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10 Best Embroidery Designs Websites 

There are many embroidery machines and each has designs to use. People have different tastes and preferences thus the need for embroidery designs websites. All designs are instantly downloadable with ...
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20 Embroidery Books for Beginners with Embroidery Designs and Patterns

Generally, sewing and embroidering are great skills to have and a hobby for most individuals all over the world. However, learning and acquiring embroidery skills is not as easy as ...
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30+ Different Types of Hand Embroidery Techniques and Step-by-step Instruction Guides

Learning hand embroidery is fun, relaxing, and a great way to improve your sewing skills. Moreover, this is an easy way for you to create beautiful art with thread and ...
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Recent Embroidery Machine Buying Guides

best embroidery machine under 1000

Top 10 Best Embroidery Machines Under $1000 Reviews

Embroidery machines under $1000 are ideal choices for home and beginners. You don't need to spend too much money on that, and you will acquire a multifunctional embroidery machine. This ...
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best embroidery machine under 500

Top 6 Best Embroidery Machines Under $500

For embroidery hobbyists and beginners, purchasing an expensive embroidery machine is unnecessary. So, an embroidery machine under $500 will be a good choice for you. On the one hand, it ...
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best multi head embroidery machine

Top5 Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine Reviews

For an embroidery business, having a single head embroidery machine cannot fulfill all your needs. At this time, having a multi-needle embroidery machine will be a wise choice. But what ...
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best embroidery machine with computer feature

Top 9 Best Computerized Embroidery Machine Reviews

We know that embroidery has been around for a long time, and it is still a very popular element now. In ancient times, tailors always embroider with hands. This type ...
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best professional embroidery machines

Top 8 Best Professional Embroidery Machine Reviews

You have been engaged in embroidery and sewing for many years. Do you want to change your machine to a professional one? Professional embroidery machines can bring a lot of ...
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best embroidery sewing machine overall

Best Embroidery and Sewing Machines Reviews

Having an embroidery sewing combo machine is very convenient. Whether it is for personal use or commercial use, it can help you a lot. So, how to choose the best ...
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best monogram machine

Top 9 Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming

Monogramming is one of the most popular elements in people's fabric and clothes. Having an embroidery machine will allow you to create your monogramming designs casually. So, which one is ...
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best embroidery machine for home business

Top 6 Best Embroidery Machine for Home Business Reviews

Embroidery business is a good way for housewives to make a little pocket money at home. But selecting a suitable machine for home business is not an easy thing. This ...
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best hat embroidery machine

Top 9 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats Reviews

Embroidery is one of the essential elements of a hat. If you have a hat embroidery machine, you can embroider the patterns you like on your hats casually. So, what ...
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best beginner embroidery machine for people

Top 8 Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners Reviews

As fashionable guys, we all know that fashion is a cycle. Recently, this cycle becomes faster and faster. Many things become outmoded, but there is still something viral - that ...
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best commercial embroidery machine reviews

Top 7 Best Commercial Embroidery Machine Reviews

Since 3,000 years ago, embroidery has been invented and entered the field of vision. In recent years, with people's pursuit of personalized appearance, embroidery has become popular again,being one of ...
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best brother embroidery machine

Top 9 Best Brother Embroidery Machine Reviews

If you know the embroidery area, you should have heard Brother brand. As the leading brand of embroidery machines, Brother embroidery machines are famous for their qualities and after-sale service ...
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used home embroidery machine

Top 11 Best Home Embroidery Machine Reviews

Having an embroidery machine at home is very convenient for people who want to decorate their fabrics casually. However, it is uneasy for most people to choose the right one ...
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Recent Sewing Machine Buying Guides

sewing machine for childrens clothes

Top 6 Best Sewing Machine for Children’s Clothes Reviews

Are you looking for a sewing machine to create children's clothing? While just about any machine with a straight stitch and zig-zag stitch will allow you to make a wide ...
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which sewing machine for quilting

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine For Quilting Reviews

While others may decide to use a standard sewing machine for quilting, the results tend to vary. A sewing machine is preferred because it is faster, making it easy to ...
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guides of heavy duty home sewing machine

The 6 Best Heavy Duty Home Sewing Machine Reviews of 2021

Sewing machines have been used for decades to make outfits. Due to the technology revolution, sewing machines have improved in terms of features to make it easier to perform efficiently, ...
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basic electronic sewing machine

Top 5 Best Basic Sewing Machine Reviews

Sewing is a great skill to acquire either as a hobby or as a career or profession. However, learning how to sew can be challenging for most individuals, thereby the ...
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best first sewing machine for kids

Top 6 Best First Sewing Machine for Child Reviews

Sewing is among the most creative and also an essential life skill. Why not teach your child this incredible skill? Children can easily learn new skills including sewing. You will ...
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automatic sewing embroidery machines

The 10 Best Computerized Sewing And Embroidery Machine Reviews

Modern sewing and embroidery machines have been designed with an in-built computer to simplify and fasten its operation due to advancements in computerized machinery. With these automated sewing and embroidery ...
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sewing machine for stitching

The 4 Best Sewing Machine for Stitching and Embroidery Reviews

Sewing machine for stitching and embroidery are versatile machines suitable for adding patterns and different stitches on garments. These machines are computerized and have touch screen LCD for easy selection ...
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sewing machines for quilting

The 11 Best Sewing Machine For Quilting And Embroidery Reviews

Quilting and embroidery have built a reputation as everyone's best pastime due to the modern technology instilled in the advanced sewing machines. In the earlier days stitching fabric together was ...
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Brother sewing machines

Top 4 Best Brother Sewing And Embroidery Machine Reviews

The Brother sewing machine is the clear leader in the embroidery industry. They have several such machines. The company is ahead of other brands in terms of quality and after-sales ...
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how to embroider letters

Picking the Best Sewing Machine For Alphabet Embroidery

Embroidery is an incredible technique that allows you to make messages more meaningful as well as heartfelt. Moreover, embroidery makes your work more personal and is also an efficient way ...
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affordable sewing machines

The 10 Best Economical Sewing Machine Reviews

In case you are finding it difficult to manually use a needle and thread then you need to upgrade to the sewing machine. There are many types of sewing machines ...
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Best All in One Sewing Machine That Combines Embroidery/Quilting and Overlock Together

Are you a sewing enthusiast who is on the lookout for the right machine to take him through? We are pleased to let you know that you have landed on ...
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Best Sewing Machine for Home Use

Are you looking for the best sewing machine for home use? There are a lot of models to select from, all offering a diversity of features to enhance your sewing ...
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Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes Reviews

Are you on the market for the best sewing machine for making clothes? Whether you are interested in personalizing your wardrobe, decorating curtains, purses, or pillowcases, you must buy the ...
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Best Beginner Sewing Machine for Child Reviews

Is your kid developing interest in sewing? Well, if so, you need to get her a child sewing machine. The kids' sewing machines are designed almost like other professional sewing ...
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Recent Embroidery & Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother xr3240 Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews

Do you know the best possible deal on the latest Brother computerized sewing machine? If you don't, you are one of many who want to know this secret! Brother's latest ...
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History of Embroidery

Everyone in the sewing industry understands how embroidery is exciting and highly appreciated since it involves incorporating art and creativity to come up with the best. Each new day comes ...
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How to Use Sewing Patterns

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industry worldwide and behind every company, there is a lot of secret in the sewing patterns. The sewing pattern is the ...
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How to Choose Sewing Machine Needles?

Sewing machine needles are one important thing that every sewer always puts much concentration on before deciding to sew anything. They always come in different sizes, shapes, and types and ...
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How to Sew With Needle and Thread?

Despite the evolution of the sewing industry where machines have overtaken, hand sewing is still necessary. To a point where machines cannot sew, hands are relied upon, conducting repairs and ...
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How Does A Sewing Machine Work?

Not everyone can use a sewing machine, but anyone trained and has skills on how to work with one can easily operate it and some perfect sewing projects. It is, ...
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Types of Quilting Stitches

Stitching is among the jobs that require high levels of creativity to achieve excellent quality sewed clothing. With different types of stitches all over the sewing industry, it is essential ...
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