How to Set Up a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine?

It’s an exciting journey and experience when you decide to pursue sewing and embroidery. With these sewing skills, you can sew a torn garment or a new cloth by connecting two parts but the most important part is you get to finish it off with favorite patterns and designs. Your dream of making the best clothes with super designs, as your career or a hobby, is made possible by the sewing and embroidery machines. You just got your Brother sewing and embroidery machine, it’s exhilarating, right? But there is a problem, do you know how to set it up? Below is a detailed step-by-step description of how to set up your brother sewing machine.

brother sewing and embroidery machine

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How to Set up A Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine?

When you have bought your Brothers sewing and embroidery machine, you cannot wait to start sewing and embroidering with it. However, do you know how to set it up so that you may start using it? It might be a relatively complicated task, that’s why we will go through it step by step on how to set up the sewing function and later the embroidery function.

1. Sewing machine unit set-up.

Take out the sewing and embroidery machine from the package. It is always carried with a hard-carrying bag to prevent it from stretching out the bag for easy transportation.

how to set up brother sewing and embroidery machine

1. The machine comes with a variety of accessories, check if all of them are included in the package as they wrote down. This eliminates the hassle it comes with after starting to engage accessories together only to find some parts are missing. If some accessories are not in the right condition contact the customer care and find out the next step. Among the accessories are a foot pedal, spare needles, spare bobbins, screwdrivers, etc.

2. After clearing you to have all the right accessories start setting up the machine. Attach the power cable to the machine while plugging the power in.

3. Set down the foot pedal to commence.

4. Then put up the thread holder where the reel is placed on top.

5. Thread the upper thread on your Brother sewing and embroidery machine. Ensure that the machine power is still off and the needle just up in position. Start with feeding then thread through the first thread guide which is the upside-down L-shaped piece and then go from backward to forward with threads.

Pull down the thread and pass it through the tension disc in the U-shape at the front of your machine from left to right. On the front side is a thread-take -up lever which the thread is going to pass through. There is a takeup lever with a silver hook, wrap the thread around it and get the thread through in the opening on the back right. Finally, pass the thread in the eye of the needle from the front to the back and pull the thread a few inches out. Place it below and behind the presser foot.

6. Wrap the cotton around the empty bobbin that you have taken off a few times to prevent it from coming up.

7. Thread the loose end into the top of the bobbin.

8. Set the bobbin thread to the machine. The lever arm should be in its available highest position and turn to the top of the line on the handle. The thread pulls from behind to the left. Ensure to pull the thread out while passing it around the pre-tension disk which is on the left of the Brother’s machine body. Go under the disk in a counter-clockwise manner and feel when the thread slips under the disk.

When you want to pick from the bobbin first put the bobbin into the bobbin winder shaft and make sure that the foot is raised. Meanwhile, turn the bobbin clockwise and you feel it clicking into place. Pick up the thread then turn the handwheel into full motion while pulling the thread away from the needle. Afterward, by use of a pen or scissors, move the thread to the back. Once the bobbin is loaded switch on the machine slowly and put the foot down to the pedal.

9. When the bobbin is full, snip the thread and release the bobbin from the holder and bring it down to the needle.

10. Load the bobbin into the machine. Before loading it, ensure that you have switched off the machine and remove the bobbin case. Ensure that the thread is going in a counter-clockwise direction and drop it in. the thread tucks under the small metal arm and slides the case back on to its place.

Embroidery unit set up.

Step 1: Remove the front piece that is protecting the part where the embroidery unit is installed.

Step 2: Take off the standard foot from the machine using a screwdriver and undo the screw so that you remove the sewing foot. Insert the embroidery foot and use the screwdriver to tighten the feet. The embroidery works very fast and if the screw is not secured screwed it will rattle the screw loose.

Step 3: Attach the embroidery carriage aligning it up with the machines until it clicks which means that it is safe to use.

Step 4: If the material is thin and weak it’s important to hoop your project. Hold the fabric proportionally on your hoop. Lift the needle to slide the hoop down the frame. Slide the hoop in place on the embroidery arm until it snaps into place and you are ready to start embroidery.


There is no point in buying your Brother sewing and embroidery combination machine just to keep it in the house just because you don’t know how to set-up ready for usage. Sometimes possessing this combination machine could be confusing and intimidating because you are not used to them.

Before giving up on the whole idea, read the information above and the article will give you more than you need to know about how to set up and ready to use the Brothers sewing and combination machine. Develop that hobby and career by acquiring your gadget and let the set up be a piece of cake.