10 Best Embroidery Designs Websites 

There are many embroidery machines and each has designs to use. People have different tastes and preferences thus the need for embroidery designs websites. All designs are instantly downloadable with complete instructions. Some designs include; classic, applique, freestanding lace, quilting, line work and redwork, and in the hoop. There are several websites providing designs to choose from. This article gives you the 10 best embroidery design websites.

What Are the Embroidery Design Websites You Can Learn From?

1. SWAK Embroidery

SWAK embroidery contains plenty of free embroidery collections of designs. Although some are not perfected compared to other designs, they are well digitized and more appealing to people. It offers several options for both blackwork and redwork files. Best for lightweight fabric stitching designs.
SWAK designs are detailed and available for instant download. They have many discounts and offers, also new designs are frequently added to the websites. Their online tutorials section is easy to follow as it provides instructions step by step. Embroiderers have a page set for them to showcase their work as well as to get ideas.

2. Embroidery Online.

Embroidery online is one of the companies that sell designs as Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design (OESD). All designs displaying the OESD name have undergone a strict development process. Embroidery online contains a few lovely free embroidery designs which keep changing now and then. One is given free samples for stitching their designs and check the quality to purchase paid designs. Their designs are available in collections or single items. They provide progressive stitching advice and different color making it easier to navigate. They get zero returns on downloaded items. They operate with both in-house and licensed hand artists to provide an effortless sewing process.

3. Designs by Juju

They contain several free designs that are manually digitized verses like a bible. Most designs are adorable, friendly, high-quality, and affordable. They specialize in designs that inspire creation that is bright applique and redwork designs. They offer monthly offers and when you have a project to start they enable the instant download. They make it easier for one to use their designs by often adding tutorial videos to their YouTube channel, the company share links where their customer can get some products they use. They have categories of designs to cover more themes such as nursery rhymes.

4. Embroidery Design

Embroidery designs have a large section of free designs. One can download, purchase, or stitch out their designs. It contains a review system where embroidery artist’s rates work as well as a comment section. Some designs are friendly while others have high stitching density. They have a buying option for embroidery accessories such as threads, software, stabilizers, and fabric markers. They provide digital customized services where one is required to send them a photo that you prefer .they in return supply a ready design if you accept their quoted price. They have learning centers with free tutorials, a customer showcase section, and articles.

5. Oregon Patchworks

The company was founded in 2001 by Jackie Holderbein and it got an A+ rating. Downloading a design requires you to open an account with detailed personal information. For more free designs one can get into the member-only section after newsletter registration. This gives you access to free Embroidery downloads such as tutorials and inspirations every Friday. Many affiliate designers such as Bunnycup Embroidery and Oma’s Place do market their designs via Oregon patchwork. Therefore, offering quality work ideas as designs are samplers from different designers. They are customer friendly and allows price match in case you find a cheaper design from other websites.

6. Amazing Designs

Since 1969, Amazing Designs have continued to create embroidery designs and supplying them. It operates hand in hand with Tacony Corporation suppliers of Sewing machines such as Madeira Sewing threads. They offer a lot of designs in different categories. These include home decors, occasions, and weddings. They offer limited sample designs for free where you are required to sign up for the amazing designs newsletter. They also have reduced the cost of purchase obtained through often given discount codes as well as coupons. Purchasing designs can be done in collections or as single items. Their designs are easier to use when you have a project since the download is instant.

7. Five Star Font

This website was established back in 2003. It deals with embroidery monograms and fonts for machines. Their designs have severally appeared in Machine Embroidery Magazine as well as in Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine. They offer different projects which include iron covers, bags, coasters, and key chains. For one to get notification of their offers, coupons, and sales you need to sign up for the newsletter. The company doesn’t offer refunds on purchased items as the download is immediate. They provide customers with detailed instructions about hoop designs via PDF.

8. Urban Threads/Embroidery Library

Embroidery Library was started in 2001 in Minnesota. The two companies, urban threads and Embroidery Library are sisters located in the same area of Minneapolis. Both are employee-owned company since 2006. The whole team got ownership passion to work focusing on their unified goal. They bring to the market different designs ensuring high quality and originality. Their large selection of designs works greatly with hand and machine embroidery. This means new designs are often provided to enable variety to choose from. No refunds for purchased items as they are delivered instantly. However, accidental duplicate item order is considered by the company.

9.Sew Teri-Fic Designs

Sew Teri-Fic Designs came into the market in 1996. They provide top quality designs for both personal and commercial use. The company hand digitizes all of their designs for the best quality stitching outcomes. They have all types of designs from traditionally filled stitch, free standing lace, applique, and more. The company do not outsource work or labor, their designs are all USA made. They offer digital customized services and their designs are exclusive. All collections and single designs are readily available for instant download. Customers have the right to reproduce their designs and sell except mass production items. All digitized designs have no refunds once purchased.


Digistitches website was founded by Jenilee, she inherited sewing skills from her grandmother and passed them on to her granddaughters. Many available designs include hoop machine embroidery and applique. They provide both single item designs and 10-50 percent savings on different items. No refundable policy for all orders made as they are delivered through instant download. However, in case of a duplicate item, the company offers a store credit if contacted in less than 60 days. Customers are required to sign up on the website to be notified of upcoming sales and coupons.


In conclusion, there are several embroidery designs available for use on different websites. Some websites provide customized digital services. Most offer a huge amount of free samples making it easier for customers to get new ideas.