Top 5 Best Serger Sewing Machine Reviews of 2021

If you want to prevent your materials or fabrics from fraying at the edges, then you should consider choosing the best serger sewing machine. The choice you make from massive varieties of serger machines will determine the final products you will get for your customers and their satisfaction level.

Why Should You Use A Serger Sewing Machine?

serger sewing machines

Prevents fabrics from fraying and wearing out

Another thing everyone out there wants to know, why do you need a serger sewing machine? We have unlocked it for you. It would help if you had a serger machine, especially when you are sewing fleece, sweatshirt fabric, knits, and other stretching fabrics or materials. These kinds of materials fray a lot; thus, they need a particular machine to craft them without causing any damage at all. That is where seaming and overlocking comes in, with the purpose of a serger sewing machine.

Sews faster, producing beautiful hems and edges

You need to see beautiful rolled edges and hems on sheer and lightweight fabrics? Serger sewing machine gives you the desired results within a short time. It will save you much time since the speed at which the machine sews is admirable. You can be in a position of stitching large quantities of beautiful fabrics, your work will entice your customers, and they will get total satisfaction. When fabric edges fray, it becomes gruesome, which means that the final thing will be unique. You will end up retaining your core customers and making huge profits.

Ensures creation of decorative edges from thicker threads

Serger sewing machines are designed in such a way that it can accommodate thicker threads which cannot fit in a sewing machine. The sewing machine’s thick threads create decorative on the material’s edges; it contributes to the final sewed fabric’s beauty. It does not perform any embroidery function because it beautifies the cloth’s hems, not decorating the middle surface. The beautiful edges mostly happen because they are threaded using a thicker thread, which means no regular sewing machine that can perform that due to the line’s width.

It simplifies and speeds up the collection of lightweight materials.

Despite the serger sewing machine working faster in sewing, it also speeds up collecting lightweight fabrics. Gathering lightweight materials can be relatively hard to do on a standard sewing machine or any other unspecified sewing machine. The serger sewing machine is made to quickly pick the sheer like fabrics within a short time and get them stitched in their hems and edges in two pieces or one piece.

It is equipped with zipping features.

How do you add zippers to home decorative or simple bags for everyday use? Pillows are an excellent example of home decor. At one point or another, they need a zipper to prevent fiber from pouring out, or the pillowcase can be zipped to avoid the inner pillow from getting dirty. The serger sewing machine has the feature of enabling one to fix their zippers on the desired fabric, bags, among other materials without difficulties. It can reduce the expenses incurred out there of zipper damages from other machines. The process can be as short and straightforward as possible because the serger sewing machine works at a very high speed.

Quick Pinterest Projects

Pinterest is a discovery engine where you can find many creative ideas; you can fetch a view from there or post your innovative picture for other people to try out. The creativity includes recipes, style inspiration, and fashion; as identified earlier, the serger sewing machine produces beautifully rolled hems for a fabric. Therefore, if you have a Pinterest project, this is the best machine you should choose. It makes your work more manageable, and not only that, but it also gives out unique and beautiful fabrics. The decorations created by the thick thread will be an added advantage to your project. They also show some uniqueness not found on any other sewing machine. You will not be late in presenting your project because of the fast speed of the device.

Quilt-as-you-go techniques are done faster as compared to the sewing machine.

The Quilt-as-you-go technique is a method that enables one to get their whole projected finished at one moment. Piercing and quilting get done at one stage; this allows you to complete the top once and remain with only the duty of binding your project.

The serger sewing machine enables you to do the technique faster as compared to a regular sewing machine. It will alleviate the chances of presenting your project late or delivering products to your customers late.


Top 5 Best Serger Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Best Heavy Duty – Brother 1034D Serger Sewing Machine with Metal Frame 

the best serger sewing machine for beginners

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For a versatile Serger Sewing Machine, the Brother 1034D is an ideal option. You can use it to finish the edges and hems of a wide range of fabrics. The sewing machine has versatile stitch options, including 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, rolled hem, narrow hem, and ribbon lock stitches. Also, you can buy optional presser feet to let you sew flatlock stitches and blind hem pin tuck stitches. The 1034D sewing machine can use standard sewing machine needles to eliminate the need for purchasing special needles.

• Durable construction

This is a high-quality sewing machine. It features a high-quality metal frame and durable interior components. As a result, the sewing machine is a reliable 3 or 4 thread sewing machine that can handle multiple denim layers plus other heavy fabrics.

• 1300 stitches per minute

Still, the Brother 1034D sews fast. Using it, you can do more in less time, thanks to the fact that the machine can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute. Also, the sewing machine has a Control speed with an included foot pedal for easy adjustment of the sewing speed. Besides the fast sewing speed, the Brother 1034D can deliver perfect stitches for each project, thanks to the adjustable stitch width that ranges from 5mm to 7mm.

• Easy threading

Designed to ensure easy threading, the 1034D sewing machine has an easy-to-use color-coded upper thread guide. The thread guide and the lower looper threading system can ensure that the thread will stay in place for easy threading. Also, there are snap-on presser feet that facilitate the quick transition to the desired stitches.

• Differential fabric feed

The 1034D sewing machine has a differential fabric feed. The differential feed ratio ranges from 0.7 to 2.0. This helps you achieve a better quality of the stitch for a professional finish while using thin and stretchy fabrics.



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2. Best For Beginners – Brother 1034DX Durable Metal Frame Overlock Machine with Protective Cover

best serger sewing machine for large fabrics

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The 1034DX is a high-quality machine best suited for anyone looking for a durable Serger Sewing Machine. It is made using a metal frame to guarantee strength. Also, the sewing machine highlights superior quality components, enabling it to handle multiple layers of denim and other kinds of thick fabrics. The machine has color-coded thread guides and lower thread loopers that make it easy to thread. Also, it has a trim trap that collects the fabric trim while providing room to store the foot controller when you are not using it.

• 1300 stitches per minute

If you need a serger sewing machine that will deliver fast sewing results, the 1034DX is one of the best choices. It can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute to let you get more sewing done within a short time. Furthermore, the machine allows you to control the speed using the included foot pedal to achieve a speed that will suit your project and comfort level.

• 3 or 4 thread capabilities

This machine can handle multiple layers of denim and thick fabrics. It can work with three or four threads for more flexibility. For instance, you can use four threads with two needles to create a strong overlock seam on woven fabric. At the same time, you could use three threads with one needle for overlock stitches on blouses and suits.

• Color-coded threading guides

The 1034DX has color-coded threading guides. The guides are printed on the machine. This means that you do not have to pull out the manual when you want to thread the machine since the guides make it possible for you to know where to place each thread.

• Stitch width control and Differential feed

Designed to let you create serged seam finishes on lightweight fabrics, this sewing machine integrates a convenient stitch width control. You can turn the stitch width adjustment dial to adjust the stitch width between 5.0mm and 7.0mm. Still, this machine has a differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0. The differential feed can control the feed dogs’ movement to ensure smooth and even stitching while creating gathers or sewing lightweight fabrics.



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3. Best with Large Extension Table – Brother ST4031HD Serger Overlock Machine

portable serger sewing machine

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Coming in next is ST4031HD Serger Overlock Machine. It is a strong and tough machine capable of stitching with three or four threads. The machine has a high-durability blade. The blade is made of hard carbon steel to create smoother cut edges alongside a clean and professional finish. Also, the sewing machine has a removable trim trap.

The trap collects the fabric trim while the knife trims and serges the project. Featuring a differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0, this machine provides you with the ability to achieve smooth and even stitching. Also, there is a convenient stitch width adjustment dial that allows you to adjust the stitch width and create serged seam finishes that lie flat.

• Heavy-duty construction

If you need a durable serger sewing machine, the ST4031HD Serger Overlock Machine is one of the best choices. It has a tough blade made of durable carbon steel to deliver smooth and clean edges through heavy fabrics. Also, the sewing machine has a strong interior metal frame that enables it to stay stable on the work surface. The heavy-duty frame is another plus that guarantees longevity and many years of extended use.

• Fast sewing speed

Also, the ST4031HD Serger Overlock Machine sews fast. It can deliver up to 1300 stitches per minute to help you do more serging within a short time. Also, the machine allows you to use less pressure on the foot controller to sew slowly for a speed that will suit the project and your comfort level.

• Wide extension table

The wide extension table is another addition. The table maintains heavy fabrics on the level surface with the needle. This prevents excess from pulling on the thread and needle for better finishing.

• Color-coded guides

This sewing machine is easy to use. It features color-coded guides printed on it. The guides show you where to place each thread for a trouble-free threading performance. Also, there are numbered upper and lower thread loopers to enhance the ease of use.

• 3 or 4 thread capabilities

If you need a flexible serger sewing machine, this is one of the best options. The machine can work with three or four threads to enhance versatility. You can use four threads for a strong overlock seam and three threads for overlock stitching on suits or knits.



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4. Best For Professionals – Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger Sewing Machine with Presser Foot

functional serger sewing machine for professionals

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The Brother 2340CV is an advanced Coverstitch Serger. Using it, you can create various cover stitches on multiple weights and different types of fabric. The machine offers a variety of decorative cover stitches so that you can finish edges professionally. Also, it creates durable strappings, thus an ideal choice for designing swimsuits and dance garments.

• Heavy-duty construction

This sewing machine is made using a metal frame. Also, it has heavy-duty internal parts. As a result, it is an ideal choice for a durable sewing machine that is suitable for sewing thick fabrics. Besides that, a 2340CV sewing machine is a perfect option for creating hems, necklines, and sewing stretch fabrics. The reason is its two-needle 2-3-4 cover stitch functions.

• Ability to sew thick fabrics

If you need the best Serger sewing machine for use with thick fabrics, then you can rely on the Brother 2340CV. It is a high-performance sewing machine with a tri-cover stitch. The wide and narrow cover stitches and the cover stitch capability of 3mm to 6mm make it an ideal choice for sewing through thick materials.

• 1100 stitches per minute

Also, this machine can allow you to handle a lot of sewing projects within a short time. It can deliver 1100 stitches per minute to help you manage more projects within a short time. Also, the sewing machine has a fast thread looper system. This system, alongside the color-coded guides, enhance ease of use while making it possible for you to thread the needle within a short period.



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5. Best Portable – JUKI MO654DE Easy to Use Thread Serger Sewing Machine

best rated serger sewing machine

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This is a small and powerful serger sewing machine. It is an ideal option for a sewing machine that will meet most practice home serging projects. The machine can perform different sewing tasks perfectly while offering room for experimenting. It features a powerful knife system that uses a moveable upper knife for user safety and a dedicated drive mechanism for simplicity.

• Automatic rolled hem

This machine offers a 2-3-4 thread capability with an automatic rolled hem. In particular, there is an automatic roll hemmer. The hemmer rolls the edge of the fabric over itself to hide the edges of the material. What’s more, the automatic roll hemmer offers two modes. Using the first one, the sewing machine can rollover the end of the hem, while the second mode enables it to create an overlock stitch that ensures durability.

• Built-in tape guide and a differential feed

Additionally, this machine has a built-in tape guide and a differential feed. The built-in tape guide is helpful for sewing seams in stretchy fabrics. While using the tape, you can protect the material from losing its shape and provide the necessary support that will hold the edges together. Also, there is a differential feed. This feature protects thin and stretchy materials from being pulled for the effortless management of the stitches.

• Fabric versatility

If you need a serger sewing machine that can sew light and heavy fabrics, you will have made the right decision after selecting the Juki MO654DE. It has a versatile presser foot. You can place the presser foot in two positions using the integrated lever, a measure that makes it suitable for use on light or heavy fabric with thick seams.


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What Is the Serger Sewing Machine?

It is a question most people might ask themselves; a serger sewing machine is a machine used for out casting, thus preventing fabrics’ edges from wearing out or fraying. It sews two pieces of clothing or even one piece for hemming, seaming, or edging. A material stitched using a serger sewing machine will come out without any fray despite being too delicate to handle.

best home serger sewing machine


What Does A Serger Sewing Machine Do?

Many people fall into the groups of wholly or partially not understanding a serger sewing machine’s functions. It usually happens because there several sewing machines out there performing a different role. People get persuaded that a regular sewing machine performs all the work, but that is not true. A serger sewing machine particularly stitches a piece of cloth gently by preventing the edges from freeing. The fabric pieces are joined together by the stitch at the same time the edge gets finished.

The machine gently cuts the fabric’s raw endings, makes it neat, and loops the thread over the hems to prevent fabric fraying. A serger sewing machine can perform functions such as stitching blind hems rolled hems, but its main focus is on the overlock stitch. Serger sewing machine produces the highest quality products, more professional and neat products, thus increasing your sales and productivity.


How Much Does A Serger Sewing Machine Costs?

A serger sewing machine’s prices will always vary from type to materials used to make the machine. The most advanced serger sewing machines are designed to use five to eight threads, and this will depend on your project or need; industrial or home-based use. For personal use, the cheapest machine goes for about $200, and the expensive one is about $500.


The Main Differences Between A Serger and A Sewing Machine

In some cases, a serger and sewing machine seems similar, but several differences distinguish them. The main feature differentiating the two is that; as the serger sews, it also binds the material together and cuts it. Before the serger needles, the blade for cutting the fabric is there. For a typical sewing machine, one must first cut their project, and then the sewing process comes in after that. They can’t happen at the same time.

The number of threads used.

One can use at least 3 or 4 threads for a serger, which works in the simultaneous form. To create the lock stitch that will prevent your fabric from tearing out. A typical sewing machine only allows one thread at a time, but you can use two lines in cases where you use a double-needle, excluding the bobbin thread.


A serger works at high speed as compared to a regular sewing machine. Sewing using a serger is faster, more accurate, and provides more elegant products than a sewing machine.

The neck size

A serger happens to be having a very short neck, whereas the sewing machine neck needle is much longer. It is due to the thread, speed, and purpose of either of them.


How to Pick the Best Serger Sewing Machine?

Going to buy a serger sewing machine can be overwhelming for the first time because there are several brands to choose from in the market. Understanding the serger features can be quite hard, and there you need to consider the following major factors when choosing a serger sewing machine:

The differential feed

A good serger sewing machine should have an easily adjustable differential feed. It enables the user to sew different types of materials and create gathers easily. A lot of modern sergers have this feature, but it will be important if you confirm it yourself before making a purchase.

A removable presser foot

This feature is crucial when one is threading and changing needles. With a removable presser foot, the whole process becomes easy to switch.

Adjustable sewing speed

The serger sewing machine should have a pedal with an adjustable speed controlled by the push. It monitors the efficiency of your sewing process. Pushing and pulling faster improves the speed of sewing.

Seam width adjustment

The seam width for a good serger should be easily adjustable. Confirm whether, by turning the dial, you can cut the desired extra fabric. It should enable the user to cut the excess fabric by only turning the dial. Cutting of seam allowances should be easy, as it is crucial for stitching.


Who Makes The Best Serger Sewing Machine?

There is a wide variety of serger machines one can choose from. It all depends on the main features you focus on because different brands have a unique quality that the other doesn’t possess. The following are the best serger sewing machines available in the market:

industrial serger sewing machine

Brother serger machine

Brother serger machines are manufactured by Brother Industry located in Nagoya, Japan. The company is famous for producing quality sewing machines. The prices range from $319.01 for brand new machines, but second-hand prices are relatively low; they start from $251.98. They will always differ from one supplier to another. Brother serger machines use the Stitch Vision Technology, which incorporates light projections to precisely and accurately preview stitches. Therefore giving perfect edges finish.

From the quality, price, and ease to use of the machine, no serger machine brand is beyond brother. It has 2, 3, 4 thread capability, a free arm, rolled hem, and an adjustable differential feed. The foot presser pressure can be easily adjusted, the on/off knife as well. Setting up this sewer machine is not difficult and does not need any experience; a beginner or an expert can still set it up. The stitches’ quality is relatively high, thus with the potential of sewing any fabric without troubles or damages. It is available at an affordable price than the other brands.

Janome serger machine

Janome serger machines are produced by Janome sewing machine Company, a Japanese company specializing in producing sewing machines. It has its production plants in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. Their prices range from $299 for a new machine and $168 for used machines. Suppliers and quality determine how much the machine should cost with the addition of shipping and maintenance costs. The serger machine is equipped with programmable and computerized functions. Janome became the first company that produced serger sewing machines with such technologies.

The main distinguishing feature that separates Janome serger from the others is the loopers. The loopers of this machine have their location inside the device under the needle. The loopers work like knitting needles by overcasting the needle threads. A remarkable sequence is used to thread the loppers. A threading chart has been attached to the machine to remind you of the necessary instructions easily. The device has many stitch options and works in almost all fabrics, enabling users to explore and show their creativity without limitations.

Juki serger machine

Juki Corporation is the sole manufacturer of the Juki serger machine. It is a Japanese company with its headquarters in Tokyo. It specifically focuses on producing desirable quality sewing machines. It manufactures its machines incorporating computerization technology. Juki serger sewing machine prices can be as low as $49.99 for baby lock sergers and as expensive as above $1200 depending on the quality, suppliers, and use.

The durability and quality of the device have made it grow popular among people all over the world. The serger is known for exclusively producing the best high professional and strong seams for finishing up your projects compared to any other serger machine. The machines are differently made to give you a massive option of threads that you may want to work with; they can be: 3, 4, or 5 threads. From its reputation for producing high quality and reliable products, you can be rest assured to rely on the Juki serger machine.

Elna serger machine

Elna serger machines are manufactured by Elna, a Swiss company concentrating on processing textile machines such as overlock and cover stitch machines and fabric presser machines. The machine is imparted with an automatic reverse feed, a technology that was the first company to discover before any other sewing machines company. The prices for Elna serger machine are from $500 to above$1000 in some retailers shipping costs is free but for other shipping cost is added to the actual price.

Elna serger machines are manufactured by Elna, a Swiss company that symbolizes high quality and innovation, giving their customers products that will deliver the best-desired services. Elna serger machine is popular because of its quality stitches and unique designed machines. The serger machine is easy to use, modern, and versatile than the other serger sewing machines. It mostly focuses on making the user’s experience simple and more enjoyable. Managing the device is more comfortable than any other serger machine; more time is spent creating it, but operational time is relatively less.

Kenmore serger machine

Kenmore is not a new word to the sewing industry; it is recognized for making the most outstanding serger sewing machines. Kenmore produces the cheapest machines ranging from $50 to $400. The manufacturers of this machine have not yet revealed the technology the brand uses. The features that come with the Kenmore serger sewing machine are incredible and unique. It has a smooth flat body finish, which reveals its quality. It is suitable for experts and beginners. Threading is always the main priority; Kenmore provides a color-coded thread chart that makes the whole threading procedure easy. For accuracy and carefulness, Kenmore has provided you with a manual for reference, ensuring that the fabric and stitches are perfect.


Joann serger machine

Joann serger machine prices start from $249.99 and go up to $1200 and above; they are made with heavy materials to increase their lifespan. The machine uses the Jet Air threading technology to make high-quality advanced stitches.

Are you looking for a cheaper and heavy-duty serger? Joann serger sewing machines are made to last long from durable materials. The sergers can stitch tough fabrics such as denim or vinyl without damaging them because they are made using heavy-duty equipment. Most serger sewing machines are made to protect only the edges of stretching and more refined materials.


Best Serger Sewing Machine For Different Usages

Best Serger Sewing Machine for industrial use.

Serger sewing machines with industrial level capabilities and functions are referred to as industrial sergers. These sergers are equipped with more upgraded features compared to any other normal serger machine. They are made to be highly durable than the other serger sewing machines, thus are more proper to deal with large heavy fabrics.

The best serger sewing machine that fits this purpose is:

Singer 14CG754 Pro Finish

The serger sewing machine has a 2, 3, 4 thread capability that provides a wide variety of stitch options to be used in all types of stitch projects, giving you professional results all the time. The stitch length and width and the differential feed are easily adjustable with a color-coded lay-in thread that alleviates difficulties when using. The machine is portable as it is equipped with a carry handle, making it easy to transport. It has a free arm, enabling it to easily sew cuffs and sleeves at a speed of 1300 stitches per minute with an automatic fabric trimming for trimming off the extra fabric.

Best serger sewing machine for home use

Serger sewing machine for home use refers to the compact or portable types, small in shape but multiple in functions. They are normally easy to use that meets the demands of beginners, allow you to do customized works.

Compared with a commercial or industrial serger sewing machine, the one for home use proves to be much cheaper, costs around $500. The recommended serger sewing machine for home use is as follow:

Baby locks vibrant serger machine

baby lock vibrant sewing machine for industrial

This serger machine is made with a streamlined size, making it easily portable and saves much space when storing. It is strictly manufactured in high baby lock standards. It has an easily adjustable presser foot pressure, equipped with a removable fabric cutter increasing ease to use in special projects.

The stitch finger is removable, enhancing faster conversion between overlock and hemming stitches. This machine has been designed to serve domestic sewing purposes. It creates high-quality hem and edges, finishing giving one a sense of pride and elegance.

Best serger sewing machine for commercial use

Commercial sergers are highly specialized and designed to easily be used on tough fabrics that any other regular serger machine can’t stitch. The following serger machine will suit your purpose as required:

Brother 1034D/4 Thread serger

commercial use serger sewing machine

It has versatile differentia boast feed enabling proper functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency. It has 22 built-in stitches and works at a speed of 1300 stitches per minute.

This model’s available features include three thread overlock, four-thread overlock, ribbon lock, rolled hem, and narrow hemstitches. It is designed to work on a wide range of fabrics, such as stretchy, formal wear, fragile materials, and linen. It has an added ability to create decorative and ruffle edges.

It has an adjustable dial for controlling the presser foot pressure. The model is easy to use and can be depended on, for it is made to be durable and flexible.


Who Needs the Heavy Duty Serger Sewing Machine?

Heavy-duty serger sewing machines are durable; almost everyone will need a durable machine. Industries are most likely to use heavy-duty serger machines because of the power and energy used to run them; they can easily tear and wear out. The cutting knife is always more significant to enable it easily cut through thick fabrics.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use a serger sewing machine?

There is a handbook provide when one buys a serger; the handbook will guide you on understanding the parts of a serger. The core parts you should always keep in mind are the following:

  • Tension dials. They help one get smooth stitches without including any loops
  • 3 or 4 thread spools. They have their location at the back of the machine or the top.
  • Stitch length dials
  • Fabric cutting blade
  • Differential feed dial. It helps in gathering.

Before you begin any sewing process on a garment, you are advised to test the drive on something like a scrap. Required to avoid excessive pulling and pushing to prevent altering the machine rhythm. The sewing process begins by inserting your fabric under the foot. A chain thread tail should be hanging at the end of the machine. Make sure you hold on to the chain. The presser foot is responsible for guiding the fabric as the stitches sew and the blade cuts, producing a neat seam. Keep an eye on the foot speed presser.

How do I fix a serger sewing machine?

In most cases, problems in sergers always arise from needles. Especially when the wrong hand is placed in the wrong thread, thus making a chain and preventing the serger from stitching. Find the right slot for each hand, and for the cases, the sizes are core problem creator ensure you look for the exact measures to fit on the loops.

How does a serger sewing machine work?

A serger sewing machine works by combining three functions into operational units. It stitches a seam, trims the excess parts of the fabric, and overcasts your fabrics’ edges bringing about an unraveled fine edges.

What tension do I use for the serger on the sewing machine?

The dial settings range from 0-9; the average range for straight stitch sewing is 4.5. The tension suits most materials and different shapes of stitches from zigzag to consecutive stitches.

How to make a serger stitch on a sewing machine

One can make a serger stitch on a sewing machine by merely switching the overcast foot on a regular sewing machine. It goes in hand with an overcast stitch; the overcast foot makes serger like finishing stitch. The serger automatically cuts off the extra fabric.

Why do I want a serger if I have a sewing machine?

It would be best to produce more professional projects with smooth and not worn out edges if you had a serger. When dealing with more delicate and stretchy fabrics, it is not ideal to use a sewing machine to stitch the edges. They can be easily get damaged, unlike the situation of using a specifically designed device.

How to serger with a sewing machine

The overlock foot on your sewing machine will help you solve the edge raveling problem. By shifting the overlook foot on your general sewing machine alongside an overlock stitch, a serger, a stitch is created along the fabric’s edge.


The serger sewing machine is a great invention that has solved many problems that accrued from fraying hems of soft materials. More professional and high-quality projects have been done using serger sewing machines. Most of them are always durable and deliver the most desired results to their customers and users. Manuals presented during purchases should be kept for reference if one finds it hard to use the machine.