Top 10 Best Long Arm Sewing Machine Reviews of 2021

Embroidery and quilting are two tasks you can never accomplish using your ordinary machines. For them, you have to employ the best long-arm sewing machine. But just what is a long-arm machine? How does it differ from the rest and what are some of its advantages? We answer these questions in the conversations below.

Why Do You Want a Long Arm Sewing Machine?

You will want the best long arm sewing machine for the following purposes:

best rated long arm quilting machines

Saves Time

This machine saves a considerable amount of time in the course of its workings. That stems mainly from the fact that it expedites the process of sewing. Your choice of this gadget is hence a sure way of saving some precious time that you may use in other areas and places that equally matter.

Multipurpose Applications

Do you have more than one application to take care of per unit time? Find some solace in the long arm sewing machine as well. The machines do have the ability to tackle more than one sewing-related task at a time. That arrangement also goes a long way in expediting your experiences.

Cut down Human Effort

By not demanding that you expend some human effort to engage its controls and apparatus, this machine also cuts down the human effort considerably. You have it for the taking if you have those long and enduring projects that ordinarily take too much of your time to tackle.

Regular and Predictable Patterns

Want to generate some regular and predictable patterns? This machine is there for you yet again! It is so designed to enable you to put in some patterns that you may have to regurgitate every now and then. The beauty of all this is that you won’t have to key in those patterns each time.

Handling Larger Projects

Due to the sheer large size of the machine, you will find it appropriately suited for tackling the larger projects with absolute ease. The long-arm sewing machine is ordinarily larger and similarly capable of holding larger textiles. Not many ordinary machines may allow for that though.


Top 10 Best Long Arm Sewing Machines Reviews

The long arm sewing machines are the most versatile tailoring machines useful for both sewing and quilting. The machines are suitable for both short and long fabric feeding since they are designed with long arms and extensive working tables. Which, you cannot achieve with the regular sewing machines. However, it is important to note that these machines are equipped with different features.

Some have an automatic needle and bobbin threading mechanisms and others do not have. Some machines have quilt threading, and others do not have. The long arm sewing machines come with handles for easy control when quilting, and have inbuilt stitch regulation mechanism so that you can control the stitching process for accuracy purposes. Without a further ado, here is a review of the top ten best long arm sewing machines you may consider.

1. Best Sewing and Quilting Combo – JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing Machine with LED light for Quilting For Home

long arm sewing and quilting machines


  • Made with quality iron cast materials
  • Comes with one pedal for convenient control
  • Using this machine is easy
  • Operates at reduced vibration for accurate sewing
  • May not work well with thick fabrics since the needles keep on getting stuck

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Coming from one of the world-leading manufacturing company, this long arm sewing machine is a great invention for tailoring. However, note that the sewing machine is a bit large and requires a large space for installation. You can use it for professional tailoring jobs since the features and parts make it a great heavy-duty sewing machine.

Special features

Automatic needle threader

This is one of the most boring and time-wasting steps when setting up a sewing machine; according to most tailors. But, JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing and quilting machine are crafted to make your needle threading jobs easy due to the automatic threading mode. In this case, it is a time-saving sewing machine.

LED light

If you are the type of person who loves to work even in dark hours of the day, this long arm sewing machine will suit you. The machine features an inbuilt LED light that provides excellent illumination to ensure you have great visibility even when working in dark hours.

Extendable table

The feeding table of this machine is quite large such that you can comfortably work on long and large garments with it. This feature also makes it a great choice for professional tailoring.


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2. Best Heavy Duty – Grace Q’n.ique Long Arm Quilting Machine with Durable Design

cheap price long arm sewing machine


  • Controlling the functioning of this sewing machine is easy
  • Has inbuilt stitch control mode
  • You can conveniently control the speed of the machine
  • Has a handle for easy moving the machine around
  • A bit expensive

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If you are looking for a reliable and quality quilting machine, this right here is a great option. The sewing machine is equipped with a long quilting arm that gives you the freedom to work on large clothes such as pants. Also, it is easy to feed large quilting patterns with the machine.

Special features

Features 15-inch large throat space

Quilting large patterns on garments with this machine are quite easy since it has a long throat space that adjusts up to 15 inches.

Built-in stick regulator

This is an excellent feature that enables one to work on multiple garments and use various patterns. The inbuilt stitch regulator also control the speed of the needle

Easy to use

This sewing machine is equipped with easy to access buttons for controlling its functioning. It also has a speed limit setting, which is a reliable feature for beginners, or if you want to control the speed when working on delicate garments.


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3. Best For Beginners – Juki HZL-NX7 Next Generation Easy to Use Long Arm Sewing and Quilting Machine

portable home use long arm quilting sewing machine


  • Easy to set with touch screen mode
  • Has multiple control parts for easy sewing
  • Has illumination for visibility even in dark areas
  • It is a versatile sewing machine
  • Not an affordable sewing machine since it costs more than 2000 dollars

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This may be one of the most expensive long arm sewing machines from our list, but it is worth investing in. The sewing machine is versatile since you can use for both quilting and sewing purposes.

Special features

Touch screen mode

This sewing machine is equipped with an LCD screen with touch screen mode for easy selection of settings. Hence, you can easily set up the automatic needle threading on the machine.

Large illumination

You don’t have to cut short your work even when it gets dark since this sewing machine is made with LED lights that provide bright and broad illumination at the working area.

Features sewing foot and pivot function

The presser foot is equipped to control the sewing process. It automatically lifts to allow the garment to stitch. On the other hand, the pivot function help to control the sewing process since the needle stops moving when you release the pivot.


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4. Best with Motorized Needles – Janome 4300QDC-B Sewing and Quilting Machine

best long arm sewing and quilting machine combo


  • Comes with user guide essentials
  • Features touch screen mode with LCD screen
  • Comes with inbuilt stitches for easy selection
  • Has a memorized needle setting
  • Unlike other similar models, this is a recommendable machine for quilting

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If you are starting the tailoring business, I would recommend this sewing machine for you. The machine comes with user guide accessories, and it is quite easy to use as well.

Special features

Inbuilt stitches

This sewing machine consists of 300 inbuilt stitches and alphabets that guide beginners on how to sew various patterns. On top of that, the machine also has a large LCD for convenient viewing when navigating the settings.

Heavy-duty material construction

This sewing machine is made with quality and heavy-duty metal materials that guarantee its durability.

Long term warranty

This sewing machine is sold with a 25 years warranty


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5. Best For Industrial – Grace Q’Nique 15R Stitch Regulated Long Arm Quilting Machine

long arm quilting and sewing machine


  • Good for home or commercial use
  • Has high compatibility with other quilting frames
  • Has a high stitching speed of up to 1800 stitches per minute
  • Easy to control the stitches
  • Quite heavy so moving it around is not easy for many people.

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If you are looking for a versatile sewing machine that can also handle large garments like curtains, consider this model from Grace Q’Nique. The machine is suitable for both sewing and quilting services. Another crucial point worth noting is that; this sewing machine is compatible with other quilting frames.

Special features

15-inch throat space

This sewing machine sews different sizes of patterns and blocks since the throat space is expandable up to 15 inches large to accommodate large details.

Features stitch regulator

The inbuilt stitch regulator ensures you are in full control of the stitching to ensure consistency on various garments. It also controls the speed for accuracy.

Coloured LCD

Another feature you will love about this sewing machine is the large LCD screen that provides a good display of the settings for easy selection when sewing.


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6. Best For Desginers – Juki TL-2010Q 9″ Long-arm Sewing Machine with 100 Needles

best long arm sewing machines


  • Comes with multiple accessories you will need when sewing garments
  • Portable
  • Easy to control the speed of the machine when sewing
  • Has heavy-duty iron cast materials construction
  • Not convenient for heavy-duty sewing, especially for thick fabrics.

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This is another versatile machine ideal for both quilting and sewing services. For people learning how to quilt, this machine is equipped with thread trimmer to guide and ensure good finishing on the edges of the garment.

Special features

Lightweight sewing machine

If you need an occasional sewing and quilting machine for home use, this model may suit you. The machine is portable for easy shifting around

Dual stitch regulator

This is another feature that sets this machine way up than other models. From the speed to consistency, controlling the stitches of this sewing machine is quite easy.

Has QuiltCAD software

The quilt-CAD software allows you to borrow different designs of blocks, borders, pantographs and even patterns from smart devices to stitch them on the garments using this machine.


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7. Best Luxury – Grace Q’nique Long Arm Quilting Machine For Professionals

long arm quilting machine combo


  • Comes with a single wheel for easy control
  • Has quality materials construction
  • Has a strong steel frame construction
  • Comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • Not suitable for beginners

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This sewing machine from Grace features an extendable length and height, which makes it possible to feed large garments for sewing and quilting. Therefore, you have the freedom to stitch large blocks and patterns on the garment using it. The machine has a throat space of 15 inches from the needle.

Special features

Easy to navigate the screen

This sewing machine is made with an LCD touch screen for easy navigation to access the settings when quilting or sewing the garments.

Easy to access buttons

The sewing machine is made with 6 quick to access buttons for easy control and manoeuvre when working.


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8. Best Frame Set – Juki TL2000Qi Grace Q-Zone Hoop Frame with Sure Stitch Machine Quilting

recommended long arm quilting machine sets


  • Majority parts of the sewing machines are made of metal for durability
  • Easy to control stitching with this machine
  • Quite portable
  • Comes with a beginner guide on how to use it
  • May not suit thick fabrics such as denim and leather as the needles are not too strong.

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Whether you need a commercial or a home sewing machine for occasional use, Juki has you covered with this magnificent model. The sewing machine is comfortable to use in different areas. What does this mean? This sewing and quilting machine can be mounted on the table or use it on a cabinet. This feature makes it a good choice for people living in a small area where the table cannot fit well.

Special features

Super portable

Although this sewing machine is crafted in a lightweight form, it also has a handle for convenient gripping to move it.

Comes with Grace Q-Zone Hoop Frame

This frame functions just like the hoop when managing the fabrics of different textures. This also ensures consistency when quilting with the machine.

Features stick regulator mechanisms.

Controlling the speed and movement of the stitches on this sewing machine is quite easy. The inbuilt stitch regulator provides freedom of monitoring the stitching process.


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9. Best For Heavy Duty Fabrics – Grace Q’nique 21 Longarm Quilting Machine

best long arm sewing machines for industrial use


  • The stitches regulate in four different modes
  • Easy to navigate the settings from the LCD screen
  • Has an LCD for easy viewing when sewing
  • Has an inbuilt bobbin winder
  • Not affordable for all

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All you get from this sewing and quilting machine is comfort, convenience, and quality. You can use it either for simple home sewing and quilting activities, to heavy-duty commercial tailoring jobs. The heavy-duty material construction of these sewing machines guarantees long use as well.

Special features

Powerful motor

The sewing machine is equipped with a heavy-duty and durable motor that delivers up to 1,800 stitches per minute. So, you are guaranteed to achieve fast sewing results when working on large projects.

Easy to use

The features of this sewing machine are user friendly. It has an LCD for easy selection of the settings while the inbuilt stitch regulator ensures you get good stitching precision and control.

Has handles

This sewing machine is comfortable to quilt with since it is made with handles for gripping when working. This also makes it smooth to operate and get accuracy when working.


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10. Best For Big Quilts – Grace Q’nique 15R Midarm Quilting Sewing Machine

industrial long arm sewing machine


  • Working with this sewing machine is easy
  • The package comes with a warranty
  • Has quality materials construction
  • Comes with extra sewing accessories
  • Need assembly

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This sewing and quilting machine is large to suit people who need a large sewing machine for feeding large garments. The machine is quite easy to control, considering it has three buttons on each handle.

Special features

Features 15-inch throat space

The sewing machine is equipped with a large throat space that adjusts to various sizes for easy feeding both small and large works.

Easy to operate and control

This sewing machine has handles for controlling when quilting and each handle has 3 buttons for easy control from each side as well

Comes with warranty

This sewing machine comes with a 3-year warranty with one-year covering free labour services.


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Our Verdict

These are our top ten best and quality long arm sewing and quilting machines. Operating the machines is smooth since majority models have computerized settings and LCD screen for easy manoeuvring. These machines are good for home and commercial use since they have multiple features that suit both standard sewing and quilting jobs. So, find the right long arm sewing machine from these models.

What is Long-arm Sewing Machine?

A long-arm sewing machine, as its name implies, is one whose arm is longer-than-average. It is as such capable of handling and tackling larger pieces of cloth and other allied materials. That makes it also good enough to serve commercial purposes. The best long-arm sewing machine must also be tough and enduring.


What is Long-arm Sewing Machine For?

You will devote your best long-arm sewing machine to the following purposes:

Develop your quilting skills

Want to develop your quilting skills? Choose to work with the long-arm sewing machines. They are fairly easier to comprehend and may hence be used for the general development of quilting skills. You have to exercise some patience though to get things right here.

Embroider Heavy Fabrics

Due to the sophisticated nature of these machines, they are able to embroider the heavy fabrics with ease. Also enabling them to play this role is the tougher and enduring nature of the materials that make them up. They are stronger, tougher, and more enduring in their workings.

Repairs of Patches and Tears

Have some patches or tears that you may want to repair? The long-arm sewing machine is yet again here for you. It is appropriately suited for the matters of repairs and general sprucing. Also, this machine is simpler enough to comprehend and subsequently engage even by someone who is not that much of an expert.

Mass-production of Textiles

Could it be that you have some commercial element? You yet again have this specific set of gadgets to lay your hands on. Being strong and enduring, it is able to serve you repeatedly for a longer duration of time. Then again it has a high carrying capacity that sees it handle larger sizes of cloth too!

General Home Use

If all you want is to kill time and beat boredom, the long-arm sewing machine is yet again here for you. It does play a vital role in engrossing those who opt to make good use of it considerably. You want to try it out for your repeated engagements and general applications.


Benefits of Long Arm Sewing Machine

Here below now are the top benefits of the best long-arm sewing machine:

table top long arm quilting machine

Timeless Value

These machines have timeless values in the sense that they last longer and outlast many generations. It hence goes that by choosing to work with them, you position yourself strategically to reap the fringe benefits of unconstrained use and engagements thereof. Also, you reap some long-term reliability.

Maximum Versatility

They are for a large part capable of attaching to and accommodating many extras and accessories. These tend to extend their ranges of use and subsequent applications for you. In doing that, they also manage to negate the need for you to constantly upgrade them or purchase other machines alongside them.

Limited Repairs and Maintenance

Being strong and enduring, these machines also demand limited repairs and maintenance from you. They hardly break apart even when subjected to the most intense impacts and other spates of damages. That also confers to you the added peace of mind in the course of juggling your way.

Ability to Multitask

Compared to the many alternatives that be, these machines are also capable of multitasking. Simply put, they are able to tackle many other sewing-related tasks at the same time. Your choice and subsequent use of them hence cut down the hassles you would ordinarily put by a considerable margin.

Industrial Capabilities

Their strong and heavy-duty stature enables them to play industrial roles and purposes exceptionally well. They hardly fall apart and are affected by the strains of damages as ordinary gadgets do. That means you may run to them to serve those commercial and industrial applications well.


How to Pick the Best Long-arm Sewing Machine

To find your most suitable best long-arm sewing machine, you must factor in the following considerations:

affordable long arm quilting machines

Scope of Application

Just what need or area of application would you want to dedicate the item to? Is it for embroidery, quilting, tacking, or general sewing? You have to make up your mind beforehand as these machines are specialized and intended for diverse applications. Go for one that is multipurpose if you can.

Size of the Fabric

How large the fabric is also has a bearing on the specific kind of machine that may be suitable for your work. You must ascertain the size first and foremost mark out the dimensions of the fabric you want to tackle. Then, proceed to seek a machine that is large enough to accommodate and handle it.

Personal Expertise

Your personal expertise comes in handy also. You must choose a machine that is not too complicated for you. That demands that you assess your own competence and expertise honestly before proceeding to search for one. If you must settle for a more complicated one, make arrangements for boosting your skills.

Space Availability

These machines demand some space from you. It is imperative that you match the space that is available at your disposal with the respective size of the machine you have at hand. That again will demand that you measure the space and then translate the same measurements to the machine of choice.


Lastly, your own financial resource endowment is also a serious concern. See to it that you select a machine that falls well within your financial budget space. For that to happen, you must really be sure of how much money you have after which you have to compare the deals of many sellers around for best offers.


Who Makes the Best Long-arm Sewing Machine?

Let us now identify and explain the top makers of the best long-arm sewing machine at the moment:


Juki Corporation is a Japanese multinational that specializes in the manufacture of industrial sewing machines. Most of its machines also find applicability in the domestic settings thanks to their simplistic and easier-to-follow manner. Many people love these products for their cheapness and relative simplicity.


Just like the Juki above, Brother is also a Japanese multinational that nonetheless manufactures much more than just sewing machines. It also engages in the production of other vital household electronics and allied pieces of equipment. Its sewing machines, though mainly meant for home use, are somewhat sophisticated.


This is a renowned American manufacturer of consumer sewing machines. Its range of products has been consistently noted to exude higher quality while at the same time managing simplicity of use. Most of the time, it is the beginners that find those products great for their needs and use.


Short form for Durkopp Adler, this is a German manufacturer of machines that handle materials and other forms of fabrics. Given the sheer strength of its machines, they also find applicability in industrial settings. This is the brand to go for if you have some profit motive.


Mainly want to quilt your fabrics? The Gammill brand is the one to set your eyes on! It is the proud manufacturer of the Vision 2.0, Elevate, and the Statler quilting machines. These have consistently performed well insofar as the handling of the strenuous stitching tasks is concerned.


Could it be that most of your stitching tasks demand great creativity as well? If they do, you will need a machine that is similarly sophisticated and well able to juggle those needs. The Pfaff brand is the one to set your eyes on. Its products are really complicated enough to meet this need.


The Bernina range of products is designed for all cadres of persons ranging from the beginners to the experts. Thus, it is a good one to set your eyes on if you want to up your stitching skills considerably. One more advantage is the fact that you may upgrade the parts using many accessories.


Of all the brands that be, it is the Janome that is the most sophisticated. It is packed with tons of automated features that facilitate the tasks of stitching with the least effort from you possible. An automated presser foot kit stands out among these. It takes the efforts away from you.


Different Long-arm Sewing Machine Usages

Generally, the best long-arm sewing machine is suited for these two purposes:

-For Home use

The machines may be used at the comfort of the home. They are simpler and devoid of those parts that are more complicated. As such, they also suit those who are barely getting started in sewing and also lack the necessary expertise. Find it as a way to start out in the matters of stitching too!

-For industrial

These machines also give you the leeway to alter their stature and the make overall. You may do this by attaching some extras and attachments to the gadget. That way, you get to extend the applicability to enable it to perform those tasks that are beyond the scope of the ordinary gadgets.


What Types of Long-arm Sewing Machines to Choose?

We now examine and explain the leading types of the best long-arm sewing machine:

-Long-arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine

As its name implies, this is a machine whose operational effort or mechanism is mainly made possible by the actions of the feet. The feet press the machine to rotate and thereby enabling the gadget to operate. It takes up limited space from you and also allows you to multitask.

-Long-arm Upholstery Sewing Machine

Wishing to upholster your garments and fabrics? Choose to work with this wonderful gadget. It is capable of generating sophisticated patterns and imprints. These go a long way in enhancing the looks and the overall appearances of the items you are intent on targeting. For a large part, it is mainly suited for industrial or commercial settings.

-Long-arm Leather Sewing Machine

Going by the designation of this machine, you can clearly see that it is intended to tackle the leather materials. It is stronger and more enduring than many of your ordinary sewing machines. Then again it is less prone to the risks of premature damages than other machines of its kinds are generally susceptible to.

-Long-arm Double-needle Sewing Machine

From the short description, you can clearly tell that this machine attaches to two rather than one needle at a time. For this reason, it is able to cut down the time you would naturally take to fulfill your stitching outcomes and undertakings. Find it great and relevant for the larger pieces of fabrics hence.

-Heavy-duty Long-arm Sewing Machine

If all you want is to leverage and manage repeated and prolonged applications, you want to lay your hands on this heavy-duty machine. It is stronger than your typical machine and is similarly capable of lasting longer. Also, it is less prone to the risks of premature damages than others are.


How Mid-arm Compares to a Long-arm?

Apart from the long-arm, we also have the mid-arm machines. In this segment, we take a look at how the former measure up to the best long-arm sewing machine:

best computerized long arm quilting machine

Throat Space

The throat space is the area behind the needle that is similarly enclosed by the sewing machine. In the mid-arm, this space is smaller whereas the same is larger in the case of the long-arm. With the larger throat space comes the ability to tackle larger fabrics as well.

Length of the Arm

By their definitions, the mid-arm has a comparatively smaller arm compared to that of the long-arm. With this metric comes the added benefit of being able to handle larger textiles and fabrics. You hence have the latter for your consideration if you want to tackle heavier apparel.

Bobbin Sizes

A mid-arm has a bobbin size that is somewhat smaller than that of the long-arm. You can only handle smaller to the moderately-sized garments and pieces of fabrics with it hence. The latter on the other hand is sufficiently large to handle equally larger fabrics that are more enduring.

Needle Capacity

By ‘needle capacity’ we mean the number of needles that the machine can handle per unit time. A mid-arm can only handle a smaller number of needles when compared to the long-arm. You can never hence devote to your many uses as a result of this.


Both of these items allow you to set them up in different ways. The mid-arm nonetheless gives you fewer orientation options compared to the long-arm. With the latter, you may orient it in the sideways or the front-on statures. The former though, you may only place it in the front-on orientation, nothing more.


How Much is a Long-arm Sewing Machine?

Your typical best long-arm sewing machine ought to cost somewhere between $5,000 and $40,000. To be on the safe side, you should bargain a lot to enable you to purchase it at a cost that is somewhat bearable. Also, do not hesitate to compare the offerings of the many dealers before making a purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this segment, we shall ask and answer the leading questions regarding the best long-arm sewing machine:

Q1. How many watts for a long arm sewing machine?

A. Most of these machines operates on the voltage levels of either 120 or 220 Volts. The precise voltage rating of the machine depends on the geographical locale where you may have to use yours. Be sure to check that out before proceeding to make a purchase.

Q2. How does the tension mechanism work on a long arm sewing machine?

A. The thread tension mainly works to set the amount of thread that can pass through the machine to make a stitch. An indirect correlation exists between the level of tension and the strength of the stitch. The more the thread, the higher the tension and the looser the stitch. And the opposite is true.

Q3. What size thread does a long arm sewing machine take?

A. Two sizes of thread are widely used alongside the long-arm sewing machines. These are the 40 and the 50wt cotton quilting threads. Generally, though, the 40-weight cotton thread is the more preferable owing to the heavier and finer stature. Choose the 50-weight for your common everyday applications though.

Q4. How does a long arm sewing machine work?

A. These machines will load the thread at the top and the fabric to be impacted at the bottom. When activated, the head of the machine rolls both vertically and horizontally to stitch the garments. In all, the machine is able to stitch up to three layers per time and thus delivers stronger outcomes on the whole.

Q5. Who invented the long arm sewing machine?

A. The long-arm sewing machine as we know it today started taking shape in 1871. Many players were involved in its manufacture and development then. However, one James Starley, a British bicycle maker is largely credited with the invention of the machine. That is given the incorporation of many of his bike ideas in this machine.

6. How to convert home sewing machine into a long arm quilting machine

A. That can only happen if the arm of your machine is adjustable. If that is the case, you may only have to stretch the arm long enough to allow the arm to get to the length that you are desirous of. Some arms may allow you to detach and then lengthen them.

Q7. How to make a long arm sewing machine system

A. Prior to your stitching, you will have to load the thread, set the desired level of tension, and then feed the fabric into the area below the needle. At all times, you are asked to follow the stipulated manufacturer’s recommendations as well as the guidelines for the fabrics you have in mind.

Q8. How does the tension mechanism work on a long arm sewing machine?

A. This mechanism has to first and foremost be set to work. To set it, you make do with a dial that sets the correct level of tension. The right level of tension largely depends on the thickness of the fabric and the desired strength of the stitches that you want to accrue from the threads.



WOW! It is our hope now that you have obtained a deep insight into the best long-arm sewing machine. Is it too much for us now to ask you to now to proceed and make a purchase of a gadget? We caution against dragging your feet as you may only get to forfeit the fringe benefits that potentially come along.