Best Industrial Sewing Machine For Leather

Despite leather products being very durable and beautiful, they are very difficult to make. Leather is highly resistant to needles owing to its heavy nature, making just a simple mistake and your product is valueless. For this reason, you need to invest in the best industrial sewing machine for leather sewing. This article will help you in knowing which machine is the best value for your money.

Why do you need an industrial sewing machine for leather?

Some of the benefits that come with the best industrial sewing machines for leather include:

– They can be used for longer periods. These machines can be run for long hours without any breakage or malfunction when you are spending long hours sewing.

– They work on your touch leather materials. These machines are designed for heavy-duty materials such as leather, rubber, and canvas.

– They are durable. These machine frames are made from strong metals making them more consistent under pressure without needing regular servicing to fix breakages.

– Quality is guaranteed. Industrial machines are made for excellent performance as the stitches are of the best quality.

– They are very powerful. Industrial leather sewing machines have been constructed with added energy. You only need little effort on the foot pedals to give you great performance.

How to choose the best industrial sewing machine for leather

With the many types of industrial sewing machines available in the market, you might find it a bit difficult to choose one that will offer you great service. When shopping for an industrial sewing machine, consider the following characteristics:

– Ease of usage

Industrial sewing machines, whether manual or automated, should be easy to use and control the operations. The quality of your products will be determined by how easy you find your machine to be. Go for that machine that is quick to learn and easy to use. Features like automated lubrication and servo motors enhance ease of use.

– Speed

As a leather shoemaker, you need to take as little time as possible working on a product to increase your productivity. A slow-speed machine equals to long and tiresome working hours, whether repairing or making new products. It is important to pick an industrial leather machine with a high speed, thereby allowing you to work quickly on your projects as well as increasing productivity and profits. Some of the best machines feature up to 5000 stitches per minute.

– Type of compatible material.

Different industrial sewing machines are designed for different materials. Ensure that your machine is fully compatible with leather and other fabrics that you might use so that your needs will be fully covered and provide quality stitches. However, most industrial sewing machines for leather are also suitable for canvas, plastic, and rubber.

– Material construction.

The material construction of a sewing machine determines its durability as well as sturdiness and stability. An industrial leather sewing machine should be a heavy-duty machine, therefore, avoid lightweight machines with plastic materials. The best material construction should be heavy metal frames to ensure adequate sturdiness and stability, as well as durability.

– Noise and vibration.

These heavy-duty machines tend to make noise and vibration while sewing through the tough layers of leather. For a peaceful and comfortable working environment, consider a machine with low noise and low vibration. High vibration also causes instability and low-quality stitches.

Domestic vs. industrial sewing machine for leather

When sewing leather you need the best machine, therefore you need to understand the difference between domestic and industrial sewing machines for leather.

i. The type of needle.

Leather is a tough material to work with, thus you need a stronger needle that can penetrate thick and heavy materials with ease. Industrial sewing machines are designed with these stronger needles for sewing leather easily, unlike the domestic sewing machines that have normal needles.

ii. Machine construction.

Industrial machines are designed with heavy-duty construction ideal for sewing heavy fabrics all day long. If your business needs leather sewing regularly then it is best if you opt for an industrial leather sewing machine. But, if you sew leather once in a while, you can decide to use a domestic machine that can still sew leather.

iii. The type of engine.

Industrial sewing machines have very powerful engines with a high speed that is perfect for working on leather compared to a domestic machine which has a smaller engine, therefore, less piercing power.

iv. Price.

Since industrial machines have a wide range of heavy-duty features compared to a domestic machine, it is quite pricey.

What do you need for working with an industrial sewing machine for leather handbags?

When it comes to leather, we need a machine that is capable of dealing with stubborn leather material. Also, a machine in which the walking foot can be adjusted should be the top priority as this will make the bag making process an easy task.

You need a machine that has a cylindrical arm with a compound feed for you to deal with the seams efficiently while at the same time having an easy task when creating a specific shape for your leather bag.

Besides, you need a machine that gives durable and strong stitches on your leather bags since most of them are characterized by strong durable stitches.


What presser feet do I need on an industrial sewing machine for leather?

Three important presser feet that should not miss in an industrial sewing machine, although most come with different types of presser feet.

i. Walking foot

Walking foot comes in handy when you are working on a product that requires multiple layers of leather.

ii. Teflon/ Non-stick/ Silicone Presser Foot

Leather has a sticky feel, and therefore, a lot of friction exists between the material and the presser foot. The outcome is improper feeding of the leather material into the sewing machine giving you a difficult time when working, as a result, the quality of your stitches is greatly affected. This problem can be over-tuned when you use a presser foot made of Teflon, non-stick, or silicone surface.

iii. Roller presser foot

This presser foot functions just like the non-stick presser foot. It is characterized by coarse rollers that assist the feeding of the leather material into the sewing machine.

How to sew leather with an industrial sewing machine

Sewing leather using an industrial sewing machine requires similar techniques you need when using a regular machine.

The extra things you need to do are:

– Use a nylon or polyester thread, as these are the recommended thread materials to use when sewing leather.

– Ensure that you use a long stitch length. Your stitch should be at least 1/8” long. Short stitches will pierce the leather causing it to tear.

– Hold the material in place without using pins. You can use foldback clips, binder clips, or quilter’s holding clips to hold your leather in position. Pins will make holes in your leather material, which are permanent.

– Secure the thread ends with a knot. You should tier knots at the beginning and ends of each row of stitching.

The best Industrial sewing machine for leather review:

1. Eapmic Patch Leather Sewing Machine

Leather is always a hard material to work around since just a small mistake and all your work is done. That is why most people prefer hand sewing to avoid the misfeeds that are a common occurrence sewing leather with many sewing machines. However, that is not the case with the Eapmic Patch leather sewing machine.

This machine which comes from China has redefined heavy-duty as you can sew and repair thick materials including canvas, leather, rubber, or even plastic. It can be used to make shoes, cylindrical products, dolls, slippers, bags, and many more. The Eapmic Patch Leather Sewing Machine comes with great features that are not common with most sewing machines. It is characterized by a 360-degree rotating presser foot thus enabling you to sew in any direction with a speed of 500spm. Furthermore, the handle is movable allowing your needle to go in any direction making it possible to sew from side to side and back and forth directions. The machine has an arm of 11.8” but it does not include a table stand.

Besides, it features two styles of cylinders for your choosing, small and large, for your small tubular products the small shuttle will give you a quality product. All these features ensure that you get an excellent quality performance when using the Eapmic leather sewing machine.


– You can sew in any direction.

– It guarantees quality performance.

– It is effective when sewing thick leather fabrics.


– It does not include a table stand motor.

2. REX Portable Walking-Foot Sewing Machine

Rex brand has been in the industry for ages now as a commercial sewing machine that assures you of efficiency in your works. It is one of the few brands that test their machine before shipping it and sends the machine with a sewn sample to guarantee you great performance. Rex portable sewing machine is durable, as it is made from a full cast iron metal frame therefore ideal for sewing the heavy fabrics you present to it such as leather, jeans, or canvas materials.

Rex sewing machine is lightweight and therefore portable, unlike many heavy-duty sewing machines. You can use it for your home projects and carry it to your shop for your heavy-duty works as well. This machine does not have any fancy options if that is what you are looking for but it offers you great sewing performance by sewing in a straight line as it features just one needle. It can also stitch zig-zag stitches for your sails. It has superior speed controls and the sewing speed is excellent to give you a perfect performance, which is what you just need.


– It is simple and consistent.

– It is less costly compared to the other industrial machines.

– Stitch length can be adjusted to 5mm.


– It is difficult to use in the initial stages.

3. JUKI DDL-8700-Servo Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

If you desire a fast-paced sewing machine for your industrial use, look no further as Juki DDL-8700 is the machine that offers you the speed you so much need. It has a sewing speed of 5500 stitches per minute, which is ideal for your heavy-duty industrial sewing as a professional. Small business owners who produce attires, leather products, rubbers, and slippers can also use Juki DDL-8700 to increase their output.

This machine boasts a 110v servo motor which is not only powerful but also very quiet when running hence noise will not be a problem for you. This power makes it ideal for your heavy-duty sewing projects. Using Juki DDL-8700 is very easy since you do not have to be worried about breakages as the machine features an auto-lubricating system. This saves you both money and time at the same time increasing your productivity.

It features a great knee lifter at the bottom that allows you to raise and lower your presser foot. Also, you can work on large projects easily as it features an arm’s length of 11”.


– It is easy to understand and use.

– Maintenance is easy as it comes with auto lubrication.

– It offers enough arm space.


– It is expensive.

4. Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine

Are you a cobbler looking for an industrial sewing machine that is highly effective and resourceful? Cobbler shoe repair offers you great performance when it comes to mending or repairing leather shoes, bags, and slippers. This machine comes with a maximum sewing speed of 500 stitches per minute with an arm length of 11.8” for wide working space from the handle to the needle. It also includes a small table that allows you smooth operations in any direction for small special parts in shoes, bags, and pouches.

This sewing machine features a 360-degree rotating presser foot, a movable handle that goes in any direction, a hand crank that allows you to sew the inside of shoes, which is difficult with other machines. Also, the machine is manually operated making it easy for you to control it when working. It also includes two types of shuttle, large and small, making it fit for any sized job. It comes with a single needle that only stitches in a straight line making it highly efficient for your leather works that do not require a lot of design. Any type of heavy leather material from mobile covers, car seats, to leather boots can be sewed to perfection using this Cobbler Shoe Repair machine.


– The presser foot can be rotated.

– You have full control since the operation is manual.

– You can easily work on your large projects.


– None.

5. YEQIN Leather Patcher Industrial Sewing Machine

The operation of the Yeqin leather sewing machine is manual, therefore if you are looking for a machine that is manual with an unlimited performance this is a great pick. When making a shoe you need to move it around during sewing, Yeqin leather sewing machine features a cylindrical bed and a 360-degree rotating presser foot that allows you to stitch in any direction. The machine is fast with a sewing speed of 500 Stitches per minute and an 11.8” arm that allows easy maneuvers with large projects. Furthermore, it is easy to use as the only thing it needs is moving the little handle that triggers the needle’s direction either sideways or back and forth. This makes it possible to mend projects that need full rotation.

Whether repairing or sewing heavy-duty fabrics, leather, canvas, rubber, or plastic such as shoes, bags, slippers, and boots Yeqin leather industrial sewing machine is the best machine to guarantee you satisfaction. You do not have to worry about the type of thread to work with as this machine works with threads of nylon polyester and cotton. It also features two types of shuttles, small and large. Thus depending on the size of your project, you can choose the ideal shuttle for the task.


– It has a rotating presser foot.

– Easy to work on a large project as it features an 11.8” arm length.

– It is fast with a speed of 500 stitches per minute.

– Excellent performance.


– It does not come with a table stand motor.

6. Industrial Hand Crank Patch Leather Sewing Machine

Industrial hand crank patch leather sewing machine is a perfect choice if you want a machine for manual sewing. With a maximum sewing speed of 500 Stitches per minute, this machine is fast, also it is easy to use as it features an 11.8” arm. It has a small handle that moves the needle in any direction you want allowing you to work smoothly and efficiently on your projects that require a full 360-degree rotation.

The machine comes with a cylindrical bed and 360-degree rotating presser foot therefore you can archive stitching in any direction. Furthermore, it features two types of shuttle, large and small, making it easy to work on any project size, hence, customized experience. If you are thinking of sewing or repairing products like shoes, bags, or even dolls, you will need the power of this machine to sew through rubber, plastic, leather, or canvas. Besides, nylon polyester and cotton threads are ideal when working with this machine.


– It is fast.

– It is easy to use.

– The presser foot rotates 360 degrees.


– It does not come with a table stand.


You need the best industrial sewing machine for all our leather works. Even though you could be the best professional in your line of business, you need the best leather sewing machine to ensure that your products are of the best quality and durable enough. There are many industrial leather sewing machines in the market but with this article, you can now decide which sewing machine is going to serve you best with quality and efficient performance.