How to Use an Embroidery Machine

Hey, welcome to Castoff knitting and sewing club. Today we will introduce you to a tutorial on how to use an embroidery machine.

We all know that fashion is always changing. However, there is one element that is always at the forefront of fashion – embroidering. Before this century, people often stitched designs by hand. But after entering this century, with the development of science and technology, with the acceleration of people’s life rhythm, machine embroidery has become a leader in the embroidery field.

In addition, fashion-loving people will also place an embroidery machine in their home to meet the possibility of embroidering their own unique patterns. So how to use an embroidery machine correctly? Read today’s article, and you will find a satisfactory answer.

Preparing Materials

The first step in learning how to use the embroidery machine is to make sure you have all the necessary things. These items include embroidery needles, embroidery threads, fabrics, stabilizers, and so on. Most importantly, the embroidery machine itself. Once you’ve prepared these essential materials, you’re ready to start embroidering.

Bill of materials:

  • Embroidery needles
  • Embroidery threads
  • Stabilizer
  • Bobbin
  • Fabrics
  • Embroidery machine

Embroidery Needles

The perfect needle should be the one dedicated to embroidery. They are often categorized according to standardized numbers. In general, a larger number means a larger needle eye. The choice of embroidery needle often depends on the thickness of the fabric. Besides, depending on the application scene, the selection of embroidery needles is also different. In general, round shanks are suitable for most commercial embroidery machines, while flat-sided needles are often more suitable for home embroidery machines.

Therefore, you should choose the appropriate embroidery needle according to your own situation. One of the good ways is to find a piece of waste cloth to try different types of needles.

how to use embroidery needles

Embroidery Threads

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of threads to choose from during the embroidery process, one is bobbin thread, and the other is embroidery thread. For the embroidery threads, unlike the ordinary sewing threads, embroidery threads are often lighter and thinner, and the strength is stronger than the regular sewing threads. Besides, the function of the bobbin thread is to make the back of the embroidery design lighter than the front side. Besides, embroidery threads can often be divided into polyester and rayon. In general, rayon is a little worse than polyester, but polyester is more expensive.

how to use embroidery threads


Whether a stabilizer is needed or not often depends on the fabric you want to embroider. If you embroider on a flatter cloth, you may not need a stabilizer. But if you stitch on a piece of fabric like a towel, you may need a stabilizer to make the work you embroider look better.

how to use embroidery stabilizer


Embroidered fabrics often have no requirements, as long as you like, what kind of fabric can be used for embroidery.

how to use embroidery machine embroider on fabrics

Embroidery Machine

Choosing a good stitching machine often needs to consider a variety of factors. First, you need to determine which scenario to use,  for home use or business. Secondly, you need to consider whether you want an embroidery only machine or an all-in-one device. Then, whether you want a computerized device or a regular embroidery machine.

The choice of an embroidery machine involves a variety of factors so that I won’t go into details here. You can read other related articles on this site to learn how to choose the best embroidery machine.

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how to use an embroidery machine

Installing Your Embroidery Machine

There are many similarities in the installation and setup of the embroidery machine. For example, they all need to be connected to a power source through a plug-in jack. Moreover, all embroidery machines come with installation tutorials, some of which even have built-in tutorials. You just need to follow the instructions it has, and you can set up your machine smoothly. Very convenient.

installing your embroidery machine

Choosing Your Embroidery Patterns

This step is straightforward. In general, modern embroidery machines always have their own built-in embroidery patterns. Moreover, some embroidery machines also have LCD touchscreens. For embroidery machines of this type, the selection of the patterns is straightforward. You only need to move the finger gently on the screen, and you can complete the selection of the embroidery patterns or even reorganization. In addition, most modern embroidery machines often have a computer or USB connection function, and you can also use them to input more patterns you like to enrich your designs.

choosing your embroidery machine


After reading today’s article, you may already know how to use an embroidery machine, but to give you more intuitive guidance, we have prepared a small video for you.