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10 Best Embroidery Designs Websites 

There are many embroidery machines and each has designs to use. People have different tastes and preferences thus the need for embroidery designs websites. All designs are instantly downloadable with ...
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20 Embroidery Books for Beginners with Embroidery Designs and Patterns

Generally, sewing and embroidering are great skills to have and a hobby for most individuals all over the world. However, learning and acquiring embroidery skills is not as easy as ...
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30+ Different Types of Hand Embroidery Techniques and Step-by-step Instruction Guides

Learning hand embroidery is fun, relaxing, and a great way to improve your sewing skills. Moreover, this is an easy way for you to create beautiful art with thread and ...
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Recent Embroidery Machine Buying Guides

inexpensive embroidery sewing machines

Top 5 Best Inexpensive Embroidery Sewing Machines Reviews

Are you on a budget and in the quest for the best embroidery sewing machine? Whether you are a beginner who isn't sure if embroidery will be your favorite hobby ...
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best value embroidery sewing machines

Top 6 Best Value Embroidery Sewing Machine Reviews

If you like personalized designs, then the best value embroidery sewing machine will be great for you. There are so many products in the market that may make it hard ...
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digital embroidery sewing machine

The 6 Best Embroidery Sewing Machine Reviews

Some people find it hard to distinguish between embroidery and sewing machines. Sewing machines have been there for years, while the embroidery machine is used to add patterns to fabrics ...
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home sewing embroidery machine

Top 5 Best Home Embroidery Sewing Machine Reviews

Hand embroidery is not only fun but also impressive; however, it takes lots of hard work as well as planning. This is why owning an embroidery sewing machine is vital ...
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Top 6 Best Digital Embroidery Machine Reviews

A digital embroidery machine is one of the most crucial aspects of any clothing design since this is where the cloth designers progress their designs from ordinary to outstanding. Embroidery ...
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Best Quilting Embroidery Sewing Machine Reviews

Quilting embroidery machines are sewing machines that come with inbuilt embroidery patterns to use on different decorative designs. These machines supplement the use of using hands to embroidery as they ...
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Best Embroidery Machine Under $2000

There is no vital aspect of clothing design as the best embroidery machine for designing. This is because, with these machines, designers can boost their designs from being ordinary to ...
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Best Industrial Embroidery Machine

Having the best industrial embroidery machine can help take your business venture to the next level. Industrial embroidery machines are robust and larger than the conventional home machines. Therefore, there ...
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Best Embroidery Machine Under $1500

Embroidery is the most crucial part of any clothing design. It is part of the art we see on fabrics every day. Embroidery machines are very resourceful in creating clothing ...
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Best Affordable Embroidery Machine Reviews

Embroidery machines are of different sizes, features, sewing styles. Some embroidery machines give frustration while using them, or they are very sophisticated when being used; some embroidery machines may be ...
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Top 9 Best Embroidery Machines Reviews

Embroidery machines are increasing in popularity these days. Craftsman’s life becomes much more comfortable with this machine. The embroidery machine does sew not only fabrics but also embroiders it. The ...
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best single needle embroidery machine guide

Top 11 Best Single Head Embroidery Machine Reviews

Embroidery machines are used to make patterns on garments. These machines are heavily used in the branding industries, in making advertising material and even making uniform logos, among others. Embroidery ...
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best embroidery only machines for sale

Top 5 Best Embroidery Only Machine Reviews

You need the best embroidery only machine to realize the best performance in your embroidery projects. There are several types of embroidery machines you can get in the market. They ...
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best cap embroidery machine reviews

Top 6 Best Cap Embroidery Machine Reviews

You need to buy the best cap embroidery machine if you intend to embroider several caps. There are times when you would have to embroider several caps. For instance, if ...
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Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Small Business

Embroidery involves several types of decorative functions that are done with a sewing needle. This work can be of various kinds of fabrics, including cloth, silk, and more. The correct ...
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Recent Sewing Machine Buying Guides

Best Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting

For those who are new to this, you are probably thinking what a sewing machine throat or in other words harp is. It is the area behind the needle that ...
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Best Semi Industrial Sewing Machine

Usually, there is always much confusion when it comes to the semi-industrial sewing machine. As a result, we have researched and shared their uniqueness, functionality, and more. Therefore, if you ...
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Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Leather Handbags

Leather is a popular and versatile material that is always in fashion and timeless material. Most sewers will love to make a design or fashion using this fascinating material. However, ...
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Best Industrial Sewing Machine For Leather

Despite leather products being very durable and beautiful, they are very difficult to make. Leather is highly resistant to needles owing to its heavy nature, making just a simple mistake ...
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Featherweight Sewing Machine

Every tailor knows how important it is to work with the best sewing machine that makes your work much more comfortable than you could imagine. There are many sewing machines ...
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White Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are available in many shades and colors. However, the white color dominates all of them. The color has indeed been the preferred outlook of the machine for many ...
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janome basic sewing machine

Best Janome Sewing Machine for Beginners Reviews

In the world of sewing today, people have gone wild for the Janome brand as their sewing machines are flying off the shelf rapidly. Many individuals say it's because of ...
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Best Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

JUKI sewing machine has been in the market since 1938, and due to their vast experience in making best brands sewing machines that are trusted, reliable efficient, durable and versatile ...
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Best Industrial Sewing Machine

Sewing machines can be domestic or industrial. The art of sewing has encouraged innovation among manufacturers to try to produce outstanding sewing machines with better designs and features. There are ...
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Best Lightweight Sewing Machine for Quilting

Quilting is a type of sewing that enhances more creativity, hence a great hobby. However, quilting is not as simple as normal sewing, therefore, there is a need to have ...
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5 Best Lightweight Sewing Machines

Often need to commute between sewing class and home? Travel a lot and love to sew in the spare time? Well, it is high time you consider getting yourself a ...
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5 Best Computerized Sewing Machines

Confused by endless sorts of sewing machines? Our answer is pretty clear: it’s natural and necessary to have one computer-operated sewing machine in this digitalized world. As a smart helper, ...
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sewing machine for heavy duty upholstery

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine For Car, Boat and Vinyl Upholstery

Do you cherish matters of beauty and decorations? Have you been seeking worthy companions to help you out in tackling and implementing these ends? Did I hear you answer any ...
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best home serger sewing machine

Top 5 Best Serger Sewing Machine Reviews of 2021

If you want to prevent your materials or fabrics from fraying at the edges, then you should consider choosing the best serger sewing machine. The choice you make from massive ...
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sewing machine for monogramming

Top 9 Best Sewing Machine For Monogramming Reviews of 2021

Are you among those people who enjoy being creative and innovative in crafting new ideas? Then you might understand how it is too hard monogramming for your friends and family ...
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Recent Embroidery & Sewing Machine Reviews

Janome 2212 Review

Do you want to begin your sewing career and looking for the perfect sewing machine to start your adventure with? Are you also on a tight budget? Look no further ...
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Singer em200 Superb Embroidery Machine Reviews

In our lives today, the sewing industry is growing at an accelerating rate where different models and types of machines have evolved. Some may only be used in sewing, embroidery, ...
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Singer 7258 Sewing Machine Reviews

This is a detailed review of the Singer 7258 sewing machine. In here, you are going to see why you need this beautiful award-winning sewing machine, its pros and cons, ...
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Janome Memory Craft 6600p Review

Sewing and quilting are part and parcel when it comes to fabric processing. The Janome Memory craft 6600p sewing machine ensures sewing cannot be much easier and enjoyable. Besides, with ...
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singer classic heavy duty mechanical sewing machine 44s

Singer 44s Classic Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

The quality of Singer sewing machines is known all over the world. The 44S is a machine that is dedicated to meeting the various needs of its users. In this ...
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Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews

The 4452 Singer sewing machine is one of the best machines you may find in the market. The mechanical sewing device is sewing quickly, and the setup process is also ...
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brother pe770 embroidery machine for sale

Brother SE400 vs PE770

The question that you are probably asking is what is the best model that is a combination of sewing and embroidery machine? In my own opinion, I would say it ...
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What is the Best Mini Sewing Machine – Detailed Mini Sewing Machine Operation

If you are interested in taking some of your sewing projects along with you, make an effort to get a mini sewing machine. They are little machines that deliver a ...
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singer 5532cl

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 5532 Reviews

The Singer is basically the best brands in the market that produces reliable and efficient sewing machines. Nothing beats the heavy-duty sewing machines that they produce that are widely used ...
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History of Embroidery

Everyone in the sewing industry understands how embroidery is exciting and highly appreciated since it involves incorporating art and creativity to come up with the best. Each new day comes ...
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How to Use Sewing Patterns

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industry worldwide and behind every company, there is a lot of secret in the sewing patterns. The sewing pattern is the ...
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How to Choose Sewing Machine Needles?

Sewing machine needles are one important thing that every sewer always puts much concentration on before deciding to sew anything. They always come in different sizes, shapes, and types and ...
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How to Sew With Needle and Thread?

Despite the evolution of the sewing industry where machines have overtaken, hand sewing is still necessary. To a point where machines cannot sew, hands are relied upon, conducting repairs and ...
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How Does A Sewing Machine Work?

Not everyone can use a sewing machine, but anyone trained and has skills on how to work with one can easily operate it and some perfect sewing projects. It is, ...
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Types of Quilting Stitches

Stitching is among the jobs that require high levels of creativity to achieve excellent quality sewed clothing. With different types of stitches all over the sewing industry, it is essential ...
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