Brother PE550D Review

In today’s article, I will review one of the trendy embroidery machines, Brother PE550D. It is prevalent among sewers, especially for Disney lovers. In today’s article, I will review it from wide angles, hoping to offer you good purchase suggestions.

First, before the review, I’d like to introduce the Brother brand. I believe that the first day when you use the embroidery machine, you would know the Brother brand. It is really well-known in the embroidery area. It is just like the synonym of the embroidery machine. Where there is an embroidery machine, there is the Brother brand. They occupy more than half of the embroidery machine market share. They are famous for their high product quality and excellent after-sale service. If you don’t know which brand suits you best, then choose Brother, and you will not regret it.

Then, let’s talk about PE550D. It is a popular embroidery machine which is geared to Disney lovers. And also, the Disney designs it has are very eye-catching. Besides, its other features are compelling, too. In the following article, I will review its various functions in detail.

brother pe550d


Basic Parameters:

  • Brand: Brother
  • Size: 16.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Item Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Item Model Number: PE550D
  • The Number of Built-in Designs: 125
  • LCD touch screen
  • Fonts: 9
  • Warranty: 25 years

The Summary of Brother PE550D Reviews

PE550D is a Disney embroidery only machine of Brother brand. For an embroidery machine explicitly designed for Disney, nothing is more eye-catching than its built-in Disney embroidery patterns.

It has 125 installed embroidery designs, and 45 of which are Disney patterns. In addition to this, Brother PE550D provides you with more options for Disney patterns, And you can import more interesting designs through the USB port. Also, this machine has 9 earn-in fonts, including 6 English and 3 Japanese. You can use them for customizing your embroidery designs. By the way, PE550D is equipped with a built-in memory, which can store more designs for you.

Additionally, PE550D features excellent editing function. It has a large 3.2” sew smart LCD touch screen. You can preview or change your designs easily. Whether you want to resize, rotate, or combine your designs, PE550D can help you achieve it.

However, although PE550D is a powerful Disney embroidery machine, it is a primary embroidery machine with elementary features. So it is suitable for home use or beginners. Except for its Disney patterns, its other features are standard. For instance, it has an essential embroidery area, 4” × 4”, and it cannot pierce thicker materials. But correspondingly, its price is also meager, about $300. So it is also a budget-friendly choice.

Thus, Brother PE550D is an inexpensive embroidery only machine best for home or beginners use. The number of Disney patterns it has is fantastic. With it, you can embroider more refined and exciting designs.

Special Features of Brother PE550D

In this part, I will introduce the key features of Brother PE550D, including advantages and disadvantages.

Positive Features

1. A lot of Disney designs

As an embroidery machine which is geared to Disney hobbyists, PE550D has 125 earn-in embroidery designs, 45 of which are Disney patterns. With them, you can always embroider refined Disney designs on your clothes or other fabrics. Additionally, PE550D also offers you a way to download more Disney embroidery designs, So you can always update the models you have through the USB cable. Besides, it has a built-in memory, so it can store more embroidery designs.

2. Editing feature

Brother PE550D has excellent editing function. It has a large 3.2” LCD touch screen, on which you can adjust your patterns easily. Just by moving your fingers, you can achieve the total control of your embroidery process. Whether you want to resize, rotate, or combine the designs, PE550D can help you.

Additionally, as the display is color, you can also preview your designs in full color before embroidering. This function is useful for beginners because it can help you cut down your possibilities of making a mistake.

3. Budget-friendly

Brother PE550D is a budget-friendly embroidery machine. As a basic embroidery machine for home use, the price of it is not high. And instead, it has a meager price, about $300. Even if you have a limited budget, you can afford this machine. So Brother PE550D is a budget-friendly choice.

4. Suitable for portable

From the list of parameters, we can see the weight of PE550D is light, and the dimension of PE550D is small. So Brother PE550D has a small and compact body. It is easy for you to bring it out. And also, if you bring it to take part in embroidery lessons, it is convenient for you.

5. Excellent guidance

PE550D is an easy-to-use embroidery machine. Even if you are beginners, you can handle it easily. This embroidery machine comes with an instructional DVD and a bilingual user manual, so you can get clear guidance before you use it. Besides, if you meet any problem that you cannot solve by yourself, you can call Brother, and you will get good feedback. Thus, Brother PE550D  is also a beginner-friendly embroidery machine.

Negative features

1. No sewing

Brother PE550D is an embroidery only machine with no sewing function. So if you want an embroidery machine which can also do some sewing works, PE550D is not the right choice. It just suits the people who want a single embroidery machine.

2. Limited embroidery area

Maybe it is limited by the price, PE550D only has a working field in basic size, 4” × 4”. So, with this machine, it is impossible for you to do large projects, like quilts. When you are choosing this embroidery machine, you need to pay attention to this point.

  • USB port
  • Built-in memory
  • Full-color LCD touch screen
  • English/Spanish operation manual
  • Sufficient accessories
  • Disney patterns
  • No sewing
  • The limited size of the working area




pe550d accessories

  • Embroidery arm
  • 4″x4″ embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery foot
  • 3 bobbins pre-wound with the embroidery bobbin thread
  • 3-piece needle set
  • disk-shaped screwdriver
  • large screwdriver
  • 4 spool caps
  • spool net, scissors
  • seam ripper
  • cleaning brush
  • power cord
  • Machine dust cover
  • English/Spanish operation manual and quick start guide
  • 25 year limited warranty

My Verdict:

In today’s article, I reviewed Brother PE550D. It is an excellent embroidery machine designed for Disney lovers. Combining its features and performance, I think PE550D is the embroidery machine for home and beginner use. And meanwhile, it is also a budget-friendly choice.


Here, I prepared a video about Brother PE550D, hoping to give you some help.