Top 9 Best Monogram Machine Reviews

Monogram machine aids us in generating decorations and markings on pieces of fabrics. That is why laying our hands on the most suitable ones is definitely the most significant step. To be certain to make the best choice, we no doubt have to be guided appropriately to that end.

Our reviews of the best monogram machines hereunder exist to serve that very purpose. We have sampled and are going to look into nine of the highest-rated machines for the time being. This we hope will act as the eye-opener for further support and choice.

Top 9 Best Monogram Machine Reviews

1. Brother, SE600 – Computerized Monogram Machine

best monogram machine for beginners reviews

To be able to enjoy uniform and harmonious outcomes, you definitely want to use a computerized machine. This is a good one to choose to work with as it is structured in that manner.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Large Color Touchscreen

A large color touchscreen stands out as the premier feature of this device. It allows for smooth and easy controls of the various sewing parameters. The screen measures 3.7 inches and is hence clearly legible.

4” x 4” Embroidery Field

The embroidery field is pretty large by virtue of measuring 4 inches long by 4 inches wide. Included as part of the field are a hoop, foot, and embroidery arm. They jointly work to make your life easier.

Enhanced Embroidery Features

A host of enhanced embroidery features also come in handy. These include the ‘place lettering on arcs,’ ‘move designs on screen,’ and ‘change and preview thread colors.’ They allow for wholesome outcomes and elegant designs.

  • Allows for smoother fabric feeding
  • Enjoys a backing of free technical support
  • Allows you to customize the embroidery progress
  • Accepts inputs via the built-in USB port
  • Automates the embroidery processes
  • Demands some fair expertise to handle
  • Likely to confuse a simpler user



2. Brother PE550D – Disney Machine

best sewing machine for monogramming

Intend to impact a larger piece of fabric at a time? You definitely want to lay your hands on a machine that is similarly simpler to operate. Nothing could beat this one with regards to that aspect.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

125 Built-in Designs

Ingrained in the machine are some 125 designs. These ones provide the templates that you may use to decorate your fabrics. They negate the need to shuffle in between two or more machines to enjoy the attendant outcomes.

9 Built-in Fonts

You will have some nine fonts to choose from. These fonts bear and are subsequently used to engrave various kinds of decorations. They hence offer some added freedom of action to work with.

USB Port

A USB port also exists. It basically attaches to the machine and allows for the smooth transfer of data into and out of the equipment. You never have to worry when a new design arises with this functionality at your fingertips.

  • Operable simply at the touch of the screen
  • Previews your designs before final executions
  • Clear and legible screen eliminates ambiguities
  • Loads thread easily courtesy of the built-in automatic needle threader
  • Accompanied by instructional DVDs for further support
  • Calls for some manual operations
  • Consumes higher levels of electrical energy



3. SINGER | Superb EM200 Monogram Machine – For Small Business

monogram machine for small business

Singer is a well-established brand. Its range of products is widely known to be strong and resilient to all forms of damages. If you want a machine that will last longer and take you further, you cannot overlook it.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Singer Sewing Machine

It does contain all the trappings of a standard Singer Sewing machine. Among these are some 200 embroidery designs as well as a further 6 alphabet options. They definitely broaden your scope and creative possibilities.

Automatic Needle Threader

Its threading task is carried out by the automatic needle threader. Unlike ordinary threaders, this one does not require excessive input from you. All you have to do is guide your thread through the spool to the needle area.

Amazing Sewing Speed

In all, the machine manages an amazing sewing speed. Indeed it does have the ability to get to around700 stitches-per-minute. This arrangement definitely lets you complete your projects faster.

  • Draws its power from a universal power supply
  • Accepts a variety of accessories
  • Operable via a presser foot
  • Senses the thread and other vital metrics
  • Illuminates your workspace
  • Warranted for use in the USA and Canada
  • Accommodates the 110V power supply only
  • Has a smaller worktop area


4. Brother PE535 – Home Use Monogram Machine

home use embridery machine

Intend to engrave many decorative features and patterns? This machine will allow you to do just that. It comprises as part of its stature and makeup well over 80 designs for you to choose from.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

80 Built-in Designs

Standing tall among its awesome features are some 80 built-in design features. These ones give you the leeway to select the one that most likely suits your own needs and patterns at any given time.

LCD Color Touchscreen

To key in the prompts and commands, you will engage an LCD color screen that is sensitive to the touch. This is definitely easier to engage as it does not require that you expend too much effort to have your way.

Unique Embroidery Pattern

Lastly cones the unique embroidery pattern. This one comes in the form of the ‘drag-and-drop’ feature. It basically allows you to move the position of your embroidery design appropriately along the display unit.

  • Has a pretty large embroidery field
  • Comes along with some tutorials for easy practice and use
  • Favors starters and those who have no prior experience
  • Accepts data inputs from secondary storage devices
  • The 3 Japanese and 6 English fonts allow for convenient decorations
  • LCD screens are not really legible
  • Contains some delicate components
  • Requires constant attention and repairs


5. SINGER 4423 Monogram Machine – Sewing Combo

sewing machine for monogramming

Want a machine to take you longer and further? We have some good news here. This open will take you beyond that. Owing to its heavy-duty character, the machine lasts longer and manages many incidences of use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

High-speed Sewing Machine

Of all the machines under our consideration, it is this one that has the highest speeds of operations. It has the ability to hit the 100 stitches-per-minute thresholds. That way, it concludes its operations faster.

Heavy-duty Construction

All the constituent parts and components boast of the heavy-duty construction. The frame is made of the tough iron while the bedframe is made of sturdy stainless steel material.

Exceptional Performance

Together, these powerful parts and components manage to give off exceptional performance indeed. This comes in the form of the extra-high sewing speed and the powerful motor that sews through heavyweight fabrics.

  • Accommodates many vital accessories
  • Extends its functionality with each use
  • Comes along with a dust cover to shield it from direct exposure
  • Enjoys a 25-year warranty
  • Threads the needle’s eyes without too much straining
  • Too heavy to lift around easily
  • A little expensve



6. SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Machine – Computerized Sewing Machine

sewing and monogram machine

Do you change locations every quite often? The machine you use has to similarly be portable and convenient to carry around. None other than this one provides you this rare opportunity.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Mirror Imaging and Stitch Elongation

This machine stands apart from your everyday gadgets. It does contain mirror imaging and stitches elongation capabilities. These extend the range of possibilities it can tackle and yield forth.

Large Stitch Selection

Built into the system are some large stitch selections. These are divided into three main categories namely the basic, stretch, and decorative stitches respectively. You will need them for your wholesome decorations.

Variable Fonts

Also coming along are some variable fonts for you to choose from. They let you personalize your projects appropriately. That is because the fonts are available in numerous sizes and calligraphies.

  • Operable via a variety of presser feet
  • Serves all stitching related purposes
  • Its energy consumption is somewhat manageable
  • Automatic threader eliminates eye strains and frustrations
  • Concludes your sewing tasks faster
  • Limited in geographical scope (North America only)
  • Becomes too obsolete a bit too soon



7. Brother Monogram Machine HC1850 – With Quilting Feature

best machine for monogramming and applique

If you have a profit element, you definitely want a machine that can do much more than merely embroider your garments. This one goes beyond that to sew and quilt the fabrics also.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

8 Unique Styles

Embedded in the machine are some 8 unique decorative styles for you to choose from. They handle all kinds of attires and decorative spates imaginable. These include but are not limited to heirloom sewing.

Advanced Needle Threading Function

Its threading functionality is automated. It is subsequently easier to operationalize as it requires only the press of a lever to engage. This arrangement definitely makes it possible for you to save time.

Drop-in Top Bobbin

The thread is fed into the system via the drop-in top bobbin technique. It, unlike that of the many alternatives, is resistant to jams. Thus, it allows for smooth and easy use all the while.

  • Contains many built-in patterns
  • Sews and quilts in equal measure
  • An LCD screen exists to alert you of your progress
  • Enjoys free technical support
  • Selects your stitches easily
  • Demands extensive storage space
  • Potentially clutters your workspace



8. Brother PE800 – Best Machine for Monogram Business

best machine for monogram business

Want to embroider your shorts, blankets, and pillows or any other fabric that is not two dimensional? You have to attempt this one. It is appropriately structured to allow for just that owing to its sophisticated stature.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

LCD Touch Screen Display

To put the various commands and prompts, you will make use of the LCD touch screen display. This one measures 3.2 inches and is color. It basically gives you the opportunity to preview the final work before submission.

Quick Set Bobbin System

Its bobbin sets up at a pace that is faster than that of many of its peers. This saves you some time and effort in the course of making good use of the item overall. It also does a wonderful job overall.

Built-In USB Flash Drive Port

Also present in this system is the built-in flash drive port. It basically accepts inputs from secondary storage devices like flask discs and memory sticks. That way, it extends the functionality and yields higher returns.

  • Requires no additional piece of software
  • Accepts the inputs from other like-minded gadgets easily
  • Creates big designs in fewer steps
  • Has a large sewing field
  • Its control panel is conveniently located
  • More suitable for the professional user
  • Has a slow stitching speed



9. Brother LB5000M – Computerized Combo Machine

best combo machine for monogramming

Are you a professional designer? Get hold of this machine and enjoy a world of amazing and endless design opportunities. It does have all the gears necessary for the attainment of the best possible outcomes.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

Interchangeable Marvel Faceplates

The faceplates interchange by use of the four repositionable characters. Thus, they easily swap back and forth the hulk, iron man, the Avengers, and Captain America respectively.

Marvel Design Pack

Embedded in this packaging is the marvel design pack. This is basically a conglomeration of marvel designs that are more likely to yield you the adornments you might be looking for.

Expansive 3.2-inch Touchscreen

An expansive touchscreen that measures 3.2 inches exists to preview your tasks before executing them altogether. It is color and accepts inputs thanks to the touchscreen feature.

  • Comprises 80 built-in designs and 103 sewing stitches
  • Interchanges to allow for comprehensive outcomes
  • Its workplace is large and spacious
  • Accepts data from secondary storage devices
  • Allows you to customize your decorations accordingly
  • Its workspace is not illuminated
  • The threading is manual



How to Choose the Best Monogram Machine?

1. Hoop Size

This refers to the sizes of the hoops that the embroidery project is able to stitch. It varies from one monogram to another and is largely determined by your desired size of the decoration. The best way forward is to find a hoop size that is as nearly relevant to the decorations you want.

2. Nature of Desired Application

Embroidery comes in many shades and forms. These differences determine to a large extent the kind of machine that may be useful for the job. It is yet again upon you to find the specific one that nearly meets the purpose you have in mind.

3. Degree of Sophistication vs. Level of Expertise

We have already hinted that these machines are available in varying degrees of sophistication. These variations definitely require similarly varying degrees of technical expertise. In your search for the right monogram, you also want to figure out your own level of expertise before setting for the most suitable one.

4. Accessories and Extras

A good monogram definitely has to be able to accept as many extras and accessories as can be. You do not want to buy a new one every now and then. Similarly, you also would not want yours to be rendered obsolete within a short duration of time.

5. Costs and Warranty

When all is said and done, whether or not you may purchase the monogram largely depends on its actual cost. The most desirable machine has to fall well within your own budget space. Then again, it should preferably be accompanied by a generous manufacturer’s warranty to cushion you against unnecessary damages.

6. Brand

These pieces of equipment are manufactured by different companies. Some have earned a reputation of being reliable and super strong while others are not as great. You also want to see to it that you pay keen attention to the brands as part of your search for the one of choice.

How Much Does A Monogram Machine Cost?

To begin with, there is no standard fee or amount of money which the monogram machine costs. That is because these machines are too diverse. Below are some of the factors that ultimately determine the final costs of these machines:

1. Sheer Size

There is a direct correlation between the size of the machine and the eventual cost. Larger and more massive sizes tend to cost a lot more than their smaller counterparts. That is mainly given the fact that they tend to contain extra features and functionality.

2. Degree of Sophistication

Like the sheer size above, the more sophisticated monograms similarly tend to cost a lot more than their simpler counterparts. The extra cost is largely brought about by the added tasks and benefits it potentially brings along. Needless to say, the less complicated counterparts similarly cost less.

3. Unique Purpose

They are also engineered to serve different purposes. Some purposes require an added degree of expertise. Such machines subsequently cost a lot more to come by than those ones that can hardly do anything complicated. Those that are largely designed for entry-level applications, however, cost less to come by.

4. Versatility

By their sheer structure and makeup, some monograms are able to tackle many more allied tasks and services than their standard peers. Owing to this versatility, they similarly cost a lot more to come by. Their counterparts that can hardly accommodate any extra accessories, however, cost less to acquire.

5. Brand

The brand also has a role to play insofar as the actual cost of the machine is concerned. Some brands, as we have already noted, are more expensive and highly technical. They generally charge more for the same kind of monogram than those of their peers and competitors.

All factors considered though, expect to pay $250 to $400 for your entry-level monogram machine. This actual figure may double or triple for the more expensive counterparts. Ultimately, it is up to you to make up your mind as regards the exact amount you are willing to part with.

What’s The Difference Between Embroidery And Monogramming?

Monogramming is a form of embroidery. However, it differs from the latter in many regards. Listed and explained below are the common points of departure between these two somewhat similar concepts:

1. Versatility

With embroidery, you can do a lot more than with monogramming. The latter can only make one stitch or piece of decoration at a time. Thus, for your wholesome decorations, you have the embroidery to look up to. Monogramming is largely applicable for inscribing letters and symbols.

2. Utility

The embroidery method is also capable of working on all kinds of surfaces and fabrics. You will find it as useful on cotton as Nylon, currency coins, badges, and indeed, more besides. Monogram, on the other hand, is mainly limited to softer fabrics and in etching simpler decorative items.

3. Flexibility

When all is said and done, the monogram is less flexible than the embroidery. This means you have limited options and styles to choose from. The opposite, however, applies to the embroidery. With it, you can handle many applications and decorative styles, all factors considered.

4. Technical Expertise

Owing to its complexity, a typical embroidery requires a fair mastery of technical expertise. You also have to possess a higher level of experience to be able to manage it. Not many people, however, have these two vital ingredients though. That is why it is not largely common as the monogramming technique is.

Final Words

You need not really look elsewhere for your best monogram machines. The ones we have reviewed above have all the trappings you need to do a good job. Just read through the explanations we have provided against each and proceed to make informed decisions thereafter.

There is never the “opportune moment” to make the first bold move. Indeed, waiting too long or dragging your feet will only work to your disadvantage. It is against that backdrop that we urge you to proceed faster and pick the most suitable soonest from the list above. Best of luck in the process…