How to Embroider Alphabet with a Sewing Machine?

Have you noticed that more and more people are starting to fall in love with embroidery? When you want to ensure that your fabric stands out from the crowd, then embroidering alphabet on the fabrics might be the solution.

How to embroider the alphabet with a sewing machine becomes a big question. However, you don’t need to worry because we are here to help. Below is a detailed tutorial to help you use your sewing machine to embroider letters on your fabric. It doesn’t matter if you have those multi-functional sewing machines or the old sewing machine. We have both covered in this extensive guide.

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What You May Need:

Sewing machine
Embroidery fabric
Sewing needles

Step By Step Instructions on How to Embroider Alphabet with a Sewing Machine

1. Using the old sewing machine

Step 1

Your vintage sewing machine can help you embroider the alphabet on fabric just as effective as the modern sewing machines. However, understand that you will have to make a few adjustments to your old sewing machine. You need to start by removing the presser foot and its screws before pulling the push plate. Now install the embroidery plate and ensure that it aims the machine at the quasi-embroidered plate hole.

Step 2

In this step, you have to start by selecting the alphabet pattern that you want for your fabric. Ensure that you scale the pattern to fit the fabric size for better results. You need to use the same ink as the color of the stitches you plan on using. Well, if you don’t have the same color, then ensure that they at least match.

Cut the pattern edges and attach them to the fabric. Understand that you can also draw the desired alphabet pattern on your fabric to help you get more accurate results. Note that all this falls under preparation before the embroidery process can begin.

Step 3

Now, stretch your fabric on the hoop with the bottom thread being tighter. You will then have to adjust the upper tightness to match the embroidery material and the thickness of the thread. Generally, the upper thread has to be looser than your bottom line for better results.

During the embroidery stage, start by placing the hoop on the embroidered board. It would help if you then put down the presser wrench before pulling out the bottom thread. Ensure that you hold the hoop firmly with your hand so that it moves according to the embroidery pattern.

During this stage, the movement speed should match the needle movement. Doing this will ensure that you don’t damage the needle during the process. Note that you need to be careful during the embroidery stage.

2. Using a multi-function household sewing machine

how to embroidery alphabet

Multi-function sewing machines are a great piece of household equipment for the modern age. Some of these sewing machines feature a drop device depending on the model. Note that you have to drop the feed dog, in case there is a falling device before you start embroidering.

Understand that sewing machines that include drop devices have a standard embroidery board. All you need to do is fasten the embroidery board tightly to the needle board. You can then install the embroidery foot after removing the presser foot holder.

Step 1

Start by selecting the alphabet pattern that you need for your fabric. You also have to scale the pattern, thus ensuring that it fits the size of your embroidery fabric. Note that you will need to use ink that matches the stitch colors. Doing this ensures that there is less confusion during the embroidery process.

Use bead needles to attach the edges of your chosen pattern to the fabric. Additionally, you could always draw the pattern on your fabric to help improve accuracy. Again, notice that this is all preparation before we can begin embroidering alphabets to your fabric.

Step 2

It will help if you start by adjusting the stitch width accordingly. Ensure that the stitches match the font that you want to use. Before you start, try practicing how to splice thick lines and adjust stitch width on any waste fabrics around you. A little bit of practice will help ensure that you get a stitch width that suits your project.

To get a more refined look, ensure that you use the smallest stitch width possible. Understand that your alphabet become more elegant when you use a small stitch width. The alphabet will, therefore, pop and seem much more colorful.

Place your fabric on the machine and carefully lower your needle while adjusting the position of both the fabric and paper. Do this until the needle is standing right at the glyph port. Note that embroidery will start without you having to pull the fabric. Ensure that you lift the needle to draw your line out a little bit when you get to the end of the alphabet line.

Step 3

The next step is hiding the ends of your thread. You can achieve this by threading the end of each thread into your ordinary needle. Pull the end of the embroidery thread to the back of your fabric and ensure that the second line corresponds to each of your lines. Tie the thread to the accompanying ends while pulling back.


Embroidering the alphabet to fabric isn’t as complicated as it might seem. However, note that practicing will ensure that you get the best results. Now, most people tend to think that you cannot embroider letters to fabric using your old sewing machine. Well, as illustrated in this tutorial, an old sewing machine is just as effective with the right adjustments.

Using our tutorial, you can start embroidering the alphabet to your fabric with ease. Understand that having unique letters embroidered to your precious clothing will ensure that you always stand out from the crowd. It is always nice when you have something unique and classy.

Before you start embroidering the alphabet to fabric, ensure that you look at video tutorials to help you get a better understanding. Note that most people tend to learn much faster through videos. There are a ton of video tutorials on how to embroider the alphabet on fabric available on the internet.