Best Low Cost Sewing Machine Reviews

When you buy the best low cost sewing machine, it does not mean that its quality is low. However, cheap machines for sewing are appropriate for domestic use. This product is also perfect for beginners who have an interest in gaining the skills on how to use the sewing machine. Moreover, most manufacturers are producing good sewing machines that are not that costly. There are various types of sewing machines in the industry, but locating the low-cost sewing machine can be somehow challenging. Therefore, this article will take you through some of the best low-cost sewing machines in the industry.

How Much Does A Sewing Machine Cost?

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The price of sewing machines significantly differs these days widely, but it ranges from $100 to $12,000 and above. This maximum price tells more about the remarkable features that come with these sewing machines, such as wireless connection responsible for embroidery designs downloading, especially from the internet. Furthermore, it has other features such as embroidery capability, utility as well as decorative stitches. Therefore, it is appropriate that you find a machine that matches your budget.

Top 5 Best Low Cost Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Handheld Machine – Mini Portable Cordless Sewing Machine

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  • Portable and Lightweight

This product is portable due to its lightweight. Furthermore, this makes it suitable for maneuvering with it around and for emergency use during traveling or at home.

  • Easy to Maintain

On the other hand, it is less costly when it comes to maintenance and easy to transport as well as service. It is a perfect gift for family friends, teens, and girls. This machine is appropriate for sewing any model of fabric, such as crafts, leather, wool, denim, and silk.

  • Simple to Operate

Additionally, this sewing machine is simple to operate; however, make sure that you go through your manual script before using it. It has a user-friendly design. This product has a maximum quality and a low noise level.

  • It is a perfect machine for beginners.
  • This product is user friendly.
  • It is worth the price.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It can be complicated if mishandled.

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2. For Portable – MIXI Handheld Sewing Machine

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  • Easy to Handle

The MIXI Handheld Sewing Machine usually ready for work; your manual script will guide you on how to use it effectively. This machine is small and portable; it can appropriately fit in your palms.

  • Suitable for Toys, and so on

Moreover, it is a suitable machine for preparing toys, T-shirts, shirts, pants, bags, and curtains. It works best on several materials such as a hem, wool, silk, clothing, and fabrics.

  • Space-Saving

MIXI Handheld Sewing Machine is easy to use, and it guarantees you total satisfaction, plus it saves you on space. Therefore, thanks to these excellent features for making this product outstanding. When you never require a low-cost sewing machine, opt for this product in the market.

  • Worth the price.
  • It delivers a remarkable performance.
  • This product is durable and reliable.
  • It is a lightweight product, and it is portable.
  • Easy for portable and store
  • None

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3. For Beginners – Mini Electric Low Cost Sewing Machine

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  • Easy to Use

This product comes with features that are easy to use, appropriate for entire users of sewing machines. Moreover, this product is multi-functional with excellent performance. The Mini Electric Sewing Machine is suitable for tailors who are new sewers.

  • Meet All Kinds of Needs

This product improves circular sewing on your trouser pockets or cuff to meet various demands. It is appropriate for sewing all models of fabrics such as insole, linings, bed, bags, curtains as well as jeans. Thanks to these fantastic features for making this product superb in the market. Whenever you require a low-cost sewing machine, opt for this mini sewing machine.

  • This product is straightforward to use.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Functional and practical product.
  • This product is durable.
  • Just for beginners.

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4. Handle Large Projects – TeeBetter Mini Sewing Machine

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  • An Extension Table for Large Projects

The TeeBetter Mini Sewing Machine comes with a full package of accessories; it has an in-built cutter and a functioning lamp for your eye protection and fatigue reduction. Moreover, it has an extension table necessary for working on large projects; it also stabilizes the machine during the entire process of sewing.

  • Suitable for Both Beginners and Experts

This product contains a dual thread and double speed that is adjustable appropriate for experts and beginners. On the other hand, it has double switches as well as dual power in combination with an AC adapter and batteries of 4 AA. Additionally, it is compact with lightweight hence easy to maneuver with it around. It can also be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

  • With complete accessories
  • With large extension table
  • 2 adjustable sewing speeds
  • 2 power supply modes
  • Easy to portable
  • None

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5. For Girls Use – Comeon Sewing Machine

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  • Portable Machine

This product has a compact size, and it is portable, plus it contains a stitch responsible for household sewing purposes. It is appropriate if you want to sew delicate fabrics that have a lightweight. This sewing machine has dual speeds as well as 12 threads; this enables you to either adjust your entire speed to either a fast or low speed.

  • Ideal for Beginners and Kids

This product is appropriate for a beginner; it can be used for novices and children to alter items for home decoration and clothing structure. Moreover, this product is an ideal alternative since it has 12 stitches that are appropriate for heirloom sewing, decorative sewing, and clothing structure, among many more others. It has a beautiful appearance making it an ideal gift for girls.

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • It delivers extraordinary performance.
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Portable machine
  • It is less durable.

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How to Choose the Best Low Cost Sewing Machine?

best low cost sewing machine reviews

Before you decide on buying the best low-cost sewing machines, there are various factors you have to put into consideration:

Computerized or mechanical

Computerized sewing machines are known for being pricey, but you can still locate cheaper ones in the market. Therefore, beginners mostly go for automatic since it is easy to work with them manually. With the mechanical sewing machine, you only require to press the machine’s dial to choose the stitches. On the other hand, note that this machine also requires a bit of maintenance; hence your budget should be sufficient. The durability of a mechanical sewing machine s long enough if cleaned and oiled regularly.

The devices for sewing that are computerized are more complex and contain several features. Furthermore, they have stitch features programmable, maximum powered motors, touch screen hence being pricey.

Service and warranty for sewing machines

It is vital that before your purchase this sewing machine you ask for its warranty. This will enable you to always service from where you reside. Moreover, a product that comes with a warranty tells more about the quality of the machine. This assures you of a replacement in case of any problem that is acceptable. However, you must examine other customers’ reviews of the manufacturers’ services before you settle on the product. Make appropriate inquiries concerning the warranty.


Different machines come with varying numbers of stitches. Thus, it is appropriate that you do not get excited over the number of stitches the sewing machine has but on the necessary ones you need to use. Select a sewing machine that has stitches that are basic such as blind hemstitch, utility, buttonhole, stretch, zigzag, and straight stitch. Note that expensive machines come with more than 100 stitches, but if you are a beginner, you must use the one with few stitches. Therefore, you should always put this factor into consideration before you make your purchase.

Extra special features

Before you settle on a product, make sure you examine the features that come with your machine. You should also not get excited over numerous features that you are not well familiarized with but opt for standard features such as free arm, automatic thread cutter, a needle threader, knee lifter, lighting, and speed control.

If you put these factors into consideration, there is absolutely no doubt that you will settle on the best low-cost sewing machine ever that you will live to enjoy.


From the above review, you now have a clear understanding of the best low-cost sewing machine. Therefore, ensure that you select the best that meets your demands efficiently. I hope that this article will guide you properly in your quest to find the best low cost sewing machine.