The 4 Best Sewing Machine for Stitching and Embroidery Reviews

Sewing machine for stitching and embroidery are versatile machines suitable for adding patterns and different stitches on garments. These machines are computerized and have touch screen LCD for easy selection of the embroidery patterns and stitches. The machines are equipped with varying numbers of stitches and have different embroidery patterns that suit different garment decoration needs.

Some devices are suitable for kids’ clothes since they feature inbuilt cartoon character embroidery patterns and others have the usual designs for adults’ clothes. Well, if you need affordable and easy to use stitching and embroidery machines, here are our four top best sewing machine for stitching and embroidery reviews and buying guides.

sewing machine for stitching

Best Sewing Machine for Stitching and Embroidery Reviews

1. Best Computerized – Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

SE600 sewing machines for stitching


  • This machine comes with multiple accessories including 7 sewing feet, hoop and embroidery arm
  • It features auto-size buttonholes in 7 styles
  • It is an affordable smart sewing machine
  • There are 18 inbuilt stick design plus 8 embroidery lettering fonts


  • May not work for large projects

This computerized Brother, a sewing machine model, is ideal for both professional and home uses. It features an automatic threader, which makes it easy and smooth to operate it.

Special features

Automatic needle threader and bobbin drop.

One of the problems that the majority of the people experience when using a sewing machine is threading a needle and bobbin. But, this model has been crafted with an automatic needle threading mechanisms to make your work easy. It automatically feeds thread to the needle and the bobbin so you can begin working immediately.

Multiple inbuilt stitches

The machine features up to 103 inbuilt stitches to use when working on different patterns and materials. It also has ten styles of auto- buttons to use on various designs of clothes. Another feature that makes it the perfect sewing machine for a beginner.

Large colored LCD

Setting up and making changes to the sewing features on this sewing machine is easy since it has a large LCD screen. Thus, you can easily preview the selected patterns and designs on the machine.


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2. Best For Beginners – Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

embroidery sewing stitching machines


  • This sewing machine has a large display LCD
  • It has 9 fonts displayed in English and Japanese languages
  • The device is relatively easy to set up since it features automatic needle threader design
  • It is relatively quick in sewing


  • A bit expensive

One of the outstanding features on this stitching and embroidery sewing machine is that it features more than one language to fit different people. You can set up the machine to display embroidery patterns in English and Japanese.

Special features

USB Port

If the stitches and patterns available on the machine do not work for your projects, you can easily connect a USB and download it from other devices. This machine is equipped with a USB port for connection purposes

9 inbuilt fonts

It is easy to make patterns in different fonts with this machine as it features 9 inbuilt fonts. Note that the fonts are displayed in two languages which are English and Japanese to choose from.

Inbuilt embroidery machine

It is easy to equip different embroidery patterns on your garment using this sewing machine. The machine is made with 80 inbuilt embroidery designs to add on different patterns such as floral.

Designed editing features

You can set up the different designs on this machine since it is customizable to suit every sewing need.


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3. Best For Disney – Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine

all in one sewing machines


  • This machine is quite fast since it makes up to 400 stitches in a minute
  • It has 35 inbuilt Disney character embroidery designs.
  • It has five fonts to choose from
  • The machine is affordable


  • Take some time on installation

If you want to specialize in sewing kids’ items and clothes, this machine for stitching and embroidery is the perfect option for a device. It features different Disney character stitches and patterns to use when sewing.

Special features

Backlit LCD

It is possible and easy to utilize this machine even at night or in areas with minimal lighting since the screen features backlit for illumination.

Built-in tutorials

Is it your first time using the machine? Well, don’t worry since this sewing machine is made with an inbuilt tutorial to guide you on how to use the available stitches and embroidery patterns.

USB connection

You can easily download and transfer more patterns from a computer to this sewing machine since it has a USB port for connection.


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4. Best Combination – Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

automatic sewing machine for stitching


  • The machine has auto-sized buttonholes
  • It has touch screen mode for easy control
  • It has inbuilt colour pallete for changing thread colours
  • This machine has multiple inbuilt stitches and embroidery patterns


  • This machine is quite expensive

It is easy to view the stitches and embroidery patterns when choosing on this machine from the large 3.2 inch LCD. It is easy to work with a machine which suits all people, even beginners.

Special features

Multiple stitches and embroidery designs

This machine has a total of 280 embroidery design and 80 built-in stitches which are super easy to choose when sewing. This makes it convenient to use various patterns and stitches in different formats of garments.

Drag and drop feature

The machine has the embroidery drag and drop feature for easy choosing and inserting the patterns you need on the garments.

Inbuilt color pallete

Another feature on this sewing machine is the color palette which allows you to choose different thread colors when making embroidery and stitches on various garments.


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How to Pick the Best Sewing Machine For Stitching And Embroidery?

Focus on the hoop size

This is one of the crucial things to check out for when choosing an embroidery and stitching machine since it is the area where you feed the fabric when stitching and feeding embroidery patterns. The sewing machine’s hoops come in varying sizes that range from 4 x 4 and others are more extensive with dimensions of 5 x 7 and 9 x 14. The larger the hoop is the more fabric you can feed and vice versa. If you need a simple machine for embroidery training, or small projects at home, a machine with 4 x 4 hoops may work for you. But, if you are looking for a machine that you can use for a long time, consider getting a machine with a larger hoop.

The number of stitches and embroidery machine

What kind of stitches and embroider designs do you want to focus on printing on garments? Are you making summer dresses that require a lot of floral details and fancy colors, or need kids’ party clothes? Well, the machines come with different embroidery designs and the number of stitches. So, make sure to determine your nature of work to choose the machine that has the right embroidery and stitches.

Needle threading

The majority of the stitching and embroidery sewing machines have an automatic needle and bobbin threading mode, which is quite convenient since it saves time and energy.

The size

These machines come in different sizes to use in the home and commercial areas. The area you want to set up the machine may determine the size of the machine to buy. So, check out the size of the installation space, to guide you to choose the right size of stitching and embroidery machine.


The machines are sold at different prices depending on the features and the brand of the machine. However, you can still get a good stitching and embroidery machine at a budget of fewer than 1000 dollars.


Stitching and embroidery machines are convenient sewing machines ideal for making patterns and decorative designs on garments. These machines are equipped with LCD for previewing the settings when sewing. Note that these machines come in different patterns and designs of embroidery to use on garments. So, check the available embroidery and stitches on the machine to see if they will fit your needs.