name on some fabrics, it can help you achieve. Thus, with the built-in stitches, you can do a wide range of sewing tasks.

2. LCD Screen and Control Panel

It allows you to have total control of your whole sewing procedure. It has a full LCD screen, on which you can choose and edit your stitches. Plus with a control panel, you can view your stitches in detail. Thus, with their help, you can see more details in decorative stitches. And it is possible for you to do the finest adjustments in all stitches.

3. Automatic Needle Threader

As a computerized sewing machine, it has a lot of smart features, and the automatic needle threader is one of them. With this function, there is no need for you to wind threads manually. Instead, you just need to press the button, and the machine will achieve this task, saving you a lot of time and improving your work efficiency.

4. Extension Table

This machine is a sewing machine with powerful functions. One of the reasons is that it has the ability to sew on large projects, like quilts. And why it can handle these tasks? The secret is its extension table, providing your extra sewing and working room. So you can sew on more extensive materials.

5. Tension Dial

This machine has a precision tension dial, allowing you to set your tension. And also it can stay our tension. When you are sewing on different materials, this function is necessary. You can always adjust the tension according to your requirements.

6. Sewing Speed

This machine has a high maximum sewing speed, which can be up to 820 stitches per minute. But this speed is not fixed all the time. Instead, it is adjustable. You can always adjust your sewing speed according to your needs so that you can handle every precision task. This feature is crucial when you meet some sewing challenges.

Accessories of Janome 3160QDC


  • 7 Presser feet.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Automatic buttonhole foot.
  • Over-edge foot.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • ¼-inch seam foot.
  • Custom crafted zigzag foot.
  • Extra bobbins.
  • Spool pin felt.
  • Needle set.
  • Additional spool pin.
  • Seam ripper.
  • Screwdriver key.
  • Lint brush.
  • Small spool holder.
  • Large spool holder.
  • Spool stand.
  • Extension table.
  • Hard cover.
  • Instruction manual.


  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Knits
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Upholstery
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Control panel
  • Beginners-friendly
  • A 25-year warranty
  • Can not handle very thick fabrics




Janome 3160QDC is an excellent sewing machine of Janome brand. It is not only suitable for beginners but also experienced tailors. Overall, it is a cost-effective machine. If you want to find a computerized sewing machine best for home use, I guess this is the one that suits you best.


A video on YouTube about Janome 3160QDC.

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