Top 11 Best Single Head Embroidery Machine Reviews

Embroidery machines are used to make patterns on garments. These machines are heavily used in the branding industries, in making advertising material and even making uniform logos, among others. Embroidery machines come in two different categories which are the single head embroidery and multiple embroidery machines. The single head embroidery machine has various benefits, including portability, easy to use, and they don’t require ample space for storage purposes. In this article, we are going to review the top best single head embroidery machines and how to choose the best machine.

Best Single Head Embroidery Machine Reviews

1. Brother PE800 – Brother Single Head Embroidery Machine

best single head embroidery machine

This is a perfect embroidery machine for people in a commercial business or if you enjoy adding different prints in the garments. The machine has more than 100 designs to choose from when embroidering the garments. Therefore, you can explorer your sewing creativity by adding various prints in your sewed clothes.

This sewing machine also features a total of 7 embroidery machine fonts to choose from in case you need lettering or even monogramming the garments. These range from English, Japanese and even acrylic fonts. Do you have ideas of embroidery patterns that are not on the on your device? Well, you can easily transfer them to this machine with a USB cable. It features a USB port where you can connect your hand device to share the patterns.

  • The sewing machine has a large touch screen for comfortable operating.
  • Operating it is easy.
  • The swing machine supports various sewing fonts.
  • You can use it to stitch even large garment designs.
  • The manual is not entirely helpful, especially for new users, since it is not easy to understand.

2. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine – Home Choice

single head embroidery machine for sale

This beautiful embroidery machine has 80 different embroidery stitch patterns to choose from when making patterns. There are nine in-built fonts in two other languages which are English and Japanese to use when making letters and numbers. Working and setting up this embroidery machine is easy due to the large LCD that provides excellent visibility. Note that this machine has a touch screen mode of control. If you have some designs that you would like to feed on this machine, transfer them by connecting a USB port. The sewing machine has a large memory card for storing shared embroidery patterns.

  • The machine has a large LCD screen for easy control.
  • There are two fonts in different patterns to choose from.\
  • You can add more embroidery patterns and store on the memory card.
  • This embroidery machine does not offer many designs, and thus it would only fit the beginner users.

3. Brother SE600 – Computerized Single Needle Embroidery Machine

used single head computer embroidery machine

This is a perfect embroidery machine for professional sewers as it has all the parts needed for making great stitch patterns. With the large touch screen LCD screen, you can easily apply various embroidery designs on the garment. To make your stitching easy, this machine features a hoop and an embroidery arm for easy operation. The machine ensures you get the perfect embroidery designs since you can preview, move, or even change the plans displayed on the screen before stitching. There are over 100 different stitches including buttonholes to utilize on different patterns.

  • This machine provides quality stitches
  • The machine comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • There is a large LCD screen for easy preview when working
  • This machine is a bit slow in stitching as compared to industrial machines

4. Brother PE550D – Disney Machine

Disney single head embroidery machine reviews

You can create great patterns for various occasions or kids with this incredible machine as it has 125 designs to choose from. With the nine fonts available on the machine, you can customize letters or numbers on the garment in two languages which are English and Japanese. If you need to add more embroidery designs on this machine, you can share them with a USB cable as it features a port for connection. There is a large LCD screen for previewing your work before stitching.

  • The machine has a large memory card for storage purposes
  • The coloured LCD screen provides excellent viewing when working
  • It has other additional stitching parts like the foot, arm and even the embroidery hoop.
  • It only provides 4 x4 inch embroidery sizes


5. Brother SE1900 – Single Head Combo Machine

single head embroidery and sewing machine

If you are looking for an embroidery machine that offers versatility in design and stitching, Brother Se1900 is a great machine to buy. It has a wide range number of stitches and patterns to utilize when making your garment designs. It also has 11 fonts built in two different languages to enable you to create monogram designs. The large LCD screen allows you to preview and even edit your fonts and other designs before stitching to get great results. Other great features found on this sewing machine include; needle threader and drop-in the top bobbin to give great sewing and quilting at the same time.

  • This embroidery machine provides a large embroidery width space of 5 x7 inches.
  • It is relatively easy to work with.
  • It helps avoid the error by displaying the designs before sewing.
  • There is a jam-resistant drop located in the top bobbin
  • The machine produces some weird pounding noises which can be annoying


6. Brother LB5000s Star Wars Single Needle Embroidery Machine

best single needle embroidery machine guide

This is another reliable industrial embroidery machine ideal for professional sewers. You can download your preferred embroidery designs and feed them on the machine. Some of the popular downloadable formats are “Star Wars”, and another movie-inspired deigns. Other than this, this embroidery machine comes with 80 designs plus more than 100 stitches to use when making various patterns. The reasonably large LCD screen offers a touch screen operation option for convenience when working. Therefore, you can preview, change and even match your designs and stitches on the screen before working to prevent errors.

  • There are ten different buttonholes designs
  • You can download more designs on this machine
  • There is a large LCD screen for control purposes.
  • It comes with seven sewing feet, embroidery foot and hoop.
  • This machine can only embroider materials of less than 2 mm

7. SINGER | Superb EM200 Embroidery Sewing Machine

best single needle embroidery machine

This Singer embroidery machine has about 200 embroidery designs to choose from. It is the perfect option for people who are not familiar with threading as it comes with an automatic needle threader. There are six fonts to choose from when making various lettering and programming the garments. It super-speed in stitching; it makes up to 700 stitches per minute. There is a large LCD screen that provides previewing options of the selected designs and patterns to avoid errors when stitching. This embroidery machine has a large working area and comes with an LED light for illumination when working in a poorly lit area. One is also provided with a warranty for quality assurance.

  • This machine comes with a variety of sewing accessories.
  • Using it is quite convenient.
  • It has an automatic needle threading mechanism to save time
  • The motor easily overheats when the machine is overused.


How to Choose the Best Single Head Embroidery Machine?

1. The available stitch design

The embroidery machines are designed with different embroidery designs to use when making patterns on the garment. Your sewing needs and your profession will mainly determine the choice. For example, if you are buying a single embroidery machine for heavy industrial use, ensure to choose a device that has a high number of designs. This is because the more designs there are on the machine, the more embroidery patterns you will be able to customize. If you are a beginner, consider getting a machine with fewer designs and maybe upgrade ones you learn how to incorporate different designs.

2. Ensure there is a warranty

An embroidery or any sewing machine is a sensitive machine that is bound to break or develop defaults quickly. In this case, choose a machine that not only assures you quality but also secures your money. Choosing a machine sold with warranty gives you the power to return the machine if it has a default or even asks for repair from the manufacturers at no cost which you cannot achieve with a machine sold without warranty. Also, choose a machine sold with a warranty for more than three years.

3. Ease to use

With the multiple stitching designs, fonts and other accessories, sometimes it can be a bit challenging to know how to work with an embroidery machine, especially for beginners. Therefore, choose a machine that is easy to use and work with. The manual should provide a detailed step by step on how to set up and embroider with the machine. The provided accessories such as the needle, arm foot, and others should be easy to install on the machine.

4. The type

There are two major types of single embroidery sewing machines. These are the free mode sewing machine and the computerized embroidery machines. The free mode embroidery machines come with inbuilt stitching features and designs; hence all you got to do is choose your preferred features and patterns from the machine. They are also compatible with other devices where you can share your member designs. On the other hand, a computerized machine gives you the freedom to download more embroidery designs and patterns using the machine.

5. The throat width

This is the distance between the needle and the body of the machine. It gives the space for feeding the garment when making your designs and embroidery patterns. Therefore if you need a machine that you can feed thick garments, choose a machine that has a wide throat width. In other words, the larger the throat width, the more or larger piece of garment you can embroider.

6. The design

The majority of the single embroidery machines are equipped with a large colored LCD screen where you can preview, manipulate, edit and even make changes on the deigns before placing them to work. This is a crucial feature design to check out since it minimizes the chances of making errors when embroidering. It also allows the sewer to explorer creativity on different designs before feeding on to the garment.

7. The hoop size

The hoop is the part of a machine or accessory where one feeds the cloth when making designs and patterns. Hoops are designed in different sizes that range from as low as 100 x 100 to 400 x400 or more. If you are prone to working on large patterns, consider getting a large hoop.

What the differences between a single head embroidery machine and multiple head embroidery machines?

Most of the beginner- embroiders get quite confused when choosing between a single and multiple embroidery sewing machines. Although both machines provide excellent and perfect sewing results, they differ in terms of use and function. The following are the difference between the two embroidery machines

1. The needle

A single embroidery machine can only feed one needle while a multiple embroidery machine can feed not one or two but several needles. Some machines take up from 4 to 16 needles.

2. The size

Considering the single embroidery machine only offers a single stitching service, they are designed in a small size. They are easy to carry around and do not require a large installation working space. On the other hand, multiple embroidery machines feature large built, are quite heavy, and many need a large space for installation. The more needle feeding points the machine has, the larger is it is and vice versa.

3. Portability

The multiple embroidery machines feature large design since they are designed for large industrial use. They best suit standard areas where you will not move them often as they don’t fit in the majority of the standard doorways. But, single embroidery machines are small and light in weight, so you can comfortably carry them around in case you need to shift the working space. The single embroidery machines are highly recommended for home users or beginners

4. Embroidery speed

Although the configuration on the machines determines the embroidery speed, multiple embroidery machines have the highest stitching speed as opposed to the single embroidery machines. The numerous uses of needles also reduce threading time.


Embroidery machines are the perfect sewing machines for those who want to create different patterns and designs on various garments. They come with inbuilt embroidering designs and even fonts for the sewers to select based on the design of the garment. The above reviews are the top best single head embroidery machines on the market. They are relatively easy to use and come with multiple designs and fonts to choose when embroidering. They also consist of LCD touch screens for previewing the selected designs before feeding them on the clothes, a great feature that minimizes stitching errors.