Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine Reviews

Brother PE500 is a hot embroidery machine of Brother brand. If you want to know more about this machine, don’t miss thie ultimats guide! We will review it in detail.

brother pe500 embroidery machine


Basic Parameters:

  • 20.2 x 15 x 15.1 inches
  • 21.9 pounds
  • 70 built-in designs (including 5 fonts)
  • 4″ by 4″ working area
  • An easy-to-use backlit LCD screen
  • An automatic needle threader
  • Brightly lit working area
  • Computer connectivity
  • 25-year limited warranty

Summary of PE500 Reviews:

Brother PE550 is a budget-friendly embroidery machine, suitable for beginners, women, and kids. You may ask me why it doesn’t suit men, of course, because of its pink body. If you don’t care about the color of it, it suits men a lot, too.

First of all, this embroidery machine has 70 built-in embroidery designs, including 5 letters. If you feel a little less, PE500 also supports computer connection, and you can download thousands of designs you like from and other websites and import them in your embroidery machine.

Besides, the body of PE550 is compact, only 20.2 x 15 x 15.1 inches, suitable for home use or out-of-home use. When you’re at home, its slim body is easy to store, and you don’t have to prepare an ample space to put it alone; when you carry it out, you can easily take it anywhere without too much pressure as it weighs only 21.9 pounds.

The SE500 also has a basic 4′′ by 4′′ working area, which is not very large, but it can meet your basic embroidery needs. It can meet embroidery on various fabrics, from silk to cotton. Its floodlights will offer enough lighting for your embroidery area. Even in the dark, you can complete your design freely.

Another great feature of the PE500 is that it has a lot of additional functions like automatic needle threader and so on. These will help you start and finish the embroidery process quickly. In addition, it provides bilingual tutorials by the touch LCD display.

For beginners, this is a feature-rich, guided embroidery machine; for experienced embroidery tailors, this is a portable and lightweight machine.


Special Features of Brother PE500

Lightweight body

The Brother PE500 is a compact machine with only 20.2 x 15 x 15.1 inches and 21.9pounds. So it looks so cute and suitable for kids. Children don’t feel pressured by their young age. Besides, because of the lightweight body of the PE500, it is very portable. As long as you have a small car, you can take it wherever you go. If the distance not too far away, you can also handy carry it.

pe500 reviews

Computer connectivity

In fact, PE500 is an upgradeable embroidery machine because of its computer connection and USB connectivity. Although it already has 70 built-in designs, if you repeatedly embroider the same pattern, you will get bored even on different materials. However, with the PE500’s computer connectivity, you can always download different designs, which will inject new energy into your embroidery journey.

best computerized pe500 reviews

LCD touchscreen & LED-lit work area

The Brother PE500 is equipped with an LCD touch screen where you can change and preview your embroidery design. This is very important for beginners; with it, it is not easy for beginners to make mistakes in the actual embroidery process. In addition, its display also supports bilingual guidance. According to the instructions it offers, novices can learn how to use the embroidery machine more quickly.

The PE500’s LED lighting work area is also eye-catching. With it, you can see your embroidery design more clearly, especially the design’s thread color is similar to the fabric color. In addition, this feature makes it possible for you to embroider in darker conditions.

pe500 embroidery machine

Various accessories

The PE500 comes with a variety of accessories, including a set of stabilizers and threads, hoops, needles, etc., so you can use it almost out of the box. With them, your embroidery process will become easier.

brother pe500 embroidery machine reviews

Other features

In addition to the above points, PE500 has some other highlights. For example, with a winding system, automatic needle thread, etc., your embroidery process can be simplified dramatically.

Besides, as a machine produced by the big brand brother, it has a 25-year limited warranty. And whenever you encounter problems with your use, you can call your brother’s manufacturer to get enough help.


Few Things You Need to Pay Attention to:

The first is its LCD screen. Although the LCD is very convenient, this is a blue-black display。 So you can only preview your embroidered designs on it, without its color.

Another problem is that PE500 can only be used in areas with a voltage of 120V. This type of embroidery machine is not available for use in other areas, even if you have a potential transformer.

Pros and Cons:

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Lightweight body
  • Computer connectivity
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Winding system
  • 25-year warranty
  • 120V voltage available only
  • Black and blue LCD





After reading today’s article. Whether you know more about the Brother PE500? Almost everyone who used this embroidery machine around me said that it is really a very cost-effective machine. With it, you can embroider your favorite designs anytime, anywhere.

In short, the Brother PE500 is a charming embroidery machine. It is small, versatile, and easy to carry, suitable for beginners, kids or people who are finding a portable embroidery machine.