Picking the Best Sewing Machine For Alphabet Embroidery

Embroidery is an incredible technique that allows you to make messages more meaningful as well as heartfelt. Moreover, embroidery makes your work more personal and is also an efficient way to express yourself. Embroidery is a broad process that is used to create patterns on fabrics. It is also used commercially to incorporate advertisements, product branding, and uniform adornment. It is also applied in the fashion industry to decorate garments. It can also be used for beginner projects including handkerchiefs, clothes quotes, and monograms. For a sewing machine to qualify for embroidery, it ought to have specific features including numerous stitches and high stitching speed among others as will be discussed in this article.

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Best Sewing Machine For Alphabet Embroidery Reviews

1. Best Easy to Use For Beginners – SINGER Quantum 9985 Computerized Sewing Machine For Alphabet Embroidery

sewing machine with alphabet font


  • It features mirror imaging.
  • Durable construction.
  • High-speed sewing.
  • Accessories included.


  • It has a flimsy cover.
  • The quality tray is not included.

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SINGER is a top leading seller of artisan and consumer sewing machines and has built its reputation as the most trusted and well-known brand. The company boasts a history of innovation as it was the first to produce the first computer-controlled sewing machine.

The SINGER Quantum 9985 comes with numerous features that are easy to use enabling you to fulfill your sewing creative dreams. It comes with more than 960 built-in stitches together with a stitch reference chart. The stitches are broken down into 10 essential, 919 decoratives, 21 stretch, 6 styles of numerals and alphabets, and 13 buttonholes. The chart which is situated on the top lid of the sewing machine enables you to view all the 960 plus built-in stitches, where you can choose the best stitch for your project.

The buttonhole sewing has an automatic design using a single step process to give reliable results throughout. You sew the sides of the buttonhole using one direction to eliminate gaps in fabric distortion and stitching. The complete buttonhole foot is equipped with foot and lower plate to guarantee perfect buttonholes on your fabric.

The SINGER 9985 features an automatic needle threader that makes threading the entire machine easy within a few seconds. The built-in needle threader eliminates eye strains and frustrations by threading needle eye for you. The sewing machine sews at a maximum speed of 850 stitches in a minute. This ensures you complete your large projects in time.

The large color LCD screen guides you to successful sewing. You get clear and easy viewing of your stitch setting. The machine comes with a number of accessories including 13 presser feet.


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2. Best For Creative Sewers – EverSewn Sparrow Computer Controlled Sewing Machine For Alphabets

EverSewn sewing machine for alphabet


  •  Ease of use.
  • Modern design.
  • Affordable.
  • Great value for money.


  • It is not the best for beginners.

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The EverSewn Sparrow 30 is the latest sewing machine in its series. It provides everything that can enhance creative thinking and comes at an affordable price.

The machine is designed for professional-level sewing and a great addition for home sewing usage. It is a fully automatic sewing machine meaning that it cuts all your threads. With the automatic needle threader that comes onboard, you can thread the whole machine within a few seconds.

EverSewn sparrow 30 features a drop-in bobbin function. This together with the clear cover plate ensures easy set-up as well as visibility when the bobbin requires refilling. The machine also comes with a sophisticated design slide one table. This makes it easy to transform the machine into a free moving quilting sewing machine. The feature also enables you to sew large pieces of fabrics on a much larger space.

EverSewn sparrow 30 boasts over 300 different stitching options for quilting stitches, decorative, and utility. The digital LCD screen displays the built-in stitch, stitch width, and length settings as well as the recommended presser foot. What makes it better is that the EverSewn sparrow 30 is best suited for beginners and professionals.


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3. Best For Customizing Projects – SINGER Quantum 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine

SINGER portable sewing machine


  • The heavy-duty metal frame that guarantees durability.
  • High performance with larger projects.
  • Great stitching speed.
  • Easy to sew with the machine.


  • The machine does not feature a quilting tray.
  • Lacks buttonhole quality.

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The SINGER Quantum 9960 comes with numerous features that are easy to use enabling you to achieve your creative dreams. The machine comes with 600 stitch applications including decorative, basic, and stretches stitches for quilting, home decor, fashion, and crafting.

The SINGER Quantum 9960 boasts 13 built-in buttonhole styles that are perfectly sized. The buttonhole sewing a precise 1-step process that guarantees reliable results throughout. The stitches are shown on the front panel and what is left is for you to touch the button to select your desired stitch and start sewing. Furthermore, the eight commonly used stitches are comfortably placed on the front of your embroidery machine and have been made available via a direct stitch selection.

The Drop-In Bobbin loads at the top and this makes it easier to insert. On top of that, the clear cover is also a great advantage since it makes it easier for you to monitor the thread supply by the bobbin. The SINGER 9960 is great for sewing larger projects since it comes inclusive of an extension table that offers a large working area that is also great for quilting.

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How Do You Embroider Letters on a Sewing Machine?

Sewing machines are equipped with a number of features that allow you to carry on with embroidery as well as monogramming projects for garments, towels, pillowcases, and many more. The steps below will show you how to embroider letters on your sewing machine.

embroider letters

– Create a template.

This is the first step to take. You can either draw a template or print an image using your computer. The ideal fonts ought to be fairly thick and you should avoid scripts and also thin fonts.

– Be a bit creative.

There are websites or rather programs that allow you to mirror the letters or create beautiful name designs. It is upon you to print the design that can embroider in the sewing machine.

– Prepare the part of the fabric that you will cut the design.

The best way is to use a stabilizer for a sturdier fabric. The double-sided stabilizer is the best since it enables you to iron the cut designs on the fabric.

– Scale the letters.

After ironing the stabilizer, apply the spray adhesive so that the printed paper stays on the fabric. This step is done in case of using a single-sided stabilizer on the step above.

– Place the design on your fabric.

Use a ruler to place the design on your fabric then transfer it to your sewing machine. Adjust the length and width to your desired size.

– Stitch the paper template.

Use an embroidery needle to stitch the paper template on the fabric.

– Stitch the edges of the first letter.

Ensure you are holding the hoop for the first stitches so as to secure the thread. Remember to move your hoop as you go on with stitching. The fine dotted line created by the needle allows you to tear the paper easily. Do not pull the fabric to prevent uneven filling.


What Kind of Sewing Machine Does Embroidery?

A sewing machine is basically used for construction while an embroidery machine is meant for decoration. However, there are sewing machines that combine both sewing and embroidery commonly known as combos. The embroidery and sewing machine combination has the following features that allow embroidery:


This is a spool that holds the thread and allows you to load every bobbin with different colors to create your design.

Display screen.

The embroidery and sewing machine combo features a display screen where you set up your digital patterns. Moreover, the computer can keep several designs and is not limited to a particular image.


This is an important part of an embroidery machine for preventing errors in the patterns.


This part holds the fabric taut. It works alongside the hoop to prevent the fabric from shifting and in turn ruining the design.


In conclusion, sewing and embroidery are great tasks that allow you to develop creative designs. The best sewing machines for alphabet embroidery ought to have numerous stitches for great designs as well as high stitching speed for your larger projects.


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