Best Semi Industrial Sewing Machine

Usually, there is always much confusion when it comes to the semi-industrial sewing machine. As a result, we have researched and shared their uniqueness, functionality, and more. Therefore, if you are looking for a semi-industrial sewing machine, you need to have the necessary considerations at your fingertips; however, you can also refer to the brands we have reviewed. I can guarantee you excellent outcomes on your projects.

What is a semi-industrial sewing machine?

It is a machine used to sew or stitch a fabric, card, paper, or any other material together with the thread. Specifically, they are designed to handle moderate sewing tasks, unlike an industrial sewing machine that works on professional jobs.

Semi industrial sewing machine vs. industrial type

Having researched on both, it is evident that they don’t really share similar features. Although they do almost identical functions, we have based our research on different aspects such as functionality, price, components, construction, and more.

When it comes to their purpose, the semi-industrial sewing machine is designed to handle the project at a time; therefore, it might not be appropriate if you want to use it frequently. But for the industrial sewing machine, they are constructed to handle a more heavy-duty workload thus can be used for several hours and can deal with more intense projects, a semi-industrial sewing machine can’t do.

It is evident that the semi-industrial sewing machine doesn’t work on heavy-duty materials but instead, they deal with lighter materials. Therefore, they can’t work on intense projects that involve the use of thicker and heavy-duty material. Comparatively, the industrial sewing machine can comfortably work on any material that is usable by the device, and therefore you can work on a more intense project.

If you compare the two sewing machines’ prices, you will realize that the semi-industrial sewing machines are cheaper due to low efficiency and the type of projects they can work on. But for the industrial sewing machine, they are priced higher since they perform quicker with less problems, thus mostly preferred by businesses.

It is easier to tell a semi-industrial sewing machine from an industrial sewing machine by looking at the motor. Semi industrial sewing machine will have smaller and more compact motors capable of running the device through a shorter task. An industrial sewing machine is characterized by huge motors that can power the device through work hours.

Who needs the semi-industrial sewing machine?

The most exciting part about these semi-industrial sewing machines is that it can be used widely and cannot dictate who to use. So, if you are a beginner, these sewing machines will be best suited for you to train with. It also applies to trainers; due to its simplicity, you can use it to teach learners. Again, for the tailors, you can perfect your projects by using it.

How to choose the best semi-industrial sewing machine?

Choosing the best semi-industrial sewing machine can be challenging if you don’t have the necessary considerations to do so. However, we will help you find a suitable one. Here are what you should consider;

How much space do you have?

These semi-industrial sewing machines require a unique table that can house the whole system. The space available will help you determine the right side of the device you should consider. But thanks to the manufacturers since they indicate the sizes of their products. Therefore, a suitable semi-industrial sewing machine should leave enough space for you to work around.

Is your option loud?

These semi industrial sewing machines can make a bit of noise; hence critical to consider, especially if you will be working from home. Therefore, you will need a less noise producing semi-industrial sewing machine, so pay attention to their noise features before deciding to buy. You can also consider the type of motor built with; generally, the traditional clutch motors often produce much noise whereas servo motors run quietly hence suitable for home use.

What’s your budget size?

The prices of semi-industrial sewing machines often vary depending on the brand, their construction features, and what you want your device to use. But due to an increase of different brands in the market, you won’t miss your best option. Usually, the prices often go in hand with the type of construction and the features they are equipped with. In other words, a more equipped brand is always priced higher than the less constructed one. Also, be sure to shop around so that you can land on the best deal.

What do you intend to use it for?

Noting what you intend to use it for will help you determine the type of bed you will require. Generally, there are three types of beds you need to consider, and these are; a post-bed, flat-bed, and cylinder-bed semi sewing machine. These platforms are where the fabric and the needle engage. Every bed type has a unique way of moving the material.

Best semi-industrial sewing machine reviews:

Having researched the best semi-industrial sewing machine, we came up with the most suitable brands that you need to consider when buying one.

1 Family Sew Walking-Foot Straight and Zigzag

Family Sew is a well-known brand of producing great semi-industrial sewing machine. However, this model is equipped with a heavy-duty motor of up to 150W, making it appropriate to run your project using it. If you are working on heavy leather, this could be your choice since it sews it to approximately a quarter-inch thick. Uniquely, it is portable and has a handle accessory, making it easier for you to move it whenever you want to.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Handles a variety of materials
  • Easy maintenance


  • Costly

2 AbabiFly Semi Industrial Sewing Machine

AbabiFly is built to offer a speedy function of up to 1000 stitches per minute, making it best to work with. Similarly, if you want a smaller semi industrial sewing machine, this could be your choice since it has a gross weight of 12.5 kgs with a bed size of 14.5 by 7 inches. This brand comes with a control knob for beginners where you will enjoy free-motion, thus speeding your projects. Similarly, it has a hand wheel clutch responsible for winding bobbins.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple treading
  • Suitable for a variety of materials


  • Costly


When it comes to semi-industrial sewing machines, it is necessary to equip yourself with general information to experience any challenge when buying one. Similarly, you can comfortably perfect your work and be an expert in creating fabulous projects due to their simplicity.