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10 Best Embroidery Designs Websites 

There are many embroidery machines and each has designs to use. People have different tastes and preferences thus the need for embroidery designs websites. All designs are instantly downloadable with ...
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20 Embroidery Books for Beginners with Embroidery Designs and Patterns

Generally, sewing and embroidering are great skills to have and a hobby for most individuals all over the world. However, learning and acquiring embroidery skills is not as easy as ...
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30+ Different Types of Hand Embroidery Techniques and Step-by-step Instruction Guides

Learning hand embroidery is fun, relaxing, and a great way to improve your sewing skills. Moreover, this is an easy way for you to create beautiful art with thread and ...
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Recent Embroidery Machine Buying Guides

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Recent Sewing Machine Buying Guides

Top 8 Best Girls Sewing Machine Reviews

Although learning to sew requires a lot of practice; however, it is worth the time it takes to learn, since, in the end, it can help save a lot of ...
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Top 8 Best Electric Sewing Machines Reviews

Sewing will never lose its charm. Many people love to do several innovative things at home that give them a unique sense of elegance because they have products made with ...
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best electric sewing machine for beginners

Top 6 Best Electric Sewing Machine for Beginners

Getting the best electric sewing machine for beginners will make learning your new hobby much more accessible. We will see what to consider, the different types of devices available, the ...
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why you need an automatic sewing machine

Top 10 Best Automatic Sewing Machines Reviews 2021

The act of sewing began thousands of years ago. During the ancient period, people used simple and manual sewing methods for stitching their apparel. However, with the advancement in technology ...
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how to choose the best portable sewing machine

Best Portable Sewing Machine Reviews

Do you find yourself sewing often? Do you fix your family's clothing or are you into quilting? A portable sewing machine has many benefits for the user. You can take ...
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sewing and monogram machine

Top 9 Best Monogram Machine Reviews

Monogram machine aids us in generating decorations and markings on pieces of fabrics. That is why laying our hands on the most suitable ones is definitely the most significant step ...
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best embroidery sewing machine for beginners

Top 6 Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine for Beginners Reviews

With the increasing pursuit of fashion and personalization, people's demand for sewing and embroidery machines for beginners is also increasing. Having an embroidery and sewing machine at home is very ...
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Recent Embroidery & Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother xr3240 Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews

Do you know the best possible deal on the latest Brother computerized sewing machine? If you don't, you are one of many who want to know this secret! Brother's latest ...
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History of Embroidery

Everyone in the sewing industry understands how embroidery is exciting and highly appreciated since it involves incorporating art and creativity to come up with the best. Each new day comes ...
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How to Use Sewing Patterns

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industry worldwide and behind every company, there is a lot of secret in the sewing patterns. The sewing pattern is the ...
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How to Choose Sewing Machine Needles?

Sewing machine needles are one important thing that every sewer always puts much concentration on before deciding to sew anything. They always come in different sizes, shapes, and types and ...
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How to Sew With Needle and Thread?

Despite the evolution of the sewing industry where machines have overtaken, hand sewing is still necessary. To a point where machines cannot sew, hands are relied upon, conducting repairs and ...
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How Does A Sewing Machine Work?

Not everyone can use a sewing machine, but anyone trained and has skills on how to work with one can easily operate it and some perfect sewing projects. It is, ...
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Types of Quilting Stitches

Stitching is among the jobs that require high levels of creativity to achieve excellent quality sewed clothing. With different types of stitches all over the sewing industry, it is essential ...
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